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  1. Garheardt the Black

    Make Terrain Suffer Collision Damage?

    Hello! As it stands, the tinniest of grains of sand can wreck a fast moving drone, or hook the inside of a larger one where it's weapons may not be able to free it. I suggest a change where terrain suffers collision damage, allowing larger drones to push through such nuisances at the cost of a part or two instead of possible catastrophe. If structures like hives could take collision damage as well, that would open up some interesting new design concepts also. Thanks! Love ya!
  2. Garheardt the Black

    The last update deleted half my drones.

    In the hopes of preventing this fate from befalling anyone else, I hunted around for the location of the Nimbatus save file location. No promises, but backing it up occasionally could mitigate the amount of data you lose. Provided your save locations are the default, the folder location should be as follows: C:\Users\(user)\AppData\LocalLow\Nimbatus\Nimbatus (user) is whatever your local user name is. AppData is a hidden file, so you'll have to enable the viewing of hidden items in the view tab. Hope that helps!
  3. Garheardt the Black

    Friction Shield

    Hello and welcome! Possible complications with this kind of device: -Reducing air resistance increases overall speed regardless of the ambient pressure. That makes this a speed multiplier that could always be worth using, mitigating the point of the original use. -Any part increasing pressure would be subjected to it, causing instability unless it's ship wide, at which point the enemies around you are slower, but so are you, so it's a bit of a wash. -Reducing the air pressure to send enemies flying would likely result in you getting sent flying instead. A striking drone part will speed up the moment before it hits you with an arm, and even if you manage to strike back, all you struck was a moving part. With your reduced friction, you'll head straight for the ring. -Anything that can increase air pressure in sumo will make center hogs even more dominant than they already are. So far, I think drones do fairly well in high air resistance maps if they're built with an emphasis on high thrust. Sadly, I think a part like this could be very hard to balance.
  4. Garheardt the Black

    Damage state

    You could always go oldschool and have parts beging to blink at a rate dependent on their percentage of missing health.
  5. Garheardt the Black

    A Nimbatus font! Advice required.

  6. Garheardt the Black

    Trivial trivia, interesting interactions, useless uses

    Good idea. Lets see.... -gun propulsion is a thing -Tractor beam propulsion is a thing -put -80%, -20% on a weapon and you don't need to attach it to a battery to fire. -The above fact makes printing piles of guns and either using them with huge recoil like a school of fish, or bombing enemies with them rather amusing -For sake of being said because it originally surprised me; currently, logic blocks don't need to be attached to anything in order to communicate with anything else -Anyone not using tags; doing so changes the whole game. -Factories are the most powerful offensive option in the game -Factories are the most powerful defensive option in the game -Enemy structures CANNOT be destroyed by collision damage and have infinite mass. -fire/heat resistant parts aren't resistant, they're IMMUNE to the corresponding effect.
  7. Garheardt the Black

    A Nimbatus font! Advice required.

    It's cool. What throws me off is how some letters look bold to me, and others don't. That and I wonder if the letters have too much space between them as compared to our current font. I can't identify individual words quickly enough to read smoothly. I particularly like the "X". It reminds me of space invaders.
  8. Garheardt the Black

    Post Your Projects!

    Aye! It's already uploaded
  9. You can split off a factory that produces the drones to prevent crosstalk already. A one-way splitter added to the current architecture wouldn't require any connectors at all and would still enable communication. Also, we can't assume that most folks will be using factories for all of their drones. Just be being active here, we're identifying as a (somewhat obsessive) minority. *I see a lot of benefits to a range of these ideas, but you asked for a devil's advocate, and what devil wouldn't comply? 😁 Edit- mighta miss spoke on the cross talk bit. brb! Edit 2- yup, have to put the splitter farther down. My mistake Edit 3- mostly circumvented by using multiple factories though.
  10. So to be clear, we've established that this proposition/versus various alternatives will reduce the overall survivability of drones that would have to rely on it. So, that's one con.
  11. Aye, but we've also discussed other ways of doing those things that don't involve adding fragile parts to drones, so the listed advantages don't mitigate the drawbacks.
  12. The lowest hp I'm aware of is 400 and the highest is 4k. Logic blocks are at 1k, but 33% larger than thrusters and twice as large as guns, making them less tough than either one. Additionally, losing a thruster or a gun rarely leaves a drone useless like it could for a drone dependent on a receiver. Would it be inaccurate to state that this change would lower small independent drone survival rates?
  13. Garheardt the Black

    Post Your Projects!

    That pick up is pretty smooth I messed around with using penetrating lasers on multiple blocks. It's way more energy efficient, but I suspect it places significantly more strain on the blocks. My guess is it's either through compression caused from the additional blocks stacking force on one another, or by way of slight fluctuations in the laser being more pronounced at longer ranges, causing the block to experience a more erratic force. I'm currently using two blocks without penetrating lasers. It's mostly just two clones of the same enclosure loosely connected.
  14. So, this would require all drones not connected to the core to have a receiver in order to receive commands? Would the receiver be any more robust than the other logic blocks? I ask because small drones tend to get low hp parts destroyed at a much greater rate than the big ones. Ideally, I'd prefer not to have any logic blocks on drones subject to danger.
  15. Garheardt the Black

    Unparented debris decays over time

    One of my fonder propulsion devices utilizes interactions with unparented debris to generate thrust. Naturally, I must object! 😆