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  1. Missions to clear a certain area of enemies and clear out the land there in order to allow something, like maybe some sort of machine-thing (drill or transmitter or that kind of thing. Not necessarily those, just examples), to drop in and do... well, nothing really, but it's supposed to be there for the mission.
  2. Ice-based planets and themed missions and enemies for them, like melting big freezey things like icebergs or something. And maybe underwater missions, and water in general, and ocean planets with islands and stuff... then of course fish-like enemies and missions themed for those planets. maybe to slow some volcanic activity with cryo weapons, or cool/warm/generally regulate the ocean's temperature by going to certain areas and using cryo or plasma weapons.
  3. Missions with the objective of retrieving an object (hopefully indestructible or with a lot of health, one hidden somewhere, maybe in a cave or on the surface or wherever), or with the objective to rescue a damaged drone. Have it on the surface and add some sort of tether object for the editor. Have said tether be activateable and when activated, will fire out and attach to the first drone part or other retrievable thing hit, allowing you to drag it back to the big box.
  4. Missions with the objective of hunting down a stronger than normal creature somewhere on or in a planet.
  5. Missions with an objective to mine a certain amount of one or more different resources.
  6. A weapon thing that on activation, drops a thing in the air. Yes, a thing. No idea what it would look like. This object would, when an enemy gets nearby, (say... 20 meter radius, maybe), would fire a sort of rope-like thingy into that enemy. It can only hold one enemy, but it keeps them from going farther than 10-15(?) meters from the Thing that fired the tether. And it would deal a little damage, but mostly be used to keep enemies in an area. Good for probably hammerheads or something. *Shrug*. It only lasts for a certain amount of time (You can't just make a wall of them that are permanent t
  7. As the name suggests, A shield, maybe a 1x2 block rather than 1x1, that has a much larger radius than the original shields, and increased health, but possibly more energy usage.
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