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  1. Larouxxiaa

    The Jungle Trees??

    This is from my experience, but only the trees without roots have spawned apes. Trees which you can shake for acorns tend to spawn the apes. I noticed that there are less apes than before the wings update, which is probably why you haven't seen any.
  2. Larouxxiaa

    Rank All Islands from Easiest to Hardest!

    I chose Long Winter to be harder because there's only one tile of water and the rabbil glitch. Summer Mountains because there's more grass(which is easier. Overgrown Jungle has no water, and in the Deep Jungle creatures can catch fish, cool down or grab a water healing fruit to escape from an ape. And Home Island is sort of hard if you start on it, because Adam's tribe members always steal the food (unless your nichelings have cracking ability). Just so you know I made this list quite quickly, so there might be times where I put an easier island under a harder island.
  3. Larouxxiaa

    Rank All Islands from Easiest to Hardest!

    1: Peaceful Meadow (the reason i put this higher than tiny green is because it's literally tiny green but bigger, so there's more food) 2: Tiny Green 3: Crossing 4: Archipelago 5: Grass Adventure 6: Grass Mingle 7: Whale Island 8: Summer Mountains 9: First Snow 10: Home Island 11: Jungle Gate 12: Swampy Hill (unless the tribe have poison resistance) 13: Oasis 14: Deadly Hills 15: Rainforest 16: Sleepy Reeds (same as Swampy Hill, much easier with poison resistance) 17: Burning Savanna 18: Frost Lands 19: Long Winter 20: Deep Jungle 21: O V E R G R O W N J U N G L E
  4. Larouxxiaa

    Miss/MISTER Niche for TOXIC People.

    wAIT i can submit 2? here's Likana
  5. yee.thumb.png.b45c0e94d62f0f90ff6767ebdddd36c9.png

    yee i have 123 reputation and 69 posts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. Larouxxiaa

    Free niche drawing requests!

    @jutzi.sophieHere's a drawing of Roku! I hope you like it!
  7. Larouxxiaa

    Niche Hunger Games EXTREME!

    District 11 please Likana! Maple! i'll post their personalities soon but right now i'm too lazy
  8. Larouxxiaa

    Miss Niche January 2019!

    😮 RAZULIA'S WINNING ?! i feel bad for taku mousefoot...
  9. Larouxxiaa

    Miss/MISTER Niche for TOXIC People.

    Here's Pancake! I found him in my screenshots and I don't remember his backstory😑
  10. Larouxxiaa

    Likana - for Larouxxiaa

    I love your drawing! Thanks!
  11. Larouxxiaa

    Free niche drawing requests!

    @Skysplash8 meringueeeeee i'm terrible at drawing horns
  12. Larouxxiaa

    Cultist Bunnil Sightings

    it's not just rabbils...
  13. Larouxxiaa

    Let me draw your Nichelings!

    my child please
  14. Larouxxiaa

    Three Kings' Day give away

    4? this is just a random die roll and i have a feeling it's wrong
  15. District 11 please! Shadowfrost! When Shadowfrost was born, a bearyena spawned. Both his parents died trying to protect him. When Shadowfrost grew old enough to attack he got really mad and killed the bearyena. From then on, whenever a bearyena spawned, he would attack and kill it. He is calm and quiet most of the time but if a bearyena spawns or something happens to someone he cares for, he will first get flashbacks to when his parents were killed and then will most likely murder somebody. Aqualina! Aqualina is my water goddess. She has almost perfect water genes (apart from webbed toes but she's still awesome). I don't have much to say about her personality in the tribe as she's still a baby, but I used the hunger games simulator and apparently she really likes stabbing people (and just killing other nichelings in general)