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  1. sorry ffor not arting for 2+ weeks i havea big art blocK 😢😞
  2. here's my slightly updated senri!
  3. hehe i have 6 pearl xxxs, thanks to me needing pairs people will actually buy from for my hatchery
  4. I just bought a new primal for 30 gems and his length, wingspan and weight are exactly the same
  5. iikuzal


    searching 'zukii' brings up images from an animator i know of :0
  6. the local gays- - pink boy who is both named after a goddess and a cosmetics company - eyesssssss - goth child - edge girl who will eat ur toes
  7. you mean all the pattern densities and thicknesses, or all the randomly generated spot patterns? Because then I wouldn't know, because I don't know how many possible spot patterns there are since they're random lol probably a lot though
  8. ehhh i just learnt how to calculate stuff like this in math class so ye If we counted all the possible active gene combinations, then there would be a possiblity of 3.020774832 x10^20 possible nichelings (if i did the calculations correct). There would be way more possibilities if we counted the recessive genes too, but i'm too lazy to calculate that. Someone else can give it a go if they want to
  9. spspsp hmm maybe fire or dragon? i feel like im steel, without the ‘seems to be great at everything’ part sksk
  10. omg hiiiii! I'm glad to see you back : D
  11. What are y'alls opinions on glowtail? It's pretty hit or miss for me, but it does look ok in some cases. I'm personally not a huge fan of it being a gem gene, but the devs are working on fixing the gene so hopefully it'll look a bit better
  12. I’m asexual, and possibly aro, or maybe panromantic? And like some other people on this thread, I’m more attracted to androgynous looking people. like I’m not really attracted to, like, really traditionally masculine or feminine people
  13. i. found niche while i was browsing reddit
  14. JSKHKDHKDK I NEED LAIR SPACE- I'm selling all of these dragons if anyones interested,,,, they're in my sales tab
  15. the marker brush is pretty rad
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