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  1. I already have Nimbatus so I’m not sure if this is valid, but I’ll join. I have a friend who would like it.
  2. Your first suggestion is already in the game: Tags. Tags can be enabled in the top right of the editor screen. As for your second suggestion, I believe that the devs are toying with the idea of multiple input logic gates right now. Your third suggestion is kind of one-or-the-other with your first suggestion, and I do not believe that it is planned.
  3. While that might be nice for more expirienced players, it would ultimately be much better if there was a full progression system. There would still be a sandbox mode, so don’t get freaked out about it, you still have the power of unlimited creativity.
  4. Has been suggested before, and I believe that it is a planned feature.
  5. I think that a full progression system would solve this problem better than just higher difficulty. stat scaling and number increases in enemies might be part of it, but I think that restrictions on the player would be more important (but there would still have to be a restriction-less sandbox mode similar to what we have now).
  6. There’s been a lot more activity on preview branches of Nimbatus. An update for that was released... yesterday? I’m not sure exactly when, but it was recent.
  7. Multiplayer would be great, but it would be hard to feasibly achieve. Servers cost money. Money isn’t free. If there were servers, than there could be hackers. There needs to be a way to keep servers safe. Although those issues would primarily be an issue with public servers, which are unlikely, they would still be issues for small 2 player servers. Local hosting would fix the first problem, but that also comes with some of its own problems. Dont get me wrong, I do want multiplayer, but it’s easier said than done.
  8. I think that if you have them activate on the same key then they should all explode and deal damage. If they don’t, then something isn’t right. There are/were a few bugs with the amount of damage that they dealt due to hp regen, but I think that those are fixed now. I think that it is in the game already, and if for some reason it isn’t then it should be.
  9. Not entirely sure that I understand. You want it that bombs will explode when they are destroyed?
  10. I suppose that you could have two drones that stay at the exact opposite sides of the planet as each other, or something like that.
  11. My main issue with offset is that it’s just letting you put a point out in space. Free solution. No engineering/problem solving required. Kind of like the suggestions for grappling pieces, and other pre-built solutions.
  12. Yeah... I tried to make a game a while ago, and UI is probably harder than the game itself.
  13. I can think of a method that allows for a formation of 3 vehicles that only requires 2 directional sensors and 6 distance/proximity sensors. 1 directional 1 distance each for the drones on the sides, and 4 distances sensors and a tracker on the drone in front. I haven’t tested it, but it works in theory, and it is also theoretically expandable into larger “v” formations. I’m gonna test it later.
  14. That seems similar to the suggestions for the proximity sensor that were suggested before the proximity sensor in the current patch. I think that the current proximity sensor and distance sensor should be merged into one thing, and the altitude sensor should be replaced by a general purpose proximity sensor.
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