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  1. Yeah I realized this! thanks!
  2. I have had that happen to me! sadly I don't have that tribe anymore but she was black with a white mask and spots with purple eyes, entente, nimble fingers, claw, normal hind legs, poison fangs, and lean body, needless to say from then on she was the mother to pretty much mom to every creature in the tribe
  3. MooMooFoxy

    Niche ideas

    I feel as if they should add a few less natural fur colors that are more pastel unlike the colors on toxic body such as mint green, pastel purple, and pastel blue
  4. Hi! I'm new here! I came here to help suggest ideas for the game niche but I'm since fairly new to this so I just wanted to meet some people! I don't like my actual name so you can just call me Moo I'm a geek who likes eating, gaming, playing volleyball and sleeping, I also like reading from time to time, hanging out with my friends and swimming when I can!
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