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  1. nope, i checked and she wasn't in there, probably because the post is really old and i also closed it because i was getting overwhelmed but i'll open it again soon yay i'm at 500 posts now
  2. i was bored, so i drew some nichelings Art of Rose ❤️ and also art of Periwinkle ❤️ yikes i almost forgot about my group drawing and my really old requests - gotta work on those now :0
  3. OH MY GOSH NO WAY I ACTUALLY WON EEEEEEK i'm so happy rn aaaaah i did not expect that, i think that everyone's art was amazing!
  4. Wow I'm surprised that I made it this far! Everyone's submissions were great
  5. green tea

    Copy and paste

    yeet I play a lot of Nintendo games too, including smash
  6. He had bird beak in either one or both of his traits. He had one yellow fur gene and the other was probably some shade of brown/black? And i'm thinking that he might have had medium body as his dominant trait, and big body/a gene recessive to big body in his inactive traits so i randomised a creature and this is what he potentially could have looked like
  7. once upon a time there were two bearyenas who happened to be unlucky enough to spawn right there so they basically stayed on that island for their entire lives the end
  8. owo.png.7c286f921c8da78c2fa5690741c6d523.png

    oh my gosh i found a really old screenshot of when i had 69 posts, this is bringing back so many memories :')

    1. ShinyMetalTheAnimal


      Sounds very nostalgic! I have my memories on the forums as well :’j

  9. epilepsy warning oh no it's corrupted karali (ok this website is really fun to use)
  10. yay i now have 1001 reputation *dabs :Eek:

    1. NumberCatPupSimGenerator


      I once had a number with 69 in it

    2. ShinyMetalTheAnimal
  11. i once wanted to make my own object show but I didn't because of my very limited animation skill at the time
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