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  1. Snake Body: -1 Speed, +2 Stealth Rattle Tail: +1 Distasteful Noise (since it's not a voice persay) Big Eyes: +3 Sight Tetrachromat: +4 Sight Farsighted: +5 Sight, blind to nearby tiles Night Eyes: Avoid enemies at night Spider Body: Web attack (Prevents movement for a turn) Spider Legs: Wall climbing (treat upwards hexes as two hexes ) Inner Jaw: +2 Strength, +1 Fishing (No, not just the xenomorphs from Alien: moray eels actually have this) Light Body: +1 Speed, +2 Flight to winged creatures Herbivore Head: Bonus to finding edible plants Carnivore Head: Bonus to finding edible animals Pistol Claw: Ranged-only attack at +2 Strength (Pistol shrimp are weird and scary.)
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    Why are the hammerheads so stupid?

    Yeah, but those are half dodo. That's kinda the joke.
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    Hi there! I was a fan of Spore in þe old days, and honestly the Niche system is what Spore wished it could be. I am here because I was hugely into animals as a kid, real or extinct or imaginary, and despite being ~30 I still want to be a dragon when I grow up. In other words, I have so many suggestions.