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  1. How about a chickadeer? Body, legs of a deer but with the head and tail of a chickadee. Speed: 3 Sight: 2 Smell: 2 Hearing: 3 Digging: 1 Collecting: 3 Camouflage: 2 Would be nocturnal. Spawn in herds of 1-5 that generally stick together(0-2 tiles away) but will sometimes wander up to 6 tiles away. If they find food in that period, they will report it back to the herd and the herd will follow.
  2. Can you draw The Runt Sisters? The spotted one is Mela and the toxic body is Rael.
  3. Amazon was born on the Overgrown Jungle island. As a child, she was bossy, but later found love in that Yellow wanderer. Then she formed a hunting band of her priests. Tavan was an old veteran that had saber fangs and black fur with brown spots. Ismeme was Amazon's assistant and apprentice. She was a purple toxic body with saber fangs and the mask. There was also a poison fanged wanderer that took the damage from all the predators. In my game, they've killed to apes. The song brothers were twins that had eerily similar genes. They brought in the bulk of wanderers- some of witch had the peacock til and joined their ranks. The runt sisters were two wanderers brought in by the song brothers. they both had double no paw and poison fangs. They also had stinky tail and peaock tail recessive. They quickly became enemies with the song bothers.
  4. Amazon, the warrior goddess: The Song Brothers: The Runt Sisters:
  5. Also, I will make an alliance with Adam and Caramel. You are free to settle on UNRA land and you need only to ask for our knowledge.
  6. Greetings, fellow Nichelings! We are the United Nicheling Research Alliance[UNRA], and we come in peace. We are willing to discover any kind of science for you. Literacy Rate: 100% Military power: 6 No. of gods: 21 Technology Level:10 Cultural Level: 9 National Animal: Bluebird Exports: Oil, Hessians, Stinky Fruit, Genetically Engineered Giant Bunnils, Poison Berries, Mud. Number of Islands: 4[Burning Savannah, Swampy Hill, Summer Mountains, Rain forest. Burning Savannah houses a listening fort and is out skirted by barracks. Swampy Hill has a secret bunker for the president and supplies the rest of the nation with raw resources. Summer Mountians has a science lab and a large number of farms/livestock pens. Rain Forest is the capital and has the main research labs. Most of our research is biology focused and we sell information to the highest bidder.
  7. I am really afraid of wasps, hornet, bees, etc. I used to love them but one time at my grandmas house at yellow jacket stung me and it a few days for the swelling to die down.
  8. I think Argy, after Argentavis, monster vulture. Or Phorus, after the genus Phorusrhacidae, witch were terror birds. Maybe Haast, for Haast's eagle( those big birds are Moas). Terror birds again. There my favorite magafauna.
  9. Has anyone found a double-winged creature yet? From top to bottom: Sarlac, Meme, Henry, Snake, Star, Toxin, and War.
  10. Also, pattern should effect wing color areas. DRAMATIC PAUSE The diversity.
  11. Yes Yes Yes Also, i'm with Leaellynasura. They should give flight ability.
  12. Plus two new island ideas. Managrove: Size: large. Difficulty: medium. Description: mostly submerged with a few small islands strewn through it. Islands are a mix of jungle and swamp. Several submerged managrove trees in shallow water and jungle trees in deeper water. Dark Depths: Size: huge. Difficulty: hard. Description: Entirely deep ocean biome, only accessible via underwater ports. Also I just realized this but archipelago would be awesome for a player who liked it's tried to live in the ocean.
  13. Thanks! I'm thinking that the edges of the island(or maybe patches in the middle of more watery islands ) that house the deep ocean biome. Spires: Provide 1+ heat when next to. Has 10 shrimp that offer 2 food when collected all over it. Normal water predators can't travel to the deep biome, so a new one has emerged: the anglerpus. Anglerpus: Has the body of an angler, the bulb of an angler, and the tentickles of a vampire squid. 2 attack, 3 swimming, and 1+ attraction. Basically, on the smelling menu, the player will see a single green dot. Newbies will not recognize the trap, thus dooming their nicheling.
  14. Wow, great ideas. List of ocean biomes: Coral reef, open water(normal), and frigid. Possibly deep ocean? Different types of coral would be a cool addition to the game. I heard somewhere that the underwater breathing plant is a version of coral, but more color-coded corals would be awesome. Ahem; - purple= underwater breathing. - green= food. - blue= barrier like rocks. - red= nesting materiel. - brown= new fish spawner? - orange= land supporter; holds nicheling above water. - yellow= tree trunk of the sea. Prey items: Giant snail: 1 armor, 1 speed per day, 2 health, 5 food. Flattang: 3 speed, 3 health, 2 food. Anemome: 1 speed, 2 health, 1+ stinging ability, 2 food. Electric Reel: 1 speed, 2 health, 3 food. Cleaner Crab: 1 armor, 1 speed, 3 food. Puffer Horse: 1 speed, 1 spikiness, 2 food. Bettabass: 2 speed, 2 health, 5 food. Moray Squid: 3 speed, 2 health, 4 food. Can create an ink cloud. Spawn from brown corals. If attacked deal 1 damage to nicheling or make ink cloud, then run away. Predators: JellyShark: 1+ stinging ability, 3 fishing, 3 attack, 3 swiming, 2 eyesight, 0 hearing, 0 smelling, 1+ electrosense. Sharkidile: 2 fishing, 2 attack, 3 swiming. I imagine the jellyshark having only the tentickles of a jellyfish instead of a tail. Island concepts: Sunken Haven: entire island except for ports and maybe a few 3x3 islands is underwater. Ocean is entirely coral biome. Flooded Island: most of the island is under water except for fringe islands. Mostly coral ocean biome but a few patches of normal ocean. Aqualopolis: A tiny green island in the north, with the rest of the island underwater. Normal islands could also have the new ocean biomes.
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