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  1. Nope, it wasn’t retweeted :’) though I have seen them retweet older art. So there still is a chance that they might retweet my art next week
  2. here's some random (bad) sketch of a sorta... alternate design for zukii? i kinda just. made him look more like a cat oh i should totally make him as a nicheling next,,,
  3. lemme just yeet this art
  4. iikuzal

    Lazukii BG

    AAH thank you all for using my background!!
  5. here's the background too, if anyone's interested: i actually don't know if i spent more time drawing this or Zukii
  6. finisheddddddd!!!! this is probably the first time i've used over 100 layers for one drawing (normally i use like 14,,,)
  7. background work in progress! i rarely draw backgrounds or lineless art so sorry if it looks bad
  8. I'm sorry you had to go through that, that sounds really traumatic and I really hope things get better for you. Can I just say, just because some other people have it worse it isn't an excuse not to feel bad for yourself. Yes, you should be grateful for all the good things you have. But don't just squash and bottle up your emotions. Your pain and sorrow is valid, and you have the right to express it. You may find that other people have had worse things happen to them, but that's not a factor in how miserable you feel about something. And if others don't think your situation is bad, just remember that they're not you. Only YOU know the intensity of your pain, don't let others decide that. You aren't overreacting. We won't blame you for needing to vent ❤️
  9. i know i've posted like 398298 wips of this piece but i promise this is the final time before i post the finished version- I'm trying to get this done before FR fanart friday in the hopes that this might get retweeted by the fr staff
  10. oK here's this thing i made in 5 minutes, sorry if it isn't very helpful
  11. another sketch from a while ago : >
  12. hjkhsjkhksdj more progress 😎
  13. I got 2 eggos @Spacestar TheThundersuncat I'll make sure to notify you if I hatch a male
  14. well i guess i can't even afford that primal anymore, those 150 gems went on yet another breeding pair
  15. ooh pretty! i might buy him if i free up enough space (i'm hatching 7 eggs soon so i won't really have that much)
  16. As Applesauce said, it should be optional in the sandbox settings so anyone who finds it frustrating can just turn it off. And maybe there could also be a setting for how frequently random mutation occurs, so you could change it to make random mutation happen more commonly/rarely And as for story mode, maybe it could just be automatically switched off, or set to very rare?
  17. I was bored, so I redrew one of my old requests from last year! Dragon Tear belongs to @Basil (they haven't been on in a long time, but i hope it's still ok to make art of their character) Old version: (I was really happy with this when I made it, but now i hate it so much-- also what is that watermark) New (and improved) version:
  18. oo one of my dragons was featured
  19. I mean, they did gift me the entire set of night sky silks a while ago and they do seem pretty nice at least- i'm more concerned about that one scroll priced at 2500g
  20. it was something very cringy so i edited it lol
  21. also, here have a fiery boi
  22. Anyone remember Delta from when I first joined? This is her now : D
  23. ok i got the lineart and flat colouring done :DD
  24. nope i always turn them off in sandbox mode they're just a pain,,,
  25. hmm i guess i'll actually try to finish it, i'm actually quite proud of the sketch tbh : D
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