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  1. Larouxia

    Free niche drawing requests!

    @bostonlobstah ok so i said i was gonna finish this last week and halfway through drawing this i completely forgot about it so that was a big oof - sorry But anyway, here's your request! I'm still new to pen pressure so the lines are a bit shaky but i'm actually quite proud of it OuO
  2. Larouxia

    Cutest Love At First Sight pics??

    No, and I don't think that rogues can bread with wanderers.
  3. That's basically me when I started playing niche 😂
  4. Larouxia

    nicheling fusions!

    AAAA I love it so much! Thank you!
  5. Larouxia

    nicheling fusions!

    Could you please fuse Karali and Kaizuli?
  6. Larouxia

    Art 4 U

    aaah thank you! I love your art!
  7. Larouxia

    From Islands into Cute Girls!

    This is really cool! I watch a lot of LavenderTowne's videos and it's nice to see that someone else also watches her videos! I might make some, but i might do entities or plants instead😄
  8. Larouxia

    Art 4 U

    Could you draw Likana please? Thanks!
  9. Larouxia

    I guess I could draw...

    Could I have art of her please?
  10. Larouxia

    Free niche drawing requests!

    Sorry for abandoning the requests for a long time, I'm going to do @bostonlobstah 's request today when I get home!
  11. Larouxia

    Help Me Fine Best Bear's Pattern!

    Ok I'm gonna try Is this right? Big+tiny size Medium+thin density
  12. Larouxia

    Show off Your Created Nichelings!

    Some of my niche ocs
  13. She kinda looks like one.... 😂(Her name was randomly generated)
  14. Now I can finally convince my friend to get niche so I won't be alone! (I don't know anyone personally who plays niche)