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  1. I learned that most Russians are evil, except for the ones that like Looney Toons and Slushies.
  2. If you pm me and guess what this is correctly, you get a free drawing or something. DO NOT PUT IN REPLIES. I get triggered when he swings his bat with nails or puts it on his shoulder. Talk about a safety hazard.
  3. Brokenshock


    (I have no idea what to put...) Thank you...
  4. Brokenshock


    Hi. I came back! (I feel very awkward...)
  5. (The whole ear!?) "H-how?! You-"
  6. "Shh, your mother is here." She says, smiling.
  7. "Okay. But you can't always listen to everything that someone tells you. You have to think for yourself."
  8. How many WC sims have I made? Umm, I think four, and maybe five if you count sleeping darkness...
  9. Deathpaw looked at her paws, they had blood and feathers on them. "Wow."
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