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  1. guess who's not rich well at least i can afford some bone fragments-
  2. Thank you for drawing him! It looks really cute : D
  3. Most of this is old-ish art (thanks art block), but I'll share it anyway!
  4. I like the names of her offspring 👌
  5. you should look at some of the other dragons on the site-
  6. If anyone wants to they can draw Zukii. Or anyone in my Flight Rising lair https://www1.flightrising.com/lair/489352/1632192/1
  7. ajkjhjwejhewkh thank u for drawing my girl,,, she looks super cute in your art style! (and dw about the toxic body, I can't draw it either) also, i'll finish my drawing of your boys in return soon!
  8. new boy! My eventual goal is to get two dragons with this same gene and colour combo which can breed together. There was somebody who used to breed dragons like this but they haven't been active for a few months
  9. Well in that case... could you draw my girl Likana? If you'd like I'd be happy to make some art for you in return, I like making art for people : D
  10. welcome to the world of flight rising, where an emerald is worth the same as one single ant while a bunch of petals is worth 7 organs-
  11. I spent so much on the sakura flowerfall-
  12. everyone's looking at their old posts so i guess i will too why did i have to put 'owo' in every single post i made back then
  13. OMG I REMEMBER TJHIS KSJKLJNDKNKJSDNKN- I had one of these groups before, but I deleted it because it was actually so terrible-
  14. He sees the nicheling approach the swamp, and spots the familiar pair of fangs. He rushes over to greet her. -Hey, is it you? The first one who I encountered when I arrived here? If so, it's nice to see you again. //Lazukii here, just saying that i might not reply quickly because i have to do school work bc school is closed
  15. -That's a nice title... I wish I had one. Nice to meet you though.
  16. -Oh, ok... so, first up, what is this place? Why can I barely remember anything? And... is there any way out of this place?
  17. He turned his head too, startled to see another creature staring right at him. -AAAAAAH-! oh, sorry... I didn't see you there. Who are you? Do you have a title?
  18. -Wait, so you're the guiding spirit? I heard someone mention you a while ago. They said you knew a lot.
  19. The fish-tailed silhouette caught sight of the pair of glowing eyes. He ran up to the edge of the bank, careful not to fall into the water, and gazed up at the strange creature on the stump. -hello...who are you?
  20. -I want to know what my life was like. I want to know how I died. But everything's a blur...
  21. -So you're all dead too, right? //I'm back! (This is Lazukii talking, not my rp character)
  22. It's in the off-topic section, where you can basically talk about whatever you want. By the way, do you play it? My username is Lazukii
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