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  1. Yes, what I am asking for is a normal logic module that receives one input and gives out two outputs.
  2. I skipped over the Y's on the thrusters up and down, and fixed it. Thanks for noticing that. The goal I was trying to achieve with my drone is to use the normal thrusters for all situations while have jumping thrusters as backup against the sumo borders. The XNOR setup is to make sure I do not just go back and forth between an enemy above and sumo behind, or an enemy to the left and sumo to the right. I seem to have skipped over the last part of the XNOR logic part's explanation and only saw the first part. It seems to just be my brain not working at night. Thank you for your help.
  3. As stated in the title, A logic part that activates two outputs with one input would be greatly appreciated. This would help make a few drone designs of mine less complex and much more viable.
  4. So I made a sumo drone which took a few hours to complete Many revisions changed it and it should be decent-ish or something, I don't know. However, no matter how bad the design is, it should works as I planned on the sensors and logic parts. I keep checking the parts for something wrong, but I can't find anything. Am I just stupid, or is the game glitched? In order to look at it, you need to download it on the sumo drones. It should be called, "Help Me" crafted by HeavenlyPotato
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