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  1. medicine cat

    The Lion King Challenge; a playthrough

    Admittedly, Queen Mamini wishes that she would have found another mate of her own kind. As if the stars have answered her prayers, a new male enters the pride by the name of Hali. Eccentric and Sassy, he prides himself on being genuine and unique. This attracts Mamini to him. They become mates, making Hali king. Hali and Mamini have a cub of their own and name her Kibibi. She is gentle and mild, but can hold her own in a fight and never complains about hard work. Mamini dies, and Asana takes his place as king. After some days of looking, a new female comes into the pride. She's named Saada. She is careful and a survivor, though not the most beautiful lioness. She becomes the mate of Asana. Soon, Saada has a cub with Asana. After a few tries they have a beautiful lion cub named Issa. Prince Issa loves making others happy but he is a bit shy. Not long after they have another son named Tambo. Tambo is determined and bold, but is humble.
  2. medicine cat

    The Lion King Challenge; a playthrough

    The clan is joined by Penda. He is quirky, bashful, and a tad lonely. He falls in love with Queen Hasina. "My lady," says he, bowing low to the ground, "If you only give me the privelege of being your humble lover, then I will follow you all the days of my life." Embarrassed but honored, Hasina allows him to become her mate and king of the pride. Soon, the two of them have a cub. She is named Princess Sikudanhi. Sikudanhi is modest and accepting of others. The birth of Sikudanhi is followed by the birth of her younger sister, Mamini. Mamini is a tough, accepting lioness who always tries to tell the truth, even if it gets her in trouble or makes her look mean. Finally, Hasina and Penda have Safiri. Safiri is an adventurer with a pure heart. He is quick to look for fun, and is at his core gentle and a bit naive. It cannot be said that his naivety lasts long, though, for when he is still a cub, a bearyena attacks the pride. It kills the princess and her father, leaving the rest of the pride devastated. This makes Mamini the new princess. Hasina dies, and she takes over as queen Mamini. Time goes on, and Mamini still does not see any potential mates around the pride territory. Safiri is rather shocked when he sees that Mamini is pregnant. "Mamini, are you having a cub? You've never hid anything from me before." "I am having a cub," she says. "But if you wanted to know, you should have asked. I am having a cub with a predator." "A bearyena? You're insane!" Safiri flattens his ears. "That same kind killed our father, and now you're here trying to make it our next heir?" "You don't even know him yet, Safiri," snaps the lioness. "And if you refuse to submit to such a ruler, go on, but I'm not having you in my pride if that's the case." Leaving her brother stunned, she goes back to her den. Safiri admits that he cannot accuse the cub of doing anything wrong once he sees it curled up next to its mother after its birth. "His name is Anasa," she says, licking her cub. Ashamed by his judgemental behavior, Safiri vows that he will always protect the prince. Prince Anasa grows up to be a fine young lion. He's very relaxed and has the adventurous heart of his uncle. They become very close.
  3. medicine cat

    The Lion King Challenge; a playthrough

    i'm using a Swahili name generator! Swahili is the language of the original Lion King's names (Simba, Nala, Sarabi, etc)
  4. medicine cat

    The Lion King Challenge; a playthrough

    Our pride starts with our very first king; the randomly generated, story-mode king Hamadi. He is sassy and much of a prankster, but when he has to make decisions to effect his pride, he is very careful and fearful of doing the wrong thing. Hamadi's wife is named Zahur. Zahur is excitable and sweet and has some quirks that make her stand out in a crowd. Hamadi and Zahur, after some courting, decide that it is time to have a family. The start of this family brings forth the kingdom's very first heir. This heir turns out to be the beautiful Neema. Neema has the same concern for her pride as her father, but is more relaxed. She prides herself in her bravery. The pride moves to new territory. To celebrate this, Zahur and Hamadi have another cub- Moyo. Moyo is rash and is quick to make a decision. However, he is pretty quiet and introverted, preferring to be left alone to do whatever he's planning. The king and queen die while Moyo is still young, so Neema takes her place as queen and raises Moyo for most of his youth. Therefore, they are pretty close. After a long time searching, Moyo and Neema find Kito, a young male without a mate. He is calm and serious. Since Neema is old, she quickly becomes his mate and has a cub with him. They have Princess Hasina. She is quiet and timid, and a bit insecure. Even when Neema dies and Hasina becomes queen, she retains her humble nature. While travelling her territory one day, Queen Hasina finds Maji. Maji is an orphaned and sickly adolescent lioness. She is jolly, though, and is adamant to survive. She eagerly accepts Hasina's offer to join her pride. Moyo dies of old age. Queen Hasina is shaken pretty badly by the loss. Maji, who has become her close friend, watches her in her grief and tries to help her talk through her feelings. "It seems you were rather close to him. I guess that's normal, though, for an uncle." "It was far more than that," Hasina reflects, flicking her tail. "You see, my mother, Neema, raised him when their parents died. Therefore, the two of them were very close. When my mother died when I was just a cub, Moyo swore to care for me in order tor return the favor. He and I were very close." "Oh." Maji shifts slightly, unsure of how to comfort her. "I promise you will get through, your majesty. I'm with you every step of the way."
  5. because i hate myself and wanted to suffer. A niche generator that decides every gene for you, dominant and recessive. according to my calculations, about 7.81 x 10^59 possible combos? have at you. https://perchance.org/nichelingspawner
  6. Here's how it goes. 1. Prides are ruled by one king or queen. The firstborn of this king or queen is the heir, who will take over when the king/queen dies. 2. Some lions may leave their birth pride at adulthood, but don't have to. Most lionesses stay in their birth pride. 3. Wanderer males are welcomed in the pride if there are plenty of females, but if no one is interested or there are already enough males, wanderers will usually be fought off by the resident males. 4. The current king and queen and their heir are marked alphas. Normal pride members are Betas, and wanderers into the pride are omegas until they settle down and have children of their own with a native pride member. 5. When a new heir takes over, other challengers of the same sex can fight them for their position. Survival is similar to my Warriors Challenge: If a lion or lioness is injured fighting a predator (or a wanderer/rogue), get out a random generator and set it from 1-. If you get 1 : easy wound. this pride member can continue with their normal duties unharmed for the most part. 2 : medium wound : needs a few days of rest. 3 : fatal wound ; delete the pride member/drown them/find a way to get rid of them bc they're dead If a lion or lioness gets sick: 1. Easy illness. Just rest some and they will be fine. 2. Hard illness. Doesn't kill them, but knocks them off their feet for quite a while 3. Fatal illness ; kills the pride member I'll be starting the playthrough here, so the first post will be up momentarily.
  7. i'm most excited for extending lifespans of my nichelings! longer life allows for so many new stories!
  8. medicine cat

    Why do wanderers have unlimited moves?

    i don’t mind their unlimited moves- it only gets annoying when i’m trying to befriend one of the little boogers and they keep running away 😂
  9. i think it's Giant's Causeway, which is in Nothern Ireland in County Antrim.
  10. medicine cat

    No mutations playthrough​🐾 ​

    ooh, i like this gamemode. may i try it out later?
  11. medicine cat

    Clans Divided: Ruby And Sapphire

    Muddywater leaves with Rubystar and his newfound mate at the end of the gathering. He cautiously steps onto Rubyclan territory. He's seen it from across the river a thousand times, but it feels different when you're standing right in the middle of it. Pouncespring, a naive and timid she-cat, joins Sapphireclan. Muddywater and Littlefinch soon have a kit of their own after settling down together in Rubyclan. They have Swiffttorn. He's rather serious and strange, but is very lonely on the inside. Fishstar moves to her third life, and Rubystar to his fifth. Littlefinch and Muddywater have another son, who they name Mudkestrel due to his likeness to his father. He is a hardy and obedient cat, but can be rather lonely. This bonds him closely to his brother. He has +1 Special Defense and -1 Defense.
  12. medicine cat

    Clans Divided: Ruby And Sapphire

    Perchmoon and Fishstar have another kit; Heavystream. He's calm, quiet and lax. Rubystar is on his fourth life, and Fishstar is on her second. She has one more kit with Perchmoon before he dies; Muddywater. He is quirky, calm, and quiet. He has +1 special attack and special defense and -1 attack and speed. Thistlecypress joins Rubyclan. She is Calm and mild, but sassy. She has +2 special defense and +1 special attack, and -1 in other categories. Thistlecypress becomes the mate of Rubystar. They have Littlefinch, a she-cat. Littlefinch is quick-witted, not to mention sassy and a spitfire. She has Special Defense +1 and Special attack -1. Stingjuniper, a jokester tom, joins Sapphireclan. The next gathering approaches. It's been moons since there was a gathering- hardship caused one to be skipped- but everyone is excited. However, Rubystar sees a familiar occurence that fills him with dread. Just across the stream, Sapphireclan is attacked while they prepare for the gathering! Unwilling to witness another tragedy befall his neighbouring clan at the claws of a predator, Rubystar takes Littlefinch with him across the river, onto Sapphire territory, to fight alongside them. The bearyena is defeated, causing little damage thanks to the help of Rubyclan. "You have saved us by coming to our aid," says Fishstar. "Please, stay the night in our territory. You are welcome to stay amongst us for the gathering." Rubystar and Littlefinch settle down amongst their neighbouring warriors. Rubystar and Fishstar come to know each other as fellow leaders, and Rubystar tells stories of when he knew Fishstar's predecessor, Cloverstar. Littlefinch, meanwhile, is becoming an object of interest to Fishstar's son, Muddywater. "So, do you have a mate?" Asks Muddywater, flicking his tail. "Nope. Just me and my dad in Rubyclan right now." This gets Muddywater thinking. He slips away from Littlefinch for a moment and approaches his mother, Fishstar. "Mom, I want to ask you something. Just don't judge me..." "If you're asking me something, I sort of have to be the judge, don't I?" "Would you give me your blessing if I were to go for that pretty Ruby she-cat? She helped us, after all, and it's only her and her father in Rubyclan. I wouldn't be far away..." "I will have to consult Rubystar." To Muddywater's horror, Fishstar blurts it out immediately, in front of everyone. "Hey, Rubystar! Is your daughter on the market for a mate?" She nods her head towards Muddywater. "Muddywater here has quite the interest in her. I'd be willing to let him move into your clan." "I don't see why not," Rubystar says. :"However, the real decision-maker in this is Littlefinch." Littlefinch gets up and stares Muddywater dead in the eye before trotting over to him. He braces himself for a claw to the face. But instead, Littlefinch sits beside him. "Why didn't you say so earlier?"
  13. medicine cat

    Clans Divided: Ruby And Sapphire

    Cloverstar catches an illness from a rogue male passing by. It is a terrible disease, knocking out her remaining lives and killing her. Before her death, however, she mandates that the new leader of Sapphireclan will be Fishfawn. Shortly after Fishstar takes her place as leader, her mother Molerose finds an albino kit nearly drowned in the river. She brings the kit to her daughter. Fishstar has had to learn to be responsible within her clan. She is struck with an omen from Starclan when she sees the kit. "This kit is clearly a sign from Starclan. Water is holy to us, and Cloverstar's mate Curlcoat was an albino cat, not much different from this one." She looks at her father. "I believe that this could be Curlcoat reborn." Therefore, Perchmoon is taken into Sapphireclan. It is ordered that he is not to be told of his past life, for it could make him egotistical. He's a gentle cat, but is sassy, much like his former self. He has +2 Special defense and +1 Special attack, but -1 defense and -1 speed. Perchmoon matures, and he and Fishstar become mates. They have Weedstream. he is gentle but longsuffering, rarely ever complaining. He has +2 Special attack and -1 defense and speed. Rubystar, meanwhile, is the only one left in Rubyclan; the others have died. That is, until he comes across a wanderer male. His name is Tangleparsely. He is jolly and bold, not letting his anxiety show. He has +2 Speed and +1 Attack but -1 Special attack and -2 attack.
  14. medicine cat

    Clans Divided: Ruby And Sapphire

    Rubystar is on his second life. Cloverstar gets to her fifth. Stalkivy has a kit with Volepebble and they become mates. They have Wilowgaze. He is a quiet, nervous kit with a mild temperament. He has +2 Special attack but -2 Defense. Rubystar, meanwhile, has another kit with Cloudshine, but she dies of old age, leaving Rubystar to raise the kit. His name is Snowlizard. He is quiet when he needs to be, but he loves playing tricks and play-fighting. He has +1 Special attack but -1 Defense. Stalkivy and Volepebble have one more she-kit. her name is Lowcurl. She is quiet and lonely most times. She has +1 Special Attack and Attack but -1 Defense. It is time for the next gathering, but on the way there, Sapphire is attacked! The clan manages to fight the bearyena, but Burrowflower, Volepebble, and Lowcurl are killed in the process. Sapphire shows up to the gathering bloodied and bruised. Rubystar, moved with pity for the clan, speaks softly. "I'm very sorry for what has happened," he says. "Had I warriors to spare I would allow one to come stay on Sapphire camp." "I thank you for your kindness, Rubystar. We will get back in shape eventually, it's just been a low blow." Thankfully, a new she-cat appears on clan borders. her name is Molerose, and she joins Sapphire. She has +1 Attack and defense, but -1 Special attack and special defense. She is very forward and isn't afraid to go after what she wants. Molerose becomes the mate of Willowgaze. They have Fishfawn. She's irresponsible and quirky. She has +1 Attack and Defense, but -2 Special defense. Rubystar moves to his third life.
  15. medicine cat

    Clans Divided: Ruby And Sapphire

    Curlcoat and Cloverstar have another kit; her name is Volepebble. She's jolly but gentle and quiet, wanting to bring happiness to everyone. She has +1 special defense and -1 defense. An apprentice-aged she-cat appears on clan borders. Her name is Stepmask. She's pretty quirky, but docile and peaceful. She joins Rubyclan and is raised alongside Rubystar and Cloudshine's other kit, Pearhop. She is lax and nonjudgemental, but very hard on herself. She is hardy and often overlooks her own accomplishments, making her rather insecure. She has +1 Special Attack and Defense, but -1 attack and Special defense. A new cat is seen on clan borders when Stepmask and Pearhop are patrolling one day. Her name is Burrowflower. She is serious and calm, but has a nerfarious side. She joins Sapphireclan and becomes the mate of Yarrowhail. Soon after becoming his mate, she has a kit. They call him Stalkivy. He's very careful and stays close to his mother, making him a bit naive. He has +1 Speed and Special Defense, but -2 Special Attack. Meanwhile in Clan Ruby, Rubystar and Cloudshine have another kit. She's called Crysheep. She's Jolly and relaxed, but often "cries wolf" to prank others. She has +1 attack and +2 defense, but -1 in speed, special attack, and special defense. The time for the next gathering has come. Both clans gather together, and things seem to be on pretty good terms.