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  1. What i would like to see is having the possibility of running into a rogue planet when moving between solar systems (when your moving from a planet in one solar system to the next) and or have a chance for when looking in the map for there to be a rogue planet going through a solar system that if you don't go to it in time (before it leaves the solar system) you cant go into and also (possibly) have these planets be cold planets from lack of the heat from a star and or cold on the outside but be get warmer and warmer as you go in till you get to a lava circle as the core. I dont really expect these ideas to be added but im saying them anyway because they would be a cool to have in and so you have more ideas to work with.
  2. BlueDragon

    More options

    I would like more options on parts more specifically the shield but more options for all parts would be nice to. ☺
  3. Or you could add decorative parts that have no collision or mass and get destroyed when the part there connected to explodes.
  4. I would like a scroll bar in the tag selection box so its much easier and quicker to locate the tag you want to select. I think it would be a easier change but if you want to work on the bigger stuff go ahead I just think it'll help make the tags a more appealing option to use.
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