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  1. When you leave, you miss out.
  2. You nurse from your mother, becoming slightly tired.
  3. You mew loudly, getting a slight grunt in response.
  4. Yes You open your eyes, ever so slightly. You see two other kits.
  5. @Meron'nikeringu @Magicmoonss Day 1 You awake, mewling. The smell of milk fills the air, yet you are shrouded in endless darkness. What do you do? Tip: If you need examples, just ask. This is for both of you)
  6. Npc Cats and Age Heatherkit- Age: 1 day Plumkit- Age: 1 day
  7. Choose a clan, a name, appearance (picture preferred), and gender. Only 5 people can join, since I have a special storyline for each of them. The age system is different. There are 3 days in a moon. Once you are 4 moons old you become an apprentice. Clans- Thornclan- Plumkit, male ( @Magicmoonss ) Lightclan- Heatherkit, female- ( @Meron'nikeringu ) Leafclan- Birdclan-
  8. Broken


    I've been taking a break, and still am. I don't know for how long. On Quotev I'm working on a Wings of Fire fanfic. If you look up Wings of Fire, or just Wof, in fanfiction you'll find it. It's called Burning Moon- Wings of Fire (In Progress). If you wanna read it.
  9. "Nice to meet you, Azalea. What is a priestess?"
  10. Amberbreeze just got it a couple days ago!
  11. He walked over to the girl with the antennae. "Hello, m'lady."
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