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  1. Hi guys, sorry its been forever. My computer is very broken and the save file was deleted but luckily I have a backup from earlier in the play through! Sadly no updates until I can afford a new computer, but in the meantime everyone has my permission to make a play through like this if they would like to! Id love to read them, so please tag me in them to get my attention. Sorry for everyone who has been waiting for an update, I promise when I get a new computer and bring the save file back up to date this series will be continued.
  2. A tattered hunk of driftwood washes upon the shore of a small island. Upon it lays several unconscious and soaked creatures. The wood catches on the sand of the beach and doesn't drift back out with the tide. One of the creatures coughs awake, spitting sea water from its lungs. It quickly jumps off the wood and grabs a hold of a small child by the scruff, carrying them onto the sand, and placing a paw on the youngling's chest, pumping out the water. It gasps to back to life, gagging up the remaining sea. It whispers in a raspy voice. "D...Derek?" Derek smiles to Princess Maria for just a moment before turning his attention to the other two creatures on the wood. They both have been moved onto the beach. Derek watches as the older creature tries to push life back into the child. He rushes over to aid her. "Please we have to save him, he's my son. I did this for him!" She cries, desperately trying to revive him. Derek moves her aside and gives it a go. All hope seems lost until the child kicks back to life. The woman wails and holds him close, quickly drying him off. They all take some time to regain their energy and take in the reality of their situation, no one saying a word. The children settle down and sleep beside their respective guardians. Finally, Derek looks to the woman. "What's your name?" She smiles at him slightly. "My name is Isobelle Tigre. And this is my son, Robert..." She pauses on the child's last name. Derek tilts his head, quickly understanding the situation. "He is not from your family, is he? His father holds a different house." Isobelle weighs this situation for a moment, stuttering slightly as she confesses. "We all may die here. And we all may die here because of me. My son, he is the child of King Henry Valois. Obviously, I am no Queen Catherine. But my child has the royal symbol, and as a threat to her throne, instead of giving us safe passage far away, she clearly condemned us to death." A tear rolls down her cheek. She looks to Derek. "I am sorry that I caused you this fate, may I ask who are you? And why you were on that trade ship?" "I fear we may be at a crossroad on who lies at fault for this shipwreck. I am Derek March, and it was my job to accompany young Princess Marie to her future husband and King in the Southern Kingdom. It was my assumption the ship was destroyed by the King Consort of the Eastern Kingdom in order to prevent Queen Eliza from being under the Blood Alliance of Queen Mary Stuart. I suppose we are lucky to be of such high importance, perhaps Mary will send ships to come look for us." A sudden harsh breeze blows a cluster of sand into his face and he winces slightly. Isobelle looks at the large gash on Derek's eye. "We need to do something for that, if it becomes infected you could lose your vision in that eye." Derek sighs and shakes his head. "There's not enough light for that now. And we need to rest. In the morning we will explain the situation to the children, and try to make the most of this island. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Don't do this." Queen Eliza demands, backing away from her subjects. The Knox family men have surrounded her, as has her husband King Consort William. "Eliza. Bring me our son immediately, and no harm will come to you. We don't want to take this throne with violence, but we will if you make us." William spits with a venomous smile. Eliza glares back at him. "No harm will come to me regardless. You are but one Noble family, the March's wish to keep me in power and as does my father, the King. When he hears of this he will send reinforcements as quickly as possible. He will hear of your treachery. And he will hear of the murder of my daughter." Eliza growls back. Snapping her teeth at William. He stutters for a moment, losing his harsh composure. "M...murder? You truly think I killed my daughter? My flesh and blood? Her death was tragic and I would do anything to bring her back. It is you who turned her into a weapon against us. I am tired of being nothing but a consort to you in a loveless marriage. I want the power. I want the crown. With my son so young, I will take charge as regent until he is ready, and you will stay where a woman belongs, a mother raising a child." Eliza shakes her head and scoffs, laughing in a low and condescending tone. "You think they will let me live William? The second I am removed from the throne, I will be executed. Look at them William, look in their eyes, do you see mercy?" She stares at him with desperation, hoping he will see the light. He looks to John Knox and his son Charles, then back to his wife. In a calm breath he responds. "So be it." He turns to the Knox family, who look to him expectantly. "Not yet. She's right, we need more support. Allow absolutely no trade ships to enter or leave this harbor without our blessing. No word is to get to her father about this." They walk away, leaving the Queen in tears as she rushes to the March house to protect herself and her son. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Several Months Pass, many children have been sent to their new homes in their arranged marriages. In the Northern Kingdom, King Henry grows old and weak. Queen Catherine is due any day with their final child. She does not worry about the gender of the child, only the royal status. The Medici family is loyal to her and her bank account, and the Tigre family has left to pursue the art of trade. With the Medici family now being the only Noble family, Catherine knows she will be accepted as Regent until her newest child is old enough, praying they have the Royal Symbol. She sits atop her nest with Princess Hope at her side. She sighs, knowing her child's fate is sealed. Today she received a letter from the East in response to her own, where she states that if Prince Alaric takes Princess Hope as his bride, uniting their Kingdoms, they will send reinforcements to assist in the dethroning of Queen Eliza. The response from an overjoyed King Consort William was an eager acceptance of the proposal, and that the young Princess should be sent over on the same ship as the reinforcements. She suddenly feels her first contraction, yelping out in pain. Hope awakens and sees what's happening. "I'll go get Wendy! Mother, your baby is coming!" She takes off down the Castle halls, retrieving Wendy Medici. King Henry limps into the room as well. Not only growing with old age, Henry has been succumbing to the effects of the poison Catherine has mixed into his food each night. With the other Noble family being gone, she could have just killed him outright, but she wishes to spare her daughter the pain of knowing her mother was capable of killing her own father. She cries out again, and over the course of the night, the final child of King Henry Valois is born. "Oh....It's...a girl.." Princess Hope says with a painfully obvious tone of disappointment. Catherine ignores her, eagerly searching the child over. She gasps in shock and cries with joy. "The Symbol! She has the Symbol." She looks to all the concerned faces in the room, including that of Wendy Medici. "Behold the next Queen." Wendy nods, as if given a cue, and walks out of the room. Come morning, King Henry will be dead, and she, her husband, and Princess Hope will board a ship on route to the East. Where Queen Eliza Candor will be dethroned. ___________________________________________________________________________ That's all for now, sorry for such a short update again. It was just very frustrating to have to rewrite so much of the story that I had already written, and it's also hard to find time with my work schedule. Hopefully will have the time and energy to make a very large update soon, especially with the drastic shifts of power that are about to come.
  3. new update coming soon, sorry if things are out of place and confusing I had a draft saved for continuing the story but my computer crashed resulting in me losing everything I had written so far. so if you're like hey I don't remember that baby being there last time or something like that, let me know and I'll fix any mistakes.
  4. "My People!" Queen Mary Stuart calls to the crowd, striding onto the stage with an air of confidence and burning rage. She looks out to her subjects, every family member has attended except for the youngest children, who are being watched by King Gideon at the Castle. They look to her with worry and concern, unaware of what this meeting could possibly be about. Prince John sits among them, a bitter sadness in his eyes. "We have been betrayed!" She roars. The crowd gasps and murmurs with unease. "A trade ship making its rounds to each Kingdom was due to arrive here four days ago. Upon this ship was a Princess from the Eastern Kingdom, betrothed to my son, John. This ship never made it to our ports. Halfway here from the Eastern Kingdom the ship was mysteriously destroyed. The cause is unknown. No bodies have been uncovered at sea, only fragments of the ship and its mast have been washed up on the shore. I believe this was a deliberate attack. I do not know which Kingdom called of the sinking of the ship. But I am in need of your help. You all now have children who will, at your will, be placed in arranged marriages. I need spies. I need information. Whichever Kingdom killed this young Princess and her Guardian will not remain unpunished. This is also to be taken as a direct attack upon Queen Eliza, as this marriage would have formed a blood alliance between our Kingdoms, shifting all power to our Kingdoms. I ask of you, if you are willing to allow me to decide who your children will marry, when the time comes and I learn the truth, your children will be free of the marriages if they so please, even if they have already grown and married. I beg of you to help our Kingdom, dark forces like this cannot continue. This was a declaration of War, and we will not sit by idle while our people are killed!" The men and boys in the crowd roar in agreement, while the mothers look to their children with worried eyes. Prince John sits silently, holding his eyes to his mother. Someday he will become a great King, he thinks to himself, and he will personally kill anyone responsible for the death of his betrothed. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Queen Catherine Valois has just collapsed onto the ground, her mouth open and her eyes wide with horror. "Wendy...are you trying to tell me...that on the ship that I intentionally had sunk...there was a Princess...on her way to marry the next King of the Southern Kingdom?" Wendy Medici adverts her eyes, stuttering slightly. "Well, your majesty, this was kept under the utmost secrecy, none of the crew informed us of this. There's no way we could have known." Catherine shakes her head, tears begin to cloud her eyes. "No one can ever be able to tie this back to us, if there are any survivors at all I am doomed. King Henry will have me beheaded and our family will have war with the East and the South. We need the upper hand here. There must be a way for us to solve this problem. King Henry is growing older by the day, I feel this child may be his last, if the child doesn't have the royal symbol the Valois family will lose the throne." "Catherine, this may work in our favor in the long run." Catherine looks at Wendy like she's insane, she begins to speak but the Noble cuts her off. "King William seeks to remove Queen Eliza from the throne and rule as King Father and Regent until their son is old enough to take the crown. Until now, he has had no support but that of the Knox Family. If we have his back and create an alliance, we can prevent Eliza from ever finding the truth, and with the alliance in the East now shifted to us, the South will never be able to start a war." Catherine sits and thinks about this for a moment, considering all the possibilities. "If we do this. Queen Eliza will not survive. King William will see to her death. King Henry would never allow that, it would make our Kingdom look bad in the eyes of all the others" "Then we wait for him to die, if this child is the Heir, perhaps we speed up the process a little." Catherine stares at Wendy, trying to understand what her friend is talking about. Finally she manages to speak. "You want me to kill the King..." _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ All has been peaceful in the Western Kingdom. Queen Amy has just had her child, a boy named Edmund. He does not carry the Royal Symbol, but is still a blessed sign of the Queen's fertility. King James Tudor enters the nest room, looking lovingly down at his child. The Queen raises her head in greeting. "Amy, we've received a letter from the South. Apparently the trade ship that docked here from the North just a few months ago has been destroyed, intentionally. There was a Princess from the East on board, on her way to the South to marry their young Prince. Mary also writes of a young woman and her child seeking refuge from the North who were aboard. No bodies have been found, but she feels this is an act of war. She warns us to be careful who we ally ourselves with, especially now that you are with child, if we marry into the wrong Kingdom, we could find ourselves on opposite ends of the battle field." "Oh James...what will we do? Our son doesn't have the symbol, he could marry and make a wonderful alliance for us, but how do we know who to trust? If he marries an upcoming Queen, we could be making enemies at all sides." James shakes his head slightly. "I think this is an indirect warning to fear the East. Their King is desperate to rid of their Queen, we cannot trust them until Eliza's power is secured. Queen Catherine is due to have her child any day now. I believe if we ally with the North, and show our support for Queen Eliza, William will have to step down from the Throne." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To be continued Sorry that this update was a little shorter, didn't have much time today
  5. Quick Update: Another plot based update will be coming soon, but for now here are all the new children born to the Noble (not Royal) families. They will all be integrated into the plot later on but due to how many of them there are, I think from now on I'll post all these updates separately and maybe with a family tree to make them easier to keep track of.
  6. glad you're enjoying it!!
  7. Marcus Kent runs home to his wife after the meeting. Anya lifts her head in greeting, giving him a slight smile. "Welcome home my dear, I hope the meeting was nothing too boring. I've great news." Marcus looks her with terror in his eyes. "Anya, Please tell me you did not send those letters." She freezes, her smile instantly dropping off her face and her eyes widening. "Marcus, what's happened?" He shakes his head. "The Queen is pregnant. If anyone finds those letters, and they make their way to King James, we will be hung for treason." Anya wails out in response. "Marcus the letters were just delivered in a trade ship, they will reach the Northern Kingdom within the next year. What will we do??" Marcus looks to their son, Luke. "I don't know, we must protect our son at all costs. This scandal will not only kill us but destroy our names. We must find an arranged marriage for our son and we must do it quickly. We must find away to separate him from us, no one will marry him if this is discovered. Our family will become Freemen." Anya shakes her head, eyes still wide with shock. "No...Marcus...There isn't time...there's no way we can do that...because I'm pregnant with another child." ___________________________________________________________________________________ "What do you mean she's gone??" King Henry roars to his wife, who sits calmly, like a statue, upon her nest. "She left Henry, she took the money I gave her and she is gone. She boarded the trade ship with your illegitimate child and left. Henry's eyes are filled with rage and hatred. "How could you do this! You have ruined everything!" Catherine scoffs, shaking her head. "Oh, I've ruined everything Henry? Do you think your nobles would have allowed you to overthrow me? Do you think they would be okay with you allowing a child born out of wedlock being placed on your throne? No. It never would have been allowed. You would have needed to kill both me and your daughter in order to achieve that, and I would never, ever allow that to happen." For a moment, Henry's eyes soften, he stutters slightly, looking back at his wife. "Catherine..I...I could never hurt either of you. My daughter may not be what I wanted but she is still my child. I simply wanted a son, Catherine you must understand that." "Henry, I do. I do understand that, but you can have a son with me, a true Royal Heir, one that will protect your legacy, your bloodline. Isobelle's child would have ruined your name, our name. I will bring us a son Henry, I swear it." ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Nobleman Derek March rushes to the Castle. Queen Eliza Candor has gone into labor. He quickly joins her side and assists her in the birth. "Easy now, Deep breaths." After a long and stressful night, Queen Eliza has her child. King William and Princess Marie join her side as the child is given to her. She gasps with joy, and with a smirk she looks to William. "I have had a son, bearing the Royal Symbol. Your plots to destroy me will continue no longer. I am the Queen, your power exists only with me, so long as me and my father shall live, you will hold no true crown in this Kingdom. Today Princess Marie will board the trade ship headed for the Southern Kingdom, and upon her arrival the alliance with the South will be solidified. I have birthed a King and a Queen, you will not harm me." William says nothing, simply staring at the child. Derek walks up to him calmly. "Perhaps you misunderstood the Queen, I think it is time that you leave." William looks to his wife, then to Derek, then again to the child. He turns silently and leaves. Derek turns to young Marie and smiles. "Are you scared Princess?" Marie, still just a child, puts on a brave face. "I will go, for my mother, to save her." Derek smiles, so does Eliza. "You won't be alone my dear." Marie raises an eyebrow. "Because I will be going with you on the ship to the South, to make sure you get there safely." Eliza gasps. "Derek no, I can't ask you to do that, you have a family of your own to care for, your wife is pregnant she needs you." Derek smiles and looks back to his Queen. "My wife understands I will only be gone for a short time. I will hopefully return before the birth of the baby, and the Princess deserves proper protection." Tears begin to form in Eliza's eyes. "Thank you Derek, you are my most trusted friend." Derek and the March Family walk with the Princess to the harbor. Derek's wife Marie says a tearful goodbye, as does their son. Derek looks to Princess Marie. "Alright Princess, are you ready to go?" She smiles up at him, and together the board the ship. _____________________________________________________________________ Once on the ship, Derek and Princess Marie look about the cabins. Marie finds a box, sealed tight and made of a metal. She lifts it, expecting it to be heavy, but instead it is very light. There is an odd symbol engraved into the box, like a Family Seal. Thinking its pretty, she places it in her bag when Derek isn't looking, still too young to really understand the wrongs of stealing. A small voice calls from one of the cabins. "Hello? Is someone there?" Derek turns towards the room the sound came from. He looks back to Princess Marie and whispers. "Stay here, Whoever this is, isn't supposed to be here. All crew are supposed to stay on the upper level cabins." He carefully walks over to the room, opening the door and walking inside. Marie follows behind anyway. In the room they see a young woman on a nest holding a child. Derek, bewildered, exclaims. "Who are you???" Suddenly, the ship began to shake. The lights go out with a crash, and water begins to flood the ships floor. ______________________________________________________________________ To be continued
  8. Hi everyone, sorry for the late update, work has been really crazy. I reread the story and realized I made a mistake, Prince John doesn't have the Royal Symbol. I've decided for the plot to continue smoothly I will change it so he does. This slightly alters the first part of the story, where he is named illegitimate and Queen Mary says he will never be King, I am now editing it to say that he does, and he will be King. If you notice any sections were I didn't make this change, let me know. Next update will be up within the next few hours once these changes are made and I edit a few things on the save.
  9. In the Eastern Kingdom, Queen Eliza finds herself going into labor. She sends word for Derek March to be by her side for the delivery in fear of what her King Consort William may do to the child upon its birth. William looks to the Noble who has entered the delivery room. "Derek. I truly don't think your presence is necessary for this." Derek gives him an empty smile. "William, you must forget that my wife has just had our child as well, and I assisted her through the whole birth. Same goes for the Emily Knox's birth, she needed someone will experience to help her deliver. Do you not wish the best for your wife, your majesty?" William simply glares, Eliza screams out in pain to remind the two of the matter at hand. After a long, long night. Eliza has her child. Eliza holds the new child closely to her, Derek by her side. "Well??" William demands. "What is it?" Eliza looks up at him, in her eyes is a strength that she has never shown before. "It is a girl, William. A daughter. She does not have the Royal Symbol." William tilts his head to her and chuckles lightly. "Oh? And is this good news to you Eliza, that you have failed at your only purpose? I have heard rumors of the pregnancy of King Henry's mistress, if she has had a son, even illegitimate as he would be, do you not think that he would be a preference for this throne?" Eliza holds her gaze on him, a burning passion blazes before her that almost makes him step back. "No harm will come to me or this child. Because as an illegitimate Princess, she is now engaged to the Royal Heir of the Southern Kingdom. And William, I know you and your followers would not dare harm a Queen." William looks back at her in horror, with the Queen of the South on her side, creating the first Royal Alliance in the New Kingdoms, Eliza has now shifted the balance of power. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the Western Kingdom, King James has called a meeting with the Nobles. Their wives have stayed home to care for their children, so only Marcus Kent and John Pents have attended. The King stands on the higher ground in show of his status, his wife Amy by his side. He looks to his Nobles with a wide smile on his face. "My people!" James calls out. "I have fantastic news, my wife, Amy, is finally with child!" Marcus and John look at each other in shock. Rumors had begun to spread that the Queen was barren, and Marcus's wife, Anya, had begun preparing to send a letter to the North asking for military assistance in overthrowing their weak King and childless Queen. John is overjoyed, no longer is there any reason to overthrow King James. Even if the child is not the next Heir, the couple is so young they will be able to produce many, many children in their lifetime. "Long live the King!" John shouts out. Marcus, still a little dazed by the events, takes a quick and shaky breath and smiles, shouting as well. "Long live the King!" He must return home and tell his wife, for if those letters are ever found, the two will be hung for treason against the Crown. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "So?" Queen Consort Catherine Valois asks NobleWoman Wendy Medici. "I have horrible news your majesty, Isobelle has had a son. He has the Royal Symbol. Both Henry and Isobelle approached my husband. Isobelle wants our help sneaking her onto a merchant ship to the South, so she and her son can live safely as far away from the Northern Kingdom as possible." Catherine is surprised by this, she thought for sure Isobelle would be overjoyed to be in such high favor of the King now, he will probably take her as his official mistress. "And the King? What did he ask you for?" Wendy looks solemnly at her Queen, Catherine has paid her a high price to be her spy over these past months, and in that time she has come to care for her "He asked for our family's support in dethroning you, and naming his new son as the next Heir." Catherine gasps, nearly collapsing in shock. "In times before I have shipped away many women who have held Henry's child. I hear the rumors. That I slaughter the babies like a wolf in the night. But none of its true, I have never killed the children, they all live on safely, far away from the crown. But this...." Her breath falters and shakes, she looks first to young Hope, sleeping soundly in her nest, then back to Wendy, with a new burning sadness and anger in her eyes. "Give her the passage on the trade ship. Get me the exact time of its departure and make sure there are no important items or persons on board." She whispers faintly, almost to herself. "This child must die." ___________________________________________________________________________________________ "I have just received a letter." King Consort Gideon states as he approaches Queen Mary. She is sitting next to her son Prince John, rocking him gently as he sleeps. She looks up to her mate and gently places the child back into the nest. She reaches for the letter and turns it to the back. "This is Queen Eliza's Royal Seal." She quickly opens the letter, skimming the page, the corner of her mouth begins to stretch to a smile and by the time she has finished the letter she practically jumps for joy. "Queen Eliza has had an illegitimate daughter. Due to threats from the King Consort and her Nobles, she thinks forging a blood alliance between our Kingdoms is a fantastic idea, and with such she has agreed to the arranged marriage between her new daughter, Marie, and our son John." Gideon smiles as well, though for just a second it fades when he looks to his son. "I hope they love each other." Mary smiles knowingly at him. "Love is a funny, funny thing. I believe if we raise our son to become a good man, he will be easy to love." Gideon sits beside her, smiling down at their child. "And I hope that Princess Marie is raised the same way." Mary pauses a second, looking to her mate. "Well, about that," Gideon turns to her, confused. "Upon the birth of Eliza's next child, Princess Marie will be sent to our castle to assure her safety, and she will be raised by us." _______________________________________________________________________________________ "I can't thank the two of you enough for this" Isobelle is in tears, holding her sleeping son close to her. The Medici's look at her, stone faced but feigning a smile. "We wish you a safe journey to the South. I must ask, does your husband know of your departure?" Isobelle sighs. "He and I were married in name and son only. He loved whoever he wished, and knew I was loyal to the King. But me becoming pregnant with the King's child was not something he could accept. He took my son, Adam, and moved to the farthest end of the Kingdom. I went to him to beg for as many of the funds he could spare, but he refused. He knew the King would blame him for my departure and cut off all of his funds, he must save every penny he has so Adam may live a good life, and I understand that." Her voice shakes slightly. "Adam is still my son, and it pains me so much to leave him behind, but he is safe here." Wendy looks upon the little boy, knowing his true fate once they set sail. "Your new child, have you named him?" Isobelle smiles through her tears. "Yes, Robert Tigre." Charles is taken aback. "You have not given him the Kings name?" "No. He will never know the truth of his father. He will grow up in the South believing he is simply just a child I had out of wedlock, and we left home to start over, technically not a lie, but still so far from reality I don't think its the truth." The waves splash against the shore as the boat pulls into the harbor. Crew begins to unload the merchandise and load on the next shipment. There are far fewer crates going on board then there are coming off. Isobelle looks to Charles in confusion. "Is this all that you're loading up?" Charles smiles. "Yes, we made sure that the load was lighter on this shipment, we want you two to have space to move about the storage cabin." Isobelle thanks them again, and begins to carry her son onto her ship. "Oh! one last thing." Wendy calls to her. Isobelle stops and looks back. "Does Queen Mary know you're coming? I'd hate for you to be taken as a spy." Isobelle smiles at her. "Don't worry! Everything is taken care of!" She and her child board the ship, unknowing of what is in store for them. ________________________________________________________________________ To Be Continued.
  10. Queen Mary and Queen Consort Catherine are both on the final night of their pregnancy. Their Kingdoms eagerly await the news of the child's gender and Royal Status. Neighboring Kingdoms are faced with worries. A male Royal Heir for the Northern Kingdom could pose as a threat to all Kingdoms. Mary is unworried of the gender of her child, she knows she is young and confident in the support of her Nobles. Queen Eliza worries deeply, only on the first few months of her pregnancy she knows a female or illegitimate child could result in her being overthrown if her Nobles conspire with the North. King James worries about the fact his mate is not yet pregnant, most likely due to how young they are. Each Kingdom rests for the night, and awaits news to come in the morning Morning arrives, Catherine and Mary have had successful births. Mary looks down to her young child. "Gideon, It's a boy" The two look at each other happily, and then check him for the Royal Symbol. Gideon's voice wavers with joy "Mary...He...he has the Symbol!" Mary lifts her head to look at her mate, her eyes glint with happiness. "He is the Royal Heir..." She looks back down to her very first child. "John." She states with confidence. "Prince John. He will become the next King." Gideon nods excitedly, picking up his son to hold in his arms. "Welcome to the Southern Kingdom John, this is your home." ___________________________________________________ Meanwhile in the Northern Kingdom, Catherine sits crying in her nest, holding her new child close to her. Henry bursts into the room, locking eyes with his wife. "The child, Catherine, is it a boy? Does he have the Symbol?" He approaches her quickly, she pulls the child closer. "Henry. Please. She's still your ch-" Henry growls in a rage. "Another daughter, Catherine!!??" He takes a furious swipe at the nearby tree, causing it to shake slightly. "In the Homelands, it was girl after girl, and you've gone and had another now! What use is it!" Catherine covers the ears of the child, who has begun to whimper. "Henry she can always marry a King, she can make us a wonderful alliance-" "I DON'T NEED AN ALLIANCE, I NEED AN HEIR." Henry roars then charges out of the room, taking off out of the castle. Catherine continues to weep, whispering softly to her baby. "My dear, no harm is ever going to come to you, I swear. You will be safe with me. And someday you will marry a great King, we must only have hope" She looks over her daughter, who has settled down and quieted in her arms. "Yes....young Princess Hope....you are a great gift to me my love, bring me hope and strength in this new land." Henry has stormed off into town. He goes to the Tigre house, bursting through the door to find Isobelle still in bed. She quickly looks up at him, her eyes are swelled and puffy as though she has been crying. "H-Henry...what are you doing here? Didn't Catherine just have your child? Shouldn't you be with her and your new baby?" Henry calms himself and walks over to her nest, sitting on the edge. "It was a girl. Yet another daughter. Catherine has only ever given me one son, and he is now King of the Homelands. I find myself growing older and weaker, I fear my time is approaching, if Catherine cannot bear me a son, the Valois line will die here before it even began. She doesn't even have the Royal Symbol, not that my Nobles would ever allow a Queen in power if she did." "Henry, I'm so sorry... but you cannot blame your wife for the gender of your child, it's nothing she can control." "You would think so, but time and time again she has given me daughters! Maybe this is a sign from the Gods, I should never have brought her here. I should have never forced Thomas to marry you. I should have left her behind and taken you as my wife, you would have given me a son, I know it." Isobelle looks to him with sad and pained eyes. "Henry, when you burst in here you didn't even ask where Thomas and Adam were." Henry pauses a second, looking around the room. He looks back to Isobelle in confusion. "Well then, where are they? It's so early in the morning, I expected that they were just asleep, with Adam being born I assumed the two of you no longer slept in the same nest, as you no longer need another child." Isobelle begins to cry. "Oh Henry, that's all true, Thomas is so angry with me, he took one look at me this morning, grabbed Adam from his nest and rushed out the door." Henry is taken aback, he stares at her bewildered. "What?? Why on earth would he do that? I'll go find him, I'll make him p-" "HENRY!" Isobelle shouts at him, stopping him mid sentence. She rises from her nest, standing in front of him "I am pregnant, with your child." _________________________________________________________________________________ "So???" Queen Eliza questions. "Is there news yet? What are the children??" Noble Man Derek March stands before Eliza with a smile. "I have received letters from both the North and the South. Mary has had a son, a Royal Heir." "And Catherine's child???" Eliza demands, terror in her eyes. "A daughter." Eliza lets out a sigh of relief. "The child is not only female, but also does not carry the Symbol. She is no threat to your crown, your majesty. Currently you are the next Queen in line to give birth, as Amy has been unable to become pregnant. It is my sincere hope you produce a male Heir, but you are also young, far younger than King Henry, even if the child you have is a female, if it bears the Royal Symbol, she will be a preference for the Northern Throne." Eliza looks down sadly. "I don't wish to take someone else's throne, simply to keep my own. I fear for my fate if this child does not hold the Symbol, and if it is a female, a male from another Kingdom could easily take us over with the right support." Derek looks to her with a glint of knowing in his eyes. "William will not take your throne, we will never allow it. More importantly neither would your father. He wants your Heir and the next ruler to be a King. But that does not mean he doesn't want you as Queen. He loves you, and with that your safety is assured." William enters the room, having returned from town where he was most likely meeting with the Knox family. His eyes are cold. His eyes warm when they move to his wife, or rather her pregnant belly. "I cannot wait for us to produce an Heir." His eyes glint in a chaotic light. "I truly hope you bring us one, Eliza. I don't know what I would do if you didn't" Silence befalls the room. Never has William made such a direct threat towards Eliza in front of a Noble before. His meeting with the Knox family has given him confidence. Eliza looks at him and a chill runs up her spine....what could they have been talking about? __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some months pass. Due to the fact this is a new land and everyone is scrambling to produce children to carry their legacies, all Nobles have had children. In the Northern Kingdom, the Medici family is delighted to have twin sons, Cedric and Cedar. In the Eastern Kingdom, the Knox family greets their son Charles. The March family is overjoyed to have a son as well, Sebastian. In the Southern Kingdom, the Vichi family is feeling blessed by their son Ancel, and they Bayard family is proud to announce their son, Hugh. In the Western Kingdom, the Kent family has had a son, Luke. As have the Pent's family, they've named him Julien. Finally, Isobelle Tigre gives birth to the King's child. He stands by her side and helps her through it. When the child is born he exclaims with joy. "It's a son! Isobelle, you have given me a son!" He checks the child over. "And he bears the Royal Symbol, oh Isobelle this is fantastic, I will make this child King!" Isobelle says nothing, instead a tear falls down her face. She knows Catherine has killed the King's illegitimate children in the past, children the King never even knew existed. A son, let alone a son with the Royal Symbol? Catherine will never allow this threat to continue to exist. She will take the child, and she will run, somewhere Catherine Valois can never reach her or her son. Her eyes turn to Henry, and she weeps for the pain she knows she is soon to cause him. To be continued!!!!!!
  11. Welcome to my Royal Kingdoms Playthrough! I have always been obsessed with the monarchy of 15/16 century Europe, and decided to make a Niche Playthrough dedicated to the reign of multiple kingdoms IMPORTANT!!!!!!: This entire first post is background information!! the playthrough will begin in the second post. if you prefer to skip all the background and jump right into the story, go to the second post. (if you're reading this and the second post isn't there yet, don't worry, it's in the works.) General Info: This playthrough will take place on the Archipelago Islands. Each Island is a kingdom/separate territory. Smaller lands may or may not have a ruler and will start of unclaimed, but can become claimed by a nearby powerful kingdom. This can be good plot for creating wars and disputes between kingdoms. This playthrough is entirely plot based, therefor creatures will start off with max food and nests and will not need to collect anything. I will change appearances and immunity genes of creatures through console as I see fit for the plot and to keep the story interesting and flowing. If you know the basics of what a King/Queen does and what a Noble/Peasant (I'll be calling them Freemen) does, feel free to skim/skip all the info below. Ranks: Royalty: The King/Queen: They are the ruler of the kingdom, 9/10 times given the right to rule by birth. They decide who their children will marry, who their kingdom will ally or fight with, and if they want to fight to take on unclaimed (or maybe even claimed...) territories. They wear the royal gems. The King/Queen Consort: The husband/wife of the king/queen. They were married into this family and do not hold a claim to the throne. If their mate dies they will either stay to raise their children as the Queen/King Mother/Father and no longer hold power, (unless their are no children of age to rule, in which they become regent until their child is of age to take over) Or they will return to their home kingdom. If they are born to another kingdom, they will return home, but if they are a local noble they will be allowed to continue living in the castle. They also wear the royal gems as long as they are in power. King/Queen Father/Mother: The king/queen consort who has lost their mate but still has young children in the castle. They hold no longer hold any power but still have a say in the fate of their children. Most likely parent of the new King/Queen they are good to have in court as another adviser to the youngling who is now in power. Regent: If the King/Queen dies and none of their children are old enough to take the throne, someone else will be appointed to rule until the heir is of age to be crowned. this is usually their surviving mother/father, but if they do not have one the role will be appointed to a high ranking noble or the court adviser Prince/Princess: A child born from the King/Queen. They are separated into two categories: Heir: A child born with the Home Immunity symbol. They have a right to the throne and when the King/Queen dies, the eldest will be next in line Illegitimate: A child born without the Home Immunity symbol. They have no claim to the throne, but still have the title of prince/princess and with such comes power, they can be married off to other kingdoms princes/princess to create peace or an alliance between families. Note: Princesses/Princes that are heirs cannot be married to heirs of other kingdoms unless the agree to abdicate (give up) their claim to the throne. This prevents a child being born that has a claim to multiple kingdoms. High Ranks: Noble: These are the high ranking towns people. They are what keep the Queen/King in power and if enough of them banded together they could overthrow their current King/Queen. They are the ones sent to other kingdoms to make negotiations, create trade routes, or to safely bring princes/princesses to their arranged mates. They are very powerful, and therefor can marry into the royal line since it brings the crown money as many of these families are rich, and in return they get the power of being the King/Queen consort. Adviser: This is the King/Queen's right hand man (or woman) They advise them in all their important decisions, hold meetings, speak to the nobles, and deliver letters to other kingdoms. They usually come from a noble family, but could truly be anyone the crown trusts. From illegitimate prince/princess who decided not to marry, to a freeman who had somehow come to befriend the court. Low Ranks Freemen: Simply just the working class people, in charge of tending the lands to produce food for the crown, managing trade routes between kingdoms, fishermen, hunters, scouts, knights. Usually work for the Nobles and tend to their lands rather than having their own. The poorer part of the kingdom, cannot marry an Heir but can marry an Illegitimate if the King/Queen allow the marriage. There will be no freemen in the beginning of this playthrough, but will develop with time as families fall out of power, betray the crown, or break the law and are outcasted. Finally, The Rules. A Prince/Princess with the Royal symbol cannot marry another Prince/Princess with the Royal symbol from another Kingdom, Unless they agree to give up their claim to their own throne (I will remove the symbol from their immunity genes and give them another) Princesses will not be chosen first to rule, the crown will go to the eldest son with the Royal Symbol. If there are no sons, the eldest Princess with the Royal Symbol will become Queen. (That's just how it was back then) The Queen/King Consort of a King/Queen that has died can not rule the kingdom if their is another Heir ready to take power. If they were to try to fight to keep power, this would be considered treason against the new King/Queen and they would be imprisoned/executed. If the new King/Queen chooses to pardon them, they will become a Freemen. Though it absolutely was not avoided in those times in real life, for this playthrough general imbreeding will be avoided the best I can. For example, If a princess marries a prince of another kingdom, their son will not marry the daughter of the princess' brother. A King/Queen cannot order anyone imprisoned/executed without reason, the Nobles will hold them accountable if they do. They can be removed from the throne if the Nobles all agree in a vote. A King/Queen cannot declare war on another Kingdom without reason. (though they may make one up if they can get away with it) Potential reasons are: The other Kingdom has drawn first blood (attacked/killed one of the nobles visiting their land) prevented them from accessing trade routes, allying with a kingdom that is already at war with the other, things like that. If a King/Queen has died before producing an Heir, then an Illegitimate child may take the throne. If the Nobles want to overthrow this decision a Princess/Prince from another Kingdom may take power, but this will change the line of succession. (example, if the region is ruled by the Valois family and the king dies without a child with the symbol, and princess from the Tudor family can be placed in power by the nobles, from then on out though, the Tudor family rules the region.) Or if the nobles find an Illegitimate child with the symbol (Born out of wedlock, Perhaps the king has a rendezvous with a local noble woman and she births a child carrying the symbol, but since the child is not born from both king and queen, it holds no claim unless this happens) To begin with, every kingdom will have one ruling family consisting of a King/Queen and their partner, they will both hold the same last name, but as others marry into the family, they will keep their last name and the children will take on the last name of the King/Queen. Noble families will do the opposite though, and the women and children will take the last name of the husband. There will be 2 starting Noble families for each kingdom. Now, Here are the Royal Families: Southern Kingdom Queen and King Consort Queen Mary Stuart and King Consort Gideon Stuart. Together they rule the Southern Kingdom. They are truly in love with one another and hope to be peaceful rulers. Mary comes from a long line of rulers, her family does not hold the common beliefs of a woman being an unfit ruler, and such when these new islands were discovered she was sent to rule them with her mate. The two Noble families by her side support her reign completely, though they are wary of her husband Gideon. Southern Kingdom's Nobles Parker and Joana Bayard. Their family has always been close to the Stuart family. Many of their ancestors were named the official Adviser to the crown. Though at first they were unsure in the decision to place a woman on the throne of this brand new kingdom, they have come to adore Mary and support her views, but it is unlikely they would raise their children to accept a second Queen to take hold of the throne upon Mary's passing. Meagan and Demitri Vichi. A very young couple born to two Freemen families in the homeland, Meagan was the daughter of one of Mary's caregivers, and such the two grew up close friends. When Mary was pronounced Queen she gave her childhood friend and her mate the title of Nobles and brought them along to the new lands. They fully support her reign and will not raise their children to favor kings over queens. The Eastern Kingdom Queen and King Consort Queen Eliza Candor and King Consort William. Eliza was the only remaining child of the King from the homeland, his other son was expected to become the next king and could not leave to rule the New Lands. As such, Eliza was given the title of Queen and forced to marry a young, rich noble. Her marriage is an unhappy one, as her mate William wants the title of King, and if she does not bare a son with the Royal Symbol soon, she worries that he and the Nobles may take the title of Queen from her by force. Eastern Kingdom's Nobles John and Emily Knox. A very rich family from the homeland sent with the task of returning the kingdom to the power of a King. Though the King does not any harm to come to his daughter, simply for them to make sure her Royals sons are first in line for the throne, these two despise the queen and will rid of her by any means necessary. They support King Consort William and are lying in wait for a reason to dethrone the Queen. Derek and Marie March. Chosen by the King and tasked with the same mission as the Knox family, the March family is secretly under the order of Eliza's mother, the Queen Consort from the homelands. She wants her daughter to have a safe and long rule, and these two are her close friends. Though they do not have the same riches the as Knox family, they do know through secret letters that they have the support of Queen Mary from the Southern Kingdom. She wants to prevent all needless bloodshed, and will do all in her power (without risking her own kingdom) to protect another Queen. The Northern Kingdom King and Queen Consort King Henry Valois and Queen Consort Catherine. They have ruled for a long time in the Homelands, and upon hearing of the New Lands they decided to put their eldest son on their throne so they could embark on the journey to rule a new Kingdom. Their marriage has been a long and bitter one. The two may have loved each other in the beginning of their arranged marriage, but those feelings have faded far in the past. Staying together only to produce new Heirs to carry their name, Catherine is aware that Henry has taken many lovers in the past, and knows that is a fact that probably wont change in their new kingdom. She is fierce in the protected of her children and is quick to...eliminate...any threats to her children's rule. They both know their days are far fewer than these new ruling Kings and Queens, and are fighting to quickly produce an Heir to this new throne. Northern Kingdom's Nobles Charles and Wendy Medici. They come from one of the richest families of the Homelands. The two are close in friendship but their marriage was arranged and they don't exactly feel a love towards each other. Their primary concern is having sons to carry their household name and to marry into other rich noble families. They both feel no loyalty to the King besides the money the Crown puts into their pockets, and couldn't care less about politics unless it has a sway towards their bank accounts. They do hope to have a daughter that can marry a royal Heir, as establishing a place in the royal family will only further their influence. The two are not cruel, they're simply money oriented. Thomas and Isobelle Tigre have a young son named Adam. As a former mistress of King Henry, Isobelle was granted passage over to the New Kingdoms, given the Noble title, and given an arranged marriage to Thomas. She would have been unable to wed otherwise, as everyone knew of her affair with the King and no one would have wanted her for a wife. Thomas was a friend of the King and paid a decent sum to marry Isobelle. The two do not remain loyal to each other even though they now have a son. Thomas has taken on many secret lovers and Isobelle is still madly in love with the King. The King had been away prepping this territory for his Kingdom before Isobelle had become pregnant, and as such Adam is considered a 100% legitimate child to the Tigre family. The Western Kingdom King and Queen Consort King James Tudor and Queen Consort Amy have been in an arranged marriage ever since they were children. Over the years the two have fallen for each other, and are now still very young. James wishes to rule with a kind heart, and has a tendency to let others step over him. Amy has grown fiercely protective of James and will be equally as protective over the children they bare. James considers her a true equal to his throne, and believes any gender can hold the Crown. James was never intended to become King, only a duke arranged to marry a rich noblewoman and unite the families. Once the New Kingdoms were discovered, his eldest brother and Heir to the Homelands throne tried to teach his younger brother the ways of a King, but James just wasn't raised with the heart to handle it. So the two mates were shipped off to the New Kingdoms, and the King prays his son will grow strong enough to defend his new Crown. Western Kingdom's Nobles John and Anabelle Pents are distant cousins to Mary Stuart. Their Kingdoms have always been close and as such they were sent to be one of the Noble families in this Kingdom to be able to advice the King to protect Mary's and preserve their alliance. The two are very close, and though they are young they are deeply in love. They want the best for their children and don't want them to be pawns for marriages. They hope to allow their offspring to marry for love, but are aware that's not always how things work in this day in age. They want to keep the Tudor family on the Throne at all costs, and would never turn against their family. Anya and Marcus Kent are a Noble family with the best for the Kingdom in mind. They don't believe James is fit to rule due to how soft he is. They believe if James continues to hold the throne, other Kingdoms will easy worm their way in and take over. They want a new Heir, immediately, and they want James removed from power as soon as a properly trained Heir comes of age, whether he goes willingly or not is the question. The two don't see themselves as cruel, they simple believe that as nobles they must do whatever is best for their Kingdom. Marcus and Anya do love each other, and are a great pair. Anya is a true mastermind, while Marcus relies more on his strength. With All That Said, Let's Begin.
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