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  1. alyssa1864

    more free sketches

    csobs- my bb..he's bootiful
  2. alyssa1864

    more free sketches

    she's h o t--
  3. alyssa1864

    more free sketches

  4. alyssa1864

    Everyone, quick!

    my precious bb
  5. alyssa1864


    I can try and get a snapshot.
  6. alyssa1864


    Yeah, I get confused between ports and plots. I never really paid attention to what they were called.
  7. alyssa1864


    What're the biggest or largest plots you've ever seen? I've seen a group of plots that made a total of 15.
  8. alyssa1864

    Nichelings with bad genes and wonderful children?

    Depends on their parents.
  9. alyssa1864

    I have decided I want to learn German

    You should do anything you feel would be easier for you! These are just opinions, it's your life, after all, you can do what you want.
  10. alyssa1864

    Your idea of a base?

  11. alyssa1864


    I was using a console, and it was named "increasespawn" and so I type, F. The first thing that came up was frogleon.. what is that?
  12. alyssa1864


    Whenever I do "Forever Night", my days don't add up, but when I hover above the icon with the sun, it says I have survived X amount of days, but it doesnt show it on the sun.
  13. alyssa1864

    Oh My Precious

    wOT- You monster. I LOVE Lean Body, literally. I'll trade one of my saves just for a save with all Lean Bodies.
  14. alyssa1864


    I found which one it was.
  15. alyssa1864

    Breaking the laws of logic for the 4000th time

    Question, do you know how to 'console'? I'm confused on how.