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  1. why downvote this, its not like it would hurt the game in any way even if it was implemented.. sad.
  2. I would like the addition of a slide bar to change the size of drone skin parts, they are really good but they would be better if we could modify their size to fit our creative needs.
  3. Oh yeah I was needing that the other day when I made a temperature dampener for heat and cold environements, it would be great if it where a simple toggle feature like air resistance.
  4. Would be a good quality of life improvement ! im absolutely on board with that one!
  5. You are probably right. Its complicated because its really fun to spam creations some times. I enjoy being unreasonable with how many drones I print and how they are built. It would be nice to have a better balance for this, maybe having a small part that would increase the power received by a drone entity without having more batteries / fuel tanks to supply it. Something that would increase the efficiency of a drone in general by allowing its connected parts to consume less of fuel / energy.
  6. for that I just use 2 sensors with enemy & projectiles and toggle them to filter, but that would be nice.
  7. Hi, I respectfully disagree I think its a great addition to the sandbox and that it gives creative freedom and opens up possibilities to supply your drones with wireless resources to function without making them bigger in size. If we where to begin limiting all of the printed parts and features the game would not be the same.. It just fun to have access to more options, don't you think ? But from the other perspective, yes making more entities often limits how many more drones we can produce. I think it would be great if the batteries / fuel printed would not end up being a
  8. HI, I would like to see a more compact version of the large 2 by 2 block sized directional sensor, a 1 block sized one that could fit into hollow blocks. It would be great if it where something like the small magnet, I don't know if the tolerance could be altered on the small directional sensor or something to make the big one worthwhile as well, but to be honest it would still be a better base part to build a drone around then the small one. The reason is I like making tiny drones, and I don't always want them to go forward with VTOLs some times I want to make a creation as sma
  9. Hi, I would love to have the option to scale the drone skin parts I add onto drones. It would give us more options to use them for bigger and small drones, that and just for detail work. Maybe a slide bar from 0.1x to 2.0x size or something ? Thanks !
  10. can temperature probes do that tho ? I wonder if it should.
  11. Hi, I have noticed sounds often stack and often stop and break or just stop emitting from weapons and parts if there are many sounds playing. Example: Often with bee hives the bees sounds will just stack and if there are many of them it seems like the game has a limit of sounds played at once and will not play part sounds. Same with pirates in the test room, it got so bad a few times even the music started freaking out (going on and off). This goes for parts as well , when I have many beams drills and jets and stuff emitting sounds some times some of them will just sto
  12. I assume the same glitch or a similar one is still happening after I spawnd a couple of drones, might be related to colisions or the high friction blocks or something. dunno.
  13. I would really like to see the energy/fuel satelites & stations return with a part mecanic 1.Energy/Fuel wireless transmitter 2x2 2.Energy/Fuel wireless receivers 1x1 so the basic concept is to put a transmitter on your energy source and a receiver on external contraptions allowing them to be smaller while having an energy station further away. the energy could be split via multiple contraptions and therefore output normally like it used to as long as you have the transmitter and receiver. if balance is needed you could always add a range where the fuel and energy
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