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  1. i know that this thread is dead but w-WHAT- I'VE NEVER MADE MORE THAN, SAY 1500G FROM AN AUCTION BEFORE
  2. Ooh, would you like to draw this girl here?
  3. i know, took me 5 months to come up with that one
  4. ^^ a bunch of my favourite pets, did have an omgsr at one point but traded it for 6kg on flight rising
  5. ah, used to play this a lot before flight rising consumed me, probably gonna semi-quit https://www.chickensmoothie.com/accounts/viewgroup.php?userid=960136 ^^ here's my account, i have a lot of pets accumulated over time. feel free to make any trade offers if you're interested, i can also trade my pets for flight rising currency/items or dappervolk
  6. I have to be honest, she annoyed some people and did some pretty bad stuff that's been mentioned by others on this thread- I never really liked her all that much, but I'm sorry she had to leave and I know that she had friends here who miss her. I'm just a little annoyed that she never learnt from her mistakes. Also, would it be ok for anyone to PM me about what happened on that thread that got deleted? Just want to know, that's all- I wasn't online when it happened. Oh, and if anyone's willing to PM me the video too, I'd like to see it
  7. wow, this thread is nearly a year old- anyways, i have a new hatchery now, in case anyone's interested! if anyone wants to be added to any pinglists for hatchlings please let me know! just click the button below to find it : ) oh- and i also completed a gene project a short while ago! those genes cost very big money though : (
  8. oh no, hope they get better soon/have gotten better, i wish them well! i'd like a key for Retimed please!
  9. Here's an absolute gem from... actually, earlier this year. I don't think I intended to make this good- it was made on ms paint and i barely used any reference- but still, then i had no idea how to draw dragons ^^ and here is the new, shiny and improved piece!
  10. i... um might have a slight addiction to buying art for my dragons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Imagine if your just walking around and then a ball of spaghetti started following you. That's what I thought of when you followed me xd

  12. @Impy10 i tried a new style and i actually really like it! Enjoy!
  13. @You dare question Lisa? Here they are! I've never drawn bearyena snout before so sorry that it doesn't look like it,,
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