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  1. (What cave? Who is? What happened before that?)
  2. (I'm gonna join (again) but first... What the heck is going on?)
  3. I know this was done before but it died so I restarted it. The rules are, one sentence at a time. I suggest using greek and ukranian to get the funniest results. You don't have to put the original sentence. I'll start: Preface The crescent moon shines on the granite blocks, turning them into silver.
  4. Welcome to Soulmate Island, your one and only place to find love. You just join by sending a letter and we will send you a ticket to Soulmate Island. Then... you will be free to choose whoever you want. Please put your nicheling's name and picture. You will just start at the island Members- Finch, played by me (Picture coming) Phoenix, played by me (Picture coming) Broken, played by me (Picture coming) Hornet, played by @Aetherskye
  5. Finch sighed but didn't sit near them.
  6. Also, I guess what with the girly stuff is that... I don't want to get stereotyped into liking girly stuff because I am a girl. I look like a girl. I've had lots of people come up to me saying, "Hey [real name], why aren't you girly? I mean, you wear mascara and have long hair." And, it does look like I wear mascara, but my eyelashes are just generally long and dark. And my hair is long, but I'm planning on cutting it really short. I guess it's also because when I was younger I liked dresses and princesses. And now people think I still like that stuff because I liked it when I was younger.
  7. Well... gender technically does effect your sexuality. If you prefer to be a girl and like girls, that makes you a lesbians. If no one had gender there would be no sexuality. And for your personality, it all depends on euphoria and dysphoria. If you're not happy to be, say a boy, and it would make you happier if you were a girl, then it does effect your personality.
  8. I don't listen to music! I watch lgbtq tik tok compilations in yt. And other random gaming videos on yt.
  9. I get really bad anxiety when I see someone from school at a place outside of school. I try my best to make them not see me. The most recent one was when I was at Jewel (there's like 100 of them in my city) and it was right after school. And of course I saw the girl that I had a crush on so I got really bad anxiety. I was trying to make it go quicker but then her mom told her to get something and she ran into my isle and were just awkwardly looking at eachother. I don't know how she didn't see me before. We had been in the fruit section like, 10 feet apart before but she never noticed.
  10. Well... I don't like girly stuff. Like dresses and makeup. I know I don't feel like I am masculine and will never be masculine. But I also feel like being feminine means that you have to like girly stuff. So... I feel like I would prefer being called they/them so I don't get pushed into the feminine community were you have to be girly. If that makes sense.
  11. @wikipedia (angel) I feel like I might be non-binary but I'm not sure. Do you know how to tell if you are non-binary?
  12. Goldkit and Bronzekit were best friends, until Featherkit came to the clan. Goldkit spent all his time with her. Feeling hurt, Bronzekit ran away but drowned in the river. Goldkit and Featherkit became apprentices shortly after, and Goldkit started to blame himself for his brother's death. Once they were warriors, Goldash and Featherfall, they had 3 kits together. Weedkit, Lionkit, and Moonkit
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