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  1. This idea may sound familiar (like the bio waste collection mission), but what I'm thinking is a planet covered in bio waste. Contact with the crust will inflict damage and corrosion which will cause slow damage on any part that is corroded. There will be no events on this planet (aka nests, or snake eggs) instead, you must kill a certain number of mutants, which will jump up to your ship to attack it. Furthermore, the mutant will also inflict corrosion, making it harder to kill them. Mutants are weak to cryogenic attacks and though they cannot be frozen, they will take double the damage that
  2. What i mean is that it repairs hull (aka reviving hull in a weaker version) ps: hull = just normal block parts
  3. This part will reduce any gravity affecting the parts in a 5 part radius and will slowly consume fuel, one cell at a time. Good if your following the camera of a factory drone across the world while trying to escape big mama snake! Any thoughts?
  4. This part shall drain fuel and energy at a steady pace and will repair parts within the 3 part radius, don't use too many or you will run out of resources. Factories find this too hard to produce and will ignore any Hull Repair Augments in the factories creation Any thoughts?
  5. Homing or Targeting systems would more likely be used for factory made drones and would lock onto a nearby enemy (you're able to set the range). This lock on will count as a fake cursor and if you set so will set the target for weapons. However. This process drains a lot of energy and will make you run out quickly if you don't manage it. This can be used to make automated drones which can follow and target enemies. Something else to mention is that a Targeting System will shut down any nearby cameras and counts as 10 parts for a factory to process (as a way to balance it). If you like my
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