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  1. Shotguns. Place them as close to center line as possible for better stability. Attach them all to your core. Recoil and multiple projectiles. They will destroy themselves, but not before jump starting your afterburners. You actually get better times when they pop early. In drag, most of the top ten aren't using guidance in either mode, but I hit second place with manual correction so it's possible.
  2. Your community challenge doesn't make you an authority, nor does relegating established word definitions to the realm of opinion. If gravity went up instead of down, that would still be a feature unless otherwise declared. Examples are meaningless. I'm not sure if your E-tone is intended to be as aggressive as it seems, so in the interest of forum peace, I'm excusing myself from this topic.
  3. The new and improved World Slayer https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1714892794
  4. Before we continue, it might be fair to clarify what we mean by "bug" "exploit" and "abuse". This is my understanding of them: -A bug is typically an unexpected detail, flaw, or imperfection. It's up to the developer whether a facet of their program is a bug, or simply a feature. -An exploit is typically the use of an unexpected effect for an an advantage unforeseen by the developer. It's up to the developer whether or not an exploit exists. -Abuse tends to be a less severe example of an exploit. ----------------- In my eye, this means: -A feature remains a feature unless a developer announces that it is otherwise. It would be inaccurate for us to refer to features as anything else. -The situation is not a mess. That's your opinion, but, respectfully, you are not a Nimbatus developer. Their vision need not be our vision. At any rate, I've been working with the in game physics for a while now. I find that various interactions create all kinds if unforeseen effects that can foil a design idea, but experimentation on those same effects have allowed me to create some really neat drones. I'm sitting at second place on drag races, and racing is fun, but there are so many more modes to play with that aren't as heavily effected by drag. Fluid dynamics is tough. I'd rather see more fun stuff added to the game to play with over the mountain of resources it would take to simulate physics more accurately.
  5. With the changes in dynamite and the new blocks with holes in them, laser propulsion is a much more viable option now I went so far as to build a drag racer, but nothing has been able to compete with afterburners in terms of raw speed. Yet.
  6. Balloons stop the way they do because of air resistance. Drones are also resisted by air. They don't have to defy logic or physics 😅
  7. Gotcha, we're talking about whether the core is made up of rounded edges versus straight ones, rather than symmetry.
  8. As of this post, the majority of the dominant racing drones are using almost no propulsion other than forward facing afterburners after a jump start in the starting area. If drones are successfully navigating courses with nothing but afterburners, I don't think courses need to be easier, I think they need to be harder to encourage more build diversity. At some point, I'll post all the crazy stuff I've made that touches on this topic.
  9. Has anyone pointed out that the bottom thruster in the photo is farther back on the drone than the top one? I'm having trouble seeing how this is a case of asymmetry.
  10. Yarr! Currently, weapons either target a mouse or they are fixed. What if weapons used the VTOL UI options instead? Suddenly, weapons can track a positional sensor, aim down or up regardless of drone position, and even aim away from your mouse. "Enemy Drone" might need to be disabled for future pvp, but I think the other options could be great. Imagine! A scout drone detects an enemy and activates a positional tracker, causing a mother ship to immediately train their weapons on the tracker and fire. Weapons trained on on-board positional trackers instantly converging on predetermined locations based on whatever activates a signal. So, that's the idea. Thanks again!
  11. I did some testing, but I think I might have screwed it up. Going to retest. *Update* It's still a problem on the preview build. I'll test the current live version next. *Second update* It's still curving. When I first loaded up and tested the thruster-fuel-core setup in the live version, a thruster attached to the button wasn't producing a curve. Then I tested a bunch of other parts. All of them still curved, including other logic blocks. I went back and tested the button again, and now it's curving again too. 😆 I restarted the game to see if I could reproduce the button flying straight. Now, nothing that isn't attached directly to the drone core is yielding straight thrust.
  12. *Hands Star the "Largest Functional Monstrosity" hat Wow, that thing is massive! What kind of computer are you running to handle this thing when it's done? Also, I have a few suggestions that could help you get your tonnage down. We all build for different reasons, so disregard as required Fuel: It's possible to eliminate all of the fuel in exchange for a factory set to respawn fuel as needed Regenerative armor: While time consuming, individually programming your armor factories eliminates the need to split them. I use a third party macro to make it fairly quick. Additionally, you can use buttons as armor. They are significantly lighter, have more hp per ton, and the loss of signal when they are destroyed can be used to respawn them, so you don't need any sensors. LEDs are even more HP/weight friendly. Also, more space between the armor and the body will prevent the spread of fire. Shields: Totally redundant after you get your armor perfected. Both systems absorb plenty of damage, but shields need a ton of energy. The shields won't provide any additional benefit other than style. Props for making the head look like an actual bug!
  13. I was aware that something was up for some time, but prior to the release of racing mode, the effect made very little practical impact on drone design. With racing live and velocity caps increased, however, what was a nuisance is drastically effecting my drone designs. Part of why many drones that aren't using VTOL are fish-tailing down the track is being caused by their inability to travel in a straight line.
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