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  1. DAY 409 - CHAPTER 33 LEADER: LONESTAR (Golden she-cat with brown speckles) DEPUTY: TROUTFANG (Tortoiseshell she-cat with sharp fangs and dark eyes) MEDICINE CAT: EVENINGCLAW (Blue she-cat with dark eyes and a muscular build) Meadowclan settles into the new island, and soon after settling into the new territory, Troutfang is patrolling with Lonestar one day when they find a young she-cat barely old enough to be an apprentice. "What're you doing here?" The she-cat approaches her curiously. "My name is Briar." "Briar, you're going to get killed out here alone. What're you doing here without a mother?" Lonestar flattens his ears. "She was hit by a monster some moons ago," says the she-cat quietly. "I'm alone." "Why not come with us, then?" Lonestar asks. "We're looking for warriors. My name is Lonestar, and this is Troutfang." "Really? I'd love that!" says the she-cat, her eyes sparkling." "Your new name will be Briarpaw. Troutfang, would you like to train Briarpaw to be a warrior?" "I'd love to," meows Troutfang. "Welcome to Meadowclan, Briarpaw." "I lost my mother too, you know," says Troutfang to Briarpaw. "When I was just a kit. She died of an illness. But you can still be a great warrior; when you live with us, the whole clan has your back." She smiles at her apprentice. "I sure hope so," meows Briarpaw, crouching low to the ground. "I want to be the best warrior in Meadowclan." Briarpaw grows into the age of a warrior, and Lonestar calls a ceremony for her. "Briarpaw, You have proved yourself that you will be a loyal warrior to Meadowclan. From this day on, you will no longer be called Briarpaw; you will be called Briarwing. Starclan honors your cleverness and your strength, and we are happy to call you a full warrior of Meadowclan." "Briarwing! Briarwing!" cheer the warriors of the clan.
  2. DAY 400 - CHAPTER 32 LEADER: LONESTAR (Golden she-cat with brown speckles) DEPUTY: TROUTFANG (Tortoiseshell she-cat with sharp fangs and dark eyes) MEDICINE CAT: EVENINGCLAW (Blue she-cat with dark eyes and a muscular build) Troutfang learns how to be a deputy and a stronger warrior alongside her father. Eveningclaw later receives a dream from a golden she-cat with brown spots. "Hello, Eveningclaw," says the she-cat. "My name is Birdstar. I'm Lonestar's mother." Eveningclaw feels her heart beat fast. She is face to face with a Starclan cat- the mother of the tom she was breaking the warrior code by being with. But surprisingly, Birdstar smiles at her. "I have a message for you, Eveningclaw. Meadowclan has enjoyed peace on this island, but there are few warriors here. You need to move and find a new home." "I... I'll tell Lonestar," says Eveningclaw. "And another thing," says Birdstar, "You're due to have another kit." she fades before Eveningclaw has a chance to respond, and the blue she-cat awakens anxious in her nest. She was having another kit- and Birdstar wanted her to tell Troutfang that she was her mother! She relays this news to Lonestar. "How are we supposed to tell Troutfang?" Eveningclaw asks. "We don't tell her you're having another kit," says Lonestar to his mate quietly. "She'd never forgive us if she found out the truth after telling her a different story her whole life. We'll tell her we found it." The cats come to meet at the gathering, and there is a tense silence from Lonestar and Eveningclaw. "Any word from Starclan?" Troutfang asks, trying to strike up a conversation after sensing the tenseness in the air. "We are to move territories," says Lonestar slowly, trying to push the thought of Troutfang finding out who her mother is out of his mind. "We're going to decide tonight where we're going. I, for one, think we should head west." "I agree!" says Troutfang. Personally, Eveningclaw thinks everyone should head south, but she follows the opinions of her mate and her daughter. But on the journey north to the new territory, Eveningclaw has to give birth to her kit. Due to the lack of a proper nutrition on the journey, Eveningclaw's kit is born unhealthy in the middle of the night one night and dies shortly after birth, before Troutfang ever even sees him. Eveningclaw falls into a depression as she walks with Troutfang and Lonestar. "I'm sorry," Lonestar whispers to her. "It's a cruel joke from Starclan," hisses Eveningclaw. "They promised me a kit and this is what happens." "What's wrong?" asks Troutfang, looking at Eveningclaw's tail hanging low. "Nothing, Troutfang," sighs the she-cat. "I'm just tired." Troutfang runs up alongside the medicine cat and nuzzles her supportively. "Don't worry, Eveningclaw. You're doing a great job- we'll get to the new territory soon, I'm sure." Eveningclaw feels a rush of emotion as she nuzzles Troutfang in return. "You've always been like a daughter to me, Troutfang." Meadowclan arrives on a new island together, one much larger but still promising.
  3. DAY 387 - CHAPTER 31 LEADER: LONESTAR (Golden she-cat with brown speckles) DEPUTY APPRENTICE: LIGHTMOUSE (Albino tomcat with a thick coat and long legs) MEDICINE CAT: EVENINGCLAW (Blue she-cat with dark eyes and a muscular build) KITS TROUTKIT (Tortoiseshell she-cat with sharp fangs and dark eyes) Troutkit stays in the medicine den with Eveningclaw as she grows, and Eveningclaw and Lonestar tell her that her mother died of an illness. "Dad, what was mom like?" Troutkit asks Lonestar one day while he is relaxing in the medicine den with she and Eveningclaw. Eveningclaw shifts uncomfortably as she looks at her daughter- she wishes that she could tell her the truth. But Troutkit has to learn the warrior code. "She... looked just like you," Lonestar says slowly, seemingly making it up as he goes. "She had your fangs. And your patches. But your personalities are very alike." he smiles at Eveningclaw after this, and Eveningclaw smiles back. "Are you sure you're okay with telling her this story?" Lonestar asks Eveningclaw later. "You looked sad when we were talking to her earlier." "I wish that she could know the truth for her sake, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm fine," says Eveningclaw. "It'd only hurt her if she knew. I need to keep distant from her." Troutkit grows into a relaxed and friendly kit, and Lonestar has to begin considering who will mentor his daughter to be a warrior. As much as he would love to mentor her, Lonestar knows that he would be biased in mentoring his own daughter and therefore asks Lightmouse to mentor her. "Lightmouse, I have an important task to ask of you." he flicks his tail. "I want you to be the mentor for Troutkit when she becomes of age to be an apprentice." The white tom raises his brows. "Are you sure? She's your daughter, Lonestar." "I want you to mentor her because you'd be fairer towards her, and as a deputy, it's your responsibility to have mentored another cat at least once." "Then it's an honor, Lonestar." Lightmouse smiles. "I'll be excited for her to become my apprentice." Soon, Lonestar calls an apprentice ceremony for Troutkit. "Troutkit, from this day on you will be known as Troutpaw. Your mentor will be Lightmouse, and I trust him to train you well." "I'm very proud of her," Lonestar purrs warmly to Eveningclaw. "I just hope Lightmouse can handle training her." "Lightmouse will do fine," meows Eveningclaw. "He's a fine warrior." A wild dog attacks the clan shortly after Troutpaw is made an apprentice. It goes for Lonestar, who raises his hackles and attacks the creature. "Now's your chance to prove yourself, Troutpaw! Remember how we've trained!" instructs Lightmouse as he runs towards the bearyena. Troutpaw feels excitement rush through her veins, and something that feels like fear. But she knows she has to protect her clanmates. Charging towards the wild dog, she finishes it off alongside her warriors in a swift prounce. "That was spectacular, Troutpaw!" praises Lonestar. He feels pride flow through him as he looks at his daughter; she may one day become an even stronger warrior than him. An illness strikes the clan, however, and shortly before Troutpaw is due to become a warrior, Lightmouse dies. This forces Lonestar to make a rash decision. "Since Lightmouse has died, I am forced to choose a new deputy," asserts Lonestar. "Troutpaw, you have served bravely as an apprentice and I will give you your name as the new warrior and deputy- Troutfang." Troutfang raises her head proudly, flicking her tail. After the ceremony while Troutfang is performing her warrior's vigil guarding the camp, Eveningclaw approaches Lonestar. "Lonestar, are you sure this is a good idea? She's so young to already be a warrior, let alone a deputy." "I'd like to remind you you were her age when you were made Meadowclan's medicine cat." Lonestar smiles at his mate. "Give her a chance, Eveningclaw."
  4. DAY 368 - CHAPTER 30 LEADER: LONESTAR (Golden she-cat with brown speckles) DEPUTY APPRENTICE: LIGHTMOUSE (Albino tomcat with a thick coat and long legs) MEDICINE CAT: EVENINGCLAW (Blue she-cat with dark eyes and a muscular build) Eveningclaw begins spending more time with Lonestar. Lightmouse is curious, and he asks Lonestar about this. "I thought you taught me warriors weren't supposed to be with medicine cats," meows Lightmouse. "What are you talking about?" "You and Eveningclaw." the white tom grins widely. "We're not mates, I simply enjoy her company," says Lonestar. I don't see why you need to make it your business who is mates with who." "I mean... it's your choice," meows Lightmouse. "It's kind of hard to ignore when the clan only has the three of us." But to Lonestar's surprise, Lightmouse turns out to be right; Eveningclaw asks Lonestar to walk with her one night. "I need to share word from Starclan with you. Alone." Eveningclaw gestures Lonestar with her tail, and Lonestar leaves camp with her. "What word do you have?" Lonestar asks. Eveningclaw hesitates, and then smiles apologetically at the leader. "I don't have word, Lonestar." she smiles. "Then what do you want to speak about?" Lonestar flattens his ears. "I was concerned." "Well, Lonestar.." Eveningclaw smiles. "I'm not supposed to tell you this. But I want to be your mate. I find you smart, and brave, and you took me in as your medicine cat when I was sorely inexperienced. I'm in love with you, Lonestar." Lonestar thinks about this. Eveningclaw is beautiful; but should he take the offer of being mates with a medicine cat?" "...We can't tell Lightmouse," says Lonestar. "But I accept." He smiles at her. Two moons pass, and the clan holds a small gathering. "I want to find more warriors," orders Lonestar. "We're going to have to recruit more cats, even if it means recruiting rogues or kittypets. Nearly a year passes, and Eveningclaw nervously approaches Lonestar one day. "Lonestar..." she whispers quietly. "I.... I'm expecting kits." She places a paw on her belly nervously. The reddish-brown tom flattens his ears. "Eveningclaw..." "What are we supposed to tell Lightmouse?" she whispers. Lonestar paces back and forth next to his mate. "We...." he sighs. "We tell him the truth." Lightmouse reacts well to the news, but smiles smugly at Lonestar when Eveningclaw walks away. "I knew it." Lonestar rolls his eyes. "But I'll never tell anyone." he smiles. "If any other cat asks besides the three of us, we'll say she was born from an old mate of yours who died. Raise her to stick to the warrior code." Eveningclaw has her kit- the kit is born sickly. She worries that her daughter won't survive, and she prays to Starclan that she'll survive, trying to birth her kit by herself. But her kit luckily survives, and she names her Troutkit. Lonestar dotes on his daughter from the moment she is born and bonds with her.
  5. DAY 351 - CHAPTER 29 LEADER: LONESTAR (Golden she-cat with brown speckles) DEPUTY APPRENTICE: LIGHTMOUSE (Albino tomcat with a thick coat and long legs) MEDICINE CAT: BLAZEBERRY (Light ginger she-cat with a bulky build) Within the next few moons, Blazeberry is found dead with a dog's scent on her pelt. "Starclan was right," stutters out Lightmouse. "Of course they were right!" hisses Lonestar. "I'm tired of playing these games with them. This is ridiculous." He digs his claws into the dirt furiously. The once-timid tom has been hardened and enraged by loss. But in the coming moons, Lonestar finds an unexpected new medicine cat to join them. He finds a blue and tan she-cat, her dark eyes shimmering. "What's your name?" "Eveningclaw," says the she-cat. "Eveningclaw? That's a warrior name. You don't look big enough to be older than an apprentice." He raises an eyebrow at her. "I'm a medicine cat, not a warrior," hisses the little she-cat. "I was separated from my clan when I was kidnapped by twolegs. I was given dreams by Starclan to take me back home, but I was led... here. I don't know where I am." she surveys the land suspiciously. "It's like I've been told to be here, but..." she looks at Lonestar, then to Lightmouse, then back to Lonestar. "You two don't look like any form of a clan. "We're Meadowclan, actually," says Lonestar, flattening his ears. "Our clan members were lost to disease and to blood. We need a medicine cat. I'm Lonestar, and this is my deputy, Lightmouse." Eveningclaw isn't impressed, but she sighs. "I can stay with you until I find my clan again." Lonestar and Eveningclaw initially have a tense relationship; Lonestar doesn't like Eveningclaw's sass, and Eveningclaw wishes that she could go back to the clan that she's from. But the two form a friendship over time, and become close. A wild dog attacks the clan some moons later, and Lightmouse and Lonestar fight it off- but at a cost. The wild dog tears out a piece of Lonestar's ear, and goes for his neck. He falls. Lightmouse, enraged, takes down the wild dog and then turns to his leader, who is lying still. "Lonestar!" Lightmouse cries in horror. But Lonestar begins breathing once more, and with a gasp, the wound on his neck closes and forms a scar. "Amazing!" yells Lightmouse. "It's Starclan," says Lonestar, bowing his head. "As a leader, one receives nine lives." "I mean, you taught me that, but I never knew that it happened like... that." "Starclan works in mysterious ways," meows Eveningclaw. "Come on, Lonestar. Let me go look at your wounds in the medicine den." Lonestar follows the she-cat into the den, and she inspects his wound. She rubs some herbs on the area, and Lonestar winces, still sensitive from the fight. "Hold still! This'll keep it from getting infected," she says, squinting at her friend. "Thanks." Lonestar is quiet for a moment. "Eveningclaw... are you still thinking of leaving Meadowclan if you find your old clan?" Eveningclaw is quiet for a moment. "Why do you ask?" "Lightmouse and I have gotten used to you being around here..." Lonestar says slowly. "You're a great medicine cat, but you're also a good friend. I know you must miss home, but I ask that you consider staying." "I think I am home, Lonestar," meows the blue she-cat. She smiles at him.
  6. DAY 326 - CHAPTER 28 LEADER: LONESTAR (Golden she-cat with brown speckles) DEPUTY APPRENTICE: LIGHTPAW (Albino tomcat with a thick coat and long legs) MEDICINE CAT: TURTLESPOTS (Tortoiseshell cat with sharp claws and brown eyes) BLAZEBERRY (Light ginger she-cat with a bulky build) Blazeberry kindles a friendship with Lightpaw, taking on a motherly role for him. "I don't know, Blazeberry," says the snow-white tom. "I'm just a kittypet. I don't know the first thing about leading a clan." "By the looks of it, I think the clan would take anyone as leader," meows Blazeberry, licking her paw. "You're too hard on yourself, Lightpaw. I see a lot of promise in you; you might have been raised a kittypet, but you're young and you have so much time to learn. Give yourself a break." she smiles at him. Meanwhile, Turtlespots begins feeling a lump in her stomach- a painful one. She has lost her appetite, and she finds it hard to keep food down. She approaches Lonestar one day. "I don't think I'm going to be around much longer, Lonestar." the she-cat winces as she lays beside her half-brother. "I feel a sickness coming on me. One that I can't fix." Lonestar looks at his sister and wants to protest, but he can see that she's telling the truth- her eyes are tired, and she looks weak. "I think that I'm going to be joining the rest of the clan. I can't walk alongside you much longer, and I'm sorry. But you still have an eager to learn deputy and a tough medicine cat when I'm gone. I'm going to be watching out for you all that I can." she smiles at him. "Turtlespots..." Lonestar flattens his ears. "I can't lose you." "You'll still have me," says the she-cat weakly. "I promise I'll still have your back. I'll find a way." Turtlespots dies the next moon, Blazeberry finding her. All three remaining cats of the clan attend her vigil and help bury her together. Lonestar feels a strong jaw rest on his shoulder. It's Blazeberry. "I know what it's like to lose family," says the she-cat, her raspy voice low. "I'm sorry, Lonestar." Blazeberry's usually gruff voice is soft and considerate. "Thank you, Blazeberry," says Lonestar. Lightpaw progresses as a warrior, hunting alongside Lonestar and even reaching his skill level in combat. As much as Lonestar hates to admit that he is on the same level as a former kittypet, he is impressed. "Lightpaw, it's time for you to be declared a warrior and to fully become my deputy," says Lonestar. "Really?" the tom smiles, his red eyes shining with pride. "Of course. From this day on, you will be known as Lightmouse. Starclan honors your agility and stealth, and we welcome you as a full member of Meadowclan." Lightmouse isn't sure about how he feels about mouse as a suffix, but he supposes it won't be so bad if he one day becomes Lightstar. Despite the clan's small numbers, they make themselves comfortable on their island and find it peaceful. Lonestar wonders how many moons his clan must have wasted on the old swamp island when they were meant to stay here all along. The clan holds a gathering after a relatively peaceful period. "I'm looking for more warriors," asserts Lonestar. "I think that the more cats we find, the stronger the clan can get like it used to be- when I was young. Blazeberry, do you have any word from Starclan?" he asks. Blazeberry looks ill. "Blazeberry?" "I saw blood," the she-cat mutters. "Blood is coming." "Blood? I've seen enough blood," hisses Lonestar. "What could Starclan want more from me?"
  7. DAY 299 - CHAPTER 27 LEADER: LONESTAR (Golden she-cat with brown speckles) MEDICINE CAT, DEPUTY: TURTLESPOTS (Tortoiseshell cat with sharp claws and brown eyes) The two begin to explore their new territory, hoping for any cats to recruit to join Meadowclan. And after a year and a half of wandering alone, their prayers are answered- They encounter a rogue she-cat with light ginger fur and dark eyes. "You there!" Lonestar says, excitedly approaching her. "What're you doing here? Are you alone?" "I have no clan nor a family," the she-cat says, flicking her tail. "My name's Blazeberry. I was a medicine cat and I lost my clan." "We lost our clan too," says Lonestar. He is a bit disappointed that the she-cat is not a warrior, but he supposes he could use another medicine cat. He wishes that she was a warrior, though; she is a beautiful she-cat. "My name is Lonestar." "Oh, you're a leader? Where's your clan?" "Lost to wild dogs. It's just me and Turtlespots." Turtlespots looks at the she-cat and smiles politely. "Would you like to join us?" "Sure," says the she-cat. "I will join you. But I bring no one else with me; I'm alone." But the clan won't be alone for much longer- a new tom joins the clan the day of a gathering. He has snow white fur, and piercing red eyes. He walks into the group where the three cats are holding their gathering, and they are surprised to see him. "I've never seen a cat like you before," says Lonestar. "My name's Light," says the tom. "I was with my twolegs, and I... I got lost. I'm not sure what to do." He looks around the territory nervously. "I think I'm stuck in the wild here. "You've come to the right place," says Lonestar. "I can train you to be a leader beside me. I'll teach you how to be a warrior. We're in desperate need of strong cats here in my clan." Light flattens his ears, unsure. "I've never been a good fighter, but I'm happy to join you." "Then you'll be named Lightpaw until you're deemed at the level of a warrior. And once you receive your warrior name, I'll make you my deputy," says Lonestar. Lightpaw smiles. "I'm honored." Lonestar finds Lightpaw's kittypet ways annoying, but LIghtpaw shows potential for being a strong warrior in battle, so Lonestar continues to work with him.
  8. DAY 277 - CHAPTER 26 LEADER: BIRDSTAR (Golden she-cat with brown speckles) DEPUTY: RATWHISKER (Tan tomcat with ginger patches and golden eyes) MEDICINE CAT: TURTLESPOTS (Tortoiseshell cat with sharp claws and brown eyes) WARRIORS: DOTMUZZLE (Pretty cream-colored she-cat with a petite build) LONEHEART (Reddish-brown tom with a muscular build and sharp claws) The following moons are hard and grueling in the new territory. "It hasn't always been like this, I promise," Birdstar says to Loneheart. "Starclan told us to move here from our old territory. We had disease in our old territory, but food was plentiful, and there were far less wild dogs. I'm not sure why we were told to leave. This has been harder than anything we faced in the old territory." Yet another wild dog attacks the clan, scratching Loneheart's back and right shoulder. But Loneheart still manages to defend his clan. Ratwhisker dies of old age, and Birdstar leaps upon the highest tree branch she can climb upon. "I say this before the body of Ratwhisker so that his spirit may hear and approve of my choice. The new deputy of Meadowclan is Dotmuzzle." "Actually, Birdstar, I think Loneheart should be deputy." The cats of the clan gasp- no cat has ever refused deputy before. "LOneheart is younger, and stronger. I don't have much time left, Birdstar. But Loneheart does." Birdstar is quiet, but after a moment of being silent, she speaks up. "...Then so be it. Loneheart is the new deputy." Loneheart's ears flatten in surprise. "But I've never had an apprentice!" "No matter," says Birdstar. "With the way things are, we have no apprentices to train. You will train one one day. Accept your position to guarantee the future of your clan." Loneheart sighs. "I accept." A wild dog attacks and kills Birdstar and Dotmuzzle, leaving Loneheart and Turtlespots. "I don't know what to do, Turtlespots," says Loneheart. "We're getting you your nine lives," says Turtlespots. "Starclan left you and me for a reason. There can still be a Meadowclan. "You're insane," hisses Loneheart. "This will never work." "Please, Loneheart. You have to give Meadowclan a chance. Meadowclan's been around for almost three hundred moons. You have to become Lonestar." Lonestar hangs his head. "Fine." Turtlespots goes to the moonpool, where he receives his nine lives from cats both familiar and unfamiliar- Birdstar, Ratwhisker, Dotmuzzle, and Warmpelt- then Hemlockstorm, Nightpelt, Groundstorm, Thistlefern and Deerstar himself. "Your ancestors made a mistake in staying at this island," Deerstar says to Lonestar. "Lonestar, you need to leave this island. Keep going. Take Turtlespots and leave the island. Lonestar awakens feeling envigorated and inspired to carry on the clan. "What did Starclan say?" Turtlespots asks. "We need to leave. This island was never the last destination." "I'm scared, Lonestar. But I believe in you. I will follow you." The two take the nearest path out of the territory and head west. "Are you ready?" Lonestar asks. "Let's get out of here," says Turtlespots. Neither brother nor sister look back as they head for a new life. Lonestar and Turtlespots arrive on a small, quaint territory. "It's rather small," says Lonestar. "I don't care how small it is, it's safe," sighs Turtlespots. "And there's only two of us for now. How much space do we need?"
  9. DAY 257 - CHAPTER 25 LEADER: BIRDSTAR (Golden she-cat with brown speckles) DEPUTY: RATWHISKER (Tan tomcat with ginger patches and golden eyes) MEDICINE CAT: TURTLESPOTS (Tortoiseshell cat with sharp claws and brown eyes) WARRIORS: DOTMUZZLE (Pretty cream-colored she-cat with a petite build) WARMPELT (Cream-colored tom with red patches and golden eyes) KITS LONEKIT (Reddish-brown tom with a muscular build and sharp claws) A wild dog attacks the clan in the new territory. Warmpelt challenges it, having gained confidence from his prior battles. The dog bites his head, and Turtlespots carries him to the medicine den. Ratwhisker, enraged, manages to fend off the dog, and eventually the dog gives up and runs away. Turtlespots looks at Warmpelt, and upon further examination, he's received a permanent scar across his face. He's lost his right eye. "Warmpelt..." Turtlespots says. "I'm sorry. You're going to have to recover here for a few moons." "I was wanting to mentor Lonekit," he says. "Warmpelt. Please. You'll be able to mentor another kit. This is life or death if this gets infected." Warmpelt sighs. "Fine." Lonekit grows old enough to be apprenticed, and Birdstar leaps upon a tree branch to call to her clan. "Lonekit, today is the day that you will receive your mentor. From this day on, you will be known as Lonepaw." Lonepaw smiles shyly, looking around at the clan. Who would become his mentor? "Dotmuzzle, I want you to mentor Lonepaw," says Birdstar. "Understood," says the she-cat. She smiles at Lonepaw. Lonepaw progresses through training as a strong and promising young warrior. Ratwhisker keeps his mouth shut about Lonepaw's parentage, and Warmpelt thanks Starclan for making his father keep the peace. Another wild dog comes into the clan, bursting into the medicine cat's den and killing Warmpelt. Enraged, Turtlespots fights back, defending her den the way Thistlefern once taught her to. Lonepaw hears her cries of distress and bursts into the medicine cat den to help her, taking down the wild dog. Once it's all over, Turtlespots buries her head into her half brother's pelt. "I couldn't save him, Lonepaw. I feel terrible." "You did everything you could," says Lonepaw. "I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner. A vigil is held for Warmpelt, and Lonepaw and Dotmuzzle bury him. BIrdstar calls a clan meeting for Lonepaw. "Lonepaw, I believe you have proved yourself a brave warrior. From this day on, you will be called Loneheart. Starclan honors your ferocity and your perserverance, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Meadowclan." "Loneheart! Loneheart!" cheer the cats. Yet another wild dog attacks the clan, but Loneheart manages to take down the creature by himself. A gathering is held. "I appreciate the valiance of our warriors recently, but I feel abandoned by Starclan," Birdstar says to Turtlespots at the gathering. "Have you heard any word from them?" "To expect new clan members. That's it." Turtlespots hangs her head. "But when?" "I pray soon. I'm not sure how we'll last like this."
  10. DAY 247 - CHAPTER 24 LEADER: BIRDSTAR (Golden she-cat with brown speckles) DEPUTY: RATWHISKER (Tan tomcat with ginger patches and golden eyes) MEDICINE CAT: TURTLESPOTS (Tortoiseshell cat with sharp claws and brown eyes) WARRIORS: DOTMUZZLE (Pretty cream-colored she-cat with a petite build) WARMPELT (Cream-colored tom with red patches and golden eyes) Another disease strikes the clan, and Thistlefern and Irisblaze die. Dotmuzzle becomes a motherly figure to Warmpelt, who lost his mother to the disease. Meanwhile, Turtlespots takes her place as the head medicine cat of Meadowclan. "Are you doing alright, Turtlespots?" Birdstar comes to check on her daughter in the medicine den. "I know that you were close to Thistlefern." "I'm alright," says Turtlespots. "I just hope I can serve the clan as well as Thistlefern did." That night, Turtlespots is visited by an unfamiliar tom with a chocolate pelt and bristly fur. "Who are you?" Turtlespots asks, having never received an omen from Starclan before. The tom smiles proudly. "My name is Groundstorm. I was-" "You were medicine cat before Thistlefern! She told me all about you!" says Turtlespots excitedly. "And I'm also your grandfather." Groundstorm blurts it out, as if he's been dying to tell the secret to someone, anyone after a lifetime of holding it back. Turtlespots' ears perk up in surprise. "My grandfather?" The tom nods. "No one knew in life. I was Leafear's father. He was born to myself and Firenose, a former warrior of the clan." "Amazing!" says Turtlespots, more happy than anything. She was in the bloodline of a noble Meadowclan medicine cat! "But aren't medicine cats not allowed to-" "I did bend the warrior code a bit," laughs Groundstorm. "Don't follow my example, that's for sure. It's a surprise Firenose and I got into Starclan. But enough about me. I've come to bring you a message." "What do you have for me?" Turtlespots smiles, feeling her heart beat fast. She was receiving her very first prophecy! "You are to leave this clan territory," says Groundstorm. "All of Meadowclan needs to move somewhere new. Blight and plague have taken out many Meadowclan members, and to escape this, a new land needs to be tamed." "I understand," says Turtlespots. "Thank you, Groundstorm." The tom smiles at her, and he fades, his glowing green eyes the last thing she sees before she wakes up in her den. "I'll have to tell Birdstar," Turtlespots says to herself. "At the gathering tonight."T To Turtlespots' surprise, there is another unexpected announcement. "I'm happy to announce that I'm going to be having a kit," says Birdstar. The clan is happy at the prospect of having a new warrior be born. "They will be born in Newleaf." Turtlespots is happy that there are new warriors, but she wonders how Leafear would feel about this. Furthermore, she wonders how her mother would feel if she knew that her former mate was the son of a medicine cat. Birdstar's voice snaps her out of her thoughts. "Do you have any words from Starclan for us, Turtlespots?" Turtlespots nods sheepishly. "I... I do, actually. We have been instructed to move to a new land to flee the plagues that have hit us over recent seasons." "A new land?" Birdstar is quiet for a moment. "We've been on this island since I was a young warrior. But I'm not opposed to change. We could move east." "East sounds good to me," agrees Ratwhisker. "I don't mind where we go," says Turtlespots. "I just know that Starclan told us to go." "I'd prefer to head North, but I'm fine with east," says Dotmuzzle. "It will likely take a few moons to prepare, especially with me expecting a kit," says Birdstar. "But I have learned to trust Starclan, so we will go." Birdstar's pregnancy takes longer than usual, and she blames this on the stress of the move. Turtlespots quietly worries wether the stress of the move will affect the health of the kit. The clan arrives on an unfamiliar murky swamp. "This definitely isn't as welcoming as the old territory," mumbles Dotmuzzle. "I hope that we're safe here." "I trust Starclan," meows Ratwhisker. "Lighten up a little, Dotmuzzle." Dotmuzzle rolls her eyes. Shortly after arriving on the island, Birdstar settles into a nest. The other cats help build a nursery around her to protect her and her kit, and she gives birth to a healthy brown kit. "I'll name him Lonekit, since he's the only one in his litter," meows Birdstar. "Lonekit sure doesn't look like you," Ratwhisker says to Warmpelt. "What do you mean? Lonekit's not my son," says Warmpelt. "He's gotta be your son. He's sure not mine," says Ratwhisker. Warmpelt looks at his father. "I'm serious. I don't think Birdstar would ever even see me in that way." "That means the kit is only half with Meadowclan blood," says Ratwhisker. "Interesting." "It's not our business, Dad. Please." Warmpelt sighs. "I mean, it's kind of my business. I'm a deputy." "We're already strained from being on a new territory. We don't need a deputy fighting with clan leader. Whoever she was with is gone now, we're far from where we were. She probably just wanted to raise another cat to be a warrior." "Fine." Ratwhisker sighs. "I won't say anything."
  11. DAY 232 - CHAPTER 23 LEADER: BIRDSTAR (Golden she-cat with brown speckles)(Mentored by: Firenose) DEPUTY: RATWHISKER (Tan tomcat with ginger patches and golden eyes) MEDICINE CAT: THISTLEFERN (Tan she-cat with dark eyes and sharp claws)(Mentored by: Groundstorm) TURTLESPOTS (Tortoiseshell cat with sharp claws and brown eyes) WARRIORS: IRISBLAZE (Pretty light gray she-cat with dark eyes) DOTMUZZLE (Pretty cream-colored she-cat with a petite build) KITS WARMKIT (Cream-colored tom with red patches and golden eyes) Warmkit's personality emerges as his eyes open- he has beautiful gold-colored eyes, and he has a shy personality, often sticking close to his mother. Irisblaze approaches Birdstar one day. "Birdstar, I have a request on who you make Warmkit's mentor when he is old enough to train." "Sure," says Birdstar, tilting one of her ears toward Irisblaze. "Who do you have in mind?" "Dotmuzzle. Warmkit is very shy, and I think he needs a relaxed and nurturing teacher to bring out his personality and build up his confidence. Dotmuzzle is a good friend of mine, and I trust her to train him well." "That's fine by me," says Birdstar. "We need confident young warriors." And Birdstar makes good on her word- she calls a clan meeting for Warmkit the next moon. "Cats of Meadowclan, this is a desperate time for warriors. We are running low on our defenses, and we need brave new cats to step forward and train. Here we have Warmkit. I have chosen his mentor, and I trust him to train and grow his confidence. Warmkit, from this day on you will be known as Warmpaw. I have assigned Dotmuzzle as your mentor; may she teach you everything that she knows." "Warmpaw! Warmpaw!" cheer the warriors. Dotmuzzle approaches the small tom. "Hello, Warmpaw. I can't wait to teach you all about being a warrior." Warmpaw shyly lifts his head to his mentor. "Thank you, Dotmuzzle.." Dotmuzzle and Warmpaw spend some time training together, but Dotmuzzle notices that Warmpaw has trouble charging enemies head on or making the kill when hunting. "What's wrong, Warmpaw?" Dotmuzzle asks him one day. "I don't know. I know that we're in desperate need of warriors, but I find it really hard to be tough and to assert myself." he flattens his ears. "I want to be a warrior, but I sometimes feel like I don't have what it takes. I'm no fighter, Dotmuzzle." Dotmuzzle smiles, placing her tail supportively on her apprentice. "You have a kind heart, Warmpaw. Don't ever lose that or consider it a weakness. Many cats have lost that. Especially in times like these. And you'll gain your confidence to attack when the time comes." Warmpaw smiles. "Thank you, Dotmuzzle. I hope so." A wild dog attacks the clan, and Dotmuzzle, Warmpaw, and Irisblaze go to fight it. The creature bites Warmpaw's leg, and he yowls in fear. Irisblaze slashes the wild dog across the face so it lets go of him. It backs up for a moment. "Now's your chance, Warmpaw! Attack him head on!" yells Dotmuzzle. Warmpaw whips around to see the dog snarling, almost about to charge. He feels fear grip him as he runs at the creature, going for its neck. Warmpaw bites as hard as he can, and the rabid creature falls. The cats of the clan cheer for him. "Warmpaw! You did it!" exclaims Dotmuzzle, cheering for her apprentice. Birdstar approaches the two of them. "I believe it's time for you to be promoted, Warmpaw." That night, Birdstar calls a clan meeting for Warmpaw. "Warmpaw, today you have saved the lives of your clanmates. You have served your clan nobly, and it is time for you to be made a warrior. From this day on, you will be known as Warmpelt. Starclan honors your courage and kindness, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Meadowclan." "Warmpelt! Warmpelt!" cheer the cats.
  12. DAY 219 - CHAPTER 22 LEADER: BIRDSTAR (Golden she-cat with brown speckles)(Mentored by: Firenose) DEPUTY: RATWHISKER (Tan tomcat with ginger patches and golden eyes) MEDICINE CAT: THISTLEFERN (Tan she-cat with dark eyes and sharp claws)(Mentored by: Groundstorm) WARRIORS: MARIGOLDNOSE (Golden she-cat with cream patches and dark eyes)(Mentored by: Cheetahtail) LEAFEAR (Cream-colored tom with bristly fur and beautiful orange eyes) IRISBLAZE (Pretty light gray she-cat with dark eyes) DOTMUZZLE (Pretty cream-colored she-cat with a petite build) APPRENTICES TURTLEPAW (Tortoiseshell cat with sharp claws and brown eyes) A virus strikes Meadowclan, and Marigoldnose and Leafear die. Turtlepaw spends more time with her mother after the loss of Leafear, the two bonding together. "You'll make a great medicine cat," Birdstar says to her daughter. "You're a great source of comfort to me, Turtlepaw." Turtlepaw smiles at her mother. "I hope so. I want to make Dad proud." "You already did," says Birdstar. "After he was injured in battle, he didn't know what to do with himself. Spending time with you and being a good father was his new purpose. He was so proud when you were made an apprentice." "We've suffered significant losses, Thistlefern," Birdstar says to her medicine cat later. "Our numbers haven't been this low my whole life. Have you heard anything from Starclan?" Thistlefern shakes her head. "No. I hope they will send me a message by the next gathering." And good news does indeed come. At the next gathering, Birdstar calls her cats together. "I've heard good news from Starclan," says Thistlefern. "I have been told new warriors are coming." The cats of the clan chatter amongst themselves, hoping this word is true. "I can confirm this," meows Irisblaze with a smile. "Confirm it how?" Birdstar tilts her head to one side. Warriors do not typically share dreams from Starclan, she thinks to herself. "I'm having a kit," meows Irisblaze. "I intend to raise a strong and brave warrior." Birdstar smiles. "That's wonderful news, Irisblaze." Irisblaze has her kit- a healthy, average-sized tom with a cream pelt and red patches. He curls up close to his mother. "I want to name him Warmkit," says Irisblaze. "I want him to grow up to be a kind and brave tomcat." "He's a beautiful cat," says Dotmuzzle. "He's going to be a great kit in service to Meadowclan." Turtlepaw keeps a close watch of Irisblaze and Warmkit, having been the primary medicine cat in the birthing process. Thistlefern approaches her. "I think you're ready to be declared a medicine cat, Turtlepaw." the brown she-cat smiles. "Are you sure, Thistlefern?" the tortoiseshell she-cat averts her eyes. "I don't know if I'm good enough to be considered a full medicine cat yet." "I'm more than sure." The tall she-cat takes her apprentice to the Moonpool. "I, Thistlefern, medicine cat of Meadowclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of a medicine cat, and with your help she will serve her clan for many moons. Turtlepaw, do you promise to uphold the ways of a medicine cat and protect all cats equally, even at the cost of your life?" Turtlepaw bows her head. "I do." "Then by the powers of Starclan, I give you your true name as a medicine cat. Turtlepaw, from this moment on you will be known as Turtlespots. Starclan honors your pure heart and your patience, and we welcome you as a full medicine cat of Meadowclan."
  13. DAY 212 - CHAPTER 21 LEADER: BIRDSTAR (Golden she-cat with brown speckles)(Mentored by: Firenose) DEPUTY: CHEETAHTAIL (Golden tomcat with brown eyes and dark brown mane)(Mentored by: Dragonleap) MEDICINE CAT: THISTLEFERN (Tan she-cat with dark eyes and sharp claws)(Mentored by: Groundstorm) WARRIORS: FASTFANG (Tan tomcat with dark eyes and long fur)(Mentored by: Birdgale) MARIGOLDNOSE (Golden she-cat with cream patches and dark eyes)(Mentored by: Cheetahtail) LEAFEAR (Cream-colored tom with bristly fur and beautiful orange eyes) RATWHISKER (Tan tomcat with ginger patches and golden eyes) IRISBLAZE (Pretty light gray she-cat with dark eyes) DOTMUZZLE (Pretty cream-colored she-cat with a petite build) KITS TURTLEKIT (Tortoiseshell cat with sharp claws and brown eyes) Ratwhisker watches Cheetahtail and Dotmuzzle across the clearing one day. "What's wrong?" Leafear asks him. "It's Dad. It's weird seeing him with another she-cat. He loved Mom a lot, and... I don't know. I don't know how she'd feel." "Your mother was a very understanding cat," purrs Leafear. "She wouldn't want your dad to be lonely, Ratwhisker." "I guess." He thinks for a moment, and he smiles. "What do you think she would say if I became mates with Irisblaze?" "Irisblaze?" Leafear twitches his whiskers. "I mean, she's not from this clan," says Leafear. "But she's a smart warrior. I think your mother would approve if she's good to you." Ratwhisker approaches Irisblaze with fresh-kill. "Irisblaze, I think you're beautiful. And I think you and I would be great mates." Irisblaze is shocked, but smiles. "Sure, Ratwhisker." "It seems like the clan is finally getting its population back up," Birdstar comments to Leafear as he plays with Turtlekit. "Sure is," responds Leafear happily. "Turtlekit is going to make a great warrior one day." Turtlekit stops playing and looks at her parents. "Who do you want to mentor her?" he asks. "I was thinking Irisblaze," says Birdstar. "I was hoping for someone clan-born to mentor her," says Leafear. "I like Irisblaze, but only the best for Turtlekit." "Actually," Turtlekit pipes up and interrupts them. She sits politely. "I'd like to be a medicine cat." Birdstar smiles. "A medicine cat? I'm sure Thistlefern would be delighted to have an apprentice. We should bring it up to her." Birdstar brings Turtlekit to Thistlefern, and the tan she-cat smiles. "Usually, us medicine cats receive signs from Starclan selecting our apprentices, but if you feel called to the path, you are welcome in my den." she smiles at Turtlekit. "You'll be old enough to apprentice by the next moon, no?" "Correct," says Birdstar. "So it's settled then. You'll be Turtlekit's mentor." Turtlekit has her apprentice ceremony held, and is renamed Turtlepaw. A wild dog runs through the colony and kills Cheetahtail. It attacks Birdstar, as well, knocking her back and leaving a scar down the right side of her lower face. It's about to strike her again, when a cat that no one expects defends it. Thistlefern takes down the bearyena, her powerful claws knocking it down. "Thistlefern!" yells Marigoldnose. "Be careful!" Thistlefern is shaking, her hackles raised. The wild dog is defeated. Marigoldnose lopes up to her mate and nuzzles her. "I'm so glad you're okay. But don't do that! You're not trained to be a warrior!" "I'm trained to keep my clan healthy and safe," pants Thistlefern. She is still shaking. Cheetahtail has a vigil held for him, and the clan mourns the loss of the deputy. Birdstar leaps upon the high rock. "Cheetahtail was a noble warrior and a wise deputy. I will miss him, as I'm sure the rest of you will as well. Before my warrior ancestors, I declare the next deputy of Meadowclan to be Ratwhisker." Ratwhisker raises his eyebrows, surprised. The cats of the clan congratulate him.
  14. That's actually a really good point! I was wanting to keep them as warriors/have them recover, but I looked at their lifespan they had left and due to injuries Leafear has about 15 days and Marigoldnose has about 12 😭 I figured they were "old" enough to become elders at this point, but I do agree that having the clan help them adapt would be much better and I'll definitely try to do that the next time someone gets injured.
  15. DAY 200 - CHAPTER 21 LEADER: BIRDSTAR (Golden she-cat with brown speckles)(Mentored by: Firenose) DEPUTY: CHEETAHTAIL (Golden tomcat with brown eyes and dark brown mane)(Mentored by: Dragonleap) MEDICINE CAT: THISTLEFERN (Tan she-cat with dark eyes and sharp claws)(Mentored by: Groundstorm) WARRIORS: FASTFANG (Tan tomcat with dark eyes and long fur)(Mentored by: Birdgale) MARIGOLDNOSE (Golden she-cat with cream patches and dark eyes)(Mentored by: Cheetahtail) LEAFEAR (Cream-colored tom with bristly fur and beautiful orange eyes) RATWHISKER (Tan tomcat with ginger patches and golden eyes) IRISBLAZE (Pretty light gray she-cat with dark eyes) DOTMUZZLE (Pretty cream-colored she-cat with a petite build) Fastfang dies of old age. The clan buries him, and Thistlefang mourns her father. Marigoldnose nuzzles her mate, trying to comfort her. A gathering is held. Birdstar acknowledges her new warriors and congratulates them, and advises the clan to continue hunting and gathering resources in hopes to attract more cats. A wild dog attacks the clan, attacking Leafear. It strikes his jaw, dislocating it. Ratwhisker manages to help him fight the creature off, but Leafear's jaw can't be put back in place, leaving it crooked. He is unable to fight properly in battle, and is forced to join the elders' den. He remains bitter about this. Ratwhisker comes to visit him. "You were here for me when I lost my mother, Leafear. I want to be here for you." he smiles. Meanwhile, Cheetahtail approaches Dotmuzzle one day, a flower in his mouth. He places it before her. "Dotmuzzle, I think you're a beautiful she-cat, and I think it's amazing how you trained to be a warrior so fast," he says. "I'd love to be your mate." Dotmuzzle purrs and nuzzles Cheetahtail. "I'll be mates with you, Cheetahtail." Leafear is lazing in camp one day near the elder's den, his ears flat. He watches the other warriors run and spar with jealousy. Birdstar comes and sits beside him. "You can't quit on me and be sad all the time, Leafear," meows Birdstar. "I don't know what you mean by that," he sighs, looking up at his mate. "I feel useless to the clan. How can I not be upset? I watch them fight and hunt and I can barely do anything with this jaw. I have to have the softest of prey or I can't chew it." "I felt that way when I lost my vision. But I found new ways to be useful to my clan and to give back to them. And by the way, you're going to have a new job soon, you know," says Birdstar. Leafear looks over to see Birdstar has a paw placed on her belly, and she is smiling. Leafear feels his heart leap. "No way! You're-" "Due in leafbare," purrs Birdstar. "I never thought I'd have a kit again. I'm really excited, Leafear." she nuzzles him close. "I... I am too," he says. "I'm so happy, Birdstar. I can help raise them while you perform your duties as a leader!" Birdstar nods. "Exactly. This kit is a blessing from Starclan." Birdstar has her kit a few moons later- a red she-cat with cream speckles. Birdstar loses a life in the birthing process, but the kit is born healthy. Birdstar names her Turtlekit. Turtlekit curls up close to her mother.
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