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  1. ZMG! Did my World Slayer get an achievement named after it??!!
  2. Brutal feedback time. Speaking for myself only, campaign mode isn't fun. I spend next to no time innovating. I spend tons of time doing tedious things. I can't create anything to make it better because of random part limitations and launch costs. Nearly every weapon I find is useless and it feels bad. I don't bother with logic, even when it's available. None of my drones are interesting. All I do is build a generic drone and replace small parts with larger parts I find in order to make a cheaper, more efficient generic drone. Creative mode isn't fun. I can make really cool stuff there, but now that campaign mode is a thing, I feel like I'm playing with cheat codes on. There is no challenge. I want to build cool stuff and be challenged to build even cooler stuff, but I'm not. Versus mode is fun. I get the to play with all the parts. I innovate. I have hundreds of designs. Since I'm up against other players, there are always new challenges to face that can really get me thinking. The other two modes, not so much
  3. Howdy! Nice drones you got there! If you aren't concerned about part count, larger drones tend to be less dependent on shields and better able to make use of them when you use them. It's easier to build in redundancies that prevent a lucky shot from totally crippling a critical function. One thing any drone can design around is using it's less critical parts to protect more critical parts from harm. The order I typically protect parts in is Core>Logic>Sensors>Propulsion>Shields>Weapons>Fuel>Mission Critical parts>Everything Else Lastly, your drone will be more stable and somewhat more survivable if you connect parts to either the core or the part with the most mass and hp nearby. Having never played the demo, that's about all the advice I can give, I'm afraid Salutations and good luck!
  4. It's hard to tell, but there were a lot enemies there 😀
  5. Glad it's working better for you. Here is an example of ballistic turrets in action.
  6. I bet it was the scrap. Something about using magnets on scrap causes the physics to become erratic when the scrap contacts your drone. It's a good idea to keep the magnet at the rear of your drone for hauling stability, but scrap physics are really weird. The best workaround I've used is rapidly toggling your magnet in order to pull scrap without it touching your drone. As long as it doesn't touch, the physics are fairly stable.
  7. Cute lasers. The problem I ran into with automated laser turrets is the need for extremely fast target acquisition. Every moment spent in range without positive acquisition is lost damage. In the gif above, you have less than 50% potential acquisition, which translates to less than 50% potential weapon damage. Without a better way to acquire and maintain a lock, I fear automated lasers simply aren't efficient enough to be practical compared to alternatives. Ballistic weapons, on the other hand don't need 100% time on target in order to be highly efficient due to weapon recycle times. Test out some ballistic variants, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised
  8. I like it. What if the block was similar to a directional sensor so you could adjust the angles that register as movement precisely? That would also allow it to double as a form of directional movement sensor.
  9. Here's a weird one. I booted up both my new campaign save files today and both were at 1k gold and 0 red resources. Yesterday, they were significantly higher. I rebooted the game after acquiring more, but haven't been able to repeat it yet.
  10. In "Recover the black box", if you pick up the container the black box is located in and drop it in the bin, the container despawns and mission cannot be completed. This is a bit of a bummer since the containers are worth quite a bit of resources and you'd otherwise be better off retrieving them.
  11. Feedback! Nice intro. I like having a clearer purpose, but I think the wording of the English translation could be smoother. I like the captains idea. Unique play styles are great. Here were my initial takes on them Boxer: A good beginner captain, but the name was odd to me. I have a hard time seeing anyone placing a state of the art, experimental star ship in the hands of a boxer. I could see a mechanic, or a military veteran, maybe, but a boxer does not a good captain make. %bigger and %stronger energy shield would be nice to know. Pilot: Gotta go fast. I love it. Miner: With finite resources, it has a neat place. Drills are problematic though. They're heavy, terrible weapons, fairly fragile and if you lose one, you can't dig effectively. Engineer: Wireless everything. Tons of logic. Half deploy costs. It's really, really good. Possibly too good. Researcher: This one was problematic to me. Out of the gate, the description was confusing. I didn't understand what "weapon Editor and technology tree" meant until I learned that it's the only one with access to the old weapons tree. That alone makes it strong, but I'd rather see all the pilots have the tree and give the engineer something else to be more unique. For the second perk, "Batteries Power Thrusters and Have a High Recharge Rate" was vague compared to some of the clearly stated other perks. Pilot says 2x thrusters, for example. "Thrusters use energy instead of fuel", "Batteries recharge x% faster" would be useful info when weighing perks on a first play through. Using energy for fuel is novel, but the perk didn't really work out that way in my run. I didn't see any more energy blocks than in the other runs, but I still saw fuel, making me feel as though I had less overall resources than the other captains. Other observations: High air density maps with the newer, faster, dual snakes will drive a man to drink Low air density maps with Uber hammerheads are similarly hard on the liver Due to high part launch costs, logic was hardly worth using, even as an engineer Because part number is the limiting factor, small parts were always worse than their larger counterparts. Because of the previous bullets, my drones weren't very interesting Timed one-shot missions weren't worth the added threat to me and had a high chance of failure. Nitpick: The Nimbatus just suffered massive external damage, enough to rip off it's ftl drive, but it starts at 100% health? Debris on planets behave erratically when effected by magnets after contacting the drone. The physics get really weird. This can be frustrating since they're worth resources. That's most of my notes! Thanks for all your hard work and good luck on the next phase!
  12. I did! We covered this and a lot of crazy stuff back in this thread: If you want crazy weird inspiration, you may find some.
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