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  1. CHAPTER 1DAYS 272 -WARRIOR INTRODUCTION:Flightstar - Black she-cat who was taken in by Owlshred. Leader of the clan. Curlbriar - Black, long-haired tom. Deputy and mate of Flightstar.Quaillake - Brown tabby she-cat. Medicine cat of the clan. Lightpaw - Yellow tom apprentice with black tufts of fur. Curlbriar and Flightstar's kit is born- a daughter, fur dark as night.She is seemingly a perfect fusion of both of her parents, and is named Branchkit. Flightstar and Branchkit are killed by predators. Curlbriar and Quaillake go as well, leaving Lightpaw alone and afraid. Starclan comes to Lightpaw in a dream. "LIghtpaw." A red and brown mottled she-cat comes to him. "Who are you?" "My name is Bruisestar," says the she-cat. "I was in your place many moons ago- almost three-hundred." The ancient she-cat sits beside him. "Yes. Almost twenty-five years ago, I founded Lichenclan." "Woah." "But my clan has almost entirely died off," says Bruisestar. "You are a strong apprentice. I want you to restart my clan. From now on, you are to be called Strongstar. Starclan will be with you." Strong begins to run low on food. Worried, he calls upon Starclan for help. Not expecting much, he is suprised to wake up the next morning and find a stack of almost fifty food before him. "You have saved me, Bruisestar," he whispers. Not long after, he finds and takes in a small she-kit. "My name's Leafkit," she says to him. She is calm and will follow his orders. Later, when Leafkit is Leafpaw, they encounter a young male apprentice named Activepaw. He is mischievous and a natural leader. Leafpaw is promoted to a warrior and is named Leafpuddle. Later, she becomes mates with Activebristle, who is now a warrior too. Strongstar dies and Leafpaw becomes Leafstar. Leafstar dies, makig Activestar leader. Activestar later dies though so
  2. CHAPTER 12DAYS 231 - 271WARRIOR INTRODUCTION: Shortstar - Brown tom with white tufts of fur. Flightshadow - Black she-cat who was taken in by Owlshred. Deputy. Quaillake - Brown tabby she-cat. Medicine cat of the clan.Owlshred - Muddy brown she-cat with dark eyes.Nimblepaw - Tomkit of Tallstar and Wolfvine. Red with white spots. Nimblepaw is promoted to a warrior. "You will be called Nimblenight, for you have been through your share of darkness," says Shortstar. Nimblenight soon after asks Flightshadow to be his mate. She agrees. Soon enough, they have a kit- She is named Flankkit for a birthmark on her upper left hind leg. Flankkit is shy and obedient. However, soon after her birth, Nimblenight dies of starvation. A gathering occurs, but not much is said. Owlshred dies of old age. However, good news- the peaceful bear the clan has been near dies, providing a hearty meal. The clan encounters a young male apprentice named Curlpaw, who joins the clan. Curlpaw is a lonely, sweet male, who is happy to join the clan. Another clan gathering occurs. "First, we're promoting Flankkit to Flankpaw," says Shortstar. "Due to shortage of Warriors I will mentor her." "We're also promoting Curlpaw to a warrior." Curlpaw looks surprised. "He will be called Curlbriar from now on, since he has been tough for us." "Thank you, Shortstar." A bearyena comes after the clan. Clan members gather to fight it- But it kills Flankpaw and Shortstar. Enraged, Flightshadow charges it- she takes it down but receives a scar over her left eye. In the aftermath, the clan is left with three members- Flightstar, Curlbriar, and Quaillake. Curlbriar is made deputy by default and becomes the third mate of Flightshadow. "Even with the scar, you're still beautiful," he tells her. Quaillake finds and takes in a young tom. "My name is Lighpaw," he says. He rarely complains and goes with what he is told, so he gets along well with the clan.
  3. CHAPTER 10DAYS 205 - 230WARRIOR INTRODUCTION: Tallstar - Daughter of Ferretstar and Dewstar. Gentle and lonely.Whiskerslip - Adoptive son of Banishedstar and soulfire. Cream kit with brown tufts of fur. Deputy of the clan. Grassfrog - Daughter of Whiskerslip. Medicine cat with mottled, patchy fur.Shortrain - Brown tom with white tufts of fur.Owlshred - Muddy brown she-cat with dark eyes.Springpad - She-cat with reddish-brown fur and sharp claws.Wolfvine - Blue-grey cat with beige tufts of fur and an odd face.Flightshadow - Black she-cat who was taken in by Owlshred. Nimblekit - Tomkit of Tallstar and Wolfvine. Red with white spots. Breezekit - She-kit of Whiskerslip and Flightshadow. Mottled tortoiseshell. "Looks like they're healthy kits," says Grassfrog, nudging Nimblekit and Breezekit back to their mothers. "At this rate they will grow into strong warriors." The proud parents leave the den, but Whiskerslip stays behind. "Are you sure you're alright with me having a new mate?" asks Whiskerslip. "We need new warriors," says Grassfrog, nuzzling her father. "This is what you should have done all along, father. Medicine cats shouldn't have mates. I know you loved mom, but.." "Times were hard," explains Whiskerslip. "We had to have a kit." "I fear Starclan will hold my bloodline against me." Grassfrog sighs. "It wasn't a fault of yours, Grassfrog. You are doing a great job." Tallstar dies of illness, leaving Nimblekit to be raised by his father. This is bad timing- for Tallstar's strength is needed. A big-nosed ape is after the clan, and the only one strong enough to fight it is Springpad. Springpad is killed during the fight, leaving the clan defenseless. Whiskerslip takes Tallstar's place as leader, becoming Whiskerstar. He selects his deputy to be Shortrain. The big-nosed ape kills Breezekit. Flightshadow, who is watching she and Nimblekit, takes Nimblekit and runs. The ape kills Wolfvine. Flightshadow pulls Nimblekit close, vowing to raise him since his parents now cannot. While in hiding, she also finds a kit seemingly native to the jungle. "I'm Quailkit," she says softly. "Do you know what that thing is?" Flightshadow asks, crouching beside Quailkit. "My parents called it the Trackerbeast," says Quailkit. "It took them, too." "We're gonna find a way to survive. Don't worry." Though quiet, Quailkit proves very determined and courageous, and Flightshadow is glad she took her in. The rest of the clan finds Flightshadow. "Where is Whiskerstar?" Asks Flightshadow. "Killed by the beast," says Shortstar. "I had to be leader now. You are my deputy." "The beast seems to be gone for now," says Grassfrog. "But we need to plan our safety while it is away." "I know what my parents did to keep me safe," says Quailkit. "They always told me to roll in the mud." "Can't be a bad idea,' says Owlshred. "Let's try it." It is time for the next gathering. "We have two promotions in order," says Shortstar. "Firstly, Nimblekit. Nimblekit has faced great hardship and for this deserves recognition. From now on he is to be called Nimblepaw and will be mentored by Flightshadow. "Next up is Quailkit. Quailkit is cunning and determined to survive, and I am sure she will do well. From now on she will be called Quailpaw and is to be mentored by Owlshred." Grassfrog dies of starvation due to the clan's lack of food. One night, Quailpaw's dreams are disturbed. "Hello there," says a gentle voice. Quailpaw looks to see a giant red she-cat. "Who are you?" "My name's Tallstar," says the she-cat. "I have a favor to ask you, Quailpaw. You've helped my clan a lot since you came here, you know." "Thank you." "I would like you to be our new medicine cat. Starclan has decided you would be best fit." "How will I know what to do?" She asks. "I accept your offer, but I am confused." "We will guide you," says Tallstar gently. "From now on, you are to be called Quaillake." Quaillake spreads the message to Shortstar. "Congratulations, Quaillake."
  4. CHAPTER 9DAYS 181 - 204WARRIOR INTRODUCTION: Tallstar - Daughter of Ferretstar and Dewstar. Gentle and lonely.Whiskerslip - Adoptive son of Banishedstar and soulfire. Cream kit with brown tufts of fur. Deputy of the clan.Violetstone - Medicine cat. She-cat with white fur and red eyes.Shortrain - Brown tom with white tufts of fur.Owlshred - Muddy brown shecat with dark eyes.Springpad - She-cat with reddish-brown fur and sharp claws. Wolfvine - Blue-grey cat with beige tufts of fur and an odd face. Grasspaw - Daughter of Whiskerslip and Violetstone. Medicine cat apprentice with mottled, patchy fur. Flightpaw - Black she-cat who was taken in by Owlshred. "You seem a lot happier lately," says Springpad to Owlshred as they travel to the new island. "Could it be due to your new apprentice?" "She reminds me of what I once was," says Owlshred as she watches Flightpaw run ahead and weave around the other warriors. "But she's so docile and kind. I pray to Starclan that one day she does not think I took her away from her home." "I'm sure it'll be fine, Owlshred." Springpad smiles. On the journey, Wolfvine is flirting with Tallstar. "Do you suppose that we could be mates, perhaps?" He asks cooly, trying to sound as attractive as he can. The she-cat rolls her eyes and smiles. "Sure, Wolfvine." But on the inside, she is rather happy- no one has ever picked her before. The journey takes two and a half days. But when they reach the edge of the island, they notice something. They can go.. anywhere? "Well." Says Tallstar. "Any ideas?" "How about... a rainforest?" Asks Wolfvine. "Sounds fun." "Or a swamp?" Asks Springpad. "I've heard tales of Home Island," says Owlshred. "Sounds peaceful." Shortrain shrugs again. "I don't care." Violetstone thinks hard, wondering where Starclan is directing the clan. "Wolfvine's idea sounds good. But it must be a very lush jungle." "Or maybe part jungle, part field," says Whiskerslip. "We'll go to where Violetstone has said," says Tallstar. After another two and a half days, the clan arrives on their new home. Violetstone dies peacefully of old age. The clan respectfully buries their loyal medicine cat, and Grasspaw takes her place. Soon, Violetstone visits her in a dream. "Grasspaw. I"m very proud of you." Grasspaw smiles, approaching her mother, who gives off a greenish, starry glow now. Her eyes shine like rubies. "I don't want you to be afraid, Grasspaw. I've trained you well, and your new island is a land of plenty. New things are all around you." "Thank you, mother." "But I come with an omen as well. Lichenclan's food supply is slowly dwindling, and if the clan does not focus on searching for food more, it is possible you will starve. Please warn Tallstar. Though she focuses on having a kit with Wolfvine, she's letting it distract her from the clan's needs." "I will pass it on." "As medicine cat, you are to be called Grassfrog. Remember who you are." Grassfrog nuzzles her mother as she fades away into the moonlight and she wakes up in the medicine cat den. She spreads the message to her leader. Tallstar is not pleased with what Starclan said about her and Wolfvine, but she understands. It's time for another gathering. "We have two new promotions to announce. Firstly, Grasspaw is officially Grassfrog, and is the new medicine cat of the clan," Tallstar purrs. "Secondly, we have a new warrior to announce. Flightpaw has worked hard and grown up in the clan, and we are very proud of her. We will call her Flightshadow for her dark fur." Tallstar wants to announce that she is having a kit, but does not want to offend starclan. "We also have to focus on an issue in the clan. We need more food, or at least need to be collecting food at a faster rate. Without this, we will eventually starve." The clan murmurs anxiously, but vows to work hard with hunting. Some more time passes, and Flightshadow is considering her feelings. Finally, she approaches Whiskerslip. "Hey, Whiskerslip? I was wondering. Would you like to be my mate?" Whiskerslip is taken off guard. He hasn't even thought of having a mate, especially not after Violetstone died. He was in love with her and had a kit with her, but she never declared they were mates due to the fact she was a medicine cat. "Um... Sure, Flightshadow," he says, smiling. He feels a pang of sadness considering the memory of Violetstone, but he knows this is what she would want- him to move on with a cat hat he can actually be with without going against the warrior code. Tallstar and Wolfvine's kit is born- a tomkit. He is named Nimblekit, for he is playful and impulsive. Soon after, Whiskerslip and Flightshadow have their kit- a she-cat who looks similar to her half-sister, Grassfrog. She is more sassy than her sister, however, and is named Breezekit.
  5. CHAPTER 9 DAYS 170 - 180WARRIOR INTRODUCTION: Tallstar - Daughter of Ferretstar and Dewstar. Gentle and lonely. Whiskerslip - Adoptive son of Banishedstar and soulfire. Cream kit with brown tufts of fur. Deputy of the clan.Violetstone - Medicine cat. She-cat with white fur and red eyes.Shortrain - Brown tom with white tufts of fur. Owlpaw - Muddy brown she-kit with dark eyes. Springpaw - She-kit with reddish-brown fur and sharp claws. The clan finds a grey-blue, strange looking apprentice on their territory. 'Who are you? Asks Whiskerslip, patrolling the border. "I'm Wolfpaw," says the tom, giving a relaxed smile. "Looking for a clan. May I join?" Wolfpaw is welcomed into the clan. He is shown to be a lax, friendly cat, though his appearance may throw a stranger off. He's almost a warrior, so Shortrain is assigned to make sure he knows all he needs. Meanwhile, the other apprentices are being assessed. Owlpaw isn't specifically skilled in any certain field and rather is decent in multiple ones. She still carries her melancholy air. Springpaw carries on the legacy of her ancestors by yet again surpassing everyone else in strength, even Tallrock. She impresses many. "Aren't you excited to be a warrior?" Springpaw asks, nudging her friend. Owlpaw shrugs dismissively. "I don't know. I find it hard to get excited about a lot, you know?" Springpaw flattens her ears. The air of sadness over Owlpaw still hangs nearly tangibly, though her parents died moons ago. "I promise there is hope, Owlpaw." But Owlpaw just rolls over, not facing her friend. One day, a rogue male approaches Violetstone. "Hello there. Your white fur is lovely." He has a flirtatious grin. "Not interested," she says. "I have a mate." "Come on. You sure? Give me and my buddies a shot. I'm Cloverstar." Owlpaw overhears the conversation, and crouches in the grass to watch. Through her observation, she notices that they are not after Violetstone- they are trying to steal Grasskit! "Hey, back off!" Hisses the she-cat, the fur on her back bristling. "You don't want her. You're looking to steal her kit for your own clan." She swipes at the rogue who was near Grasskit, and he recoils angrily. Cloverstar charges Owlpaw, but they hear a loud hiss as Tallstar approaches the scene. "Get off of Lichenclan territory. We don't suffer fools lightly." Her claws extend. Owlpaw could have been fought off easily, but with Tallstar by her side, the rogues would not have a chance. "Come on, let's get out of here," Cloverstar hisses, leaving Owlpaw standing over Grasskit bravely. "You were very brave," Violetstone declares, nuzzling the apprentice proudly. "I know what it's like to be stripped of your family. I will not let that happen." "I think you showed the bravery of a warrior just now," Tallstar says to Owlpaw. "Come with me." "You showed capability to fight with the fury of all of Starclan, even when outnumbered. You are both wise and fiery. For this, you will be called Owlshred. You are a warrior now." "Thank you, Tallstar." The clan finds an abandoned she-kit on clan borders. They take her in. "What's your name?" Asks Wolfpaw, who is the second-most newest member of the clan. "I'm Flightkit," she says. "They called me that because I ran so fast. But... I ran too far." "Then you can stay with us, Flightkit," says Owlshred. "I will care for you." A clan meeting is arranged. "We have several promotions in order," says Tallstar, trying to sound cheerful. The last gathering was when she found out the betrayal of her mother, so she isn't feeling too easygoing. "Firstly, we have two kits ready for promotion today into apprentices. One of which is in training to be a medicine cat." She looks at Grasskit, who smiles at her. "You will be apprenticed by Violetstone, and from this day on you are called Grasspaw." "Next, Flightkit." Owlshred nudges her excitedly. "From this day on you are to be called Flightpaw. Owlshred has asked to mentor you." Purrs of congratulation come from the clan to both of the kits. "Next up, even more exciting news- two new warriors will be made today! First up is Springpaw. Springpaw, you exhibit great strength, and I am proud to call you my daughter. You will fight many battles for our clan, and I know your future is bright. From this day on, you are to be called Springpad for your strong paws." "The second warrior to be initiated is Wolfpaw. He only came into the clan recently, but we are glad he is here, and we hope he stays for all his life. From this day on, he is to be called Wolfvine." Yowls of approval come from the clan. "Now, I have one more topic to discuss," says Tallstar. "I know that you all have seen the many rogues near our clan. I think if we stay much longer, we will be in danger, and I wish for us to exit this territory when we can." She pauses. "There is a path we can take that is east once again. I want to know if the clan feels as if they are ready to move on or not." Whiskerslip, clan deputy, is first to speak up. "I say we go. It is our time to move on, and I feel it is too sketchy to stay here." Violetstone looks at Whiskerslip. "I'm... I'm really not sure about that. I have not received a message about this from Starclan, and the last time we moved there was a message to Banishedstar." Springpad purrs in agreement. "We can hold our own here just fine." Shortrain shrugs. "I'm fine either way, honestly." Wolfvine nods with Shortrain, as does Owlshred. "I still contest that we go," says Tallstar. "We begin our journey at dawn."
  6. CHAPTER 8DAYS 164 - 169WARRIOR INTRODUCTION: Ferretstar - Daughter of Banishedstar and Soulfire. Mischievous and skilled like her father. Mate of Dewstar and deputy of the clan.Violetstone - Medicine cat. She-cat with white fur and red eyes. Whiskerslip - Adoptive son of Banishedstar and soulfire. Cream kit with brown tufts of fur. Tallrock - Daughter of Ferretblaze and Dewgrass. Gentle and lonely.Shortpaw - Brown tom with white tufts of fur. Owlkit - Muddy brown she-kit with dark eyes. Springkit - She-kit with reddish-brown fur and sharp claws. "Violetstone!" A frantic voice calls to the she-cat in the night. "Whiskerslip, I-" "No, Violetstone. Open your eyes." Violetstone follows the order, and who stands before her is the unmistakable silhouette of Dewstar. "Dewstar! Thank Starclan you are here, I-" "I'm here for the reason you think I am, Violetstone," says the tom, his pelt shining brilliantly with small red stars, but more noticeable were his sad, glowing eyes. "What you fear is true." "You were murdered-" "-by Ferretstar," says the fallen warrior. "If you do not speak up, she will pass on without ever facing her judgement from the living cats. Please don't be afraid." "I'll try," says Violetstone quietly. At the gathering, Violetstone is the most apprehensive and nervous cat of all. She sits, frozen, as she prepares what she will say to Ferretstar. "We have some promotions today," says Ferretstar. She looks at Shortpaw. "Shortpaw, you helped fight off the Bearyena that came and attacked our clan. Your bravery is noteworthy. You will be called Shortrain from now on." Shortrain nods his agreement. There is a pause. Then, Ferretstar continues. "Owlkit and Springkit are being promoted to apprentices today. You will be called Owlpaw and Springpaw from now on. Springpaw will be mentored by Whiskerslip, and Owlpaw will be mentored by Tallrock. Now, it's time to announce the new deputy. I choose my daughter, Tallrock." Before the clan goes to disband, Violetstone knows that this is her last chance. She takes a deep breath. "Hold on, Ferretstar. I have something to say." The leader flattens her ears. "Yes, Violetstone?" "There is something that you have not accounted for." She rises to her feet, shaking. "Starclan has spoken me, and the message is grievous." "And what is that message?" Ferretstar asks, feeling her chest tighten. Has Starclan turned their back on the leader of the clan? "You were the murderer of Dewstar." The words come out even worse than Violetstone thought they would, making her mouth dry. "You dare accuse me of such crimes?" Hisses the she cat, raising her hackles. "I -" "Violetstone's right," says Whiskerslip, flattening his ears. "We know what you did, Ferretstar. "Tallrock!" Hisses Ferretstar, looking intensely at her daughter. "This is treason, is it not?" Tallrock's ears are flat and her eyes unsure. "Mother, I... Would you have done that?" The old she cat's eyes are furious now, but afraid. "All of you- I-" She is silent with anger for a moment before turning to attack Violetstone. The clan pulls her off of Violetstone, but she thrashes out of their grasp and disappears into the bushes. "She won't survive long," says Tallrock softly. "She's so old." Her voice shakes. "I can't believe it. Dad..." Violetstone gets to her paws and nuzzles the crying she-cat. "You can carry on his legacy now..Tallstar." Realizing the she-cat's words, Tallstar takes a deep breath and tearfully stands before the clan. "I.. I now take my place as leader," she says. "I appoint my deputy to be Whiskerslip." She smiles at the warrior, whose eyes widen in disbelief. Even after Ferretstar is gone, the clan has trouble becoming the same again. "It's hard to believe I'm deputy now," Whiskerslip confides in Violetstone. "I never thought I'd be able to ever reach a status like this." "I believe in you," says Violetstone, licking Whiskerslip gently. "I will always be here for you. You saved our clan." "Violetstone?" "Yes, Whiskerslip?" "I have a question to ask you...." ---- The clan is shocked at the news, and whispers are heard all around the clan. A medicine cat? Having kits? Impossible! "Our clan needs to rebuild," says Violetstone defensively. "Starclan can judge me as they may." -- Ferretstar wakes up in a land of light and pleasant smells. "Ferretstar." The red she-cat turns around to see a strong, young beige tom before her. He is shrouded in brilliant light on his face and shoulders, not a scar to be seen. "Who are you?" She asks, flattening her ears. He seems familiar, but she has never seen whoever this is like this before. Coming closer and taking in the tom's scent, she can't believe her eyes. "...Father. Your.. your scars-" "They heal. Most things do. It is the scars on the inside that don't fade away so easy," says Banishedstar. "The scars you leave on the hearts and minds of those who loved you." Banishedstar's eyes are sad. Another tom approaches. Ferretstar begins to feel sick. It couldn't be. "I loved you." Dewstar says quietly. His voice shows no anger or contempt- it is still numb with shock as if Ferretstar's actions were just done. "I'm sorry," says Ferretstar, more to Banishedstar than her mate. "You ran like a coward, Ferretstar. You would have hid your actions til the day you died." "I was doing what I thought was best for the clan!" "You'd have died naturally before Dewstar did. You wanted a taste of power, too." "But don't you understand? How does it feel to watch your father care for an orphaned apprentice more than he cared for you. All I had was Mom!" The she-cat begins to feel herself slip, as if the ground below her is growing steeper and steeper. Her claws cling to no avail, and the last lights she sees are the four sad eyes watching her before she tumbles through a ball of mist into a place where stars dare not shine. -- Violetstone and Whiskerslip's kit comes- a daughter. She is relaxed and docile, having trouble asserting herself. "We will call her Grasskit," says Whiskerslip softly. "After Dewstar when he was Dewgrass."
  7. CHAPTER 8 DAYS 141 - 163 WARRIOR INTRODUCTION: Dewstar - Tan tom with brown spots. Leader of the clan. Ferretblaze - Daughter of Banishedstar and Soulfire. Mischievous and skilled like her father. Mate of Dewstar and deputy of the clan. Violetstone - Medicine cat. She-cat with white fur and red eyes.Soulfire - She-cat with dark red fur and blue eyes.Tiderush - Light red she-cat with dark eyes. Morningmud - Muddy brown tom. Rabbitsun - Son of Banishedstar and Soulfire. White fur and red eyes with a clever mind. Whiskerslip - Adoptive son of Banishedstar and soulfire. Cream kit with brown tufts of fur. Tallrock - Daughter of Ferretblaze and Dewgrass. Gentle and lonely. Shortkit - Brown kit with white tufts of fur. Tiderush and Morningmud prepare to have a kit. All seems well with the clan- but unprecedented struggles are on the horizon... Tallrock also announces that she is to be having a kit soon. "What? But you don't even have a mate!" says Whiskerslip, shocked by his childhood friend's announcement. "It's with a rogue bearyena. He's friendly," she says to him. Soulfire dies of old age. The clan gives her an honorable burial. One day, Ferretblaze invites Dewstar to patrol borders with her. Not having gotten to have a good conversation with her in a while, he follows. "You know, Ferretblaze, we're rather far from camp. We should go back," he says after a while. "Dewstar, I brought you here to discuss your leadership." She looks at the tom. "You know why my father chose you as leader. You were his favorite, and he felt sorry for you. You couldn't fight like other warriors could. Don't you realize your potential? With this power, you can change the clan." "I think the way the clan is run is fine," says Dewstar. "You'll have your turn- after all, I made you deputy." "I don't think you understand," says Ferretblaze, coming closer. "By the time you die, I'll be right after. I will have no influence, and the clan will likely face another period of mediocricy." "Are you challenging me?" Asks Dewstar, flattening his ears, the same way Banishedstar had taught him when he was being criticized. "Don't give me that copycat look," hisses Ferretblaze, unsheathing her claws. "I'm not settling for second place anymore." Ferretblaze comes back to the clan, panting heavily in a panic. "Dewstar is dead!" "What?!" Yowls of horror come out of the clan. "We were ambushed by a bearyena while patrolling. I couldn't fight him off. Dewstar was defenseless." The she-cat hangs her head in sorrow. The clan gathers around her, nuzzling her comfortingly. All but Whiskerslip. Ferretblaze is strong. She could at least fight off a predator until her leader got away. Isn't the life of the leader a deputy's priority? Tallrock exhibits worry from the queen's den as well. A bearyena has murdered the clan leader- how will they accept her kit? "It is with a heavy heart I take on the position as Ferretstar, leader," says Ferretstar. "I set my deputy to be Rabbitsun." Tiderush has she and Morningmud's kit.She is a brown color like her father, and she is named Owlkit. She is a soft-spoken, patient kit. Lucky for Tallrock, meanwhile, her kit bears little to no resemblance to a bearyena. She looks just like her mother, and would not throw even the most suspicious, vengeful warrior into suspicion. She is a playful, lighthearted kit, and her mother names her Springkit accordingly. Whiskerslip comes to Violetstone in the night. "Violetstone." "Huh..... B..Banishedstar?" She says, confusing Whiskerslip's voice, in hopes that she is being given a message from Starclan. "No, wake up. It's me.... Whiskerslip!" "Whiskerslip? What is it?" Asks the she-cat sleepily. "Something troubles me." "Well, a medicine cat's job is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable." The white she-cat's fur glistens in the moonlight as she sretches and gets to her feet. "What is it?" "I... I have my doubts about the integrity of our leader." "Why?" She asks, flattening her ears. "My niece hasn't been leader for very long, Whiskerslip. Give her some time." "Ferretstar hasn't been the best to me." "So? She's just a harsh mentor, probably." "No, Violetstone. You've seen her strength. Don't you think she could have fended the bearyena off until her own leader- her own mate- got away?" "Are you insinuating Ferretstar would kill her own mate to be leader, even though she was already deputy?" Whiskerslip flattens his ears. "Well- no, but-" "Don't." Violetstone looks into Whiskerslip's eyes, her piercing red irises cutting into him. There is a tense silence for a moment. "Starclan told me she would be leader." She looks at Whiskerslip. "She has their blessing, I think." She sighs. "I will keep watch, Whiskerslip. I cannot promise anything, but I trust you." "Thank you, Violetstone." Whiskerslip gives her a gentle lick on the cheek before exiting the medicine cat den. Shortkit is promoted to an apprentice as Shortpaw, and is assigned to Rabbitsun. A bearyena comes and kills Morningmud. Able-bodied wariors rush to attack it. Rabbitsun is one of the first warriors to the scene. The bearyena gravely wounds his back left leg and upper chest, forcing him far backward and bleeding heavily. Shortpaw manages to finish the creature off, but the damage is done. Violetstone gets Rabbitsun back to the medicine cat den. She fixes his wounds the best she can. While she is working, she feels a presence behind her and turns around to see Ferretstar. "Will he live?" Asks the she-cat, seeing the now sleeping figure of Rabbitsun. "I believe so, yes," says Violetstone. "But he will have to learn to live on three legs. And will certainly live with a deep scar on his chest for the rest of his life." She flattens her ears. "He will never hunt again. I don't know if his body could handle being a leader." "Then he will be demoted." "Ferretstar, let him tell you that. I will convince him to step down, but there is nothing more humiliating for him after all of this. Do not demote him." As Ferretstar leaves the den, Violetstone is forced to reconsider Whiskerslip's words from before. Maybe he was right. Tiderush dies of old age, leaving Owlkit completely an orphan. She grows stoic and sullen, rarely speaking to others. Another bearyena comes after the clan, delaying the gathering. It comes after Rabbitsun once again, this time reopening his wound and killing him.
  8. CHAPTER 7DAYS 132 - 140WARRIOR INTRODUCTION:Banishedstar - Tom with pale cream fur and black eyes and a scar over his cheek and shoulderblade. Leader of the clan.Soulfire - She-cat with dark red fur and blue eyes. Mate of Banishedcotton and deputy.Violetstone - Medicine cat. She-cat with white fur and red eyes.Tiderush - Light red she-cat with dark eyes.Ferretblaze - Daughter of Banishedcotton and Soulfire. Mischievous and skilled like her father.Dewgrass - Tan tom with brown spots. Mate of Ferretblaze. Morningmud - Muddy brown tom. Rabbitpaw - Son of Banishedstar and Soulfire. White fur and red eyes with a clever mind. Whiskerpaw - Adoptive son of Banishedstar and soulfire. Cream kit with brown tufts of fur. Tallpaw - Daughter of Ferretblaze and Dewgrass. Gentle and lonely. A bearyena comes and tries to attack the clan. It attacks Ferretblaze, leaving a small, healable wound on her upper front left leg and a wound on the right shoulder that will scar. She yowls in pain, but together with Morningmud she kills the bearyena. Whiskerpaw comes and helps her lick her wounds clean until Violetstone can bring her to the medicine cat den. She stops in her tracks when she sees she scar on Ferretblaze and where it is- on her shoulder, just like Banishedstar. She feels a cool breeze blow through the den, and she shudders, knowing what it means. "What is it, Violetstone? Is Ferretblaze going to be alright?" Whiskerpaw asks, making Violetstone jump in suprise. "You look like you heard something bad." "She will be fine, Whiskerpaw," says Violetstone. "I just received a message from Starclan while treating her." "What is it?" His eyes are wide and questioning. Telling him won't hurt, Violetstone thinks to herself. He's a responsible, sweet apprentice. "I was told that one day she is going to be a leader like her father after he is gone." "But-- But Dewgrass is deputy!" He says, shocked and a tinge of worry forming in his chest. "I'm sure it's a good omen, Whiskerpaw," says Violetstone. "I sure hope so.." he says, swallowing. Ferretblaze has never particularly been good to Whiskerpaw, and her criticisms have gotten worse. Will she treat him cruelly as a leader? Will she be a good leader at all? The clan finds another kit on clan territory. He is taken into the clan and kept safe. "Why don't we take him in?" asks Tiderush. Morningmud agrees.He is named Shortkit, since he is rather small. Despite his small size, he is bold, adventurous, and a good leader. Banishedstar dies just before the next clan gathering. shakily, Dewgrass takes his place as leader Dewstar and holds a memorial for the fallen warrior. "Banishedstar was a wise, brave, warrior. He had everything you looked for in a leader. Without him, I myself would have never been taken into the clan, and probably would have died without his mercy. He has become the father and grandfather of many cats, and has kept us happy, well-fed, and thriving for many moons. I pray to Starclan that I will be half the leader that he was." He closes his eyes, as do the other members of the clan out of respect. After a few moments, he continues. "It is with a heavy, anxious heart that I choose my deputy. This warrior shows great strength, strength that reminds me of our fallen leader. May this cat accept the position. Ferretblaze, my mate." "I accept," the she-cat says with a puffed chest, nodding. Whiskerpaw feels his chest tighten with anxiety. Violetstone's prophecy was correct. "Now, we will continue to our next orders of business. We have some apprentices ready to be made into warriors. First up is Tallpaw. Tallpaw is the strongest cat that I have met, and I look forward to see what she does int he future. I am extremely proud to call her my daughter." Tallpaw stands up and smiles. "From now on, Tallpaw, you are to be called Tallrock; for you are as strong as a stone." "Next up," continues Dewstar, "Is Whiskerpaw. Whiskerpaw shows concern for his clan in many ways. Whiskerpaw, you licked Ferretblaze's wounds until Violetstone arrived, keeping her as stable as you could. You are one of the fastest cats I've seen, which makes up for your dislike of battle. You always ask about how others are feeling, and you have a heart of gold. From this day on, you are to be known as Whiskerslip- your speed and agility makes you move with ease where others would slip and fall." Whiskerslip blinks gratefully at Dewstar. "Finally, I would like to promote Rabbitpaw," says Dewstar. "Rabbitpaw, you are clever and have the brains to match most every cat here. You are very useful for developing tactics and often can see right through others. May this help you everywhere you go and may you use it for the benefit of the clan. From this day on, you are to be known as Rabbitsun- Your eyes shine like a star."
  9. CHAPTER 6 DAYS 120 - 131 WARRIOR INTRODUCTION:Banishedstar - Tom with pale cream fur and black eyes and a scar over his cheek and shoulderblade. Leader of the clan.Soulfire - She-cat with dark red fur and blue eyes. Mate of Banishedcotton and deputy. Violetstone - Medicine cat. She-cat with white fur and red eyes.Tiderush - Light red she-cat with dark eyes.Ferretblaze - Daughter of Banishedcotton and Soulfire. Mischievous and skilled like her father.Dewgrass - Tan tom with brown spots. Mate of Ferretblaze. Morningpaw - Orpaned apprentice taken in by Banishedstar. Rabbitkit - Son of Banishedstar and Soulfire. White fur and red eyes with a clever mind. Whiskerkit - Adoptive son of Banishedstar and soulfire. Cream kit with brown tufts of fur. Tallkit - Daughter of Ferretblaze and Dewgrass. Gentle and lonely. The clan gathers for their first meeting since the move to the new island. "We will be going through some promotions today," states Banishedstar. "First of all, our apprentice will be becoming a warrior today." He smiles at Morningpaw, who didn't expect this. He steps forward to his leader. "You will be named Morningmud for your coat color," says the tom. Purrs of congratulations come from the clan, and Dewgrass beams with pride at his former apprentice. "Next," says the tom, "Is apprenticehoods. I would like Tallkit and Whiskerkit to come forward." They do "Tallkit, from now on you will be called Tallpaw," says Banishedstar. "Your mentor is to be Tiderush." Tiderush beams, reminded of when she mentored Tallpaw's mother, Ferretblaze. Banishedstar then turns to Whiskerkit. "Whiskerkit, from now on you are to be called Whiskerpaw. Your mentor is to be Ferretblaze." Ferretblaze's ears prick forward and she trots over to Whiskerkit and grins. "Hey! I don't get to be an apprentice yet!" Rabbitkit calls out his mother after the meeting. Smiling, Soulfire pulls him close and nuzzles him. That's just what she said so many moons ago when her mate, Banishedstar, became an apprentice before her. "Your time will come, my son," she says lovingly. "Believe me; it's worth the wait." A bearyena emerges and comes after the clan. Alarmed, the clan gathers itself to fight it. Rabbitkit is promoted to Rabbitpaw finally and is assigned to Morningmud as his mentor. Tiderush asks Morningmud to be her mate. "Sure," says Morningmud with a smile. "No kits yet, though. Both of our paws are full with our apprentices." Speaking of, it is found that the tradition of greatness has passed onto Tallpaw. She is even stronger than Banishedstar or Ferretblaze were, and can easily destroy a cactus with little trouble aside from injury. Rabbitpaw, meanwhile, has a diverse set of skills as well. Whiskerpaw has a bit of trouble with his training, making him insecure. Ferretblaze isn't much help, either. "Come on, I did this sort of thing when I was a kit!" She says, watching him as he fails to catch a stagmole. He slowly becomes insecure due to her criticism, becoming less extroverted and jolly like he used to be. He wants to tell Soulfire, but she's busy worrying about other things. "Banishedstar," Soulfire calls, entering the leader den. Banishedstar is at the mouth of the den, and she sits beside him. "I have something I should have admitted some time ago." She is quiet for a moment, and then looks at him. "I'm getting old, Banishedstar." "Well, I'm older than you," he says, joking a bit with his mate. but she shakes her head and continues. "I don't think I can be your deputy anymore." She looks at her paws, ashamed and afraid of disappointing him. "When you go, I'm sure that it's going to take me out too." She expects a face of disappointment on Banishedstar, but when she looks at him he is smiling. "I understand, Soulfire. I really do." he smiles and stretches to get up. "I think I'll go and ask Violetstone for advice on who to pick." "Violetstone!" The tom calls into the medicine cat den. The albino female is sorting berries, and looks at him. "Oh, hello, Banishedstar." "You know Starclan. I want your advice, since you know their will." "I don't know anything for sure except for what is revealed to me," the she-cat says, sitting down, "But I'm happy to do what I can. What troubles you?" "Soulfire is retiring from being deputy," he says. "I need to decide a new one, which I never thought I would have to do. Look at our clan, Violetstone. Who do you see with potential?" "The first candidates to call me attention would be the ones that you had in mind at first when presented with this problem," says Violetstone. "Who are you looking at?" "I was really thinking Dewgrass," says Banishedstar, "But I don't know how that would look." "Oh, Banishedstar. Always swayed by favoritism," laughs Violetstone. The tom flattens his ears, unsettled by her comment. "Am I really that bad about it? I didn't mean to-" "No, no, you're fine," laughs Violetstone. "I've just seen how you relate to him. You found him the same way you were found." She shrugs, and continues. "Honestly, Banishedstar? I think that would be a fine choice, if not the best one." It is decided, then. Banishedstar calls the clan together. "I have an announcement to make," he says. "Soulfire has retired from her position as deputy." The clan isn't shocked, and rather stays respectfully silent as he continues. "Therefore, I have deliberated over who should be the new one. I think it will not be a suprise who I choose. This warrior has been a good friend of mine and one for me to turn to in all situations." He looks at Dewgrass. "I choose Dewgrass to be the new deputy of Lichenclan." "I.. I.. accept," says Dewgrass. "Thank you, Banishedstar."
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  12. CHAPTER FIVE DAYS 97 - 119 "Violetpaw," a familiar, distant voice calls to Violetpaw in her sleep. She is roused from the mist of unconsciousness, and can tell by the air of her surroundings that she is in a dream. The voice calls again. "Violetpaw." A figure is approaching the she-cat in the distance. The bristly fur on her back and her icy blue eyes are unmistakable. Stars glitter the she-cat's fur, and there is only one cat Violetpaw knows it could be. "Mother!" The she cat charges at the familiar figure, and takes in her scent as she nuzzles her for the first time in a long while. "What are you doing here?" "I bring you a message. You are ready, and the light of medicine cat knowledge is being passed onto you." Bruisestar does not blink as she speaks, her lights forever illuminating their surroundings with a beautiful blue. "I can't believe you came to tell me," Violetpaw says, smiling. "Of course. I couldn't miss an opportunity for one more initiation." She puffs out her chest. "You will be called Violetstone. You have had to learn your trade almost entirely on your own, and it has made you strong." "Thank you, Mother." "But one more thing. Tell Banishedstar to follow my plans of moving territories. Your time on our original island is coming to an end, and we must face both great struggle and great reward in a new land. Starclan will be watching you." Bruisestar fades out, and Violetstone is awakened to the early lights of morning. "I am to be referred to as Violetstone now," she informs Banishedstar. "It is a message I received from Starclan- the clearest one yet." "Then Violetstone you will be," says the leader. "We will tell them at the gathering tomorrow." Violetstone also tells Banishedstar the commands from Bruisestar. At the gathering, Banishedstar keeps his promise. "Today, we celebrate the initiation of the clan's second official medicine cat. Violetpaw, as you once knew her, received a message from Starclan and is to be referred to as Violetstone from now on." Clan members purr and nod at Violetstone with respect. "And another initiation," Banishedstar goes on. "I believe it is time we induct Ferretpaw amongst our warriors." He looks at his daughter, who is more shocked than anything. "She has trained hard and hunted for us for a while now. It is her time to prove herself as a full warrior." Ferretpaw's ears prick forward. "You will be called Ferretblaze, for your fury and your similarity to your mother, Soulfire." Ferretblaze looks pensive about the name, but is excited to accept it. "Now, the message from Starclan Violetstone received," says Banishedstar. "We are ordered to move islands, as Bruisestar had instructed us to do before her death." He is met with varying replies from his clan. "We will discuss now." Tiderush is the first to speak. "We should go north. It looks like a good place to explore and get easy food." "Perhaps," says Soulfire, "But we will never improve if we stay in somewhere easy. Why not head east?" She flicks her tail. Ferretblaze, after seeing her mother speak, decides to contribute during her first gathering as an official warrior. "I agree. East!" Dewgrass flattens his ears. "I don't know. Are you sure you guys don't want to go North?" Confused, Banishedstar looks to Violetstone. "Did Starclan give you a specific direction?" Violetstone shakes her head. "No, but I think more of us should consider West..." Banishedstar feels himself getting sick. He hates conflict, and honestly would rather stay on the island than go to somewhere new. He looks about is clan. They are a thick-coated lot, and none of them seem like they'd specifically do unwell in a cold climate. But will the clan think he is displaying favoritism towards his family? He takes a deep breath. "We will go east at dawn." The stones were misleading, and everyone ends up on a Whale-shaped island. Smooth. Literally everyone is hot. Except Morningkit, who has 1 heat resistance. Noice. Hey, at least there's a surplus of food. Ferretblaze and Dewgrass become mates and annoucne they will be having a kit. Morningkit is promoted to apprentice and becomes Morningpaw. Banishedstar assigns Morningpaw to be the apprentice of Dewgrass. "Get to know him," he says with a smile. "Care for him like I did for you." Ferretblaze and Dewgrass's kit is born- a light red she-kit. Ferretblaze names the kit Tallkit due to her height. Tallkit is eccentric and lonely, but is sweet. Soulfire and Banishedstar decide to have another kit. A bearyena comes after the clan, though- able bodied warriors gather to fight it. Banishedstar teams up with Morningpaw to take it down. "Very well done!" He encourages. A new kit is also found on clan territory- only two moons old. "I'll take him in with my newborn kit," says Soulfire. "I'll call him Whiskerkit." Whiskerkit is a sweet and jolly kit, sensitive to the feelings of others. When Soulfire's biological kit is born, everyone is suprised to see he is as white as Violetstone. He is named Rabbitkit for his pure white color. He is more mischievous than his brother, becoming known for his cleverness.
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  14. CHAPTER FOUR DAYS 76-96 WARRIOR INTRODUCTION:Bruisestar - Leader of Lichenclan. Dark red, mottled she-cat with piercing blue eyes and spiky, bristled fur.Banishedcotton - Tom with pale cream fur and black eyes. Deputy.Soulfire - She-cat with dark red fur and blue eyes. Mate of Banishedcotton. Tiderush - Light red she-cat with dark eyes. Violetkit - Daughter of Bruisestar. Kit with snow white fur and gorgeous red eyes. Ferretkit - Daughter of Banishedcotton and Soulfire. Bright red kit with green eyes. Dewkit - Orphaned kit taken in by Bruisestar. Mottled tan kit. It is time for the next gathering. "First order of business," starts Bruisestar, "We have some kits that will be promoted to apprentices today." Her eyes go to Violetkit and Dewkit. "Violetkit, from this day on, you will be called Violetpaw. You will be mentored by myself, since you show interest in being a medicine cat. Your aunt was the clan's first medicine cat, and she left enough behind for me to instruct a medicine cat apprentice." Violetpaw puffs her chest up with pride. Bruisestar then turns to Dewkit. "Dewkit, you will be mentored by Banishedcotton. I think you two have more in common than meets the eye, and you will be good for each other." She looks up at Banishedcotton, who smiles. "From this day on, you will be called Dewpaw. "Awesome!" Interjects Dewpaw, bounding over to Banishedcotton, who promptly but gently hushes him. "Next," starts Bruisedstar, "I believe that it is time for our clan to move islands. We have been here many moons, and I think it is high time we progress. I want us to discuss where we should go." Her gaze moves from the new apprentices to her seasoned warriors. "There are three ways we can go; West, North, or East." The clan looks. The western path looks the most peaceful. The northern path seems lush, but is laced with danger. And the eastern path is expansive, but looks cold. "What are the opinions of my warriors?" Banishedcotton is first to speak up. "We aren't ready, Bruisestar. We haven't been here that long- give us some time." Soulfire nods. "I agree, mother. I don't want Ferretkit to have to travel so young." Tiderush shrugs. "I really don't care." Bruisestar seems a bit disappointed, but nods. "Then we can wait." Training ensues with the apprentices. Dewpaw is good at collecting, but not at hunting or fighting. Meanwhile, Violetpaw is fairly decent at both. Ferretkit grows into Ferretpaw and is assigned to Tiderush to be her mentor. Ferretpaw shows the skills and talent of her father, creating some optimism in the clan about her. Bruisestar dies peacefully of old age. Banishedcotton takes his place as Banishedstar, the new leader. "I name my deputy to be Soulfire," he says, looking at his mate. Soulfire also takes on the responsibility of mentoring her younger sister, Violetpaw, since their mother has died. "I know it's hard," the she-cat whispers. "It'll be alright." Violetpaw does not respond, but simply leans on Soulfire instead. One day, Dewpaw stumbles across a lone kit struggling in the water. He dives after it, showing unprecedented skill in swimming. He retrieves the kit and shows it to his mentor, who is shocked. The kit he once took in has taken in a kit. The kit is named Morningkit and is given to Soulfire to be cared for. "That's.. Amazing," starts Banishedstar. "No, that's an omen. It's time to make you a warrior." He calls the clan to a meeting. "Dewpaw has shown courage and compassion. He has repaid what was done for him when he joined this clan. From now on, he will be a warrior who goes by Dewgrass. He has become a jolly presence for others to confide in, and deserves recognition." Yowls of approval come from the clan. Morningkit is hasty and playful, getting along with others similarly to Dewgrass. However, he tends to make impulsive decisions.
  15. CHAPTER 3 DAYS 62-75 WARRIOR INTRODUCTION:Bruisestar - Leader of Lichenclan. Dark red, mottled she-cat with piercing blue eyes and spiky, bristled fur.Coldleaf - Deputy. Orange tom with yellow eyes.Twistedkestrel - Medicine cat. Golden she-cat with beady black eyes.Banishedcotton - Tom with pale cream fur and black eyes. Soulfire - She-cat with dark red fur and blue eyes. Mate of Banishedcotton. Tiderush - Light red she-cat with dark eyes. Soulfire announces she is going to have a kit. Though shocked, Bruisestar is very happy. The clan is struck with another event as Twistedkestrel dies of old age. The whole clan mourns, especially Coldleaf, her brother, and Banishedcotton, who was found by her as a kit. Bruisestar's second child finally comes- an albino kit who she names Violetkit for her beauty. Violetkit as she grows begins to show promise for being a noble warrior- She is brave, but can be a bit bossy. This is normal for a kit, so it doesn't cause much worry. While the clan expects her to be a warrior, from a young age, she shows interest in Starclan and being a medicine cat. "Indulge her, then," says Coldleaf to his mate. "We will be needing a medicine cat, anyways." Soon after, Banishedcotton and Soulfire's kit is born- a female with bright red fur and green eyes. She is irresponsible and a bit untrustworthy, so her parents worry for her integrity as a warrior. She is named Ferretkit. Soon after, another lone kit is found on clan borders. "Come look!" Says Tiderush. Banishedcotton gets to his paws and runs over. The kit immediately tries to play with him. "What is he doing out here?" Asks Tiderush, as if Banishedcotton is still her mentor. "I don't know. But I will not leave him out here." He picks up the kit. "Come on." Bruisestar volunteers to take him in with Violetkit. She names him Dewkit. Dewkit is jolly and sweet, getting along with most everyone. Coldleaf dies of illness. The whole clan is shocked, especially Bruisestar, who now has two kits on her paws. She confides in her daughter. "I don't know how I can do this." She sighs shakily to Soulfire, looking down at her paws. "I could lead a clan as long as he was beside me. But..." Soulfire puts a paw on her mother's. "Mom, you've raised four kits now. And the clan is thriving. You'll be fine." If that wasn't enough, a bearyena comes at the clan. The only able-bodied warriors are Tiderush and Banishedcotton, but they fight with the courage of Starclan. They work together and take the bearyena down without being so much as scratched badly. They also find a younger bearyena and tame it. That night, Bruisestar calls a small meeting. "It is time I announce our clan's new deputy," she says softly, as if she is having trouble believing it herself. She looks over her capable, strong warriors- and fixes her eyes on Banishedcotton. "Banishedcotton, you have successfully fed and protected our clan countless times. You came from nothing and have given our clan everything. I would be honored to have you as my new deputy." "I accept," the tom says bashfully- but proudly, too.
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