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  1. nobody's posted on this topic for a long time but i just got this really cool boi aaa
  2. Can I adopt him? :3 he reminds me of one of my nichelings lol
  3. @Goggles-kun I drew your bean Midna, because I like making people gifts (sorry, i forgot that she has blue gems)
  4. @Aetherskye Here's Nein, sorry that it's 3 months late oof I'm actually happy with my art style right now... I think I've improved a lot! I just need to work on the shading... @Kooki, you're next!
  5. i added some new syllables and this is what i got when i opened the game
  6. Here she is (she's infertile so she won't really be much help, so you don't have to make her infertile)
  7. ok let me just search through my screenshots to find a picture of my sona
  8. @C0ffeebeans Here's Duki! I'm actually quite proud of this :3
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