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  1. Alternatively to the center of play area for gravity sensor in no-grav maps, it could point to the Nimbatus. Heck, I'd like a Nimbatus setting anyways.
  2. Speed and temperature sensors only have one boolean output for if you have exceeded the limit. It would be nice if they had two outputs, one for higher than the limit and one for lower than the limit, with an adjustable grey no-output area in the middle. This would make them so that they fall in line with the directional sensor and the altitude sensor, which both already behave this way.
  3. My favorite suggestion by far is the "Parts are built one at a time down the tree". Have them phase in one per second, provide each with a small repel magnet effect to that existing obstacles are pushed away, not spawned on top of, and have the whole lot of them totally inoperable and fragile until the factory finishes the whole print job. This also makes it so that factories cannot "bank" a replacement sub-assembly because the factory red juice can't start refilling until the previous print job is disconnected. This doesn't stop an infinite horde, and I don't want it to. This would grea
  4. As written, I think the suggestion of deflective lasers is too strong. Put 8 on a motorized joint, and as it spins you would effectively become immune to the corp enemies. Plus, if you slap the two energy reduction upgrades on this too, then you have a energy-free shield that blocks all blasters and never drops out to recover. It just sounds like free permanent immunity to one of the most prevalent enemies.
  5. I would like to see being able to actually backspace a few character, then type in a suffix. As it is right now, when you start typing it clears the bar unless you were typing from scratch, even if visibly you had just deleted two characters. (It only does this when freshly editing a tag. What a pain.)
  6. So, you want tighter spread on a multi-laser... how would this be different from the damage upgrades?
  7. But on the other other hand, the game is about making drones. A variance between planets, environments, and missions would be essential to prevent the game from being boring. For instance, I had a drone that could do every mission quite handily until they came out with the "light fires to retrieve artifact" jungle mission. I see you point about props vs. thrusters being the same, maybe tedious, and having right/worngness attached to them, but what other variety would you propose instead? The game needs to have differences on the planets to avoid repetition, so we are encouraged to keep m
  8. I am trying to do some precision work on a Sumo Bot, and I keep eyeballing where the directional sensor regions are located. I have a use case where I am trying to line up two directional sensors to more granularly chase and track the enemy sumo core. To help with alignment, I am currently holding a ruler up to my computer monitor - in that vein, I had an idea to help make this alignment happen in game. If there were toggleable tracing lines that extended from the directional sensor, matching where the three detection regions are currently set, I could better guess if the sensor region f
  9. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that logic variables are global as a remnant of when everything was global, including fuel/energy. Later, they would have added the logic splitter feature by splitting of a branch of the tree model of the drone, by saying "all logic is global, except for logic parts which are descendants of this splitter block - they get their own section, inside of which is locally global." Then, when the added they logic connector part, they added a feature to the logic splitter, which now says "you know that cordoned off local global logic section downstream of this wirel
  10. If things were to be changed as Lurkily Suggests, then I would finally be able to activate a factory printed drone on-demand, while also having the drone be split and not cross-talk with its brothers. As things are now, it really is an all-or-nothing deal with transmitting signals. Unfortunately, I fear that this change could require up to a total rewrite of the logic propagation - at present, there are no examples that I know of that pass certain signals selectively based on where they are sourced from. Plus, if the wireless transmitter passes signals from the core up and down, bu
  11. The game is about building what you want, so I would hope for a part where you can press a button to make it freely extend until ti hits a cable length limit, with another button that pulls it back in at a slower rate. That way, if we want it to rocket out, or stick, or insert purpose here, then it would be up to use to attach those parts. We'd need an additional harpoon part though, or an addition to the spike that makes it really stick. Then, if you put this cable part on a decoupler, you could detach it, or on a factory you could detach it and make a new one! I also got to thinking, th
  12. Normally when you are editing tags, it presents a list of tags that you have used recently or currently exist on your drone. When editing my drone in a sumo arena, I was surprised to find a lot of tags that I had never typed in, but made sense for a sumo game. My guess as to what happened is that since I was fighting another users drone, when it had done the match the game must have added the tags that the other drones were using to the tag autofill list. This is a far cry from a world-breaking catastrophe, but I imagine that this is unintended behavior. It's only a gue
  13. I like the idea of an aura-damage lightning coil. Upgrades could include target jumping chain lightning. I was actually trying to find a good solution to that sort of thing today - I have a very large drone, with a hanger on one end that spawns ore carries. The drone is large enough to where the hangar end of it is not on-screen, so I wanted to create an automated defense of the area. I tried enemy sensor bristles, and even laser pinwheels, but without the directional sensor being able to point at enemies I could not really make a auto-motor-spin turret. I ended up creating a lot o
  14. Indeed, for trying to get a wireless logic connector through to a drone that was logic split while also preventing crosstalk is something I have tried and failed to do. The best we can do right now is to put half your drone as logic split/full autonomous, and half as logic connected with crosstalk to duplicate drones, and then hope you never have a use case where those two halves of your subdrone need to talk to each other. The use case where you have an external startup signal to "power on" you drone so it starts flying is such a use case.
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