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  1. I like your idea 😃! I think ten nesting material is a little too much, tho. I would say about 5-6 is a good amount
  2. Adora gives birth to her son Falcon. His wing surprises everyone. Ray tells everyone about all the people he's met and how their going west, where apparently others have set up a camp " What about your father and uncle? " Adora questions, rubbing her newborn's head. " We couldn't just leave them!" " O-oh, I didn't think of that " Ray says, looking down. " I guess your r- " " No, go. " His father interupts. " I'm on my last days, I don't want to burden you with staying with me" Adora goes to say something, but Junior 1 shushes her. " It'll be better for you, for the children" "...If you insist."
  3. So my computer decided it was a nice time to update while in the middle of playing. No worries, I'm back!
  4. I'm back! Hope you missed me~ Just kidding I know you didn't
  5. im gonna take a break. I might post more later
  6. Tavanna is amazed on how Aspen can swim underwater, but also worried that he'll get hurt Melon's last child is a girl, the oddly resembles Bloodmoon. " She-..she looks so similar too my Grandfather.." Rays says in awe, he remembers how much he misses him. " " How about we name her after him.." Haven offers. " What about..Bloodrose? " Red nods in approval. " I like that.." Ray smiles. Junior 1 encounters a young albino female. " I'm Ivory, and you? " Junior 1 stays silent, only getting closer. Ivory gets Brown pattern and Saber Tooth fangs Junior 1 gets Green eyes and Runner's leg
  7. Ray and Haven sit by the beach picking coconuts and talking about each other's families. Meanwhile, Jamila introduces herself to Aspen, Blackberry, and Tavanna. " You're quite a talker " Blackberry giggles " I'm sorry, I'm just really excited. " Jamila apologizes. Melon gathers everyone around, even Ray, which makes him feel quite awkward Melon's quiet, she only says one thing before she goes. " I wish your sister was here.."
  8. Ray decides to leave his camp and wander away, is urge to explore getting to him. Walking across the beach, he spots a pink nichelig with the fluffiest tail he's ever seen. But's something's wrong.. she's crying. Ray slowly sits next to her, but she doesn't move. She's still weeping in her paws. " Uh- are you okay? " Ray says, trying to be as polite as he can to this new person. She looks briefly, shaking her head. " W-well, what's wrong? " he whispers. " My mama..she's dying." she whimpers " she's dying and she's the only one that cares about me " Ray looks at the ocean. He knows what that feels like, his dad is dying. His illness gets worse everyday. " Don't worry, son. I'll be here for a long time " he can hear him say. He knows that isn't true, though. Ray shakes out of his thought and looks back at her. " I know how that feels. My dad- " " My papa doesn't love me " she interrupts " He never talks, only picks berries and looks at the nichelings across the river " " Oh well, I'm sorry. " he whispers, he's not sure what to do. " Will you be my friend? I;m awfully lonely, and when mama d-di-" " Yeah." he interrupts. He can't bear to hear that word again " I'll be your friend, I'm Ray. " She grins slightly " and I'm Haven "
  9. Jamila peers across the river, looking at the nichelings. She bites her lip. She wants to visit them, but what would her mother say? " Just for a moment, I'll just say hi " Jamila convinces herself. " Just for a moment "
  10. Adora has her second child with Junior 2, a girl named Mishka Blackberry also has her child with Prince. His name is Aspen. " Oh look at my son! Isn't he dashing? Look at his claw, oh he'll be the best warrior this island has ever seen! " Prince boasts to anyone who is willing to listen.
  11. Ray goes up to talk to his uncle, tired of listening to his parents endless flirting. "not too close, ray, you can't be getting sick" he remembers his mom saying. " Hey uncle! Watcha' doooing? " Ray announces, sitting down near the water. Junior 1 stays quiet, continuing to pick berries. Ray looks around, shuffling his paws. " Uncle, w-what happened to your mom? " Rays says, " Dad says she had a crown of ram horns, and soft- " " She abandoned us." Junior 1 says expressionlessly. " W-well dad says that she promised she was going to come back. That-" " She lied. She abandoned us because we were sick. " Junior 1 growls. " Are you sure? Maybe she-" " Are you questioning me? Are you calling me a liar? " Junior 1 voiced, turning to Ray with an angered look " N-no! I believe you. She's a monster! " Ray pleaded, backing away. Junior 1 nods, turning back to his berries " Run off, now. I have things to do. "
  12. Melon has her second child named Haven. Blackberry and Prince, having been together for awhile now, decide its the right time to have kids. Blackberry gets Swimming tail and Heat body Prince gets Pattern density very thing and armored body ( :0 )
  13. Tavanna and Prince kill a bearyena. Bloodmoon, realizing this is his last day, gathers everyone around so he can shares his stories one last time.
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