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  1. ccallahanny


    You know, scientists are genetically engineering goats that make spider silk in their milk, so...
  2. ccallahanny


    About 5-7. I think a strong but nutritious food for the mountions that may battle the predators. It will fight back to reflect the nature of the mountains.
  3. ccallahanny


    Sure, Adam's story is cool, but it's only a cutseen and a few events. So how about a mode with a little more story? Say hello to Ruins. Basicaly, niche is set in a world that used to have... something. You may find shiny husks with pictures in them of tiny bluebirds or a baby whale. You can shelter in them to build nests. Those children born in them may have unusual traits. Also, frozen figures talk about strange creatures that used those husks. What else happens is up to the devs, but I don't want to ruin(see what I did there?) the no end of niche. Maybe just a little suspence?
  4. ccallahanny


    Hello niche community! I have a brand new food source for you with the flyer craze. Meet the blow fruit. blow fruit: units: 10 number of tiles per fruit: 20 notes: Float in the air and can be reached by land nichelings via the mountains. Look like flying peaches with warts.
  5. ccallahanny


    Baisicaly I have a new prey item for the mountains; say hello to the jumping goat! Attack:2 Speed:4(jumping) Eats: mountain moss, berries. notes: Has the body of a goat and the legs of a spider. Make webs that slow movement, spawn baby goats, and provide nesting material. Bunnies that get stuck will become meat in 3 days. If you attack them or their webs, they will attack you.
  6. ccallahanny

    Crag Island

    Maybe some unique plants and animals only in the water?
  7. ccallahanny

    Atoll Island/Coral Reef

    HOW ABOUT: The land forms a circle around the water, with little gaps in them. all the islands are jungle.
  8. ccallahanny

    Tank of a Predator: Tigle

    I think it should attack apes and beareynas to.
  9. ccallahanny

    Apex Predator: Spiture

    I think that all creatures should get stuck in the web, since it is the apex predator. Somtimes the spider would leave it's web and hunt apes.