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  1. Brokenshock

    No action tile!

    Do you know why this is happening @Philo?
  2. Brokenshock

    No action tile!

  3. So, if your creature got dehydrated or something, this snout would make so that you could get water from the cactus. But first, you would have to take the spines of the cactus, which would have a chance at dealing one day of damage, and the spines could give you 1 piece of food. If anyone has anything else to add, just say it.
  4. Brokenshock

    No action tile!

    Ya, that's the only place it happened to me too. It's happened a couple times, all on the island you find Eve. Though once it wasn't under a tree.
  5. Brokenshock

    No action tile!

    In story mode, I wanted to step under a tree to pick up coconuts, but it wouldn't let me on a tile! I don't know why that happened.
  6. Brokenshock

    Same immunity!!

    That happened to me once, but only one of their kids was sick. Then we found a wanderer.
  7. Brokenshock

    Take a question, leave a question.

    I'm Pisces too! I haven't read the whole thing but my question is, Do you like to have a big group of friends, or a small group of friends?
  8. Brokenshock

    Ever Rescued A Hurt Animal?

    Well, me and my uncle once saved a newborn baby bird that was hatching. We named her Hope. Here is her story: So, one day I went to my uncle's house and we went outback and he showed me, in the bush, a robin's nest, that had 3 eggs. Then one day we went to go check on them and I realized that the bush was cut. Then my uncle said that he forgot to tell the bush cutters to not cut it. Then we checked and there was only one egg in the nest. We looked for the other ones and couldn't find them. Then we realized the only egg was hatching. So we brought her inside and tried to help her. Then, we tried to help her hatch. Once we got her out, we put her under a heat lamp. Then, a while after we decided to bring her back to her nest, just in case the parents came back. Then the next time I came over, I found out that she had died. I was crying for so long. (It was 2 or 3 years ago.)
  9. Brokenshock

    Rank All Islands from Easiest to Hardest!

    I can't survive any snow islands. Die of hunger. And any other island that has a low food source.
  10. Brokenshock

    Community challenge playthrough

    What day did you survive until? Unless you're going to post it.
  11. Brokenshock

    Community challenge playthrough

    Umm, ok. I'll put what day you survived until on the form thing.
  12. Brokenshock

    Community challenge playthrough

    Peppermint has...
  13. Brokenshock

    Warrior Cats!

    I was making an account and messing around with the names, and got Plumstar. But I chose a different one, and didn't know if I had to write it down so I'm going to do it later.
  14. Brokenshock

    Warrior Cats!

    Ohhhh. Okay.