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  1. Uhh... what the title said. Share minecraft stories.
  2. Broken


    So... I may or may not have made a revolution in my minecraft server with my two friends My friend, Froggee started speaking french in the chat. He's not French. So I responded in french. We both used google translate. My other friend, Pear, was making fun of Froggee as a joke. And he started calling her the American . I start speaking German. Pear continues to joke around and I suggest using /msg to Froggee that we start a revolution. So now we have French Frog guy and german Ned Flanders.
  3. Mule cult Mule cult Mule cult
  4. Tomorrow I’m getting the first Little Nightmares because I’ve never played it. I’ve also never watched any videos of it and want to go in blind. But idk if I also want to get the second one. Since I might watch my friend play that one since she already played the demo with me in a vc. So idk. And if I do get it I will be broke. So I probably will only get the first one.
  5. i’ve made like, 10 of these already. But this one won’t die hopefully. Also feel free to ask questions that I will probably answer depending on what they are.
  6. I don’t think I’ve ever paired anyone up. But has anyone paired me up?
  7. The entirety of just sports radio. Especially when I just woke up. It makes my head hurt. Also people chewing. And my sister’s voice.
  8. Ahaha whatup gamers. As I said, me saying welcome to the christian minecraft server because idk what to say. Also small laugh and saying voice again. IMG_2339.MOV
  9. I’ll just post it rn. Give me a sec
  10. If this post get’s 7 haha’s I will post the video of me saying “welcome to my christian minecraft server”. And a small laugh reveal.
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