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  1. Larouxia


    First, here's my eyebrowed digging truck. She's from my whims tribe but i took a screenshot of her to look at after she died. I know you have a lot of fangs but I would love it if you made Asuka. She's also from my whims tribe but I loved her too much to not take a picture of her. Since you're lacking beak, dots, big body and wing, I'll also put Sakura here!
  2. Larouxia

    Type the username above you with your eyes closed

    Aethwrsjue Almost... It's hard to type on a phone with your eyes closed
  3. Larouxia

    Share your favourite wanderers!

    ... The next few are from my whims of fate tribe, with Seri's rules but both mutations are random. This is probably my luckiest tribe with wanderers Oh look it's Dragon Tear! I've already posted these two but i'm just showing that these were also from my whims tribe.They also happened to both be reincarnations of a creature I once had. Pretty wanderer.
  4. Larouxia

    Likana's Kingdom! โ„๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฎ

    Of course! ~ ๐“›๐“ฒ๐“ด๐“ช๐“ท๐“ช
  5. Larouxia

    Type the username above you with your eyes closed

    Skudplsfj8 At least I got the first two letters and the 8 right... And I typed on my phone so tbh I'm actually kinda proud
  6. Larouxia

    Command for round ears?

    To unlock it you have to get the gene in your tribe, so the creature you give round ears will unlock it for you.
  7. For the first set, Citrine and Spessartite (both are a type of gem) For the second, Vulpix and Rarika?
  8. Larouxia

    Nicheling Explorer

    *most of these were results of me mashing random buttons on my keyboard That's definitely a digging truck that I see there No hammer tail but he looks cool A digging truck bee?
  9. Larouxia

    Nicheling Explorer

    Kinda reminds me of bacon. :3 I didn't know that balance bears were blind birbs? Thats.... the scariest bearyena i've ever seen.
  10. AAAAAA she's so cute! Thank you!
  11. Yes! I'd be really happy if you did
  12. Yes, in fact both of them did! None of their children got both dominant and recessive purrsnout though. But they did have some pretty children!
  13. Larouxia

    Free niche drawing requests!

    uh thanks for the views!
  14. Could you draw her please? Thanks!