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  1. Larawolf

    Show off Your Created Nichelings!

    wow you're all super young, I'm 19 but I'm only 5'5 😓
  2. I'm playing around w the new settings and I'm not sure what this does
  3. It is only 5 am here but I. Must. Play.
  4. Larawolf

    Siren Head Fixed

    yep you're absolutely right, totally forgot that wasn't important to add since nothings being taken away so just the underwater breathing ability and the singing, (oops and smelling)
  5. Larawolf

    Siren Head Fixed

    Hi! I made a post called underwater gene, siren head, about a week or two back. There were a lot of issues with it and I didn't think through all the negatives of it, so heres my second attempt. The Gene is called Siren Head as it is in the snout/head slot. It's primary use and ability is to allow the nicheling to call out to creatures under the water. I'd say a fair distance to call out to would be within a 6 space radius, so any underwater creature spawned within those spaces would be drawn to the creatures "song" In the previous post, I made the mistake of saying this creature would have no eyesight, this is no longer the case. Here are the stats, (let me know if i forget anything) +2 smelling (I don't think anything under the water even has a scent anyway, so this doesn't matter much underwater breathing ability New trait, "Ocean's Song" Is the creatures ability to sing and lure in other creatures I really feel like this head should have some drawback to it, so that way the other underwater breathing head wouldn't be entirely useless, since all it does is give you water breathing, if anyone can think of something that's equally balanced to its positive functions I'd appreciate it. I will fix up the picture below when I return home (I've been working away for a few weeks) and will be changing it in this way: The eyes will be the full range of colors as the game currently has, but if it's not too much work for the devs, I think it would be fantastic if they could be in the style of the early versions, where the color takes up the whole eye. Only the tips of the fins will be in the multicolored splashes, and below that the creature will take on the color of its fur color gene and pattern. Not sure if that's even possible to do, and if not maybe the creature could still have the dramatic fin shapes on the head, but instead the whole head will take the pattern and fur color. Please leave thoughts and comments below, and if anyone would like to draw this out please feel free to do so
  6. Larawolf


    They're just a boy band and that was a surprise concert, don't worry
  7. Larawolf

    Hunting Walrus Deer?

    Also having wings and strength allows you to hunt the blue birds, which I believe drop 20 food each
  8. Larawolf

    Help me name this chicken

    Update! I absolutely loved the name Vida, suggested by @Arcsoft. Vida is my little best friend on the farm, unlike all the other chickens she will allow me to pick her up, and when I sit down she will just stay on my lap and let me stroke her wings. By the way, if you guys like animals such as goats and chickens, I've made an instagram account where I show off all the animals on the two farms I work at, if you'd like to check it out, its goats.gone.grazing I'm a huge animal fan, so if you guys have any animal accounts you follow I'd love to know about them.
  9. Larawolf

    Help me name this chicken

    I've been working on a farm and the chickens aren't named, this one's my best bud, she follows me everywhere and lets me hold and pet her but I'm having a hard time coming up with a name, I'll attach some pictures I'm liking the idea of naming her Silvie but I still wanna hear some ideas
  10. Larawolf

    Revive the limping devil!!! (challenge)

    I'm going to assume 3/4 of them are toxic berry bushes
  11. Larawolf

    Niche Hunger Games EXTREME!

    What version of the game is this screenshot from?
  12. Larawolf

    I Am Trying A Playthrough Of Niche

    they mean Jula, the first creature
  13. Larawolf

    Name List

    i suggest popping it into a google doc and calling it niche names, that way you can add your own or others you find elsewhere
  14. Larawolf

    Name List

    bless you, this is so awesome I always have an impossible time with names
  15. does anyone know if there is a console command to increase the nesting material count?