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  1. Sunbeam stared in horror, tears welling in her eyes. ”Wh-who did this?” Everything looked normal... “N-nothing! Fine, Eyeless!”
  2. Broken

    Unus Annus

    Just talk about it. If you haven’t watched the channel, you should. It’s really funny. If you ask I’ll give more context. So I don’t write a lot if people either aren’t interested or already know what it is.
  3. Ya. I can’t remember when it was recorded, but I know it was 9 months ago. So you’ll have to go through about a month’s worth of videos. I’m skipping over some because I have very vivid memories of them. But I will rewatch them even if I have the entire thing memorized if it was really funny. I’m on ‘The Worst Kind of Cupping’. Since I skipped the other two Cupping Videos before that. Also, make sure you watch it with headphones. I mean, you probably already are since it’s late, but still.
  4. I was just about to rewatch that one! I put it on the ‘date added oldest’ and am just going from there. I found out about the channel from Markiplier’s video on bootleg merch and there was stuff for Unus Anuus. So I checked it out. I think one of my favorites is the Escape Room one. (and same. Once it gets too late my brain either shuts off and just pays attention to youtube, or it works too much and I get a bunch of random story ideas. But then I don’t have the energy to write.)
  5. Have you watched any of their videos before? I’ve gone through three mini cans of sprite. Which I now realize is one and a half cans of normal sprite.
  6. Like my eyes are saying: Go to sleep But my mind is saying: stay up Especially since today is the only day in the week I can stay up till 6 am. Which is my plan. Just have 3 and a half hours left.
  7. I really like my name, but it’s not the best name in the world. There a lot of much better names than mine. But I feel like this is the only name that fits me. If someone tried calling me something different, I would feel like it wasn’t my name.
  8. I have my version (which is me right now)- *me at 2:30 am, and I have 50 unwatched Unus Annus Videos on youtube that I really want to watch*
  9. “Well I’m trying to not be rude.” (Answer this when you wake up, obviously. Or if you’re still on. Basically whenever you feel like it. But, what would CrestFallen’s name be if he was a human? Since I want to make a story based off of this. But CrestFallen doesn’t sound like a human name.)
  10. “Okay-“ he stops, clearly not knowing any mean thing he can call you. Okay! Gn!
  11. “Why? I mean, Ash said if we go through the jungle more we’ll reach the ocean.”
  12. “I... don’t know. I guess we just live here now.”
  13. “I don’t know... who put these mangoes here?” He asked, confused.
  14. “Thanks.” You begin to fall asleep. Day Gay You awoke in the hammock. There was a sweet smelling fruit beside you. ”Good morning.” Gobi said, he had obviously just woken up too.
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