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  1. PRIDE - Hillshot (Leader), SnowbreakWRATH - Cragbeam (Leader), Lightning, BanishedGREED - TimelessGLUTTONY - MildflareLUST - SilentENVY - Haze (Leader), Hope Timeless and Silent have another child- this time a daughter. She is named Blackeye for her dark, coal-black eyes. The tribe is struck with mourning as Cragbeam and Hillshot die of old age. Snowbreak assumes his position as new leader of Pride, and Lightning takes over Wrath. They take comfort in each other. "I don't know what I'm going to do, Lightning," Snowbreak confesses. "I'm no young nicheling. What if there's no one to take my place when I'm gone?" "Wrath will pick up the slack," Lightning assures him, but then sighs. "...I miss Cragbeam." The tribe takes in a young male named Quinn.He is taken to the stones and is assigned to Pride. Lightning gives Snowbreak a smile and nudges him with a paw. "There's your heir." Blackeyes also comes of age. She is put into Gluttony. Banished becomes a full adult in Wrath. She mates with Silent. Quinn, meanwhile, becomes an adult in Pride. Banished has her child- a peculiar-looking daughter. She names her Karley. The tribe also takes in a teenager named Damion. Four stones glow for him- Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, and Lust. He joins Lust. Snowbreak dies of old age and Quinn becomes leader. Karley comes of age and is taken to the stones. She has the option of Gluttony or Greed, and she chooses Gluttony. Meanwhile, Mildflare dies of old age. Damion becomes an adult member of Lust. A bearyena shows up and kills Hope, Silent and Timeless, but wait! A defender bear! It kills the bearyena, though at a price. The tribe also befriends a friendly bearyena. But the defender bear keeps attacking, killing off members.
  2. PRIDE - Hillshot (Leader), SnowbreakWRATH - CragbeamGREED - - - -GLUTTONY - MildflareLUST - - - - - ENVY - Haze Triumph dies of old age. The tribe finds and takes in a kit. They name her Hope. She is determined and outspoken. Days later, they find a cream-colored she kit and name her Timeless. She is less rough-and-tumble and tries to impress her friends. Hope grows into a teenager first and is taken to the stones. She is assigned to Envy and makes fast friends with Haze. Timeless has her ceremony some time after. She has the option of Envy or Greed, and she chooses Greed. The tribe also takes in a teenaged male named Silent. He is taken to the stones and everyone watches curiously. His options are Lust, Pride, and greed. The female nichelings lean in interested as he says, "Lust." One day, Hope approaches Timeless, upset. "Haze and I can't have kits." "You guys were planning on having kits?" She asks, curiously. "We've liked each other for a while, and now that I'm fully in envy, I was looking forward to it." She throws her head down, sighing. "Hey, at least you've got a bond with someone. That's more than anyone in the tribe can say," she says. One day, a bearyena attacks! Cragbeam goes to fight it with the help of the Envy faction, but it seems she is to be overpowered. Until... a young, strange male comes to her aid! He chases it off, even killing it. "And who in Starfaction do you think you are?" Cragbeam hisses to the teen, who doesn't seem to realize the danger he had faced. "I was just here to help," he said with a shrug. "I'm Lightning." Lightning is taken to the stones. Four light up- Gluttony, Wrath, Pride, and Lust. He chooses Wrath. Silent mates with Timeless, and Cragbeam mates with Lightning. Cragbeam and lightning have a child. They name her Banished, hoping she grows up as tough as they. Silent and Timeless's child is born- a son named Daywalker. A bearyena comes, though, and kills Daywalker in the Lustling den while Wrath is trying to fight it. They kill it before it hurts anyone else, but Timeless gets in a fight with Cragbeam. "You could manage to protect your own kit, but not mine!" She hisses bitterly in the face of Cragbeam- something few nichelings have the courage to do. "You dare call yourself a Wrathling?" "I've protected your hide from being ripped off since you came in this tribe!" Cragbeam hisses out. "How dare you accuse me of not doing my job?" Snarls erupt between the two of them, and the tribe thinks it is going to end in blood when old Hillshot roars, "Enough!" "Timeless, Cragbeam is doing her best. She has been doing this since before you were born, and never has been injured in a fight. what happened was a matter of timing, not negligence." He flattens his ears. "I understand the loss you are feeling, but know your place." He looks at Cragbeam. "And you. Your anger is to be channeled to enemies of the tribe, not upon your own. You are a seasoned warrior- control yourself." Banished comes of age and is taken to the stones. Three glow - Greed, Wrath, and Sloth. She chooses Wrath to be with her parents, smirking at Timeless as she passes her and goes into the Wrath den.
  3. PRIDE - Hillshot (Leader), SnowbreakWRATH - CragbeamGREED - Triumph GLUTTONY - MildflareLUST - - - - - - ENVY - - - - - - Snowbreak becomes a full member of Pride. The tribe takes in yet another teenager- Haze. He is taken to the stones, and all seven glow. Hillshot steps forward. "You should join Lust or Envy." He joins Envy. All the teens are matured into adults now, and Hillshot calls everyone to a meeting. "It is time to move islands again. We're going to discuss where to go, alright? Since all of the factions except for mine consist of only one member, we will discuss openly." Everyone nods. "There are three possible paths, and I want everyone to state where they want to go- the Western path, the Northwestern path, or the Northeastern path. We'll start with Envy. Haze, where do you think we should go?" "I really don't care," he shrugs with a smile. "Fair enough. Mildflare? What does Gluttony say?" "Northwest. There seems to be a variety of food there." "Now Greed.. Triumph?" "West," Triumph states. "It looks easy to claim. I'm not the Greedling that I used to be." "Wrath." Cragbream flicks her tail. "Northwest. Looks like a challenge for these claws." "I will now discuss with Snowbreak," says Hillshot. "I think west will be easier. Our tribe is still regrowing our strength." "That's fair." With a flick of his tail, Hillshot announces, "We are going West!"
  4. PRIDE - GeneralWRATH - DukeGREED - TriumphGLUTTONY - SoftcrestLUST - - - - - - ENVY - King The tribe arrives on a small island. It is plentiful, so many days are just spent collecting food and clearing grass. General dies of old age, and the tribe looks for a new leader. They elect Duke to be the stand-in, as the resident Wrathling. Softcrest dies of old age, and the tribe panicks a bit, given there are only three members left. They pray for someone to be found who wants to join. And praise Starfaction! (Or just medcat seeing if increasespawn command works) Duke finds an orphaned she-kit. Rejoicing, he takes her in and nams her Cragbeam. She soon grows old enough to be taken to the stones. "A large responsibility is before you," he says. "Choose wisely." Miraculously, seven stones light up! "Praise be," sighs out Triumph. "Please. Join Wrath, Gluttony, or Lust," he advises. "I choose Wrath." "Do you think we should move islands?" Triumph asks Duke. "No. Not yet," he says. "We are still regaining our strength." "But what if more new members never come..?" "We will worry about that at another time. For now, we collect food and prepare." A bearyena soon arrives. Cragbeam fearlessly flies at the beast, but still fearing for her, Duke and King come to help. It kills King, but Duke and Cragbeam are unharmed. Two new members join the group. First, a kit who the tribe names Mildflare for her tendency to throw tantrums. Secondly, an adult male named Hillshot. He is taken to the stones. Three light up- Pride, Greed, and Wrath. He joins Pride. This is convenient, for Duke dies shortly after of old age. Mildflare comes of age and is taken to the stones. There, one lights up- Gluttony. The tribe also takes in a teenaged male. His name is Snowbreak for his snow-white mane. Mildflare invites him to the stones, and in his presence, two light up- Pride and Greed. He joins Pride.
  5. oh, sorry! should i delete this one?
  6. PRIDE - GeneralWRATH - DukeGREED - Triumph (Leader), SupportGLUTTONY - Surrender (Leader), SoftcrestLUST - CertainENVY - Flight (Leader), King Perpetual dies of illness. The tribe accepts a new male into the clan named Softcrest. "He's rather handsome," Certain whispers. Softcrest is taken to the stones. Three glow- Lust, Sloth, and Gluttony. He chooses Gluttony. It is decided that after 120 years, it is time for the tribe to move on to the next island. General is the one to make the announcement. A momentous gathering is put together. "We are to choose our next destination. There are three paths- one to the east, one to the north, and one to the west. Gather with your faction and discuss." "What are you thinking?" Flight asks King, leaning close to the teenager. "West," he says. "It's closest to where we are now." Surrender nudges Softcrest. "Ideas?" "East. The path looks the most plentiful." "I don't know, Softcrest. Why not try North? Live a little." "What do you think?" Triumph asks Support. "West. We can get there quickly, and it'll be easier on older members." "But that won't help in the long run. North looks like the most fun to claim." "Enough discussion," General says, speaking over all the factions' whispers. "We will go from lowest to highest. Envy." "Envy votes that we head West," asserts Flight. "Lust." "I suggest East," says Certain softly. "Gluttony." Surrender sighs, and looks at Softcrest. "East." "Greed." "West, I guess," says Triumph, thinking about her older clan members. "Wrath." "East." "East it is," says General. "We will move East effective immediately." The journey is no easy one- the tribe has to cross through the thorn patches and the jungle. General warns the tribe of the carnivorous plant that ate the Wrathling warriors years ago. Even so, not everyone listens- Flight falls prey to it. Duke goes to save her, but General stops him. "It's already too late, Duke." The journey across the island takes ten days, and Certain, Support, and Surrender get lost along the way due to being slow.
  7. I was thinking of the ability for adult nichelings in the tribe being able to pick up babies and carry them, similar to how a lioness or she-wolf would carry its offspring. It's hard to keep your tribe moving when you have a mother sitting by a nest all day in fear of a hawk or waiting for her baby to be old enough to move efficiently. So here's how it would work: - Picking up a baby or child nicheling would take one action point. However, you can continue to hold the baby for several days if you need to keep carrying it, as long as it won't grow into a teenager yet. - Perhaps the nicheling would have reduced speed carrying the baby; for instance, a mother with a speed of 3 carrying a baby would now only be able to move 2 tiles at a time. - Nichelings cannot use their mouth while holding a baby- so a nicheling would not be able to lick another nicheling clean or call for wild nichelings, for instance. - babies would be protected from being picked up by a predator when being carried. Injury to the adult, however, could cause it to drop the baby nicheling, making them vulnerable again. - You can only pick up babies in your tribe/babies you've befriended. - Putting down a held offspring back on the ground would take one action point.
  8. PRIDE - Cricket (Leader), OfficerWRATH - - GREED - General (Leader), DukeGLUTTONY - SmoochLUST - RibbitENVY - Flight Duke becomes an adult and mates with Ribbit. Not only that, Ribbit finds an orphaned kit on clan borders! She takes her in and names her Surrender. Surrender grows into a teen and is taken to the stones. Four light up- Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Envy. She likes the idea of Greed or Gluttony, and chooses Gluttony. Flight becomes an adult. A bearyena comes in and attacks the clan, killing Cricket and Smooch. Officer, knowing his responsibility, immediately runs at it and orders Flight to do the same. They kill the bearyena, but Officer is brutally wounded- he may not live as long as the previous leaders. Ribbit's child is born- a daughter. She names her Triumph, as a symbol of hope to the loss-ridden tribe. The bearyena that was tamed after the attack hangs around the tribe. Flight mates with him. Triumph gets old enough to be assigned to her faction. At the stones, Two light up- Greed and Gluttony. "Greed," she asserts. Another bearyena shows up and kills Officer, leaving the tribe leaderless. Until that happens, General is put as the sitting member of Pride and Duke as the member of Wrath. Ribbit mates with the bearyena, as does Surrender, hoping from one of them a worthy leader will be born. Flight's child is born, and she names her Certain, for she wants her to grow up strong and confident. Ribbit then has her son- She names him King, in hope he becomes the new, true leader of Pride. Finally, Surrender has her child- another boy. She names him Support, hoping he'll grow to help the tribe. Ribbit dies of old age and exhaustion, leaving Flight to take care of the three kits. Certain comes of age, and the whole tribe is hopeful when she steps up to the stones. Three light up- Lust, Wrath, and Envy. She is put into lust. She begins caring for King and Support like they are her brothers. King is taken to the stones and is put into Envy. The tribe also takes in a young female. Her name is Perpetual, and though small, she is determined. At the stones, all seven glow! She's put into Lust. Finally, Support grows old enough to be initiated.He is put into Greed. A whole new generation of nichelings is rising... Will they succeed in this world?
  9. PRIDE - Murky (Leader), Cricket WRATH - Fishscale (Leader), Thor GREED - Clumsy GLUTTONY - Meager (Leader), Smooch LUST - Ribbit ENVY - Rabid (Leader), Adventure The clan is joined by a handsome male named General. He is taken to the stones and is given three options- Gluttony, Wrath, and Greed. He joins Greed. A famine hits, and those in envy die before their kit is born. But there is still some joy- Ribbit and Meager's son is born. His name is Captain. Clumsy falls into a carnivorous plant and is trapped. Wrath faction rushes to her rescue, but it is too late. Fishscale is eaten as well. Thor goes after it, but is stopped by Cricket. "Don't you dare. It's hopeless," she says. Murky dies of old age, and Cricket takes over. Captain is taken by a hawk, and Ribbit is heartbroken. She mates with General. Thor falls victim to the plant trying to get revenge one day. Enraged, Cricket charges the plant, risking her life to save him. She manages to, but he is near death. "What were you doing? You're a Pride member. You don't fight." "Actually, Pride members do as they please," she hisses out. "I should be asking you what you were doing. You fool!" Thor is going to reply, but he sees the tears in her eyes and remains silent and gives his last breath. A bearyena comes and attacks, killing Meager and injuring Cricket. But Cricket takes him down. Ribbit has she and General's child- a daughter named Flight. The tribe decides to rest where they are for a bit- near the jungle patch where the carnivorous plant was. Cricket names it Thorngate. While there, Ribbit finds another child- a young, orphaned boy. She takes him in as her own. "What should I name him?" she asks Cricket. "Officer," she says. "He looks like a protector." Meanwhile, Flight comes of age and is taken to the Stones. Two light up- Pride and envy. "I choose Envy." Soon after, Officer, too, comes of age and is taken to the stones as well. Two light up- Greed and Pride. "Join pride," suggests Cricket, and he does. After the two kits come of age, the tribe leaves Thornvale and goes to another unexplored part of the island. The tribe comes across a teenaged male named Duke. Duke is taken to the stones. Three light up- Lust, Sloth, and Greed. He chooses Greed.
  10. The first days on the island are rather peaceful- mostly just settling in to the island. There's an odd abundance of Crabbits, so they call the area Crabshore. Sneaker has a child. She names her Adventure, hoping she grows up brave and follows her heart. Crabshore is nice, but it's blocked by tough thorns so the tribe cannot access the rest of the island. They make plans to move around the shore to access the next area. Adventure comes of age and is taken to the stones. Three light up- Wrath, Envy, and Lust. Adventure looks at Rabid and smiles. "Envy, please." Sneaker chuckles to herself. Her daughter has the same tastes as her. After Adventure becomes a teen, the tribe leaves Crabshore and heads West on the island to where the tall, dry grasses are. It takes the crossing of a river to get there, but food and shade is waiting. The tribe members nickname this section Shadeplatter. Sneaker mates with Meager and prepares to have her second child. A bearyena attacks. Fishscale pursues it and orders those in Envy to help.They take it down, but it injures Adventure pretty badly. Sneaker has her second child, another daughter. She names her Smooch for her sweet appearance. Adventure grows into an adult and announces that she is to have a kit with Rabid, While Sneaker is proud, Murky silently seethes with jealousy. An adult female joins the tribe and goes by the name of Ribbit. She is interesting and sweet. When taken to the stones, three light up- Wrath, Sloth, and Lust. "I choose lust," she says. She soon mates with Fishscale. Smooch grows into a teen and is taken to the Stones. Four light up- Lust, Sloth, Gluttony, and Envy. She knows she doesn't want sloth, so that leaves her with lust, gluttony, and envy. "I choose Gluttony," she says, looking at her father with a smile. Adventure and Rabid's kit is born. "What're you going to name him?" Rabid asks, nuzzling his mate. "Thor," she says with a grin. She hands Thor to her mother, who proudly carries him off to the Lustling nursery. The next day, Ribbit has a daughter with Fishscale. She names her Cricket, because she loves to bounce around and play with Thor. Sneaker dies of old age, leaving the responsibility of caring for the kits to Ribbit. Murky reprimands the gluttony faction for not doing their part. "There's ten tribe members," Protests Smooch. "It's not my dad's fault." "There are members starving," hisses Murky. "We can't let the tribe fall apart due to negligence." Thor becomes a teenager and is taken to the stones. One stone lights up- Wrath. He is presented to Fishscale. "He looks spectacular," says the tom. "A prime example of a good candidate for Wrath. He's in." The next day, Thor's time to shine arrives- a tough old Bearyena. He sustains minor injuries, but he and Fishscale take it down. Everyone cheers for him- except for one nicheling. "What's wrong, Cricket?" Thor asks her. "I miss hanging out with you," she confesses. He smiles. "Don't worry. When you find your faction, I'll find a way to hang with you." Cricket looks forward to her initiation, and practically dashes to the stones. There, two light up- Lust and Pride. Secretly, she wants to stay in lust to bond with her mother- or even end up mating with Thor one day and having a kit with him. But Murky speaks up. "You should join Pride. I need a successor." So she joins. Rabid and Adventure plan to have another son, and Ribbit mates with Meager. Smooch becomes a full member of Gluttony.
  11. We're starting on Grass Adventure this time. Our six founders are Clumsy is the cream colored she nicheling with yellow gems. She is from greed. She gets along with generally everyone in the clan and uses her childlike thirst for adventure to keep the peace. Meager is the blue tom with blue gems. He is the founder of Gluttony. He secretly harbors feelings for Clumsy. He resents the pride faction. Rabid is the albino nicheling of envy with green gems. He is a loner and intimidates newcomers, but harbors strong romantic feelings and wishes he could find someone to love. For this, he envies the Lust faction. Murky is the dark red leader of the tribe with multicolor gems. She is in pride. She actually had a crush on Rabid, but he has no idea. Sneaker is the lustful nicheling with pink gems. She also has a crush on Rabid, and she knows that Murky likes him too. Therefore, she resents Murky. Meanwhile, the wrathful nicheling with orange gems, Fishscale, has a crush on Sneaker. Dramatic! The first thing to happen is Sneaker announcing a pregnancy with Fishscale.
  12. MEMBERSPRIDE - TowerWRATH - Castle, ShadowGREED - Forsaken--------LUST - Ancestor, Leech, LonewoodENVY - Scarlet Tower announces that she is pregnant again with Lonewood's kit. A famine hits, and old Ancestor dies, marking the death of the last original founder. Leech soon follows, making Lonewood the last remaining member of Lust. Castle and Shadow take down a bearyena successfully without anyone geting hurt (except the bearyena), increasing the rest of the tribe's faith in the Wrath faction. Scarlet succumbs to the famine. Castle's kit is born, and this time she has a son. She names him Faun. Lonewood also takes in a she-kit. He names her Clockwork. She is a sweet and shy creature. She soon becomes a teen and is brought to the stones. Three light up- Wrath, Envy, and Pride. She is assigned to Envy. Shadow grows into a full adult. Faun grows into a teenager. He is taken to the stones. One lights up- Wrath. A Bearyena comes and the Wrath faction rises to protect the tribe. They manage to take it down, but Shadow is killed in the process. The tribe takes in an adolescent male named Scarecrow. He is taken to the stones, and is assigned to Greed. However, he wishes to not be in Greed and runs away. Faun becomes a full adult member of Wrath. That's a good thing, because another bearyena shows up. They take it down flawlessly. Forsaken dies.
  13. MEMBERS PRIDE - Tower WRATH - Patrol GREED - Assailant GLUTTONY - Silent LUST - Ancestor, Leech, Lonewood ENVY - Spiritbinder Assailant gets lost en route to the new island and is never seen again, leaving Ancestor brokenhearted and Leech the only one able to console her. Aside from him, though, everyone makes it. Ancestor is about to give birth to her second child. Leech rests beside her nest, ready to help her and her new sibling. Ancestor has another girl kit, a flaming red color. She has Ancestor's toxic body. "What are you naming her, Mom?" asks Leech, leaning on her mother. "Scarlet," says Ancestor. A day later, Patrol has her child- however, due to complications of the birth, the mother knows that she is dying, and will not live to see her kit grow. She hands her over to Lonewood. "What would you like me to call her?" he asks. Parol hisses angrily. "Forsaken. For I feel as if I have abandoned her due to my weakness." She dies the next day. Tower grows into a full member of Pride, making her the tribe's full leader. Scarlet soon grows into a teenager and is taken to the stones to see her destined faction. She receives two options- sloth or envy. She chooses envy. Leech feels a pang of jealousy as her sister approaches Spiritbinder and begins immediately having a conversation with him- something she could never manage to do. The next day, it is Forsaken's turn. She is taken to the stones. Two light up- Sloth and greed. She chooses Greed. Silent dies, and pressure is put on Envy to focus their daily activities on collecting food. Tower mates with Lonewood in preparation for another child. They have a dark red kit, and Tower names her Castle. Soon enough, Scarlet is fully grown, and not long after that, announces she is going to have a kit with Spiritbinder. She rejoices in telling her mother and sister this, not noticing the tensity of Leech's movements in response. Forsaken grows into a full member of Greed. Not long after Scarlet's announcement, Spiritbinder dies. Heartbroken, Scarlet once again comes to her mother and sister. "Oh, how I am jealous of you, sister," she says to Leech, who is trying very hard to be patient. "You knew our father, while me and my child never knew ours." "You? Jealous of me? That's a flip," Leech thinks to herself. Castle grows into a teenager, and at the stones, two light up- Pride and Wrath. "As much as I want you to join my faction... Wrath needs members," confesses Tower. "Wrath it is." Scarlet has a dark red daughter who she names Shadow. Forsaken finds a lone kit while she is clearing territory, and presents it to lust, who takes him in. Leech volunteers to act as his mother and names him Skeleton, for how thin he was when he was found. Skeleton soon grows into a teen, however, and is taken to the stones. He is put in to sloth, and leaves. This further infuriates Leech when she sees Scarlet with her child- her child that isn't cast out. Shadow comes of age and is given four options- Wrath, Lust, Sloth, or Greed. She chooses Wrath and becomes best friends with Castle.
  14. The first thing to happen among tribemates is the announcement that Ancestor is pregnant with the kit of Assailant. The tribe rejoices. Soon enough, their child is born- She names her Leech. Leech is a curious, clingy child, which is why she is named as such. She sticks closely to Ancestor, and they have a close bond. Assailant is sure to stick by as well, bonding closely with Ancestor and his daughter. "It'll be hard to get anyone else to have a kit with her," laughed Stormfang. "You're practically on Ancestor's tail all the time." One day, the tribe is joined by a handsome young male who goes by the name of Camp. Interested in the young tom's potential, Stormfang invites him in. He accepts and is taken to the Stones of Temptation. There, only one stone lights up- that of Wrath. "I accept," affirms Camp. "Do you accept this tom?" asks Stormfang to Patrol. Patrol honestly thinks he looks a bit too lean and skinny to put up a fight. "I think he would fit better within Envy," she says. Camp refuses to join such a faction and therefore leaves. "Well, he didn't have to be such a jerk about it," says Spiritbinder. Leech comes of age and is taken to the stones to decide her faction. Ancestor and Assailant silently hope she joins one of their factions. Two stones light up- one for Pride, and one for Lust. Stormfang expects her to claim Pride, but Leech flicks her tail and shouts, "Lust!" Overjoyed, Ancestor rushes to her daughter and nuzzles her. Some days later, a bearyena shows up! The tribe huddles together nervously as Patrol goes up to confront the attacker. She is victorious, but sustains severe injuries and is nursed back to health by Leech. Another young male joins the tribe. He goes by Lonewood. He is a quiet type, and it is a mystery as to what his rank will be. At the stones, three light up- Envy, Greed, and Lust. "I wish to join Lust," he says, and he becomes Lust's first male faction member. Meanwhile, our other teenaged Lust member, Leech, is having some conflicting feelings of her own. She has her sights on Spiritbinder of Envy. Spiritbinder, meanwhile, couldn't be more uninterested. Leech knows that even if he was interested, Lustlings are not allowed to mate with the Envious, so she tries to make herself dislike him to avoid him. Stormfang dies, and the tribe panicks slightly. Luckily, however, the tribe takes in a teenaged she-nicheling named Tower. She is taken to the stones, and all seven glow. She is immediately admitted into Pride. In other news, Leech becomes a fully-grown female in Lust, as does Lonewood. Lonewood mates with Patrol. Ancestor mates with Assailant once again, and they prepare for their second child. The tribe decides unanimously that it is time to move to the next island, There are three possible routes. "We will start with Envy," announces Tower. Spiritbinder flicks his tail in halfhearted thought. "East." "Lust." The Lustlings huddle. "Alright, what do you all think?" whispers Ancestor. "It's your choice." "Northwest," says Leech. "I agree," says Lonewood. "Lust suggests we move Northwest," Ancestor affirms. "Gluttony." "The flowery western path looks plentiful," comments Silent. "Greed." Assailant looks towards Ancestor and smiles. "Northwest." "Wrath." Patrol flicks her tail. "It would be stupid if we didn't go west. it looks safest." "I agree," says Tower. "I decide that we go West."
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