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  1. lol anyone remember this
  2. meeeee,,,,,,,, well if you haven't switched flights before, you can go and switch for free if you want but for me i'm kinda tempted to join either light or lightning, but it's 1500 FRICKING GEMS because i already switched from arcane before and plus i still like the ice eye colour
  3. new,,,,, breeding,,,, pair,,,,,,,,,,, (also if you're interested in the female's accent it's called 'digital revolution', was pretty expensive though) (although imp girls have such an awkward pose I SWEAR THEY HAVE THE BEST SKINS AND ACCENTS- )
  4. same thing with one of my projects (apart from not having an outfit plan (yet)). wHY DID SHE HAVE TO HAVE VERMILLON OUT OF ALL COLOURS AS A TERT- stained is the only decent option other than basic but that's expensive-
  5. and also this thing from the art challenge
  6. Quick poll- do you think Archie looks better with or without the accent? Accent is on the left, no accent is right. React 'Paw up' if you want me to keep the accent on him, react 'Love' for me to remove it
  7. and me being me i had to do a fr version too (5 minute sketch because i just CAN'T be asked to draw all of their genes and apparel-) and yes, nyx and gale are boifrandus
  8. i have like 20 ocs i want to do this with so this probably won’t be the only one I do
  9. Some other dragons that are close to being favourites: Nightfin was a dragon I was originally going to exalt but then i was like 'nah, i actually like her' and now she's one of my faves and she miiiight be in a relationship with zukii jksdhkjasdjkdgskjasd My friend sent him to me and he is good boi she good girl (well actually she's an antagonist in my lore but whatever she's pretty,,,)
  10. The one and only- well actually there are 2 Zukiis on the site but still-
  11. oml if it was grapefruit tho,,,,,
  12. i mean that tert could definitely be better, but it also could be worse? at least it isn't murky green or tomato i actually like this fite me
  13. I made this one a while ago. I don't usually draw proper backgrounds, but this was fun to make!
  14. Look at my second ever finished project! I might change her apparel a bit, but her genes are pretty much done
  15. Baldwin, you can unlock it at level 19
  16. It’s so cute! And welcome to the forums : D
  17. i think i. found some impostors on twitter
  18. that's right, i finally have a homethread 😎
  19. I got some cards from the spare inventory crate : D
  20. i tried to draw icyrose they baby (sorry imnot very good at drawing with an apple pencilkjjkkjjkl,,,)
  21. new babs! @Spacestar TheThundersuncat you said you were interested in buying a male? the second one is male, he's in my sales tab and up for 30g if you want him ^^
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