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  1. Version 1.1.2 "Disrupt the Corp fracking operation" mission objective will not register as complete when the station gets destroyed, nor notifies the player if the objective fails (if a crystalmantas is killed). Mission cannot be completed as a result, forcing you to quit to hanger. 7e519642-d412-4d15-95c3-e73ef73430fb.nimbSave
  2. This would be fantastic. Even just being able to view the total mass for your drone would be a great help as you could roughly calculate thrust requirement for the size of the drone you're making. Also, maybe show what % of thrust you lose when on a planet with the -thrust transmitter? I hate that one btw...
  3. I have another topic suggesting new core designs and was thinking, "Wouldn't it be cool to be able to unlock new core designs or block colors, etc. by completing new galaxies or perhaps completing missions?" Say something like "Complete 25 sumo arenas" and it would unlock a solid gray/bowling ball like core (or maybe something even silly like a drone core wearing a sumo diaper). Some suggestions on achievements and unlocks below. Complete sumo arenas - @25 - solid color core, @50 - diaper core Complete a galaxy - @1-10, unlock a new color ring on the default core for each galaxy Destroy 100, 300 eggs/ complete 10 snake missions - Unlock a snake egg core (Yoshi egg @300?) Freeze 50, 100, 200 volcanic eruptions/ complete 10 volcano missions - Snowflake core with different shapes Destroy 25, 50, 100 transmitters - "Mechanical core" - Maybe something with hinges/hydraulics/machinery parts with more details and visible parts at higher tier
  4. Hi everyone, Would it be possible to be able to add an option to change the colors on the neutral gray blocks/customize your core color design? I would absolutely love to be able to change the colors of blocks or the core outside of just gray and adding heat/cold plates. I would love to play around with drone designs or have cores available such as a flower, spikes, star, etc. rather than the default octagon core. Would it be possible to add in different core designs?
  5. Hi everyone, I saw some topics regarding cold planets but I didn't see anything regarding other atmospheric conditions that would really add some cool gameplay mechanics/drone building challenges. Something along the lines of planets having extra conditions with different scales such as: Wind - Force players to build drones with lots of engines Low/None: default, as the game is now; maybe very slight forces at high altitudes Medium: Maybe either a constant, low directional force that acts upon your x/y axis or occasional gusts that push you around if you're above a planet's horizon; Small -flight speed to rockets, bullets, etc. High: Same conditions as medium but more severe changes from high to low altitudes/intervals; Greatly affect bullet drop/missiles, etc. Extreme: (hurricanes/planetary storms?) Think Death Wind from the old SNES F-Zero (having to constantly fly at a 30+ degree offset + high wind gusts that push you off course); Missiles near useless (maybe just slightly alter the current existing signal affect?) Rain None/Low: No changes/default; slight visual effect Medium: Visual effect that accompanies low/medium wind; Heavy: Maybe something extreme like has some adverse affect to sensors such as disables all distance sensors, etc.? Bonus: Perhaps have rain affect bio weapons like increase the fire rate/growth rate? Temperature Probably an obvious one/already suggested but maybe give planets passive temperatures that would force you to build heaters/coolers into your design in order to not overheat or freeze while exploring (rather than just have them to counter magma/meteorites); Also on that note, maybe add in a small cooler/heater affect to plasma/cold lasers that affect a .5-2 radius around the weapon while firing (.5 for short laser, 1-2 for long/extended lasers)
  6. Hi everyone, It would be fantastic if we could select the shape of aura we want from shields, coolers, and heaters. One of the most challenging things I've found with building ships small and large is using these objects in a way I find doesn't cause issues with the rest of the ship. As it is right now, only for very small drones does a single, circular cooler/heater/shield provide even coverage, but with larger drones it's nearly impossible to not create overlaps which end up unintentionally melting or freezing spots while also providing coverage of critical parts, especially since the body of a drone can flex so much during flight. I'm imagining adding a 3rd slider to the piece would be easy enough and the slider would allow you to select from circle (default), square/rhombus, rectangle, oval, and maybe even something else such as an octagon (to match the core). Being able to select the color for your shields would just be a bonus but I'm sure everyone would love it.
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