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  1. accidentally deleted the file... does anyone wanna see me try again? i'm really sorry i was looking at an email and wasn't paying attention
  2. DAY 99 Alpha - Impish and apathetic orange young male with yellow eyes. Beatrice - Pretty blond female with brown eyes. Crow - Odd, antisocial male with dark fur and unique facial features. Elder brother of Alpha.Enigma - Eccentric, orange young female. Mother of Crow and Alpha. Crow finally gathers his courage and confronts Beatrice one morning. "Beatrice, I want to know if you'd be interested in being my mate." He chokes out his words nervously, feeling like his paws are on air. "Of course, Crow," purrs the female. "I'd love to." It is not long after that the two announce that they will be having a child. Enigma unfortunately dies of old age and a zombie attack before this occurs. Begrudgingly, Crow takes the place of leader behind her. Beatrice has a son with unique, pinkish fur and blondish mane, but with Crow's facial structure. He is a calm, docile nicheling, and they name him Constantine. Constantine is very close to his mother. But to everyone's suprise, Constantine also grows up rather interested in befriending the cold Alpha. Alpha, who is rarely spoken to, takes an unexpected liking to the kit, and they become friends. "Are you upset that Constantine is closer to your brother than you?" Asks Beatrice, curiously. "I've never been good with kids," says Crow, shrugging. "Plus, I'm impressed that Alpha has such a soft spot for him." Beatrice catches a sleeping sickness and dies, leaving Crow to raise his son alone. This makes him more disappointed as he watches his son being closer to Alpha than him. "Let me raise my own son," Crow hisses to his younger brother. "Maybe if you had spent more time with him when you were younger rather than gathering grass, he'd feel more comfortable around you," hisses Alpha. "This is the first connection I've had in a long time. Be happy for me, why don't you?" However, this cockiness doesn't last long- Alpha also dies to the sickness that Beatrice had. Crow is left to raise and get to know a son he barely has spoken to due to a lack of social skills. Lucky for the tribe, they come across a young female nicheling by herself in the wild. "She must have been orphaned," says Constantine. "We have to help her." They name her Telenna. Telenna is a jolly, spirited kit, but she doesn't see eye to eye with Crow or Constantine often and prefers not to interact with them very much due to their inept social abilities, just making the tribe social dynamic more awkward. Telenna grows up into an adult, hoping for a new tribe member to come and cure her boredom.
  3. DAY 59 Amy - Golden she-nicheling with fangs and dark eyes. Leader of the tribe. Crow - Odd, antisocial male with dark fur and unique facial features. Enigma - Eccentric, orange young female. Mother of crow. Thunder - Dark, bristly-furred male with green eyes. Mild and soft-spoken. Father of Crow and mate of Enigma. Thunder and Enigma have another son. His name is Alpha, in hopes that he will one day become a great leader. he looks much more like Enigma than Thunder. Despite his name, Alpha doesn't exactly have a leader's qualities. He is rather mischievous and doesn't take much seriously. He's closer to his father than he is his mother, and often torments Crow, who despises him. The tribe also befriends a young, pretty female named Entity. She is a sassy, carefree female. However, behind her display of confidence, she rather dislikes herself. A zombie, for the first time, comes forward and attacks, killing Thunder. The tribe is heartbroken and retaliates against the beast. The creature also kills Amy, unfortunately, and is actually finally killed off by Crow. Alpha is heartbroken by the loss of his father, and becomes more apathetic and bitter with his mischief he causes as a result. Entity, who understands his behavior, makes an effort to befriend him, which she does after some hard work. The tribe is taken over and led by Enigma to replace Amy. Another zombie comes to attack the tribe, but with team effort, they take it down without it hurting anyone. Alpha grows into an adult. He is still bitter about the death of his father, but has stopped picking on Crow for it- Crow is the stronger of the two, and can easily fight back harder than Alpha can. Another zombie appears. It kills Entity. This reignites Alpha's rage- he had feelings for Entity, and hadn't the chance to tell her yet. He further isolates himself from his mother and older brother. Things get interesting when a new female joins the tribe. She's a pretty blonde female. Her name is Beatrice, and she has a personality similar to Crow's. For the first time, Crow finds himself opening up to someone other than his mother.
  4. CHAPTER 2 - DAY 13 TRIBE MEMBERS: Amy: Golden she-nicheling with fangs and dark eyes. Insecure, but has the capabilities to be a great leader. Enigma: Eccentric, orange young female. Galileo: Uncle of Amy. Older, golden male with a tall stature and orange-brown mane. Quirky and intelligent. Father of Enigma. Poppet: Tan and brown older female with yellow eyes. Relaxed. Mother of Enigma and mate of Galileo. Ruby: Older, dark red female with yellow eyes. Mentor to Amy. Thunder: Dark, bristly-furred male with green eyes. Mild and soft-spoken. Poppet announces that she and Galileo will be having a second child. Enigma and Amy chatter about the new arrival excitedly, but upon the kit's birth, there are some inherent problems and it's obvious something is wrong. The kit does not survive as it is already sickly and dies after a few days. Despite this setback and a period of grief, the tribe does not give up, and stays connected to each other for support. Enigma grows up into a full-fledged adult member of the tribe. During this time, she begins finding herself connecting more with Thunder, who seems to take quite the liking to her. "Why don't you ask him to be mates?" says Amy curiously. "We could use more nichelings in the tribe after the loss we had a while ago." "I don't know," says Enigma. "I'm indifferent to dating, really. But if he were to ask me to be his mate, I would say yes." Thunder is delighted to hear this from Amy, who is his trusted friend. However, he still waits a while before asking her to become his mate. 10 days. "I'd be fine with being your mate," says Enigma. "I'm not good at this sort of thing, but I will give it my best." But there's no time to have a kit or anything yet. The tribe is talking about moving to a new island. The first meeting nobody can come to a consensus. They plan to meet again another day soon after, but Galileo unexpectedly dies, and the tribe is stricken with grief. In fear that staying around the island too long will attract zombies due to the death, the tribe rushes to come to a decision to distract them from their sadness. While Amy and Thunder think the tribe should rest and grieve before moving, the rest suggest to move north. This is ironic, because when Thunder, Enigma, and Amy go to leave, the two elderly females get cold feet at the last minute and decide to retire on the old island together until their time comes. "Out of respect for Galileo," insists Poppet. They share their last goodbyes with the younger tribe members, and Ruby stops Amy one last time before she turns to go. "It's your time to lead now," says Ruby. "This is your chance to show what you can do. I know that you can." Amy gulps and nods. "I'll try, Ruby." Ruby smiles and nudges Amy towards Thunder and Enigma, who are heading towards the coast to travel to a new island. Amy leads the way as the tribe travels to an intimidating looking new jungle. "We've arrived at Jungle Gate," says Thunder. It's not long after their arrival on the island that Thunder and Enigma tell Amy that they will be having a child of their own. "That's great! Amy says. "A new addition as we settle into the new island." Enigma sets up her nest near two tall termite hills. After one failed birth, the two have a unique-looking son, with Enigma's unique facial structure and eyes and Thunder's coloring. They name him Crow. He shares the spirit of his mother and grandfather, having an eccentric heart. However, he only seems to really bond with his mother and keeps his distance from Amy and his father. Enigma announces that she and Thunder will be having another child. Crow seems to become more irritable at this, jealous that his mother's attention will be divided between he and someone else.
  5. My friend suggested I make a niche zombie apocalypse playthrough when I asked her a story idea, so here we go! We start with a small tribe of nichelings who seem to have not been affected by a zombie virus that has been running rampant through the wild. These survivors have banded together in a desperate need to survive and will have to work together if they want to see this virus through and live to ensure nicheling survival in the future. The zombies in this game will be the predators- bearyenas, apes, and the like. However, I will be going entirely into blind gene mode, so I won't be able to see what immunity a nicheling has. If a nicheling is born without immunity, it will be considered born with the zombie infection and will have to be killed off by console. Any nicheling that gets sick via transmission from a wild nicheling will have to roll a random generator to see if they have the zombie virus or if it's just an illness. Even if they are not infected with the zombie virus, they will be quarantined and likely shunned for a while by the rest of the tribe. Similar to Left 4 Dead, we start with a party of four. Here's the settings, before we start. We're starting simple with Tiny Green because I'm out of practice and a wimp. Our starting party consists of, from left to right, Galileo, Amy, Ruby, and Poppet. Before the apocalypse, Galileo was never big on any sort of action, fighting, or proving his strength. To be honest, he's still getting used to this whole survivalist thing. Oh, to be back in his home tribe, lounging in the sun with his friends and having some sort of sophisticated discussion! Despite being the man of the tribe and the oldest of all the tribe nichelings, he's much more of a follower. By contrast, the youngest of the tribe is Amy. Niece of Galileo, she thought it would be a smart idea to stick with him during the outbreak due to his quick wit. She is one of the calmer members of the tribe, and doesn't mind a bit of a challenge. She's a natural leader. However, she has some hidden insecurities and doesn't see leading qualities within herself, often keeping quiet and feeling inferior due to being much younger than her tribe mates. Ruby is a middle-aged nicheling. However, this doesn't stop her from reaching out to Amy, who reminds her of herself when she was her age. They are much alike, and spend a lot of time talking. She often nudges Amy to speak up for herself and help make decisions in the tribe, since it will be her turn to be leader when the older tribe members can't lead anymore. Finally is Poppet, another middle-aged she-nicheling. She is relaxed and seems to be the least worried about the outbreak, saying as long as the tribe sticks together they'll be fine. She has an attraction to Galileo, who is around her age. The tribe begins their mission of survival together, spending their first days gathering food and nest material like mad. Poppet uses this settling in as an opportunity to talk to Galileo. Galileo, who was clueless that she even liked him, happily agrees to become mates with the pretty female. It is later announced that the two will have a child. Amy is interested in a cousin who she can possibly relate to, but focuses on her work in the meantime. The couple has an interesting looking child. It is a female, to Amy's delight, and luckily seems to have been born healthy. They name her Enigma. "Enigma?" Amy asks, flattening her ears in confusion. "I think it's a thought provoking name," purrs Galileo. "She's rather unique." Enigma is a quirky, creative child, growing up very close to her father. Enigma grows into a teenager, still sticking close to her father. Galileo introduces her to Amy, however, in hopes that she will branch out and make new friends. It's a rather tense start for the two of them because neither are used to interacting with younger nichelings, but eventually it gets a bit better- Amy just tries to speak to her in the same way she speaks to Galileo, and it eventually goes through to Enigma, who begins to rather enjoy her company. To the tribe's delight, a new male joins. He has jet black fur and piercing green eyes. Ruby nudges Amy. "Why don't you go talk to him?" she purrs. "He's rather handsome, you know." Amy grimaces and inches towards the tall, intimidating male. She clears tall grass as she speaks to keep her paws busy. "And what would your name be?" she asks. To her suprise, the male tenses up nervously- his ears flatten, and the thorny fur on his back raises with seemingly a flustered aura. "I'm Thunder," he says nervously. Amy can't help but want to laugh. A big, strong, intimidating nicheling with a deep voice named Thunder speaks with such a mild tone. Perhaps he isn't so intimidating after all. "I'm Amy," she says, flashing her fangs briefly for a polite grin. The two become rather decent friends. "Why not ask him to be mates?" nudges Ruby. "It'd be a snowy day in the desert before I'd do that," laughs Amy. "He's not my type in that way."
  6. CHAPTER EIGHT, DAY 356 Leader: Gardenstar Deputy: Bleedingleaf Medicine Cat: Stillquill Warrior: Lastsoul Medicine Cat Apprentice: Cherrypaw Warrior Apprentice: Ryepaw Peacebeam dies of old age and is buried. The clan befriends a male named Twolives. He seems like a normal He's rather shy, but becomes good friends with Stillquill. He looks mostly like a regular, tall tom, aside from a gaping scar over the left side of his face, blinding his left eye. "That's why I'm called Twolives," explains the tom to Stillquill as the medicine cat mixes herbs. "I'm not supposed to be alive, but I lived through that accident." Ryepaw and Cherrypaw grow old enough to be considered sufficient in their fields. Ryepaw is named Wildrye as a warrior, and Cherrypaw is named Cherryshard as Stillquill retires. The tribe also befriends a young warrior female named Blazingfield. She is a fiery, hot-tempered female, passionate about the code. She befriends Gardenstar and Wildrye. She and Wildrye quickly become attracted to one another, and they become mates. After becoming mates, some time passes before Blazingfield announces that she and Wildrye will be having a kit. They have a son, and name him Beastkit for his impressive strength and muscular little body. Beastkit has an extremely close bond with his mother and father, especially his mother. The clan also takes in a newborn kit that they found abandoned. They ask Blazingfield if she is interested in raising him, and she agrees to. She names him Grimkit for his intimidating face.
  7. CHAPTER SEVEN, DAY 338 Leader: Gardenstar Deputy: Bleedingleaf Medicine Cat: Stillquill The clan befriends an older female with whitish cream fur. Her name is Peacebeam, and she is rather determined and a leader despite her name. She asks Bleedingleaf to be her mate, and he agrees. It is soon announced that PEacebeam and Bleedingleaf will be having a kit. However, that's not the only new kit coming- the clan finds and takes in a newborn she-kit. They name her Cherrykit for her reddish fur. Bleedingleaf, who was also taken in as a kit, feels sympathy for the little female and brings her into the nursery, to Peacebeam. "I think we should raise her, too," says Bleedingleaf. "I know she's not biologically ours, but I, too, was rescued. Please consider it, Peacebeam. "Of course," purrs the she-cat. "That just adds another to my litter. I would be delighted- she's beautiful." Not long after her arrival into the nursery, Bleedingleaf and Peacebeam's son is born- Ryekit, a cream kit with brown specks. Cherrykit stands out a lot from most cats in the clan, personality-wise- she is rather eccentric. However, she makes great friends with Stillquill, and there is talk of her becoming his apprentice one day. Meanwhile, Ryekit is practically his mother made over- he shares her personality, and like his mother, thinks the idea of being a medicine cat boring. Bleedingleaf, however, is very approving of his daughter's aspiration. Cherrykit grows into Cherrypaw, and Ryekit into Ryepaw. Cherrykit is mentored by Stillquill to be a medicine cat, and Ryepaw is mentored by his father. The clan also befriends a young warrior female named Finalsoul. She is a quirky, eccentric female. She becomes best friends with Cherrypaw.
  8. CHAPTER SIX, DAY 266 Leader: Freestar Deputy: Butterflybite Medicine Cat: Sabletail Kit: Stillkit "So you're doing what was done for me," says Phantomquake, visiting her daughter in her dreams once again. "Not to mention what was done for you." "Taking in a kit?" "Yes," says Phantomquake. "My adoptive mother, Relishpetal, took me in. That was the alibi your father and I were to use for when you were a kit- I was going to say that I found you, and your father stuck with it when I died. I suppose taking kits in is a family tradition." "Gives an awful feeling of not belonging," admits Sabletail. "Do you have any news for me from Starclan?' "That kit will not be easy to raise," says Phantomquake. "But he will be worth it." Phantomquake is right about the first part, at least- Stillkit is very calm, to the point where he coud be considered lazy. This ignites a rage in Sabletail, who is dead-set on making sure he becomes a good medicine cat. She tries to remember her mother's words- "he will be worth it". Stillkit grows into Stillpaw, and formal medicine cat lessons begin. A bearyena attacks the tribe, leaving a grave scar across Freestar's chest. However, they befriend the friendly bearyena that came with it. Sabletail feels herself getting weaker and weaker. Finally, one morning, she awakens and sees her mother at the entrance of the medicine cat's den- more real than ever before. "Come, Sabletail," says the she-cat. "I have so much yet to show you. More beautiful than anything you've ever seen before." The two walk past the camp, past the forest, past the sunrise, into the stars. Stillkit, alone, must visit the Moonpool by himself. A grayish male with red mane approaches him. "Who are you?" he asks. "I am Pinejaw. I was the first Medicine Cat of this clan," he explains. "Due to a lack of a mentor, I am here to give you your medicine cat name. I never got to administer mine to an apprentice, so this is a first time for both of us, I suppose." "What do I do?" "Well. Do you agree to follow the code for all the days of your life and to work to be a medicine cat as best you can be?" "I do." "Then I declare you Stillquill, Medicine cat of Quietclan." A bearyena comes and kills Freestar, making Butterflybite take over as Butterflystar. Butterflystar rescues an interesting-looking kit. She takes the kit in, naming him Bleedingkit due to his seemingly bloody red mane. Bleedingkit is a shy, careful kit, often sticking close to Butterflystar and avoiding Stillquill. Bleedingkit grows into Bleedingpaw, and Butterflystar mentors him herself. Discussion happens among the clan members about wether they should move or not. It takes three days to decide, and the clan elects to head North, for it looks safe and plentiful. Soon after arrivng, the clan befriends a young warrior female named Firstgarden. She is a yellow she-cat with beautiful blue eyes. Her name is Firstgarden, and her mind is active with schemes and strategies for the benefit of her clan. However, she also doesn't mind a good prank or some fierce competition. She takes quite the liking to Bleedingpaw. Butterflystar dies of old age, and since she's the only warrior, Firstgarden takes her place as leader, becoming Gardenstar. She names Bleedingpaw as a warrior. "You will be called Bleedingleaf, and you will be my deputy," she states proudly.
  9. CHAPTER FIVE, DAY 183 LEADER: Swiftstar MEDICINE CAT: Sabletail A bearyena attacks the tribe and gravely wounds Swiftstar on the chest, but he survives aside from a lasting scar. Finally, it's about to attack him again when Sabletail hears something shout inside her- her mother. "Save him!" Despite the fear of breaking the code, Sabletail shuts her eyes tight, swiping the creature enough to drive it off. The two befriend a young female, just old enough to be a warrior. her name is Freeclaw. Swiftstar invites her to be deputy, and she agrees. A bearyena attacks the clan and she fights back, only receiving a wound to her back. However, she breaks her leg when another attacks. She lives thanks to Sabletail, but walks with a limp permanently. The tribe is joined by another young female. "What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be with a mentor?" asks Swiftstar. He was made a warrior young, but this specific female is very small. "I'm a warrior," she says, flattening her ears. "I just have a small build." It's true- the she-cat has the voice of an adult. "I'm Butterflybite." "Interesting," says Swiftstar. "Well, you are welcome to join our tribe." Butterflybite is gentle, but very quick and clever. Swiftstar dies of old age, and Freeclaw becomes Freestar. She names her deputy Butterflybite. The clan takes in a newborn kit and they name him Stillkit due to how calm he was wen they first found him. "Which one of us will mother him?" asks Butterflybite. Sabletail sighs. "I can raise him to be a medicine cat. I'm close to being old enough to retire, anyways."
  10. CHAPTER FOUR, DAY 109 Leader: Wavestar Deputy: Redwalker Medicine Cat: Eveningpeak Warrior: Freegorge Lastrange dies of old age and the clan buries her. Wavestar also dies, and Redwalker takes over and becomes Redstar, naming Freegorge his deputy. The clan befriends a pretty ginger female named Relishpetal. She is a sweet but lonely female, mostly keeping to herself and thinking. However, one day, yet another addition is made- Relishpetal is out wandering the forest one day when she hears a loud meowing. APproaching the sound of the bushes, she sees a small kit- seemingly abandoned. She sympathizes with the kit and takes it in her jaws, bringing it back to camp. "I'll raise her as my own," she says. "Her name will be Phantomkit." The clan begins to have discussions about where they should go, for the island they live on now seems to be getting barren. It takes multiple meetings over a total of three days before the clan decides to head east to a new, larger, variety-filled island. Phantomkit grows old enough to be an apprentice, and the task is given to Redwalker to assign her a mentor. "Actually," she says, "I'd like to be a medicine cat." "Then a medicine cat you will be," says Redwalker. "You will be mentored by Eveningpeak." Eveningpeak and Phantompaw grow very close, and he sees her to the skill point where she matches his expertise.They grow closer than any other two cats in the clan. Eveningpeak takes Phantompaw to the Moonpool and administers her warrior's ceremony. She is given the name Phantomquake. "What happened at your ceremony?" asks Phantomquake as she walks back with Eveningpeak. "My mentor, Seedsecret, retired," says Eveningpeak. "She was older than I, and believed that I could manage on my own." "You're not retiring, are you?" Phantomquake flattens her ears fearfully. "No, of course not," says Eveningpeak, nudging his friend. "I'd never abandon you." Phantomquake smiles and leans on him, and the two remain that way, staring at the stars. One night, though, Phantomquake awakens Eveningpeak with fear that she usually never exhibits. "Eveningpeak..." "Hm? What's wrong, Phantomquake?" "I have to tell you something." She sighs, her ears flattening. "Yeah?" "I'm.. I'm pretty sure I'm having kits." Eveningpeak's dark eyes widen, and he feels his stomach drop. "Oh no, Phantomquake...." "How are we supposed to tell the clan?" She asks desperately, burying her head in his fur. "I don't want to get you in any trouble." "They're not going to put me in trouble, I've been the most faithful medicine cat that I could be," sighs the dusty-coated male. "I'm merely worried about you." "What're we gonna do?" Eveningpeak thinks, and his ears prick forward. "You can follow in your mother's footsteps." "What?" "Relishpetal took you in, didn't she? Why not take in a kit of your own? Or at least, pretend you took it in. Granted, you might not get to raise it since you're a medicine cat, but it'll grow up a member of a clan without any scrutiny." "I suppose," says Phantomquake. "I'm sorry." "Don't be sorry. I love you." Eveningpeak rests his large noble head on Phantomquake's side, and the two drift to sleep. A Bearyena comes after the clan, and though they manage to take it down, it kills Relishpetal. Phantomquake is heartbroken and insists on burying her mother by herself. ON the brightside, the clan befriends a friendly bearyena. The tribe also befriends a young male named Swiftkeeper. He seems a bit young to be a full warrior, but he shrugs such a suggestion off. "My father encouraged me once I was old enough to be a warrior to leave my clan and join a new place," he explains. He's pretty aloof and spends most of his time patrolling camp. Redstar dies, and Freegorge takes over as Freestar. Due to a lack of options, she chooses her deputy to be Swiftkeeper. This is a good thing, though, because she quickly dies of an illness. Swiftkeeper becomes leader and is renamed Swiftstar. Finally, Phantomquake's kit is born- she names her Sablekit. But before she can worry about hiding her from the clan, a bearyena comes into the clan and attacks them. Swiftstar has not the physical strength to fight him, and is given a light wound. The medicine cats cannot fight, so Phantomquake crouches in front of her kit. The beast strikes her down and kills her. Enraged, Eveningpeak almost charges at him despite the code when a small, dark red blur comes after the beast. She manages to knock it back and finish it off, perhaps saving the clan's life. When she stops moving and backs off from the beast, the clan is shocked to see that she is a small she-cat, barely old enough to be a warrior. Her eyes flash with both pride and shock at what she's done, and she looks to Swiftstar, who's approaching her. "She-cat, you have saved our lives," says the male. "Would you be interested in being our deputy?" "I mean, sure!" she says, suprisingly jolly despite her savage fighting style. "Nice to meet you all. I'm Scarletpride." Eveningpeak's mind is fuzzy and he merely nods a greeting at the female who saved he and his kit, but not in time to save Phantomquake. Despite her mother's death, Sablekit grows nonetheless, and decides to be a medicine cat, like her father and mother were. Eveningpeak does not tell her that he is her father in fear of her following his example and ending up like her mother. Even so, he doesn't need to worry- Sablekit is a serious, stoic little she-cat and is determined to be the best medicine cat there ever was. She only ever really bonds with Eveningpeak. Scarletpride is killed fighting off another bearyena. Some time after, Eveningpeak dies of old age, and Sablekit, now Sablepaw falls into a depression. Comfort only finds her after she sleeps one night feels a presence nuzzling her. She opens her eyes to see her mother, Phantomquake. "Who are you?" she asks, squinting up at the starry figure. "Phantomquake," she says. "Your mother." "My--" She looks down, thinking. "Why are you here?" "You needed someone after your father's death," she says, sitting beside the teenaged female. "Thought I'd pay a visit." "Well, some father he was," she says. "He never visited." Phantomquake's ears prick forward. "Oh, right. He never told you..." She flattens her ears. "We had done something impulsive, Sablepaw. Despite what happened, I don't regret it, because it gave me you. And I'm sorry I had to leave so early." "You're being vague," says Sablepaw. "Your father was Eveningpeak. He was scared you'd make our mistakes if you knew he was your father. But I know you better than that." she smiles. "I'll never be far, but I also came to give you something special." Phantomquake bends down and licks her daughter gently on the head. "You've earned your medicine cat name and will be taught the ways of a medicine cat that haven't been instructed to you yet. Your name is Sabletail, medicine cat of Quietclan." With that, she fades away, and Sabletail wakes up alone in the medicine cat den.
  11. I thought it fit him better! Flystar sounded too spontaneous and energetic, and he really wasn't. i love him so much tbh. when the random generator said "grave wound to the head' i was like NOOO
  12. DAY 63, CHAPTER THREE Leader: Quietstar Deputy: Flywave Medicine Cat: Seedsecret Warrior: Redwalker Queen: Fearlessmaple (Kit: Eveningkit) Eveningkit finally grows old enough to be a medicine cat apprentice, and begins his apprenticeship under Seedsecret. "Don't worry, we'll be good friends," purrs Seedsecret to the shy young tom. Quietstar feels herself getting weaker and weaker. She calls Flywave into her den one day. "Flywave, soon you will be leading this clan without me," she purrs softly. "I want you to, well, be ready." "I'm afraid of messing up, Quietstar," says Flywave. "It's scary to think the life of the clan is in my hands." "You can do it," says Quietstar. "I will be watching." The clan befriends an older she-cat named Lastrange. She is a serious old female with tan fur and brown eyes. "I left my old clan originally to retire," she sighs. "But I suppose I could tag along with you all for a while." She befriends Seedsecret and Redwalker, and eventually even Eveningpaw. Quietstar dies of old age, and Flywave takes over, becoming Wavestar. "After careful consideration, I have elected my deputy to be Redwalker," he says. Eveningpaw grows into an adult. His height reaches over all else in the clan, and he is old enough to be considered a full-time medicine cat. Soon after, Seedsecret reveals something to him- she's retiring. "You can't retire!" says Eveningpaw. "You've got plenty of time left!" Seedsecret smiles. "Oh, but I'm tired, Eveningpaw." she smiles and shakes her head. "Here, I'll cut you a deal. One last Medicine Cat mission together, and then you'll promise to become the sole medicine cat of the clan?" "I guess," says Eveningpaw. They take a long journey, until finally, they arrive at the Moonpool. "Eveningpaw," she begins, "Do you vow to uphold the warrior code and serve the clan as their Medicine Cat, devoting your life to the service of your clanmates?" "I do," he says, his paws trembling. "Then I proudly declare you Eveningpeak, Medicine Cat of Quietclan. May you serve us for many moons with the help of Starclan." The clan yowls in approval when he returns- even old Lastrange is excited. A bearyena comes into the clan. It kills Fearlessmaple, and when Wavestar tries to help her, the creature crushes his front left leg and nearly crushes his skull. He loses ability to walk properly and sustains some memory and decision-making issues, despite Eveningpeak's healing skills. The male now has a scar across the top of his head. "I'm not going to retire," growls the old male. "I'm not going to disappoint Quietstar." "Dad, please," pleads Eveningpeak. "It'd be for the better to-" "No, Eveningpeak." Seedsecret dies of old age. Respectfully, Eveningpeak buries her. Lastrange dies soon after. The clan is joined by a pretty she-cat named Freegorge. She is a smart, patient female, who befriends Eveningpeak. Wavestar goes through periods of trusting her and not trusting her. "Don't take it personally," says Eveningpeak. "You just hadn't known him before the accident."
  13. Seedpaw grows into a warrior, and all of the cats attend her warrior ceremony. "Seedpaw, you have trained to serve the clan well," begins Quietstar. "Do you swear to serve your clan and follow the warrior code until your death?" "I swear," says Seedpaw, bowing her head respectfully. "I officially dub you Seedsecret," says Quietstar, "for the clan can put its trust in you." However, plans change for Seedsecret upon the death of Pinejaw. He is getting older, and is near death when he calls Seedsecret into his den. "I can hardly believe I'm saying this," he says, "but I believe Starclan has called on you to be the next medicine cat. "I... I mean, I can try," says Seedsecret. "Don't worry. Starclan will guide you." Another member joins the tribe- this time a young, tan-coated tom. He is a careful, intellectual cat by the name of Flywave. "I'd much appreciate a safe place to stay in your clan," he says. "Though I am young, I am already trying to build a life for myself." "Follow the code, and you are welcome here," purrs Quietstar. "I like him quite a lot," says Driftwhisper to Quietstar later. "He seems to be rather smart." Someone else has their sights set on the young male- Fearlessmaple. She admires his intelligence. "I'd be honored to be your mate," she says. "You seem to have a path ahead of you that is bright." "I mean, we could be mates," shrugs Flywave. "I wouldn't mind." A small amount of time passes, and one day while everyone is sunbathing, Fearlessmaple shouts over them. "Flywave and I will be having a kit, and I will be in the nursery den now!" "What?" Flywave, who wasn't informed of this, nearly rolls off his rock. "That's great!" Fearlessmaple has an interesting-looking son with more... rounded ears! He is born just after sunset, so Fearlessmaple names him Eveningkit.I'll tell you, Seedsecret," says Fearlessmaple next to her sleeping son, "Being a mother is great, but I hate being confined to the nursery and not being able to go out and hunt. Nothing fun about laying around all day." Time passes, though, and Eveningkit's personality begins to show. To Fearlessmaple's confusion, he is a very timid kit. She doesn't get very attached to him because she can't quite relate to him. "I don't know what to do, Seedsecret," sighs Fearlessmaple, confiding in her friend. "I don't know how he'll ever be a warrior." "Maybe he's not meant to be a warrior," purrs Seedsecret. "Maybe he's supposed to be a medicine cat. I get a unique aura from him." "You can sure try to train him when he's old enough," says Fearlessmaple. "He's sure not a fighter." "My son? A medicine cat apprentice?" asks Flywave. "I can't wait!" Driftwhisper dies of old age, leaving the clan to wonder: Who will the next deputy be? Quietstar gets upon the calling stump. "I want my deputy to be Flywave," she says. "Flywave, I believe you have great potential to succeed me." "Thank you, Quietstar." The tribe is joined by yet another new member- Redwalker. A young and immature male, he bounds his way into the clan, accepted for his charisma. He becomes good friends with Seedsecret.
  14. i'm sorry i keep spamming the playthroughs topic i just like doing playthroughs I got bored doing Avatar, so I'm gonna break for a bit. It's been MONTHS since I did a Warriors playthrough, I'm pretty sure- so let's get this started! I decided to change the lifespans for warriors and make them proportional to Story mode gameplay. Every one day in storymode should be five in my gamemode, and I did the same for damage bars. This makes the plot both last longer and my nichelings, well, die less. DAY ONE, CHAPTER ONE Our story starts with, from left to right, Driftwhisper, Pinejaw, Quietstar, and Seedpaw. The leader of the tribe is Quietstar. A docile and thoughtful leader, she is actually the youngest of the adult warriors in the tribe. When she and her small band of warriors left their original clan to make their own, the others believed she would be the most fitting leader, and so they chose her. She has light gray fur with blue-gray specks, along with pretty brown eyes. The deputy of the clan is Driftwhisper. He is a male with dark eyes and uniquely-colored fur, along with snow-white mane. He is wise and quick-witted, but hides it behind his gentle personality. The oldest of the tribe is Pinejaw, a grey-tan male with dark red-brown mane and black eyes. He is a relaxed, middle-aged tom. Despite his wisdom and experience, he is rather insecure about himself. The youngest of the tribe is still an apprentice- Seedpaw. Seedpaw is the sweet apprentice of Driftwhisper, and like him, she has a mild and gentle personality. She has pretty cream-coloured fur and brown eyes. The first days on the island- a peaceful, meadowed area- are spent collecting food and nesting material. The first major event of the clan is the joining of a new female, native to the tribe. She introduces herself as Fearlessmaple. "Where do you come from?" Seedpaw asks the dark-furred female with an eye of curiosity. "I'm from a warrior clan, too," purrs Fearlessmaple. "They left the area due to opportunity elsewhere, but I felt something calling me to stay here. Starclan telling me the clan I was meant to be in would arrive... well.. here." She flicks her tail calmly. However, not everything in the tribe goes too well with Fearlessmaple's arrival- she is quite a proud rebel, often arguing with the deputy and leader over things in the clan, even if they are only little things.
  15. i'm used to them living 100 days in my playthroughs so they die and i'm like *shocked pikachu*
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