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  1. vernon art because i love him
  2. apologies for not posting any niche art, i just havent been proud of how they turn out. on an unrelated note, i drew me and my bf's ocs for valentine's day <33
  3. the goblin requires the niche models (i literally tried so hard to find a way to get to them LOL)

  5. Its been less than a day, give them time lol
  6. If you ever did a screenshare, I'd definitely join.
  7. hihi can i get cream soda name: cream soda personality: he's a generally very positive and outgoing nicheling, just a bubbly personality overall pose: could he be holding a branch that was snapped off from a berry bush? picture: other: could he have a black bandana around his neck?
  8. i shaved vernon (my main nicheling oc) and he looks like a wet rat
  9. yall ever wonder what the fruits in niche taste like............ the healing fruit looks like it'd be a mix of a pomegranate and a mango

  10. i love these a bunch, i'm gonna do this challenge starting monday :v0
  11. bred two nichelings today, im going to draw them later theyre brother and sister
  12. is the steam status thing broken? lol

  13. gonna immediately explain my lore here, i'm excited to share:: i've made an alternate universe where nichelings ended up evolving similar to how humans ended up. slowly over millions of years, they stood on their hind-legs, formed communities, founded governments, built buildings, etc. in this universe, humans never existed, so nichelings took up that role. bearyenas, arctic ramfoxes, etc also evolved alongside them. kind-of like how humans and neanderthals were similar to eachother, but not exactly the same. nichelings, bearyenas, etc share the same intelligence, though. the disti
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