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  1. Upon using the JumpToWeather Snow command on an island which cannot have snow, when I jumped to the next day it had skipped by 100 days. Through utter tomfoolery I accidentally unlocked the Never Gonna Give You Up achievement because I attempted several times to reach the temperature for snow, so uh- it should probably not be exploitable in this way Also if anyone knows how to reset a particular achievement on Steam please let me know, as I wish to get this achievement genuinely and not by exploit. Thank you!
  2. While collecting meat, instead of the food going to the counter on the side, it just lingers on the screen. Screenshots below ^^
  3. I've had the same issue, and so have a few other friends of mine. I hope this gets fixed soon, Laisre will look a whole lot like a bee then.
  4. I've had an idea for a new NPC species in Niche, and they would be quite the annoying ones. The mockingshrike is a small bird, a mix of a Mockingbird and a Shrike. They would randomly imitate the sounds of other NPCs, such as a bearyna growling or a hawkowl crying, and possibly lure in said NPC- or just spook you. They could live in the thorns inside of swamp biomes, and your creatures could possibly find scraps of food impaled onto the spikes as shrikes do to their prey- and you would only be able to attack them when they're foraging on the ground. Im bad at typing things like this, forgive me :,)
  5. These are all great ideas, but I would really love to see unattended actions in some shape or form! Maybe there could be a setting for random actions like that? Idk, but I hope you get your ideas in
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