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  1. *casually dumps this here*
  2. We encounter the deity of beauty in this episode, and boy does he make an entrance! Will the many eyes of his unfurled peacock tail be enough to protect the his followers from rogue males or is that fleeting beauty not enough for the real dangers of the world?
  3. I couldn't think of a title for this one, but there is a berry colored rogue that's very annoying.
  4. We encounter our first eyebrow bear in this episode, and one of our creatures gets eaten by a carnivorous plant. All according to plan.
  5. Whooosh! More stuff, I'm still sick, and still very slow at editing! ❤️
  6. If not toggleable they could be found only on hard/killer islands since the screaming might attract predators? Also what @BirdsAreCool said: One rooster for the harem would be good, and shortening the lifespan would make it easier to deal with them.
  7. I love this idea. It could be called Pangea ❤️ Like the prehistoric super continent earth used to have ❤️
  8. Oh really? Lol i feel like i need to get to work then. Lots to do in order to get better 🤔 once again, beautiful work thank you!
  9. Oh gosh I love her so much! Would it be too much for me to ask if I could use this piece for my icon? Also what program do you use? This is so cool ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  10. Awww, Well I guess the sadness in her eyes was warranted lol
  11. Herp a derp 🤪 Our numbers dwindle down to a few promising nichelings. Can we save ourselves from extinction or will we end up in a pool of sadness?
  12. @RaanaTheBanana here you go! And i even gave her some green eyeshadow to match her gems. >> she's a little cross eyed though....
  13. Sorry it's sideways, but here you go @Aetherskye! Also she's not a baby because babies are hard. Also blind eyes and paws are hard lol
  14. Omg.. I just realized.. that sick Bikini line LMAO
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