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  1. hello there it is i the person who is definitely super active/j anyways can i be the noelle or milf aka queen deltarune
  2. Broken


    for an example, i'll use that it/its/itself This is my friend Katie. It went to the store by itself to by its grandma some flowers. if they use for example he/its This is my friend Kevin. He always gets good grades, so its parents always buy him the latest video games. Right now, its favorite video game is Minecraft. so basically you just replace where she/he/they would be in a sentence, with the neo pronouns. or you can switch between neopronouns and normal pronouns. if you have any more questions just ask. and it's the same as noun pronouns such as moon/moons/moonself
  3. Broken


    Although I’m basically inactive here i use they/he/xe/it/wisp/moon/bloom/leaf/mew and basically any other neos bc i like seeing people get creative
  4. I looked up a picture and then tried to redraw it lmao bc that was my art style in 2019
  5. Baby Broken’s first art that i didn’t look up someone else’s drawing and redraw it horribly ❤️
  6. Not the art slander from renio/lh
  7. I’m trying to find my first art post
  8. Wow coco, i knew you liked niche but i didn’t know you LOVED it
  9. Our favorite [redacted] I definitely know what that is meant to be
  10. I kinda forgot there were other people in this sim lmao
  11. Broken


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