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  1. Hey guys, a couple of friends of mine are working on a Niche RP on steam, set in an arctic setting. Everyone here seems to use the forums to roleplay, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a Niche RP in the form of a Steam Group. We've had a successful RP group like this before, and plan for this RP to be long-term. It's also semi-vanilla, meaning there might be some extra animals or plants that isn't normally in Niche the game. It isn't done yet, but I wanted to look for interest now so we know if we could invite some new people to come RP with us. Thoughts?
  2. There! Vir swooped down at a swarm of insects and caught a bunch in their mouth, eagerly eating them up. After repeating this a couple times they were satisfied, and flew towards a small pond to get a drink from.
  3. Vir finished eating their acorn, but they still felt rather peckish. I saw a swamp earlier, maybe there's be some good insects to eat there they thought. Deciding to seek out the tasty insects, the bat-winged nicheling spread their wings and took off in the direction of the swamp. Soon, they were soaring overhead of cattails and bullrushes, combing the area for puddles where insects might be.
  4. [@Spook’nikeringu @Impy10 You guys can hop in at any time! Following the thread might also be a good idea to keep notified]
  5. [Since there are now two participants (going on three) I'll start things off.] A cream-colored little nicheling wiggled out of her small den she'd dug out under some rocks. The sun had just begun to rise, and a long yawn spread across her face as she stretched like a cat. Mel then perked up, scenting the air until she caught wind of a familiar clover patch nearby. Haven't hunted there in a while! she thought, before skipped towards the patch in hopes of catching breakfast for herself. --- Vir crouched on a branch of an oak tree, scanning the grassland below them for any sign of rustling grass. Part of them was watching in hopes of finding a rabbil. Meat was much more filling to them, after all. However, they were mostly looking out for signs of trouble. Seeing as there was no movement yet, Vir stood up straight again and plucked an acorn from the canopy of the oak, before flying down to a rock below. Grasping the acorn firmly in their jaws, Vir swung their head towards the rock and cracked the acorn on its hard surface, but just narrowly avoided hitting their own head. Satisfied, they began to eat the cracked nut.
  6. @Jojo Here we go, Plumstar is done! Again, apologies for the long wait. Hope you enjoy! No Background: @SilverTheDepressed Unfortunately, I cannot take your request unless I decide to reopen after I've finished my other requests. Whether or not I will reopen is TBD, but thank you for your interest in my art, and if I do decide to reopen, you'll be first on the list!
  7. Name: Mel Age: 1 gem Gender: Female Personality: Carefree and cheerful, Mel is happy to live on her own and go as she pleases. She does enjoy company sometimes, but she always follows the Stranger Danger rule her mother taught her, and takes caution near new nichelings. --- Name: Vir Age: 3 gems Gender: Agender Personality: Particularly grumpy and short-tempered most of the time. They especially don't like having responsibility for anything or anyone but themself. Extra Description: Aside from what's displayed in the picture, they have Bearyena Hindlegs, Fluffy Tail, and another Bat Wing. --- Name: Sardos Age: 3 gems Gender: Male Personality: He claims to be a "Witchdoctor". He's a little bit crazy, wandering around between the jungle and grasslands, getting excited about odd things. He usually starts babbling to anyone he meets about plants. Extra Description: He has two Velvet Paws, Normal Hindlegs, and Normal Body. He is also Melanistic.
  8. Isle of Free Spirits Submission Thread Go ahead and submit as many characters as you want (within reason), and whichever characters you'd like! But if you wish to add a new character later, please edit your first submission post to keep things clean and tidy. Thank you! Please provide: - Name - Age (in gems) - A bit of personality/backstory - A picture - If a picture can't be provided, provide the genes instead Link to the roleplay:
  9. Welcome to the Isle of Free Spirits, a land where most inhabitants have the free will to go as they please without a tribe holding them back. Read Before Posting Character submissions should be posted on the Character Submission thread in order to keep things neat. V You can find the thread here V Guidelines for this roleplay: - The general guidelines of the Roleplay Subforum should always be followed. The thread is here > - The setting that should be used is the one depicted in the map provided below - There are no premade tribes, but if you would like to form your own tribe or a tribe with another person, go right ahead! - If you would like to talk out of character, put what you would like to say after "OOC:", or in parenthesis(), brackets[], or curly brackets{}. - I would not be against a touch of magic, so if you would like your character to have a small power of some kind, please ask me for approval first. - More rules may be added if found necessary Map and Geography Guidelines: - Some of the more notable land features like trees, caves, and hotsprings have been marked, but the locations of resources and other things are up to your imagination and creativity. - You may start your characters anywhere you please on the map I am hoping to start this roleplay if I gain at least two other participants, but if it's been a while and I only have one, I will start with who I have. Also, don't be afraid to keep roleplaying with another person, even when I'm not around!
  10. Are there certain features that make people initially want to join? Such as adoptables, tribes, etc.?
  11. This isn't a roleplay post, but I'm looking for some opinions for if I ever do want to poke around this sub forum. In your opinion, what makes a roleplay look good to you, that you want to join it? What makes a roleplay "popular"? I want to hear it from you guys, since a lot of what I see on this sub forum is quite different to the premises of the roleplays I'm used to.
  12. After a long chain of annoying weekends (first school prep, then busy with school, then a cold, etc.) I had a Wednesday off and took the opportunity to get another one done. Here is @Lazukii's Karali, along with a little gif I made comparing the finished product to the initial "sketch". Please enjoy! Edit: Ok I guess gifs don't work so I made it for nothing. Whatever you can still compare the product to the sketch.
  13. @Skysplash8 @FlowerMask After a long, long, long wait, I finally got around to picking back up on these requests. Here is Meringue and Lyra for you two! Hoping to make these requests weekly again, and maybe even reopen if I have the motivation. School is around the corner so I'll only know for sure then. Thank you for your patience as I took a long summer hiatus
  14. It might open again some day, maybe if I feel like practicing more after I finish all my current requests ^^
  15. @Renio2490 Apologies for being inactive for at least a month. I have a habit of putting a lot on my plate and summer anarchy has had me busy. To make up for it, I'm going to try finishing two requests either today or tomorrow. Hoping I can keep this promise
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