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  1. also Woah being on here is weird considering i have lost all recollection of the drama that happened before i left i honestly thought i was banned, i just thought "screw it" and tried to log on because i wanted to post this and lo and behold ok bye 👋
  2. i was playing niche the other day and the noise that happens everytime u click something in the ui is so annoying but you cant turn it down separately to all other sound effects could there be like . a "ui sound effects" option in the sound options that u can slide up and down?
  3. ive had worlds end valentine on loop now for 2 hours should i be concerned
  4. etho must really wish he waited until now to build his man cave
  5. i realised what i did and then proceed to quote it and take out the screenshot in the quote instead of editing then i relaxed and closed the tab because i thought i edited it then i did a double take and realised that i didnt know were here
  6. so the flower n friends discord server just played omori for the first time
  7. im either about to be pointed out for my deepest flaws, kin assigned or made fun of for being british and honestly i cant wait
  8. carve your own path in life. make yourself hatsune miku.
  9. poggers i'll go roll the Random Number Generator for the murderer n stuff like that and then see if grif wikipedia n friends want to help me with the basic story
  10. if i were to reboot this but do it a lot less morbid and a lot more joke-y [obviously still serious] would u guys Play Along
  11. if i had any skill i would make us all different vocaloids but youre lucky i havent made a skin in months so i have no idea how to shade clothes
  12. [credit for the clothes: https://twitter.com/meaniezombeanie/status/1356484588600664067]
  13. i am So Confused as to what is happening
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