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  1. People who I know Like Warriors @Clover @FlowerMask @Aetherskye @angelheart
  2. As the title says, I will draw your warrior cat ocs. You can request one car at a time, but when I'm done, you can add another one. I will take 5 at a time. Form to add: Name: Gender: Eye color: Fur color: Personality/Expression: Details/other: The personality is so I know how to draw them. Requests: 1. Storm- Alfamangle 2. Open 3. Open 4. Open 5. Open
  3. "I'm not trying to be cool! You'll never understand!" She yelled and stormed off but stopped at the door.
  4. "Well, that also makes her a wimp!" She yelled. Frost looked at Lou. "Wh-why did she do that to me?" She whimpered.
  5. A place ruled by robots and we will be slaves. When I grow up I will...
  6. "Then why didn't she fight back, idiot?" She asked
  7. Frost whimpered. (I feel like when she feels better, Boom should talk to her too. To see what her side of the story.)
  8. Tarera looked at them. "I beat up the little wimp, Frost."
  9. (Well, we might still rp as Tarera and Sun)
  10. Tarera looked at Boom and sat down. She kicked her paw and dragged it over her ear. (Boom: Don't make trouble. Tarera: *Beats up kids*)
  11. Tarera walked in front of Boom, her head held up high.
  12. Frost watched them walk away. "Help!" She yelled, hoping someone would hear her.
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