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  1. Free logic parts would be neat.
  2. At least a win/loss readout about how your sumo does when pulled into the wild.
  3. Naw, u just n33d to git gUd.. 😏 Lol. Anyway
  4. Yeah, some averaging for sure. I think now its simply 1 steam account - 1 drone saved, the drone that is saved = whatever drone you last went through a tourney with - so long as it won at least once.. Thats my impression from Michas comments. So clearly there is room for making the system more .. robust.
  5. By what metric would you rank a "showing"?
  6. Just checked myself, can confirm. thanks.
  7. That would be awesome. Love watching my skookm Choocher chooch.
  8. I think I see. So.. Is it like, the number of wins in the tourney last completed? or is there an accumulation and averaging at all? Are there a bunch tied for first with 10 wins?
  9. Do they? Havnt tested yet.
  10. Something to try I suppose. Should work if barrels count as terrain?
  11. A part that could read the mass of your ship.. Or changes in the mass of your ship.. Kinda spit Ballin here.. But I want a way to detect that my magnet is carrying something.. Lol
  12. You know how when you connect a part with distance between, you get the thin metal connection between them. Maybe make those standalone parts, which connect twice, so you could add structural integrity along other axises between parts. (like struts in kerbal)
  13. Havnt seen many myself really.. But one cracked me up called "definitely not a peen" lol, so I see where you're coming from.
  14. That buoy drone is an awesome idea. Also your signal splitter should work if the things are based the right way.
  15. Is the leader board public? Or can we at least see where out own drones rank? That would be nice. What exactly is the formulation for leader boarding? As you know livetesting may impact this.
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