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  1. Be gay, do crime be some part of the lore bc i like roleplaying lmao probably wouldn’t be on any side, i would just join whatever side i felt like had the best reasoning at the time
  2. Broken


    Well i’m probably going to play it soon bc i don’t feel good and have the day off from school
  3. Broken


    Pretty sure no one plays this game anymore but like, it’s been a while since i played it but i found the playlist i used to watch whenever i played it and i want to play it again. does anyone still play it or is it just me?
  4. (Pic is there to block my real name.)
  5. That happens to me sometimes too. It's very weird Pfunye
  6. "She just drops to the floor and starts crying" "Celebration Town" "I do not want to have an intimate relationship with you" "Time to beat up 53 old people"
  7. Oh no... i have a feeling he meant it as a like... friend love or smth but still. Don't do it. Don't ship minors
  8. Not rlly related but i find it funny that your userbame is the same as my friend's username on discord
  9. Broken


    Today was the first session of a new campaign and my first time being a dm. I had planned out a basic story structure but... The two players are part of an spy/ assassin guild. And their 'first' mission was to go to the masquerade and find secrets abt the war. While preparing, i made them go to stores where it was the same old man working there. But now, it's a plotline. There are just thousands of this same old man everywhere and now i have to make a backstory for them and add more stuff and i gotta do it by friday. They also just ruined the plot i had put the most time in
  10. Broken


    Share your dnd characters, campaign stories, and stuff like that
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