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  1. CHAPTER FOUR, DAY 85 Introduction: Witheredstar - shy, yellow tom with black patches. Ravenglow - Rowdy, all-black she-cat with bright blue eyes. Deputy and mate of Witheredstar. Broadleaf - Gray medicine cat tom. Vinestream - Tan, handsome, serious tom with green eyes. Giantpaw - Muscular, calm apprentice. Son of Witheredstar and Ravenglow. Giantpaw grows into a young warrior. He is renamed Smokegiant. Not long after, a pretty tall she-cat joins the clan Her name is Spottedlight. She is energetic and optimistic, talking to everyone she meets. She gets along well with Ravenglow, who is happy to finally have another she-cat to talk to. "You know, Smokegiant, you should think about finally getting a mate," says Ravenglow matter-of-factly. "I think Spottedlight would be a great candidate for you, personally." Smokegiant shrugs and thinks over his mother's advice. Thinking her right, he goes to ask Spottedlight, but Vinestream has beat him to the draw, and Spottedlight has already said yes. Ravenglow announces that she will be having another kit very soon. Spottedlight yowls in delight- she will be having a kit too, a bit after Ravenglow! Ravenglow and Witheredstar have another son and name him Slowkit. He looks like Smokegiant, but is a bit darker. Still, he holds a relaxed disposition like his brother, thus his name. Ravenglow spends much time in the nursery with Spottedlight. She tells Spottedlight stories of her past and how she got to where she is. "I'm sorry about your father drowning," says Spottedlight, nuzzling her friend affectionately. "I understand the feeling. My birth clan was flooded a few moons before I arrived here. I lost everything." The two bond this way, sharing stories. Spottedlight finally gives birth to her kit- a tomkit who she names Riverkit. Riverkit is quirky and silly, like his mother. Unfortunately, unlike their parents, Riverkit and Slowkit do not get along. When Riverkit tries to play with Slowkit, Slowkit hisses and fights Riverkit off, not wishing to socialize. He can get very rough, to the point where Riverkit hides behind Spottedlight. "It's a real shame," sighs Spottedlight. "I thought they would be great friends, like we are. I wish Slowkit wasn't so aggressive." Ravenglow shrugs. "He's just shy, that's all. Riverkit just pushes him a bit." This puts a damper on the friendship that the two have been building- their preferences for their own sons prevent Ravenglow and Spottedlight from understanding each other like they did before. Another she cat is spotted and is invited into the clan. Her name is Cedarflower. She is docile and rather beautiful. Smokegiant finds her attractive, but Ravenglow doesn't approve, thinking her boring. Even so, he shrugs and still asks her to be his mate anyway. "I'd love to, Smokegiant," says Cedarflower, nuzzling him. Slowkit comes of age and is ready to become an apprentice, making him Slowpaw. He is assigned to Vinestream. Not long after, Riverkit becomes Riverpaw, and is assigned to Smokegiant. Unlike his brother, Smokegiant gets along great with Riverpaw. Witheredstar dies peacefully of old age. Instead of becoming leader, Ravenglow shakes her head. "I'm too old for this," she purrs out softly. "I don't want to be leader.. Therefore, I will name the next leader instead." She smiles and turns to Spottedlight. "Though she and I have grown more distant lately, I still love her with all my heart and I know she will be a great leader. Spottedlight, I now declare you Spottedstar." The gray she-cat dips her head gratefully. "Then I hereby name my deputy Smokegiant," says the she-cat.
  2. CHAPTER THREE, DAY 52 Introduction: Nightstar - black she-cat. relaxed. Sandytree - tan and brown young tom. harsh and serious deputy. Sunglow - Golden medicine cat. Witheredbreeze - shy, yellow tom with black patches. Rustcreek - Red she-cat. Webpounce - All-black tom. Mate of Nightstar. Ravenkit - Rowdy, all-black she-kit with bright blue eyes. The time comes, and Ravenkit is now old enough to be promoted into an apprentice. Nightstar calls Witheredbreeze into her den one day. "You wanted to see me, Nightstar?" asks Witheredbreeze, shuffling into the leader's den. "Witheredbreeze, I think you are an experienced enough warrior now to be a mentor to Ravenkit." Witheredbreeze's ears prick forward. Him? The mentor to the leader's firstborn? Wow! "I would be honored," he says, shuffling his paws. "But I want you to know what you're getting into," says the leader with a smile. "Ravenkit is very energetic and can be hard to handle. You're a shy, introverted cat. You need to be able to be harsh on her. Don't hold back." She looks outside of the leader's den to Ravenkit, pouncing on her father. Witheredbreeze remembers how harsh Sandytree was on him as an apprentice. He nods uneasily. Nightstar sighs. "I know Sandytree wasn't easy on you when you were an apprentice, Witheredbreeze. I could tell by how you changed." Witheredbreeze's eyes widen, shocked that anyone knew at all. "You can trust yourself to not be like that, Witheredbreeze. I know that you can be firm while still being kind." Nightstar smiles. "This is why I am choosing you." Witheredbreeze and Ravenpaw actually get along rather well, becoming good friends. However, tragedy strikes. The clan is trying to move from one island to another in the archipelago when a tidal wave takes down three of the members- Sunglow, Webpounce, and Sandytree, never to let them up again. Nightstar and Ravenpaw yowl in horror. "Father!" yells Ravenpaw, almost diving after him if it weren't for Nightstar holding her back. "You can't save them now," says Nightstar tearfully. The four remaining warriors gather solemnly. "With a heavy heart, we grieve our fallen," says Nightstar. "But we will rise again. I name my new deputy... Witheredbreeze." "I'm honored," says the tom quietly. The clan has little time to rest- a bearyena attacks. The creature kills Nightstar and Rustcreek. In a fit of rage, Ravenpaw charges it and kills it, miraculously not injuring herself. "I can't believe this," she says, burying her muzzle in Witheredbreeze- now Witheredstar. "What are we going to do?" "..Starclan will provide for us." It isn't long before a tom around the age of Witheredstar approaches and asks for membership in the clan. His name is Broadleaf, and he is a medicine cat. Witheredstar welcomes him and they become friends- however, Ravenpaw dislikes him. Speaking of, it is time for Ravenpaw to become a warrior. "You will be named Ravenglow, for your beauty," says Witheredbreeze. "You will be my deputy." Time passes, and Ravenglow and Witheredstar become very close. "Witheredstar," says Ravenglow all of a sudden one day. "...We aren't going to get clan members just sitting around waiting." she eyeballs Broadleaf. "At least, not good ones." "So, where would we get them?" Asks Witheredstar, tilting his head to the side slightly. "...Kits." Before Witheredstar can react, Ravenglow continues. "I care about you a lot, Witheredstar, and if you would like it, I wouldn't mind being your mate." Though taken aback, Witheredstar nods. "...Sure, Ravenglow." Not long after, the two have a kit- a son with blond fur and gray patches. He is very muscular and large for a kit. "We could call him Giantkit," purrs Witheredstar. Giantkit is very calm and sweet, making things easy for his parents. Giantkit grows into Giantpaw, and his mother mentors him. "Come on, you have to put more passion into it! A warrior channels their emotions and uses them in battle," says Ravenglow. Her son is strong and has potential- but he just doesn't have the fire of a warrior. A handsome tom joins the clan by the name of Vinestream. Vinestream is serious, but he means well. Witheredstar doesn't trust him because he reminds him of Sandytree.
  3. CHAPTER TWO, DAY 20 Introduction: Snoutstar - ginger tom; hard on himself Nightstreak - deputy of the clan. black she-cat. Sunglow - Golden medicine cat. Sandytree - tan and brown young tom. The clan is joined by an apprentice-aged tom named Breezepaw. Easygoing and modest, he is readily accepted into the clan. "You will be mentored by my son, Sandytree," says Snoutstar. However, it admittedly doesn't go very well between the two, and it knocks down Breezepaw's confidence a bit. "You hold back far too much," says Sandytree, pacing impatiently around the young tom. "Though stealthy, you're far too slow, and I'd expect you to be a better fisher considering you swim better than you run." "I'm sorry," Breezepaw says softly. "I really am trying." Snoutstar slowly begins to grow weaker, pains in his stomach slowly dragging him down. He eats less and less. After a long while fighting, he dies and succumbs to his illness. Nightstreak replaces him leader and becomes Nightstar. "I name my deputy to be Sandytree. Son of Snoutstar, may you take my place and rule with your father's spirit when I am gone," she says. Breezepaw feels his stomach drop slightly as he looks at his mentor. Another apprentice-aged cat comes into the clan- this time, a female named Rustpaw. "Since my deputy is busy training his apprentice, you can be my apprentice," says Nightstar gently. "Thank you so much," says the she-cat. Rustpaw is naive and sweet, always afraid to be a bother. Time passes, and it is time for Breezepaw to become a warrior. Now quiet and insecure, he mostly hunches over and tucks his tail between his legs. Nightstar gives him his warrior name Witheredbreeze. Another cat joins the clan- this time, a warrior tom named Webpounce. He is very relaxed and easygoing, much like Nightstar. Webpounce gets to know Nightstar, and the two get very close. They spend many nights taking walks together. "Webpounce?" Nightstar asks. "Nightstar?" "Would you be interested in being my mate?" "Of course," he says. Rustpaw is old enough to become a warrior now, and Nightstar rushes to promote her. "You will be called Rustcreek," says Nightstar. Shortly after, Nightstar announces that she and Webpounce will be having a kit. They have a daughter- an all black-she kit with bright blue eyes. They name her Ravenkit. Ravenkit is energetic and impulsive, making her a bit of a handful for her parents.
  4. I got bored playing without a motive so I'm heading for another Warriors playthrough .Welcome to Mouseclan. A small, scavenging clan started in Archipelago, they are just starting out with a tiny four members. Our leader is Snoutstar- a relaxed ginger tom. The youngest of the adult members of the clan, it took a lot of trust for his companions to appoint him as their alpha. Even so, he is determined to show them that they did not choose wrong. He is secretly very self-critical and afraid of messing up or being a failure. Snoutstar's mate is Risingblossom, a beautiful she-cat with brown fur. She is quiet and shy and doesn't like to be a part of arguments, but due to a lack of other capable cats she was appointed deputy of the clan by Snoutstar. She is the oldest of the clan cats. Pebbleshade is the clan medicine cat and is Risingblossom's brother. He is cold and serious, and his gruff manner has not always made he and Risingblossom get along. He gets along much better with Snoutstar. He has yellow fur. Last but not least is Sandykit, son of Snoutstar and Risingblossom. He is bold and outspoken and often spends a lot of time with the male members of the clan, trying to get his father to apprentice him early or for his uncle to tell him stories. DAY 1 CHAPTER ONE The first major event of the clan that happens is the death of Risingblossom, taken by drowning during a flood. The clan is rather heartbroken, especially Snoutstar, and they feel as if they took the pretty she-cat for granted. Not long after, it is time for Sandypaw to be apprenticed. He is mentored by Snoutstar due to a lack of able warriors. Time passes, and the grief slowly begins to heal. A new rogue cat is seen near clan territory- an all-black she cat with brown eyes. She is approached by Snoutstar, desperate for warriors at this point. She says her name is Nightstreak. "Would you be interested in being a deputy for a forming clan?" She nods enthusiastically, her tail flicking. "Sure!" Nightstreak is an energetic, relaxed she-cat who doesn't worry about much. She makes for a nice, confident deputy, and Snoutstar is satisfied. Not long after, Starclan blesses the clan with another rogue- a medicine cat named Sunglow. He happily takes on the position as medicine cat upon the death of Pebbleshade. Though he doesn't get along too well with Shortsnout because Shortsnout still misses Pebbleshade, he is competent. Sandypaw grows into a warrior, and it is time for his ceremony. "I hereby promote you to the name Sandytree," says Snoutstar. "You are firm and strong in your beliefs. May you remain this way."
  5. CHAPTER FOUR, DAY 58 INTRODUCTION -AMBER - Yellow female with gray patches; careful and nervousDINGO - White male with tan mane; problematic and overexcitable. Son of Amber. MURMUR - Light grey female; peaceful and independent. Daugthter of Amber, Sister of Dingo. NOBLE - Young, handsome nicheling with tan fur. Shy. Mate of Murmur.POSSUM - White male with brown mane; humble and friendly. Mate of Amber, father of Dingo and Murmur. ROBIN - Grayish-tan she-nicheling; Daughter of Noble and Murmur. Murmur and Noble announce that they are having another kit. They have another daughter- Mellow. Mellow is very quiet and calm, but serious- she doesn't laugh or smile much. The clan is approached by a handsome, middle aged male nicheling. His name is Fox. "May I stay with you?" He asks. "Sure," says Murmur with a smile. Amber dies of old age. Possum dies a day after, and the tribe grieves. Noble is specifically heartbroken and isolates himself from the tribe. However, he can't isolate himself for long, for a bearyena approaches the tribe! Luckily, it is taken down before anyone gets hurt, but Dingo befriends a baby bearyena before it scurries off. Time passes, and later, the friendly bearyena returns. Not long after, Mellow, now an adult, mentions that she is going to have a kit of her own. This shocks the tribe, especially Murmur and Noble, who are having another child. Mellow gives birth first to a scruffy-looking male kit. He is aggressive and a bit hard to handle for the young she-nicheling. He doesn't get along with most in the clan- not even his mother. He is named Walrus for his bossy, loud ways. The only one who seems to get along with him is his grandmother, Murmur, who takes him under her paw as her own. This causes tensions between she and Mellow, since Mellow rarely cares for her own son. Even so, Murmur can't dedicate all her time to him- her third daughter is born. She is named Starling. Starling is serious and quiet, much like Mellow when she was younger. It isn't much longer before yet another young nicheling joins the tribe- another young female with deep red fur. "My name is Angora," she says. "May I join you?" Angora is welcomed into the tribe, but remains very timid and shy. She becomes the friend of Walrus, who is interested in this new female. "
  6. Woah! I'm really glad for all these welcome backs. I feel at home already ❤️ CHAPTER THREE, DAY 35 INTRODUCTION - AMBER - Yellow female with gray patches; careful and nervous CURLY - old she-nicheling with bright red fur.DINGO - White male with tan mane; problematic and overexcitable. Son of Amber. MURMUR - Light grey female; peaceful and independent. Daugthter of Amber, Sister of Dingo. NOBLE - Young, handsome nicheling with tan fur. Shy.POSSUM - White male with brown mane; humble and friendly. Mate of Amber, father of Dingo and Murmur. Quartz dies. The tribe buries her honorably. Conversations begin to form about the idea of leaving and going to a new island. Finally, the tribe gathers up a meeting and opinions of each member are asked. "I think we should go east," says Murmur. "It looks plentiful for everybody." Noble shakes his head. "I think Northwest, really. It looks just as plentiful." "Both great points," says Possum. "Amber?" Amber shrugs. "I don't care where we go, as long as we all go together." "Not like I'll live to see where we go anyways," says Curly, letting out a laugh. "As much as I hate to agree with him-" Dingo bares his teeth at Noble- "Northwest should be where we go." "Northwest it is," says Possum. Curly decides to live peacefully on the current island until she dies. "Why do you hate Noble so much?" Murmur asks Dingo on the way to the new island. "He's never done anything to you." "Oh, but it's all he's done to Dad. Stars forbid if I ever get attention in the way Noble does. He's not even his son." "Maybe you'd get more attention if you didn't act like that," says Murmur, before trotting ahead to where Noble is. "Sorry about him," says the she-nicheling. "I can understand where he's coming from. It's fine," says Noble. "You know, Noble.." Murmur flattens her ears. "I was wondering..." "Hm?" "I was wondering if once we got to the new island, you'd like to be mates?" "I... I'd like that," says Noble, smiling. Somewhere in the background, Possum does a happy dance. The tribe settles in on a new island, and after they are well acquainted, Murmur announces that she is pregnant. She has a beautiful daughter who looks much like Noble. "Let's call her Robin," purrs Noble. Robin is a careful, shy she-nicheling. She is much like her grandmother, Amber, and spends a lot of time with her. She spends most of her time listening to her mother and grandmother chat.
  7. CHAPTER TWO, DAY 10 INTRODUCTION AMBER - Yellow female with gray patches; careful and nervous DINGO - White male with tan mane; problematic and overexcitable. Son of Amber. PARROT - Old male with white mane; wise and blunt. POSSUM - White male with brown mane; humble and friendly. Mate of Amber, father of Dingo. QUARTZ - Muddy brown, spotted female; Relaxed Dingo grows into a teenaged nicheling and gradually grows more independent of his parents, exploring the territory around the tribe. "I think we should have another child," says Amber, leaning on Possum. "Are you sure? We can barely handle him," he says, gesturing at Dingo, who is prowling on Rabbils in the distance. "How hard can it be?" Next, the two have a daughter. She is much more relaxed and confident than her brother, fine on her own or with others. "Let's call her Murmur," says Possum. One day, the clan is aproached by a beautiful, snow-white she-nicheling. She is old- almost as old as the now-ancient Parrot. "I was wondering if you'd provide a warm spot in a den for a she-nicheling on her last legs," she says humbly. "Come on in," says Parrot. "What is your name?" "Phasma," she says quietly. Phasma and Parrot spend a lot of time together, to the point where Possum feels excluded. He sits with Amber. "He's my main source of advice," says the nicheling. "But now when I approach him I feel like I'm interrupting something." Amber smiles, her long-faded feelings for Parrot now replaced with happiness for him. "He's content, Possum." One day, Parrot pulls Possum aside. Excited to speak to his friend again, Possum follows Parrot to the shore, away from the other tribe members. "I did something foolish, Possum," Parrot says. Possum's fur bristles nervously- the wise Parrot? What could he have done? "I... Phasma... Phasma and I are expecting a child." "A child? What do you mean, you did something foolish? That's great news!" Possum excitedly nuzzles his friend, but Parrot lets out a grunt. "You don't understand, Possum. We're old." Parrot sighs. "I don't have the time left in me to raise a child, and I highly doubt Phasma does." "Don't say that, Parrot," says Possum, but the old male growls again. "I'm serious, Possum." The white-maned male gets up and limps closer to the water, watching the waves. "I feel it in my bones. So, I want you to promise me. Whenever my time's up, and inevitably Phasma's, too... You and Amber will pick up where we left off with this kit. Even after he grows up- keep your eyes on him. Don't want him to make the same mistakes I have." "I..." Possum sighs. "I'll do everything I can." "Thank you, Possum," says Parrot. "Always been like a son to me, you have." Two days later, Parrot is found dead. Not far away that same morning, inside the den, Phasma gives birth to their son. No one has told her about Parrot. Possum gently pokes his head into the nursery, his ears flat and unsure. "Phasma... I have bad news. Parrot... he..." "Is dead," says Phasma, matter-of-factly. She has a soft sadness in her eyes, but keeps her smile focused on her son. "I knew, Parrot. He would have been here as soon as he woke up this morning to see our son." She softly licks the tan bundle of fur. "...Besides, I watched him go." "Watched him go?" Amber, who had been helping Phasma, furrows her brows in confusion. "Saw him pass by the entrance of the den when it was still dark this morning. Felt him, too. Knew something was wrong when he wasn't here when the delivery began, but I understood when I saw him. I knew he wouldn't go without saying goodbye, though, and sure enough, he did." She smiles softly. Amber shrugs and keeps gathering herbs as if these are the ramblings of an old woman, but Possum smiles. "What're you going to call him?" asks Possum, settling down next to the old she-nicheling. "Noble." Noble has the timid spirit of his mother. He spends much time with her, but views his father figure to be Possum, often following him around and spending time with him. They grow extremely close as Noble gets older, and Possum tells him stories of Parrot. Noble grows into a teenager, and eventually, Phasma dies. "I'm... I'm very sorry, Noble," says Possum, holding the young nicheling close. "At least I still have your family," says Noble quietly, trying to smile. The clan is joined by another older female- a bright red she-nicheling named Curly for her curly fur. She easily makes her way into the social life of the she-nichelings in the clan, but always seems to need attention from someone, as if she is deeply lonely inside.
  8. I disappeared again because of college... but I'm back!! I thought I'd try to do a playthrough not really set too much on rules, since I'm just getting back into it. Our new tribe is consisted of four members: Quartz, Parrot, Amber, and Possum. First is Quartz- a muddy brown she-nicheling with tan spots. Relaxed and social, she has helped bring the tribe together into what it is now, making her the sort of starter of the tribe. She is often annoyed by her younger clingy brother, Possum. Next is Parrot. Named for his bright green colors, Parrot is actually rather calm and collected. He is the oldest of the tribe, and has little interest in helping it expand. He would rather lay back and live his golden years sunbathing on a rock, left alone. He seems to like the company of Possum, though. Amber is the yellow she-nicheling. Nervous and shy, she has trouble getting to know others and instead prefers to stick close to her tribe members and let them do the talking for her. She has a crush on Parrot, which he ignores. Finally is Possum, a white nicheling with reddish-brown mane. Around the same age as Amber, he is the youngest of the tribe. He often hangs out with parrot, listening to his advice and hoping to become smart like him one day. DAYS 1-9 The first days of the tribe are spent gathering supplies. The first social move beyond friendship is made by Possum. He is talking to Parrot one day. "You know, you're lucky Amber has a crush on you," sighs the young nicheling, resting his head on his paws. "She's rather lovely, if you ask me." "You ask her to be your mate then," says Parrot after a moment to think. "You're around her age. I think you two would fit well together." Possum cautiously approaches the she-nicheling. "Amber?" "Yes, Possum?" "I was wondering if you'd like to be my mate," says the white nicheling, shifting his paws in the dust nervously. "Oh, sure," she says, averting her eyes. She smiles. "I'm flattered that you'd ask." Soon, Amber announces that she will have offspring. Parrot nods approvingly at Possum. Their son is born some time later. "What'll we call him?" Asks Amber, tilting one head to the side. "Let's call him Dingo," says Possum. Dingo is an impulsive, unpredictable kit, and it's hard to keep track of him due to his irresponsibility. Amber often tires herself out looking after him. One day, Dingo is hanging out with his father and Parrot when he tackles Parrot, causing the old nicheling to let out a groan. Possum snaps at his son, baring his teeth and telling him to go back to his den. "I don't know what I'm going to do with him," he says to Parrot softly. "All he does is run around. It's like he always needs a distraction. I'm sorry." "It's fine. It just seems like he's always trying to prove himself," says Parrot. "I think he has some hidden insecurities. You just need to keep supporting him, even when he's hard to deal with." "I suppose. It's just so hard to keep up with him. He's never satisfied." "Patience will satisfy him," says Parrot. "Just keep loving him."
  9. I'M BACK! AGAIN! Hey guys! I've been at college, so I'm really sorry about my inactivity! However, I've been thinking up a new story, and I really think you guys are gonna like it. I'm gonna be reusing my rules from my Warriors Challenge, but I'll be trying to track events day-by-day so I can have a more detailed story. This story features a new culture and a new clan- Abyssclan. About Abyssclan: Cats of Abyssclan have a fierce and intense honor of their ancestors. They bury their dead in the water and center their entire lives around their water sources- their clan ceremonies themselves center around the water, and it is rare to not have a cat keeping watch of the waters. Abyssclan members enjoy a diet of primarily plants and seafood- their favorites being flowers and fish. Their coats are typically darker, and their eyes are commonly blue, green, black, or violet. Their ideal climate is islands and swamps. Abyssclan was driven to a new land after a desire for adventure. They are rather small right now, but due to their past together, they are very tight-knit and well bonded. WARRIOR INTRODUCTIONS: STRIKESTAR is the leader of Abyssclan. She has dark eyes and bluish fur. Known for her jolly personality, her charisma attracts all to her clan. Her deputy, PEACEBLOSSOM, is a tan tom with dark eyes. He is mischievous and a bit cocky, but his name is an accurate one- he desires peace for his clan and all cats. He is rather young for a deputy, a little over two years old. DREAMTOWER is the clan's medicine cat- a nervous and rash tom with cream fur. He is low in confidence, but Starclan is with him. He is the older brother of Peaceblossom by about three years. The youngest of the clan is Thunderkit, a brown orphaned kit found by the warriors. She was taken in and is being raised as if she was their own. She is clever and likes to cause trouble.
  10. i will sell you my soul if y'all start selling those little nicheling figures omg
  11. CHAPTER 1DAYS 272 -WARRIOR INTRODUCTION:Flightstar - Black she-cat who was taken in by Owlshred. Leader of the clan. Curlbriar - Black, long-haired tom. Deputy and mate of Flightstar.Quaillake - Brown tabby she-cat. Medicine cat of the clan. Lightpaw - Yellow tom apprentice with black tufts of fur. Curlbriar and Flightstar's kit is born- a daughter, fur dark as night.She is seemingly a perfect fusion of both of her parents, and is named Branchkit. Flightstar and Branchkit are killed by predators. Curlbriar and Quaillake go as well, leaving Lightpaw alone and afraid. Starclan comes to Lightpaw in a dream. "LIghtpaw." A red and brown mottled she-cat comes to him. "Who are you?" "My name is Bruisestar," says the she-cat. "I was in your place many moons ago- almost three-hundred." The ancient she-cat sits beside him. "Yes. Almost twenty-five years ago, I founded Lichenclan." "Woah." "But my clan has almost entirely died off," says Bruisestar. "You are a strong apprentice. I want you to restart my clan. From now on, you are to be called Strongstar. Starclan will be with you." Strong begins to run low on food. Worried, he calls upon Starclan for help. Not expecting much, he is suprised to wake up the next morning and find a stack of almost fifty food before him. "You have saved me, Bruisestar," he whispers. Not long after, he finds and takes in a small she-kit. "My name's Leafkit," she says to him. She is calm and will follow his orders. Later, when Leafkit is Leafpaw, they encounter a young male apprentice named Activepaw. He is mischievous and a natural leader. Leafpaw is promoted to a warrior and is named Leafpuddle. Later, she becomes mates with Activebristle, who is now a warrior too. Strongstar dies and Leafpaw becomes Leafstar. Leafstar dies, makig Activestar leader. Activestar later dies though so
  12. CHAPTER 12DAYS 231 - 271WARRIOR INTRODUCTION: Shortstar - Brown tom with white tufts of fur. Flightshadow - Black she-cat who was taken in by Owlshred. Deputy. Quaillake - Brown tabby she-cat. Medicine cat of the clan.Owlshred - Muddy brown she-cat with dark eyes.Nimblepaw - Tomkit of Tallstar and Wolfvine. Red with white spots. Nimblepaw is promoted to a warrior. "You will be called Nimblenight, for you have been through your share of darkness," says Shortstar. Nimblenight soon after asks Flightshadow to be his mate. She agrees. Soon enough, they have a kit- She is named Flankkit for a birthmark on her upper left hind leg. Flankkit is shy and obedient. However, soon after her birth, Nimblenight dies of starvation. A gathering occurs, but not much is said. Owlshred dies of old age. However, good news- the peaceful bear the clan has been near dies, providing a hearty meal. The clan encounters a young male apprentice named Curlpaw, who joins the clan. Curlpaw is a lonely, sweet male, who is happy to join the clan. Another clan gathering occurs. "First, we're promoting Flankkit to Flankpaw," says Shortstar. "Due to shortage of Warriors I will mentor her." "We're also promoting Curlpaw to a warrior." Curlpaw looks surprised. "He will be called Curlbriar from now on, since he has been tough for us." "Thank you, Shortstar." A bearyena comes after the clan. Clan members gather to fight it- But it kills Flankpaw and Shortstar. Enraged, Flightshadow charges it- she takes it down but receives a scar over her left eye. In the aftermath, the clan is left with three members- Flightstar, Curlbriar, and Quaillake. Curlbriar is made deputy by default and becomes the third mate of Flightshadow. "Even with the scar, you're still beautiful," he tells her. Quaillake finds and takes in a young tom. "My name is Lighpaw," he says. He rarely complains and goes with what he is told, so he gets along well with the clan.
  13. CHAPTER 10DAYS 205 - 230WARRIOR INTRODUCTION: Tallstar - Daughter of Ferretstar and Dewstar. Gentle and lonely.Whiskerslip - Adoptive son of Banishedstar and soulfire. Cream kit with brown tufts of fur. Deputy of the clan. Grassfrog - Daughter of Whiskerslip. Medicine cat with mottled, patchy fur.Shortrain - Brown tom with white tufts of fur.Owlshred - Muddy brown she-cat with dark eyes.Springpad - She-cat with reddish-brown fur and sharp claws.Wolfvine - Blue-grey cat with beige tufts of fur and an odd face.Flightshadow - Black she-cat who was taken in by Owlshred. Nimblekit - Tomkit of Tallstar and Wolfvine. Red with white spots. Breezekit - She-kit of Whiskerslip and Flightshadow. Mottled tortoiseshell. "Looks like they're healthy kits," says Grassfrog, nudging Nimblekit and Breezekit back to their mothers. "At this rate they will grow into strong warriors." The proud parents leave the den, but Whiskerslip stays behind. "Are you sure you're alright with me having a new mate?" asks Whiskerslip. "We need new warriors," says Grassfrog, nuzzling her father. "This is what you should have done all along, father. Medicine cats shouldn't have mates. I know you loved mom, but.." "Times were hard," explains Whiskerslip. "We had to have a kit." "I fear Starclan will hold my bloodline against me." Grassfrog sighs. "It wasn't a fault of yours, Grassfrog. You are doing a great job." Tallstar dies of illness, leaving Nimblekit to be raised by his father. This is bad timing- for Tallstar's strength is needed. A big-nosed ape is after the clan, and the only one strong enough to fight it is Springpad. Springpad is killed during the fight, leaving the clan defenseless. Whiskerslip takes Tallstar's place as leader, becoming Whiskerstar. He selects his deputy to be Shortrain. The big-nosed ape kills Breezekit. Flightshadow, who is watching she and Nimblekit, takes Nimblekit and runs. The ape kills Wolfvine. Flightshadow pulls Nimblekit close, vowing to raise him since his parents now cannot. While in hiding, she also finds a kit seemingly native to the jungle. "I'm Quailkit," she says softly. "Do you know what that thing is?" Flightshadow asks, crouching beside Quailkit. "My parents called it the Trackerbeast," says Quailkit. "It took them, too." "We're gonna find a way to survive. Don't worry." Though quiet, Quailkit proves very determined and courageous, and Flightshadow is glad she took her in. The rest of the clan finds Flightshadow. "Where is Whiskerstar?" Asks Flightshadow. "Killed by the beast," says Shortstar. "I had to be leader now. You are my deputy." "The beast seems to be gone for now," says Grassfrog. "But we need to plan our safety while it is away." "I know what my parents did to keep me safe," says Quailkit. "They always told me to roll in the mud." "Can't be a bad idea,' says Owlshred. "Let's try it." It is time for the next gathering. "We have two promotions in order," says Shortstar. "Firstly, Nimblekit. Nimblekit has faced great hardship and for this deserves recognition. From now on he is to be called Nimblepaw and will be mentored by Flightshadow. "Next up is Quailkit. Quailkit is cunning and determined to survive, and I am sure she will do well. From now on she will be called Quailpaw and is to be mentored by Owlshred." Grassfrog dies of starvation due to the clan's lack of food. One night, Quailpaw's dreams are disturbed. "Hello there," says a gentle voice. Quailpaw looks to see a giant red she-cat. "Who are you?" "My name's Tallstar," says the she-cat. "I have a favor to ask you, Quailpaw. You've helped my clan a lot since you came here, you know." "Thank you." "I would like you to be our new medicine cat. Starclan has decided you would be best fit." "How will I know what to do?" She asks. "I accept your offer, but I am confused." "We will guide you," says Tallstar gently. "From now on, you are to be called Quaillake." Quaillake spreads the message to Shortstar. "Congratulations, Quaillake."
  14. CHAPTER 9DAYS 181 - 204WARRIOR INTRODUCTION: Tallstar - Daughter of Ferretstar and Dewstar. Gentle and lonely.Whiskerslip - Adoptive son of Banishedstar and soulfire. Cream kit with brown tufts of fur. Deputy of the clan.Violetstone - Medicine cat. She-cat with white fur and red eyes.Shortrain - Brown tom with white tufts of fur.Owlshred - Muddy brown shecat with dark eyes.Springpad - She-cat with reddish-brown fur and sharp claws. Wolfvine - Blue-grey cat with beige tufts of fur and an odd face. Grasspaw - Daughter of Whiskerslip and Violetstone. Medicine cat apprentice with mottled, patchy fur. Flightpaw - Black she-cat who was taken in by Owlshred. "You seem a lot happier lately," says Springpad to Owlshred as they travel to the new island. "Could it be due to your new apprentice?" "She reminds me of what I once was," says Owlshred as she watches Flightpaw run ahead and weave around the other warriors. "But she's so docile and kind. I pray to Starclan that one day she does not think I took her away from her home." "I'm sure it'll be fine, Owlshred." Springpad smiles. On the journey, Wolfvine is flirting with Tallstar. "Do you suppose that we could be mates, perhaps?" He asks cooly, trying to sound as attractive as he can. The she-cat rolls her eyes and smiles. "Sure, Wolfvine." But on the inside, she is rather happy- no one has ever picked her before. The journey takes two and a half days. But when they reach the edge of the island, they notice something. They can go.. anywhere? "Well." Says Tallstar. "Any ideas?" "How about... a rainforest?" Asks Wolfvine. "Sounds fun." "Or a swamp?" Asks Springpad. "I've heard tales of Home Island," says Owlshred. "Sounds peaceful." Shortrain shrugs again. "I don't care." Violetstone thinks hard, wondering where Starclan is directing the clan. "Wolfvine's idea sounds good. But it must be a very lush jungle." "Or maybe part jungle, part field," says Whiskerslip. "We'll go to where Violetstone has said," says Tallstar. After another two and a half days, the clan arrives on their new home. Violetstone dies peacefully of old age. The clan respectfully buries their loyal medicine cat, and Grasspaw takes her place. Soon, Violetstone visits her in a dream. "Grasspaw. I"m very proud of you." Grasspaw smiles, approaching her mother, who gives off a greenish, starry glow now. Her eyes shine like rubies. "I don't want you to be afraid, Grasspaw. I've trained you well, and your new island is a land of plenty. New things are all around you." "Thank you, mother." "But I come with an omen as well. Lichenclan's food supply is slowly dwindling, and if the clan does not focus on searching for food more, it is possible you will starve. Please warn Tallstar. Though she focuses on having a kit with Wolfvine, she's letting it distract her from the clan's needs." "I will pass it on." "As medicine cat, you are to be called Grassfrog. Remember who you are." Grassfrog nuzzles her mother as she fades away into the moonlight and she wakes up in the medicine cat den. She spreads the message to her leader. Tallstar is not pleased with what Starclan said about her and Wolfvine, but she understands. It's time for another gathering. "We have two new promotions to announce. Firstly, Grasspaw is officially Grassfrog, and is the new medicine cat of the clan," Tallstar purrs. "Secondly, we have a new warrior to announce. Flightpaw has worked hard and grown up in the clan, and we are very proud of her. We will call her Flightshadow for her dark fur." Tallstar wants to announce that she is having a kit, but does not want to offend starclan. "We also have to focus on an issue in the clan. We need more food, or at least need to be collecting food at a faster rate. Without this, we will eventually starve." The clan murmurs anxiously, but vows to work hard with hunting. Some more time passes, and Flightshadow is considering her feelings. Finally, she approaches Whiskerslip. "Hey, Whiskerslip? I was wondering. Would you like to be my mate?" Whiskerslip is taken off guard. He hasn't even thought of having a mate, especially not after Violetstone died. He was in love with her and had a kit with her, but she never declared they were mates due to the fact she was a medicine cat. "Um... Sure, Flightshadow," he says, smiling. He feels a pang of sadness considering the memory of Violetstone, but he knows this is what she would want- him to move on with a cat hat he can actually be with without going against the warrior code. Tallstar and Wolfvine's kit is born- a tomkit. He is named Nimblekit, for he is playful and impulsive. Soon after, Whiskerslip and Flightshadow have their kit- a she-cat who looks similar to her half-sister, Grassfrog. She is more sassy than her sister, however, and is named Breezekit.
  15. CHAPTER 9 DAYS 170 - 180WARRIOR INTRODUCTION: Tallstar - Daughter of Ferretstar and Dewstar. Gentle and lonely. Whiskerslip - Adoptive son of Banishedstar and soulfire. Cream kit with brown tufts of fur. Deputy of the clan.Violetstone - Medicine cat. She-cat with white fur and red eyes.Shortrain - Brown tom with white tufts of fur. Owlpaw - Muddy brown she-kit with dark eyes. Springpaw - She-kit with reddish-brown fur and sharp claws. The clan finds a grey-blue, strange looking apprentice on their territory. 'Who are you? Asks Whiskerslip, patrolling the border. "I'm Wolfpaw," says the tom, giving a relaxed smile. "Looking for a clan. May I join?" Wolfpaw is welcomed into the clan. He is shown to be a lax, friendly cat, though his appearance may throw a stranger off. He's almost a warrior, so Shortrain is assigned to make sure he knows all he needs. Meanwhile, the other apprentices are being assessed. Owlpaw isn't specifically skilled in any certain field and rather is decent in multiple ones. She still carries her melancholy air. Springpaw carries on the legacy of her ancestors by yet again surpassing everyone else in strength, even Tallrock. She impresses many. "Aren't you excited to be a warrior?" Springpaw asks, nudging her friend. Owlpaw shrugs dismissively. "I don't know. I find it hard to get excited about a lot, you know?" Springpaw flattens her ears. The air of sadness over Owlpaw still hangs nearly tangibly, though her parents died moons ago. "I promise there is hope, Owlpaw." But Owlpaw just rolls over, not facing her friend. One day, a rogue male approaches Violetstone. "Hello there. Your white fur is lovely." He has a flirtatious grin. "Not interested," she says. "I have a mate." "Come on. You sure? Give me and my buddies a shot. I'm Cloverstar." Owlpaw overhears the conversation, and crouches in the grass to watch. Through her observation, she notices that they are not after Violetstone- they are trying to steal Grasskit! "Hey, back off!" Hisses the she-cat, the fur on her back bristling. "You don't want her. You're looking to steal her kit for your own clan." She swipes at the rogue who was near Grasskit, and he recoils angrily. Cloverstar charges Owlpaw, but they hear a loud hiss as Tallstar approaches the scene. "Get off of Lichenclan territory. We don't suffer fools lightly." Her claws extend. Owlpaw could have been fought off easily, but with Tallstar by her side, the rogues would not have a chance. "Come on, let's get out of here," Cloverstar hisses, leaving Owlpaw standing over Grasskit bravely. "You were very brave," Violetstone declares, nuzzling the apprentice proudly. "I know what it's like to be stripped of your family. I will not let that happen." "I think you showed the bravery of a warrior just now," Tallstar says to Owlpaw. "Come with me." "You showed capability to fight with the fury of all of Starclan, even when outnumbered. You are both wise and fiery. For this, you will be called Owlshred. You are a warrior now." "Thank you, Tallstar." The clan finds an abandoned she-kit on clan borders. They take her in. "What's your name?" Asks Wolfpaw, who is the second-most newest member of the clan. "I'm Flightkit," she says. "They called me that because I ran so fast. But... I ran too far." "Then you can stay with us, Flightkit," says Owlshred. "I will care for you." A clan meeting is arranged. "We have several promotions in order," says Tallstar, trying to sound cheerful. The last gathering was when she found out the betrayal of her mother, so she isn't feeling too easygoing. "Firstly, we have two kits ready for promotion today into apprentices. One of which is in training to be a medicine cat." She looks at Grasskit, who smiles at her. "You will be apprenticed by Violetstone, and from this day on you are called Grasspaw." "Next, Flightkit." Owlshred nudges her excitedly. "From this day on you are to be called Flightpaw. Owlshred has asked to mentor you." Purrs of congratulation come from the clan to both of the kits. "Next up, even more exciting news- two new warriors will be made today! First up is Springpaw. Springpaw, you exhibit great strength, and I am proud to call you my daughter. You will fight many battles for our clan, and I know your future is bright. From this day on, you are to be called Springpad for your strong paws." "The second warrior to be initiated is Wolfpaw. He only came into the clan recently, but we are glad he is here, and we hope he stays for all his life. From this day on, he is to be called Wolfvine." Yowls of approval come from the clan. "Now, I have one more topic to discuss," says Tallstar. "I know that you all have seen the many rogues near our clan. I think if we stay much longer, we will be in danger, and I wish for us to exit this territory when we can." She pauses. "There is a path we can take that is east once again. I want to know if the clan feels as if they are ready to move on or not." Whiskerslip, clan deputy, is first to speak up. "I say we go. It is our time to move on, and I feel it is too sketchy to stay here." Violetstone looks at Whiskerslip. "I'm... I'm really not sure about that. I have not received a message about this from Starclan, and the last time we moved there was a message to Banishedstar." Springpad purrs in agreement. "We can hold our own here just fine." Shortrain shrugs. "I'm fine either way, honestly." Wolfvine nods with Shortrain, as does Owlshred. "I still contest that we go," says Tallstar. "We begin our journey at dawn."
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