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  1. I'm watching RTGame's live stream
  2. It was ok, I noticed before I started brushing my teeth and washed the soap out
  3. That happened to me today, I accidentally put soap on my toothbrush because for SOME REASON I mistook the soap bottle for toothpaste 😅
  4. @Renio2490 I finally finished Prince for you! I'm really sorry that I took so long but here you go! Also sorry if I made any mistakes
  5. Yes! I've been watching a lot of playthroughs and it seems like a really cool game! But I don't think my laptop is powerful enough to run it 😕
  6. I'm feeling pretty motivated today so I'll try to finish as many requests as I can! (sorry for keeping some of you waiting for a really long time)
  7. I'm going to close the requests for now since i've got a lot of them and i don't want to be overwhelmed, I'll open them again when I've got the requests I currently have out of the way!
  8. I am working on it! I'm just really busy at the moment and hardly have the motivation to draw. I will finish it soon!
  9. Lawoofy


    Kooki is my irl friend, and I'm also giving her some tips to play the game!
  10. Yep, I'm pretty sure it's sleepy reeds
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