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  1. NYAHH! Progression is fine the way it is! Players should be able to build what ever they want from the beginning
  2. Hmm, I like that idea, although it's been suggested before.
  3. Yeah, My thoughts exactly, kinda sad that Eco thrusters dont exist
  4. Its easy add up all the health of the drone, then evreytime a block is givena certain amount of damage it's subtracted from the total
  5. Im honestly speachless... holy **** that's big. Can you upload it to the workshop I want to take a look.
  6. Note: I won't be counting Non-damaging structures, nor the snake for obvious reasons v INDEX v Bee - tiny Jungle enemy spawned from small hives Wasp - Small Jungle enemy spawned from large hives Boom Beetle - Medium enemy spawned from Blue Hives, Explodes on death Transmitter Drone - Small Drones that guard transmitter towers and shield generators Cannon Turret - Medium Structures That fire explosive projectiles Defense Turret - Small Structures that fire lasers Lava Ray - Medium Lava enemy spawned from Lava caves, Fires heat
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