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  1. Aries turned away from her and began organizing a search party. But every one in a while, he glanced back at Wasp.
  2. He just kept running, until he reached the beach. The waves were hitting the shore with a powerful force. Thunder rumbled and rain fell from the sky as if, it too, was crying.
  3. "She hasn't done anything! It's all me!" Cardinal shouted. He quickly got up and ran.
  4. "Hmm... I'll have to take a search party to look for her." He looked Wasp up and down. "But... I don't know if you'll be any use to us." (In every version of this Roleplay, Aries is different. In this one he's kind of stuck up.)
  5. Sequoia glared back. "I'm the reason of everyone's problems." Cardinal sobbed.
  6. He turned towards her. "Oh hey... Wasp was it?"
  7. (I just realized that we've been spelling her name wrong.) "Yes, I do."
  8. Aries was sitting in the middle of camp, eating a rabbil.
  9. He pulled his head away. "I'm sorry." He whispered.
  10. There was a look of hurt in her eyes. She glared at Cardinal, but he was curled up on the ground, sobbing quietly.
  11. Sequoia growled. "Don't sweetheart me! You were so much different before you became king! Now look at you, running away with some lowly guard! You can't even have children! It's disgusting." But as soon as she finished, a look of secret washed over her face. But it quickly went away. @Flower
  12. Willow looked around. She pounded her paws on the dirt surrounding her. "HELP! ANYONE!" She crumbled to the ground and sobbed. @Flower
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