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  1. Still no one for another two hours. Until, a knock at the window.
  2. They start laughing slightly. “Oh, three moons. That was crazy. Hey, thanks mom for the towels.”
  3. “What do you want, Hivewing?” ”oh, I’m here with Morpho.”
  4. An hour passes and no one comes. You had kind of expected Shaderunner to come, or even Starsearcher. But no one came.
  5. “Sure. I would say mine, but I’m probably just biased. I mean, June’s is the biggest out of the three of ours.”
  6. When Dragonfly walks in, Flutter covers you with her wings. ”stay behind me. I can deal with her.”
  7. You sit there for a while. (I wonder how late I can stay up till tonight... last night I got to 7.)
  8. “Oh um... it’s your day so you choose.”
  9. “Morpho?” She answers, getting up and looking at you.
  10. You think about your brother. Where he is and if he’s even alive.
  11. “Ya. It just looked so nice I had to draw it.”
  12. She opens the door and let you go in first. You see about twenty dragons all sitting there. All Silkwings.
  13. You open your door and walk in.
  14. “Okay.” Once they had finished drawing, they devoured every last bite of the food.
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