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  1. Cannibalism

    I love this idea! We've all been there where all but two off the same sexed nichelings survived and theres a bunch of corpses around you your basically screwed. I think another thing to add to it is that if your creature resorts to canniblism its offspring has a small chance of an unhealthily mutation like derpsnout or cripple paw!
  2. Grub Trunk

    Hello! This is just a random idea I got! A grub trunk is a large fallen tree that is a tree trunk's height, and takes about 5 spaces. It is hollow inside, and has a decaying appearance. A grub trunk can fit baby niches and lean bodied creatures in it, however some grub trunks can be occupied by ram foxes or baby bearyenas, making it a bit risky unless you have well prepared nichelings. -Beaked nichelings can collect grubs from the grub trunk. -Nichelings with two nimble fingers can also collect grubs from the grub trunk. -Lean bodied, and baby niches can be fit into a grub trunk. -Eventaully a grub trunk will despawn/decay fully, in around 10-15 days. -Sometimes grub trunks may hold predators, or prey like rabbils.
  3. Eve with wings? Bug or just incredibly lucky.

    This is a really cool bug. I'm not sure it can even be called a bug Please keep it!
  4. Skrabirds

    A Skrabird is a mix between a lizard an a bird. It has the face, beak, and wings of a bird with the tail and legs of a lizard. - The Skrabird would spawn in marshes and grasslands. - They would hunt in packs of 3 - 7 and roughly be the size of a juvenile Nicheling - They come in colors of brown/green black/gray blue/white depending on the environment. - They will attack niches that come too close to their nest. (They nest on the ground) -They would be situated in trees and ground. - Killing a Skrabird would give you around 3-7 meat - You can friend a Skrabird if you quietly steal eggs out of their sight range and put the eggs on a nest. They will then hatch in litters of 2 - 4 Skrabirds, and they would be able to hunt fish for you if a niche is near any. They hunt around 2 fish for every 2 skrabirds you have. They also can alert you to predators in the area and attack them, though they can be killed easily by a bearyena. - Skrabirds are naturally aggressive towards Niches and have 3+ attack for every 2 Skrabirds in a pack. - A golden Skrabird drops 9 meat and poisons niches. Those are my thoughts
  5. Niche Scruff carrying

    @Philo hmm. wait I'm trying to get my brain to actually think XD... Perhaps the mother wouldn't drop the child, but the mom would take damaged for having to carry such a weight, or the baby would just be unlucky and the bearyena would be very happy! Like JoJo said the other niches may automatically move a tile over to let the baby down, but my brain isn't that good Cx
  6. Niche Scruff carrying

    @Philo I think that it would just automatically be dropped onto the closest possible tile ^^
  7. Niche Scruff carrying

    @Philo Nothing!
  8. Niche Scruff carrying

    @Pokestardragacraft eh I'll probably find out later if its not a bug
  9. Niche Scruff carrying

    @Pokestardragacraft No it doesn't pop up or anything!
  10. Niche Scruff carrying

    I really like those ideas! And I would add them in, If I knew how to edit posts DX
  11. Niche Scruff carrying

    How do you edit please? Im not sure if it was a problem with forums, just with my brain And Jojo that would be a good idea!
  12. Niche Scruff carrying

    hmmm, lol Ill find out later
  13. Niche Scruff carrying

    Sounds like an awesome idea! Question how do I edit my post though? Sorry Im a noob!
  14. Niche Evolutionary Timeline

    Ok, so how this would work is that maybe somewhere on the top of the screen there would be a little icon with a timeline in it. How the timeline would work is: - It would show how many times your niches traveled to different islands. - It will show the most popular and evolutionarily successful traits every 50 niche days. -It would show extinctions and mass niche wipeouts - And it would show the population numbers every 50 niche days. I think this would be a cool little thing to add because it would sort of act like your own little evolutionary timeline showing you how your niches evolved overtime without having to look at the family tree constantly! (BTW sorry for making so many posts I love how active this community is and can't stop myself )
  15. Niche Scruff carrying

    I think that like cats and dogs in real life, Nichelings should be able to hold their kits in their mouths. The baby could be carried as soon as it is born, and can be carried up until two gems. Maybe also big bodied or large bodied creatures could carry lean bodied creatures like how in the wild sometimes animals will carry the weaker members of their packs or family. It would really help out when you have this one baby that runs out of energy before making it to the port, and you can just pick them up and leave the island. It would also make it easier so that the blue birds couldn't reach the baby. - Niches can only carry their babies till 2 gems! - Babies that are carried up until two gems will not grow, and the child may take slight damage due to not being able to grow. They will be dropped onto available tiles next to the mother, if none than baby will stop growing until put down. - You CANNOT do anything besides walking when holding a kit in its mouth. - Rare chance that a bluebird may still attack a scruff carried nicheling, however parent can fight back.