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  1. drew this for my friend :DDD not the best at hands or hair, but i tried
  2. (I was playing with her so im gonna answer this) We got pretty good and we actually killed him a couple of times + got some pretty cool weapons! (star wrath, last prisms, terrarian and some other stuff) i'm actually pretty proud because i literally just got the game a few weeks ago and am kind of a noob :')
  3. halp i spent over 700 gems today How could I resist it, though?
  4. I hatched this cutie recently! He's got the right colours for a potential project for a breeding pair, I just need to breed him and then I'll have 2 un-closely related dragons with the same genes. There used to be someone who used to breed dragons just like these, but they got banned : ( so guess it's up to me to continue their legacy lol Also, I got a pretty nice primal for 100g! He has an unfortunate tert, but that's ok, he still looks fine with basic
  5. Hi, nice to meet you! Welcome to the forums : D
  6. ack sorry,,, i feel your pain - i can’t draw dragons for the life of me
  7. I wasn't pleased with some of my dragons' outfits previously, so I changed some of their apparel and they look a lot better now (at least to me) =D
  8. Nyx? Whatever pose or background you like, I don't mind + I can't think of one rn Oh + he has pink eyes, he only has purple eyes in the picture because they were the closest i could get Maybe the clothes he's wearing as his flight rising form? But u don't have to if it's too complex
  9. found some more gems right here,,,,
  10. NSKNLSNL:NDLSLSL;;; what a great thing to be doing during a pandemic!!!!
  11. wow..... That’s Deep my eyes
  12. ,,,,,,,,,,So Inspirational!!!!
  13. commission! https://www1.flightrising.com/forums/art/2846820/1
  14. i just found two dragons (both the approximately the same price, around 300g) on the AH and i don't know which one i like more 😔 a really pretty xxx primal, also a 1.11m square dragon or a genone with a really gorgeous scry,,,
  15. watching a lot of kids videos, nostalgic stuff and some pretty cursed videos deep in youtube ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. hhelo sorry for being ded i'm kinda just taking a break from the internet because i'm quite stressed rn,, i'll still visit ffrom time to time but i'm pretty much gonna be inactive on anything apart from flight rising + fer.al for a while nyway here's some initial designs of some new ocs, that i'm probably goingto use a lot idek
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