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  1. I bought this pretty girl from the auction house
  2. What do you mean? Like what do you want to change
  3. Sorry for the late reply! Just click on the tree (if you mouse over it it should say 'insert image' or something) then copy the image address and paste it into the box
  4. you basically just make a post on the flight rising forums and list all your dragons for sale here https://www1.flightrising.com/forums/baz
  5. Some new babies (including a primal I bought) Also I changed Zukii's apparel slightly
  6. i bought a new dragon! i'm planning to gene her
  7. i used the coatl art to make a new banner for my hatchery
  8. Here is my coliseum team. Not the best battle stones or anything, but I can't afford eliminate or any of the good stuff
  9. i tried to draw a coatl
  10. it be a new future breeding pair the female was originally gonna be a mate for sky but they were too closely related
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