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    Development WIP

    I think the good thing about pregnancy is that the player can decide the amount of a time a creature will be pregnant by not putting her on a nest, so if someone feels like pregnancy should last longer with longer lifespans, all they have to do is avoid placing the mother on a nest.
  2. I've been playing on older versions lately just for fun, and I decided to make a playthrough when I saw how beautiful my starting Eve was. No rules for this, just playing the game as is and seeing where it takes me. I start with my Adam and my Eve. The two are in love, having left their old home behind to start a family on this small island. Though Eve's genes are perfection, Two runners legs, perfect eyesight, normal hindlegs and a crown of horns, she is slightly worried by Adams genetics. His eyesight is a little hazy, and his missing paw could be passed down to some of their kids. Eve quietly prays to the gods that her children will receive good eyes and good hindlegs (mutation menu) Once she becomes pregnant, she prepares for her first child, staying in the nest to collect berries while Adam clears away nearby grasses. Their first child is born, a male with a missing paw. They decide to name him Dire, due to his wolf-like fur coloring. Eve immediately is worried about how his lack of paw will limit his life, but Adam reassures her that he will grow up fine. Within the next few days, they have another son, and then another. The older of the two is Tye, and the newborn is Light. Adam begins to worry about the lack of girls being born. Adams concerns are soon answered when a young female wanders into the camp. She's discovered by Dire and the two become quick friends. She introduces herself as Kolara. That same night, Eve births a daughter. They name her Cherry after her lovely red horns. But Adam still remains concerned, as he wanted to keep their bloodline pure, but no immunity genes match up among his children. He is also concerned that Dire has taken too much of a liking to Kolara. Eve, hoping to finally have a child with proper immunity genes, gives birth to yet another daughter. At this point the food sources are dwindling, having more children could result in starvation. This new daughter is named Shimmer for her lovely grey pelt and shining horns Still no luck, her immunity genes don't match anyones. Meanwhile, Adams fears have come true, Kolara is pregnant by one of his children, but to his surprise it is not Dire, but Tye. On the same night, Eve and Kolara give birth. Kolara gives birth to the first cracker jaw child anyone on the island has ever seen, she as well possesses brilliantly blue eyes. Her name is Teagan, meaning Beauty. Eve also gives birth to her child, and rejoices to see her immunities match up to those of Dire. When little Speck grows to adulthood, the two will become partners and continue the tribe. Though the next day comes will a flood of problems for the clan. From the brush emerges a bear. Shimmer, stationed at the berry bush, is the first attacked. The bear takes two massive swipes at her with its claws. Light and Adam quickly rush to her aid, taking down the creature. Adam tends to Shimmers wounds and stops the bleeding, but it is clear that her lifespan has been drastically decreased. Eve is realizing this new island is not as safe as she once thought, What else might be lurking in the grasses? To be continued.
  3. Larawolf

    Blast to the Past - Old Niche Playthrough

    I'm also working on doing an old version playthrough, gotta say I truly miss the old eyes texture. So beautiful with all of the colors.
  4. Larawolf

    Development WIP

    @Philo has the release date been narrowed down at all or is it still planned for around first quarter 2019?
  5. I think the main issue is that people expect too much from the game developers. There are some ideas that may prove too difficult and time consuming, especially where they are trying to put more focus into their other works. Though I think its a great thing that this community has a bounty of ideas for future updates, its not fair to the people who have put so much work into the game to say you're quitting because they wont implement the one thing you wanted. I understand completely being frustrated and no longer playing the game if it no longer interests you, but I feel like there's no need to act like its the game developers fault that what's currently in the game isn't holding your attention. Sorry for the rant, I've just been playing this game for so long and seen how much the makers have put into it that it hurts me to see people saying that it's not enough. No harsh feelings meant here, just something I wanted to get off my chest. Feel free to respond if you feel differently.
  6. Larawolf

    Gods And Godesses

    I have 3 Gods/Goddesses from my Immortal Minerva Playthrough (will link at the end) For starters there is Minerva, the goddess sent to Earth by her mother to learn about the ways of mortals and to decide if she will become the Goddess of Wisdom or the Goddess of Warfare. Her only power is her immortality, but her horns and poison fangs bring her a lot of power. She begins her journey full of greed and narcissism but grows to learn to love others and become a healthy balance of wisdom and war. The second God is Hawkeye. A nicheling blessed with two wings and the first to ever be able to fly. Though he is born a mortal, he wakes one morning to find himself with blue gems, a sign that he has become a God. His power is his ability to fly, which he uses to perch atop the trees, gathering nuts and watching for predators. My final goddess is Emerald. Still only a child she hasn't received full Goddess status yet, but her ability to communicate and make peace with Rabbils shows there is something powerful and not quite mortal about her. When I decide to continue this playthrough (The save file disappeared) I'll bring her character back as well. theres the playthrough
  7. Larawolf

    New bears?

    I actually really like these new bears, my only issue is the eyes on the green one. They feel just a touch too intense and not animal like if that makes sense, I think maybe if the eyes were more like nichelings? colored and then with a pupil. I feel bad giving criticism like this because I know a lot of hard work goes into making these creatures and I don't want to make it look like I'm not appreciative.
  8. And now the final part, going to try to make sure all images have a fixed place like @RandomWanderer said to avoid the pictures getting stuck at the bottom. By now some time has passed, Shell, Spots, and Razzle have all passed away of old age, and Vikara has reached her teen years. One day a creature falls from the sky and crashes down onto the whales back. He's a small child, with a singular wing on one side of his body. Upon seeing this creature crash down, Vikara quickly scoops him up and carries him to Light. Light looks down at the injured child from her stump and uses her power to look deep into his genetics. She pulls forth a bigger body for the creature, coated in dense red feathers. His runners leg begins to stretch outward, slowly becoming coated in feathers. When the creature comes to, he is shocked to see he now has two wings, and therefor the ability to fly. He expresses his gratitude to Light and introduces himself as Poke. By this point Light is pregnant with Luci's child. She sits upon a nest former on the stump and prepares to bring new life to the world. That night she sleeps and the baby comes. For the first time, Light has a daughter. With lovely pink fur and a black pattern swirled around her eyes, Light decides to name her Panda. Panda is light spirited and fun, and greatly enjoys wandering on the back of the whale, which could be dangerous as she could easily fall in the water, but under the watchful gaze of Poke, who sits atop the trees, she is always safe. Time passes and in the distance the group sees the whale is approaching an island. It's terrain looks elevated and rugged, but it's either get off now or potentially never get off. When the whale is within a good distance of the island, the group leap off into the waters, swimming to shore. The group looks at their new surroundings, feeling the icy chill of the wind. They explore their new surroundings, finding that if they don't keep together to stay warm, it becomes harder and harder to move around. They mostly gather by the rare clusters of brush, while Poke takes to the skies in search of food and predators. He notices something very strange below, a huge block of ice, upon landing down next to it, he realizes there's something inside. Light comes over, helping Poke to cut open the ice with her strong claws. Inside they find the frozen body of an ancient nicheling. Light takes a deep breath, and focusing greatly she uses her powers to bring life back to the statue. The creature blinks open it's eyes and looks up at the two. She has a very odd looking muzzle, which droops down to her chest. She looks to be only a teenager. "What's your name little one?" Light asks. "It's Piper." They return to the group to see that the others have met a wanderer of their own. His name is Fade. Light looks at him and gently walks around him, using her power to search deep into his genetics. A powerful warmth is shaking off of his body from deep below the surface. He looks at her in confusion, hobbling on his missing paw to try to keep up with her gaze. Light climbs up atop a bunny hill and takes a deep breath. She uses her powers to reach deep into his recessive genetics. Fade's legs begin to straighten out, paws touching the ground. Suddenly fiery orange tips of fur expand from his chest, growing into pointed flames. He opens his eyes to see the clan staring at him in shock. From his body radiates a heat that brings them immediate comfort and warmth. Vikara is instantly smitten for him. Within a short time, Vikara is pregnant with Fades child. She sets up a place to nest, with Fade's heatbody keeping her warm. The island gets colder with every night and the group isn't sure how long they can stay here. Light tells Vikara that as soon as the child is able to leave, they will have to do so, and she agrees. The baby is born and she is a perfect blend of her parents with her fathers fur tone and spitsnout, and her mothers horn, claw, and pattern. Her name is Posi Fade and Vikara reach an old age as they raise Posi. When it comes time to hop the ports they know they'll never make it across. The two say goodbye to their child, and Light promises she will protect her. The couple huddle together in the brush, watching their family bound across the rocks, Poke flying overhead. The clan can only hope that wherever this port leads, it will be warmer than this island. Upon reaching the island, Poke takes to the sky and sees 3 blocks of ice. While the clan moves North towards the ports, he heads west to get one of his own. The island is large and colder than the one before, the clan knows they have to move quickly, because rain on this island could lead to freezing to death. Poke lands down next to an ice block, but worries he isn't going to survive long enough to bring the body back to Light to reanimate. Upon breaking open the ice he finds that the creature inside is still alive. With large mammoth paws keeping her warm, she never became a statue within the ice. Her name is Kata. Poke tells her that he is reaching his final days, but he will do his best to carry her back to his group. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the island, the rest of the group has discovered an iceblock of their own. They gather around it and look closely, within they can see the silhouette of a creature. Using their claws, they quickly pry open the iceblock, revealing a beautiful cracker jawed creature frozen within. Light uses her powers to bring warmth and life back to the creature and she looks up at them, swinging her large hammer tail around her body to break off leftover bits of ice. Happy to be alive again, she is glad to join the group. Her name is Derla. She looks at Piper's snout and comments that she used to have a great enemy back in ancient times with the same long drooping muzzle. The two had a lot of conflict because they had been friends, but the digging snouted created had ended up stealing Derla's mate. She sighs, realizing that in the time she's been frozen in the ice, that creature probably had a family of her own with Derla's true love. Meanwhile, Poke makes good on his promise and carries Kata as far as he can before he can't go on any longer. She keeps him warm on his final night, and then at dawn continues alone. After a few days of travelling, she finally meets up with the clan. The group continues on and reaches the port, in front of it stands one final large iceblock. The group gathers around the block and begins to claw away at it. The group considers simply walking around it and continuing to the ports but Derla states "Whoever is in there, we have to get them out. To be lost in time is an awful feeling. I want nothing more than to save those who had a fate like mine " The group agrees and begins to claw away at the ice. The creature is broken free and Light quickly uses her power to revive life into the statue. They all smile at the new creature. well, almost everyone does anyway. Derla whispers from the back of the group. "Danda." Kata, without looking to her, asks "What?" but Derla doesn't answer. They reach the ports but realize the stones will never hold if they all try to travel across. Kata offers to stay behind, knowing that this place is her home, she survives the best in the cold. "That's still one too many people" Derla says, eyeing Danda. Panda speaks up. "I'm the oldest here, I'll stay back." Light is outraged. "What? No you have to go forward with us. You're my daughter. What if the next island is home?" She shakes her head. "My times up mom, you have to go forward without me." The clan sadly makes their way over the rocks, landing on a small island full of green brush and warm air. The clan is ecstatic to reach safe land to catch their breath on. Piper begins to notice growth in Posi's belly. "How can you be pregnant? We haven't had a male in our clan since we left the summer mountains." Posi looks at her with pleading eyes. "Please, you can't tell anyone. I'm going to have this child in secret, raise it on the far side of the island." She looks at Piper with deeply sad eyes. "This was never supposed to happen." Piper takes pity on her and agrees to keep her secret, telling the others that Posi has gone to explore. Meanwhile Light comes across a beautiful wanderer, and immediately falls in love. His name is Shade. Light becomes pregnant and in 3 days she gives birth to 3 sons. Jasper, with a pure brown face, cloak, with red velvet fur, and Mask, with white fur curling around his eyes. A short time passes, Derla and Danda stay on opposite sides of the island. One day Darla comes across a very small kit swimming through the water. He makes his way up to her and flops himself onto the shore with a squeak. She decides to name him Nibble. The clan begins to worry about Posi. By now all the triplets are teenages, and Posi should be reaching her final days. Light wanders through the unexplored parts of the island and finds her, old and weak, with a she nicheling standing by her side. The creature swings her head up to smell the air, her foggy blind eyes reflect the sunlight. "Hello? Is someone there? Please, can you help my mother?" Light, quickly understanding the situation, sits down next to the creature. "I'm sorry my dear, I can't. But I can help you." With a deep breath Light looks deeply into the creatures genes, she finds the poison fangs, and smiles, bringing them forth on the creature, as well as bringing her the gift of sight, and bringing out beautiful antlers. Light looks at her, then back to Posi. "There was no need to run you know. I've been lucky to escape all the rogues that have come into my path over these many years, I could have brought sight to this child long ago." Posi looks up at her weakly and gives a small smile. "Her name is Dolita. I wish nothing more than for her to find the Home Island, like her great grandmother wanted so long ago. Ever since Vikara, we have been a mix of the bloodlines. A combination of Adam and Light, if the line had died with me, my grandmother's genes would have never reached home. You have to go, you have to take her there." Light nuzzles against her. "I will. I promise." That night Posi passes away, and just a few days later so does Shade and so do Danda and Darla. Light decides now is the time to continue on, and they move to the end of the island. In the distance Light immediately begins to feel a sense of Home. She gasps. "Thats it. It's right there." The group prepares to make their way across when they notice Nibble getting into the water. Light tilts her head. "Won't you come with us Nibble?" He shakes his head, and dives into the water, taking off into its depths. Light takes off across the stones, the others in quick pursuit. Upon arriving she immediately yowls out to the others. Wanders begin to come into the clearing, with big stripes and lovely poison fangs they sniff the newcomers over. "You have our immunity gene" A large tom whispers, looking into her genetics. A power that Light did not realize had come from the island. Excited creatures begin to swarm around them, desperate to hear all the stories of the lost child Light, and are even more excited to find that with them is Dolita, distant distant relative of Adam. The creatures begin to groom Light, and she starts to shake. "What....what's happening" The tar that has been attached to Light's fur for so long begins to come off, revealing gleaming white fur striped in black underneath. When the tar is removed from her muzzle, it reveals a shining set of poison fangs. "You are finally home child, you are finally your true self." (Hope you all enjoyed, this was just a quick little playthrough I really wanted to do. Took about 3 hours to complete and I really loved it. At some point I may do the side of the story from Adam, eventually creating Decara to make the storylines meet up. I might also do a few short stories for Haze, the very first creature Light met, and one for Nibble because it broke my heart to have to leave him behind. Thanks for reading.) Very confused why this ^ is still happening because I was careful when pasting all the images, and when I delete these they still dont go away.
  9. Hi, a few of you may have followed the Immortal Minerva playthrough I did that sadly ended because the save file got deleted. I may pick that back up some day by recreating Minerva but after reading @bostonlobstah most recent playthrough I was completely inspired to do something similar. So, with that said. This playthrough will follow our immortal creature Light, a creature from the sacred Home Island. As a child she was carried off by a blue bird to a distant land, dropped into a vat of tar that has granted her two powers, Immortality, and the ability to 'heal' other creatures. These healings follow a set of rules. 1. If a creature is found blind, with a no paw, or with swimming hindlegs, Light may 'heal' the creature by giving them a paw of any kind, normal hindlegs, and normal eyesight. 2. She can 'Heal' a creature by bringing out it's recessive genes. If a creature is found, for example, with a spitsnout and no horns, Light can look into their genetics and bring forth antlers and poison fangs they have in their recessive slots. 3. Light can give the creature any paw based on the creatures personality. A strong warrior may be given double claws, while a swift runner would be given running paws. All she wants is to return back to the Home Island. With the home immunity genetic proving her status, her journey begins. Our story begins on a very calm island. With bounties of grasses and berry bushes, why would any nicheling ever dare to leave for riskier lands? Light sighs, having now reached adulthood she's realized that she no longer ages. If she fights to survive, she can now make it back home. Thoughts of her mother and brothers flood her mind and she begins to rush towards the ports in the north. Though she knows she'll never make it there in time to see them alive, she will someday make it back, maybe in time to see their grandchildren's grandchildren. As she rushes through the brush, she comes across a blind creature sniffing the ground in search of food. Upon hearing her footsteps the child's head lifts, ears tilted in her direction. Light feels a deep sense of sadness for the child, her heart aches as she wishes she could give him the ability to see. "Hello?" the child calls out. Light walks up to him and gently whispers. "You're alright, I won't hurt you" With a small lick to the head, the creature begins to tremble. His injured paw begins to extend, slowly forming back into a runners paw. The fog in his eyes fades away with every blink, turning into a beautiful shade of brown. He looks around wildly and stutters "I....I can see.." The creature introduces himself as Haze, telling Light of how as a child he wandered too far from the nest, and was never able to find his way back. Since then he has searched endlessly through the island for his family. Now, with the gift of sight, and a healed leg, he may just be able to find them again. Light tells him she will travel with him as far as she can, but she has her own family to find someday. The two stay together for many weeks before reaching a point of conflicted interests. "I have to keep going North now, Haze." Haze shakes his head. "I can't go any further, I have to keep looking for them. I think this might be where we part." Light gives him a smile and wishes him the best. The two go their separate ways, hoping to find the ones they love. Light continues North, now alone for the first time in a long time. Though she misses Haze, her mission carries her forward. Finally she comes to the edge of the island. The great ocean beyond her, with stepping stones alone the way. She stands before them, looking at the island off in the distance. "To Home" She whispers before bounding across the rocks. Once she hops off the final stone, she looks in awe of this new island. Trees she has never seen before tower in the distance, some grass of very dry and brittle variety blows in the wind. Patches of thorns grow in swampy areas littered with mud and debris. It will only get more challenging from here, the islands connecting to Home become more dangerous with every crossing, as a precaution to keep those who don't belong away. Time to get moving. Light trudges through the island, wondering what secrets it holds in it's brush Light travels for a few days before stumbling upon her first wanderer in the grasses. He is blind, and hobbles with a broken leg. Reminding her very much of her old friend, Light calls out to him. "I have the power to heal you, friend, would you like me to give you the gift of sight?" The wanderer, not sure if this is some type of prank, cautiously accepts her offer. Light closes her eyes and concentrates intensely, bringing back his eyesight and healing his injured paw. The creature is amazed, asking if he can join her on her journey. Light, happy for the company through this strange land, accepts. He introduces himself to her as Kindid. The two travel for some time before falling in love. Light becomes pregnant and worries this will slow down her ability to get home. As the pair continue, Light getting closer to her due date, they stumble upon a creature named Zero, injured from an encounter with a Bearyena. Light tells him she can fix him, again closing her eyes to concentrate deeply. His paws begin to grow back into place, giving him two perfect runners legs. He decides to join the pair as well, knowing this island can be dangerous and it's best to not go alone. As the group continues on, Light reaches a point where she has to stop. "I can't go on any further, the kit will be here soon." She prepares a nest for herself and readies for parenthood to begin. Her mind swims with doubts and worries, but come that morning her child is born. Within a second of seeing him all her concerns vanish. She loves him immediately, and knowing that she is blessed with immortality, the journey home can wait. She names him Spots. For the first time since she was a child, Light really stops and stays in one place to raise her son. Once he grows old enough the group continues onward towards the Northern Port. They take their time, allowing Spots to keep pace, and collecting some food and nest material as they go along. Within a few days, the group comes across another wanderer, the first wanderer Light's come across that she didn't feel the need to heal. She's quite young, just a touch older than Spots. Her name is Shell, she ran away from home long ago and has no intention on going back, she wants to explore the world. Light gives her a smile. "Then you've come to the right place." The group trudges on for a while. Still collecting, still gathering. They feel at peace for a short time, allowing themselves to stay put for multiple nights at a time, clear away grasses and settle down. Until Zero catches a scent in the brush. A creature is watching them, his scent is bitter and off putting, unlike most wanderers who come with a more calming scent. This nicheling means them harm. Zero and Kindid create a barrier around the others. "We have to move. Now." They take off, racing for the ports, the creature behind them the whole way. Occasionally catching up and receiving slashes from Zero or Kindid at the back of the pack, the creature eventually gives up and takes off into the brush, never to be seen again. The crew, now terrified of this land, hurries North. The journey is quicker now with the children having become full grown in their teen years. The group begins to stumble upon scattered remains. With the smell of the ocean getting closer, Light knows the stones will be close. As the reach the lands edge, there are more and more scattered bones, until they come upon the port, A large rock with a nicheling skull sitting atop. The group leaps across the rocks, making it to a brand new island. It looks so peaceful here, the grasses look healthy and dense. The pack is excited that they may be able to take a pause after running for so long. From the rocks they came in on they can see the next port to the side of the island, with blue stones shining in the sunlight, the pack decides it would be best to gather as much as they can, as they have no idea where the blue rocks will take them. The group finds a nice place to settle. They create nests for themselves and sleep under the branches of berry bushes. Time passes and Light becomes pregnant again, this time though she isn't afraid. She has eternity to return home, and for now she has found her family. While gathering materials for her birthing nest, she stumbles upon a wanderer. Her name is sloth. Upon seeing her large paw, Light offers to heal it for her. Sloth is taken aback. "I love my paw, how else would I dig up my favorite roots?" Light nods, and the two return to the camp. Some time passes and Light settles on her nest to birth her next kit. Zero catches a familiar scent. "There's another creature here, quickly, get behind me." The female nichelings gather behind the males, who claws ready prepare to face the intruder. On the night of the birth, it emerges from the brush, walking directly up to Light. When Light wakes she sees not only her new kit below her, but also the rogue staring her down. His two front paws are badly damaged, and his hind legs are splayed like a frogs. He looks down to see the kit, another spitsnout like himself. Light sees a great sadness behind the rogues eyes, and she leans forward to give him a gentle lick on the head. His paws begin to return to their normal state, and his legs retract to that of a land creature. He gently lifts his paws to look them over, and with a thankful glance he looks to Light before dashing off into the brush. As for the kit, Light decides to name him Razzle. With beautiful spots like his brothers and sharing both of his parents powerful claws, he is an intense sight to behold. One that was powerful enough to stop a lonesome rogue from attacking. Light, now tired from healing the rogue, sleeps next to her new kit, ready for the dawn of a new day. Now we've reached a point where poor Zero and Kindid have grown old. The two eventually pass away within a few days of each other. Light mourns the loss of her mate, but remains strong for her children. Almost as sign, a nicheling wanders into camp. She has the poison fangs of Light's Homeland, and instantly gives her hope. Shell brings her into camp. Her hind legs are splayed similar to the rogues. She introduces herself to the group as Decara. She is a distant relative of the Homeland, her very early decedent was captured by a bluebird as a baby, similar to Light, but was not blessed with immortality, and with such was unable to make it back Home. She tells them that many of her relatives roam this island, though none but her want to make it back to the Home island. They agree to bring her with them, and Light calls the nicheling over. She closes her eyes and concentrates. Decara's legs begin to return to a proper shape. "There." Light says with a satisfied grin. "Now you can keep up." The group decides with this new member having such a similar mission, it's time to move forward. They tread on the blue rocks, carefully making their way to the ports. A few rabbils sit beside them, as though they're ready to go as well. They look out into the ocean and notice that there are no stones to step across. "What? How are we supposed to get across this ocean then? I can't even see the island from here." Spots mutters, as confused as the rest. As if on cue, the blue stones begin to shake, and the group begins to move across the sea as a massive whale brings itself to the surface. Confused and now stranded on the back of a whale, the group tries to understand what's going on. "when it came to the surface the rocks must have caught on its back. There's a whole forest here, who knows how many ports this whale has broken." Dacara states, wandering through the wet brush. The group makes the best of the scenario, moving from the tail to the whale's lower back. Realizing they're be here for quite some time, they set up a little camp for themselves. Dacara and Razzle begin to develop feelings for one another, and Decara becomes pregnant. Within a few months the child is born. With large ears, velvet colored pattern and horns, and two sharp claws, Decara deems she is a perfect warrior, and names her Vikara. While Razzle and Decara raise their daughter, and Spots and Shell spend their time searching the island, Light sits alone and watches the waves lap against the Whales sides. She hears the shuffle of feet and the rustle of brush behind her. She turns to see a small creature with horribly broken paws, but with fur as red as fire and eyes burning with the passion of a bull. Within seconds of seeing him Light knows he was a proud warrior before whatever incident injured him so, and before even speaking a word to him she calls forth all her power to bring out the true warrior within him. His broken paws heal and stretch into mighty claws, and two sleek horns grow from his head. "How....How did you do that?" The nicheling questions, looking at his claws in awe. Light tilts her head up slightly with a smirk. "I have healed many creatures in my time on these islands, but never have I brought forth such a strong creature. I suppose you didn't just need to be healed, you needed to be set free." Instantly the two are in love, he introduces himself to her as Luci. The two now sit together and watch the water rush by. Meanwhile, Decara, much older than Rustle and even Shell, reaches her final days. She rests surrounded by her family and passes in the night. Vikara begins to wonder if they will all die on this whale. This is pretty long so far, so I think I'll end here and continue the final part later. Hope you're enjoying so far. Sorry about those 3 pictures below, no matter how many times I edit to delete them They come back
  10. Larawolf

    Toxic Body Miracle

    I think it would be cool if Oz was the God of miracles, a creature who with him brings creatures of similar appearance, and from then on when you stumble upon a wanderer with the toxic body or platypus beak, it means they were led there by Oz and its a sign there are good things coming for your clan.
  11. This question is basically all in the title, but for as long as I've played this game I've always wondered why our nichelings are limited to their 3 gems but a wanderer/rogue can move/gather as much as they want without running out of energy. This has never really made sense to me considering that they're the same creatures as nichelings, especially with the fact a wanderer added in is now limited to the 3 moves.
  12. Larawolf

    Immortal Minerva Playthrough

    It is with a very sad heart I say that Minera's save file has been deleted. With all the issues on my computer I lose files constantly, and because I thought the issue wouldnt happen again I dont have a backup. But maybe someday I'll continue this story on a new save, for now I'm just a little too sad about it.
  13. Larawolf

    Immortal Minerva Playthrough

    (sorry this has taken forever to update, my computer is really struggling and shuts down every couple of minutes) Much time passes with little happenings. Belle grows older and passes away, eager to rejoin with her mate and her child in the Heaven of Souls. Silver tells the clan more of the results of the disease. "Many of us died, many of us fled, many of those who fled died. We truly have no idea who survived and who passed except for each other. Most of those who fled were mothers with their children, those who knew they had to put the lives of their children above their love for this clan. There was a beautiful nicheling named Tawny, she was pregnant. She left all of us, including her sick mate, behind in hopes that she and her child could survive. We never heard from her again. Every night I wander through the brush and I look for those who have left. I pray someday I'll find someone and bring them home." But moons pass and Silver has little luck. Her once shining pelt has begun to dull with old age. Though every night she still says goodbye to her mate and children, and disappears into the grass. One morning, she does not come home. Fish and Minerva go to look for her, and when they do they come across her body in the distance, with a yellow nicheling snuggled up to her. Minerva shouts out "Hello?" and the creature quickly awakens. She sits up and looks at them. She looks like an exact replica of Rust, just a different fur color. "Have you come to take me home?" The creature is weak and tired, Minerva and Fish hold her up on both sides to guide her back to camp. She is severely under nourished, clearly she hasn't had a decent meal in a long time. Upon entering the camp, Rust looks up and gasps. She calls out "Sun!!" and runs to the nicheling. Minerva and Fish back away, allowing the two to embrace. "I thought you were dead sister." Rust murmurs. "As did I with you" Sun whispers back. As the two catch up, Anko enters the clearing from the nesting area. He looks to them eagerly. "Where is Silver, did you find her?" Minerva and Fish lower their heads, Minerva breaks the news to him. Anko is crushed, he looks to Minerva and says "I feel that I will join her soon, I've lived life on this earth twice over now, once as Kirku, and once as myself. I am ready to join the Heavens and stay with the Heavens." Minerva nods. The day is spent with Anko saying his goodbyes to the clan, and with Sun learning of their history and rules. Come that night, Anko lies beside Minerva, digging up a nice patch of soft earth to rest upon. As the moon moves across the sky it guides him to the Heaven of Souls. Come morning he is but a shell. Minerva decides it is time for the clan to move on. Any survivors would have died of old age by now unless they were moved as young as Sun was. She decides it is time to return to her very first home. "I have not been back to this land in over two hundred moons. But I know the food is plentiful, without any creatures there everything has regrown. It is a perfect place for us to start over, there is just too much death here." The clan agrees and they depart. The journey is a long one, it will take two moons to complete. On the way there they discover a very small child picking berries off a bush. The clearing is large and empty, there is no parent in sight. Metisi approaches the child slowly, and the child looks back at her in confusion, as though she has never seen another living creature. "Hello there little one, where is your family?" The child tilts her head, clearly not understanding the words. Metisi looks back at the clan. She gathers a piece of meat, bringing it to the child. "Eat" She whispers, which the child does happily. While she stays with the child, the rest of the clan searches the area. Fish finds a pile of bones with a few scraps of tawny colored fur. He returns to the group and tells them he believes the child's parents died long ago, hence why she doesn't know how to speak. They decide to bring her with them, they name her Deliah. As they continue their journey and Deliah grows, she slowly learns to speak and understand the clan. By adulthood she is as intelligent as any other creature. Fish falls in love with her, and she with him. By the time they reach the new territory Deliah is pregnant. As is Rust, again, though she has grown old. After settling down their first night, rain comes at dawn, allowing them to set up nests and prepare for their new children. While Deliah gives birth easily, Rust proves just too old and passes after the kit is born. Deliah's child is given the name Emerald, for her bright green glowing eyes, and Rust's child is named Chip, for the chipped spots of colors he has in his fur. A small amount of time passes, and the new arrivals grow from kits to children. They slowly begin to walk and talk. Within just a few short days SnowDrops realizes his life is coming to an end. He asks Minerva to raise his child for him, and of course she accepts. SnowDrops passes in the night, curled up next to his son and Minerva. When Chip and Emerald awaken the next morning they find an exciting surprise. There are rabbits everywhere. They have emerged from their burrows and surrounded the camp, hopping carelessly and joyfully through the grasses. Minerva looks in absolute confusion, they look like small drops of snow bouncing from to and fro. She tells the clan not to harm them. Clearly this is a sign of some sorts. From here on out the clan will harm no rabbit. But what does it mean? To be continued.
  14. So I know that customizing your own island has already been suggested, but if that's too difficult to implement I like the idea of being able to decide what does/doesn't show up on your island. There could be an island settings button that would increase/decrease the spawn rate of bearyenas/rabbils/moles/etc that can be decreased all the way down to 0. same with berry bushes, rocks, oak trees. I know absolutely nothing about video game design but I assume that somehow it's coded in how many of the physical items such as berry bushes spawn in on an island and how many spaces apart they are so that way an island doesn't get overwhelmed with items like that. It would be cool if there was a player option to decide how many of those items spawn on their island. This way the creators don't have to find a way to make it so players can place items specifically in one spot in the game, but rather give them the ability to decide what they want and how often they want it. this would be good for lots of challenges, like a no berry bush challenge but increasing the amount of mole burrow spawns, that way they have to make all creatures have at least 2 strength, Or good for giving the player a way to play around with the genetics without breaking their game with console commands, now they can increase the amount of berry bushes and focus on the breeding more than the food. (please let me know if this has already been suggested or if you want clarification, I didn't look through the other suggestions as I've been having lots of computer issues and im trying to type this as quickly as i can before my laptop shuts down again)