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  1. Kattails

    Bad Boy Playthrough! (Youtube )

    I couldn't think of a title for this one, but there is a berry colored rogue that's very annoying.
  2. Kattails

    Bad Boy Playthrough! (Youtube )

    We encounter our first eyebrow bear in this episode, and one of our creatures gets eaten by a carnivorous plant. All according to plan.
  3. Kattails

    Spawn Rate Sliders

    Yes!!! Upvoted.
  4. Kattails

    Bad Boy Playthrough! (Youtube )

    Whooosh! More stuff, I'm still sick, and still very slow at editing! ❤️
  5. Kattails

    Male and baby dodomingos ​🦃​

    If not toggleable they could be found only on hard/killer islands since the screaming might attract predators? Also what @BirdsAreCool said: One rooster for the harem would be good, and shortening the lifespan would make it easier to deal with them.
  6. Kattails

    Continent Island

    I love this idea. It could be called Pangea ❤️ Like the prehistoric super continent earth used to have ❤️
  7. Kattails

    I guess I could draw...

    Oh really? Lol i feel like i need to get to work then. Lots to do in order to get better 🤔 once again, beautiful work thank you!
  8. Kattails

    I guess I could draw...

    Oh gosh I love her so much! Would it be too much for me to ask if I could use this piece for my icon? Also what program do you use? This is so cool ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  9. Kattails

    Nicheling drawings for you? (on paper)

    Awww, Well I guess the sadness in her eyes was warranted lol
  10. Kattails

    Bad Boy Playthrough! (Youtube )

    Herp a derp 🤪 Our numbers dwindle down to a few promising nichelings. Can we save ourselves from extinction or will we end up in a pool of sadness?
  11. Kattails

    Nicheling drawings for you? (on paper)

    @RaanaTheBanana here you go! And i even gave her some green eyeshadow to match her gems. >> she's a little cross eyed though....
  12. Kattails

    Nicheling drawings for you? (on paper)

    Sorry it's sideways, but here you go @Aetherskye! Also she's not a baby because babies are hard. Also blind eyes and paws are hard lol
  13. Kattails

    I Wanna Draw For You Guys Too!

    Omg.. I just realized.. that sick Bikini line LMAO
  14. I'm not good, and these will be on paper (idk how to do digital arts ;__;) But I want to say thanks to everyone who's been drawing my baby Lilith by drawing too! I'll take a few people at a time so I can complete them all in a timely manner. Also i finally have an example of my drawing! So here's my demon baby Lilith. ❤️
  15. Kattails

    I guess I could draw...

    MOAR LILITH ❤️ yas I love all of these drawings of my child ❤️ I would love anything you draw. Eventually I'm gonna have to draw stuff for other people I guess X_X