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  1. I don't know how to do this, any help? I'm sorry that this is in unrelated, I couldn't find a place for this that fits.
  2. Donut? Laser? They say that aliens built the pyramids, but it was us becoming aliens to the true shape of the Earth. The Egyptians knew it, the illuminati knows it, and now so do you! THE EARTH IS A PYRAMID!!!
  3. This is a great point, in fact, this could fix some of the problems with current logic in many ways. With this kind of feature, disconnection would be the logic splitter. In fact, with this as a base for new logic, some major changes could be made to allow for better logic. The assumption on how this would work is that anything on a decoupler, factory, or not attached to the main drone effectively has a logic splitter. Hmm... getting further into the subject of better logic makes me re-think what I've said. It makes a lot of sense for logic to not transmit when disconnected. I'm thinking
  4. Okay thanks for responding! I didn't know you could remove it by just typing, but still, when you press backspace it should be removed. I'll make sure to edit my main post! Also, your idea is nice, but I suggest you create your own post, this is just about the tag starter text.
  5. This is as simple as it sounds. Adding tags is currently counter-intuitive as the backspace key needs to be held down for a second if one doesn't know that all you need to do is type. This may not sound bad, but making this text get removed the moment someone presses backspace would make it more like search bars and would simplify the game for new users.
  6. Yes, you are mainly correct, as of the current update, you can have the main drone body send and receive signals between the section with the logic connector. What I should have mentioned is that the sub-bodies of the main drone, separated by logic splitters, cannot communicate between parts attached to connectors attached to the splitters. This bugs me as I see no reason why the main drone works this way, while logic sub-bodies with their own sub-bodies do not. I updated the demonstration bot (dark blue for the connector body, cyan for the main drone and red for the splitter but not connector
  7. My idea for an improvement is that signals can be sent from one logic body to another, either separated by a connector or splitter, using logic bypassers. Logic bypassers would come in two forms: Constant logic bypassers and active logic bypassers. Logic bypassers would allow the blue led to be powered on the upper part of the craft below, while the improvement to connectors would allow the button above to power the red led below. Active Logic bypassers would be turned on by a certain binding, and while active would route all logic inputs from its logic body to the selected logic body. Constan
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