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  1. I would really like to see the energy/fuel satelites & stations return with a part mecanic 1.Energy/Fuel wireless transmitter 2x2 2.Energy/Fuel wireless receivers 1x1 so the basic concept is to put a transmitter on your energy source and a receiver on external contraptions allowing them to be smaller while having an energy station further away. the energy could be split via multiple contraptions and therefore output normally like it used to as long as you have the transmitter and receiver. if balance is needed you could always add a range where the fuel and energy is reduced and at a point stops entirely but that would be quite annoying. and or restrict it to only energy and not fuel wich is an ok compromise I think this could work. also adding a simple cap on how much energy can be sent per secound or just how much batteries and fuel tanks can be used by 1 receiver and 1 transmitter so you cant build overly exessive contrapions. to be honest I think the game isnt loved for its dificulty and balance , and more for the freedom offerd by the building mecanics and discovering crazy ways to improve your contraptions much like in gmod or other sandbox games.
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