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  1. Ok. You do seem to be a nice person and have very extensive knowledge of the game. The devs would be lucky to have a person like you.
  2. Ok. That sounds great! Also, just wondering, are you a nimbatus dev Lurkily?
  3. YEAS! I’m so happy to hear that!
  4. That is what I’m getting at. Players who are still learning the basics can decrease the difficulty while more experienced players can challenge themselves with higher difficulty levels and have more enemies to deal with like the old players had to in earlier versions of the game and bee swarms of 30+ bees. I just want to give my OP drone a true challenge as it can cut through the current enemies like budda.
  5. Ok. I didn’t know that something similar was already planned. Can’t wait to see it get implemented!
  6. I just want to make a “moon rover” of sorts. But I need wheels that have traction on the ground. Please, devs, add wheels.
  7. I would like to propose an idea. As I have made some pretty OP drones (try searching “OP SNAKE MK 3” in the steam workshop, which I hopefully will upload later today). I have found the current missions to be WAY TOO EASY! There needs to be some sort of difficulty setting for missions that players can adjust to their liking. It could range from small swarms of ~5 enemies to swarms of ~30-50+. Also, just a random tip: use shotgun (basic blaster + upgraded shooting speed over time + (optional) energy saver upgrade) with magnets to make a shield of bullets and then go really fast at one of the clouds of enemies then, using the magnets, repel the bullets forward. This creates a fast and deadly wall of bullets, ultimately destroying the swarm. That’s why I say that the game is too easy, I just destroy my opponents with ease. I need more of a challenge.
  8. I agree. I’m mostly hoping for local hosting so I can play with my friends without having to deal with hackers. Hackers just kill all the fun in games.
  9. I would like for there to be some sort of keyboard display in the drone editor that highlights which keys are/aren’t used. That’s all. Please upvote.
  10. I already started a similar topic, but thought it would be good to start a fresh one. I think there should be a way to play with friends and/or other players via internet. People have told me that sumo fights are exactly that, but I disagree. In sumo fights, you’re playing against someone else’s drone, but you only get to watch, so you’re not actually playing. Also I want to be able to do it IN REAL TIME, not against a computer. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Nimbatus, a singleplayer game, gets kinda boring and lonely because players can’t play with each other. I just want to be able to play with my friends in this otherwise awesome game.
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