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  1. This is something you need to fix: Otherwise, it looks cool.
  2. I'm watching her Adam's Quest playthrough. Let me say first I think she's a great weaver of stories, and I'm enjoying the series a lot. This is NOT intended to dismiss her in any way. What I'm curious here is what does everyone think about the strategy of deliberately going for what she calls (for story reasons) the shaman's curse. That would be a sick nicheling with double home immunity. I'm still relatively new with the game, but I don't see it worth the hassle of handling a sick nicheling. That is either risking shortening other nichelings' lifespan (especially if the "cursed" nicheling is female) or having to keep them alone, which is a bit awkward because the idea is you want to breed with them a lot. The idea seems to be as a way of getting more births with home immunity so that the gene is not lost, which sounds good, but comes with the price described above of shortened lifespan or intensified micro. So, to people here with more experience, I ask: What do you think? Valid way of thinking, or cute trick, but ultimately not worth the hassle? PS: I don't think I will use it, because for some reason it feels "gamey" to me. I know we do many other things that are gamey, but not really that much. Evolution means adapting to the environment. The only gamey part is that in Nicheling we can partially adapt to an environment before going there. But in any case, I'd like to know what people thinks. PPS: I hope this is the right place for this kind of strategy discussions too. If not, please feel free to move it to the right place.
  3. I was thinking Humped Body gene would give "Hydration Resistance". (This would be a yes/no ability, like with Poison). Problem is, it's too specific. What do humps get you when you finally leave the desert?
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yes. There's this really deep hex you need to stop by (deep enough that body size won't matter for sure). Then moving from there to dry land is safe (but for some reason, moving from there to shallow water is not, even if the water there is shallow enough that the nicheling can stay in it as long as it wants to). But some nichelings take damage on the dipping move, and some don't. To make it more clear: The ocean bed is two hexes wide. Some nichelings move from one island to the bed, then step to the second hex in the bed (1 damage), then to dry land on the next island, while others go from land to ocean bed (1 damage), then one step in the deep waters (1 damage), then to the next island.
  5. Hi there. I purchased Niche, though I haven't launched it yet. I saw some gameplays and it looks like a very cool game, so I wanted to say that to the developers. I also read this forum, and I love the fact that @Philo and others are OK showing us the innards of the game (like with those AI posts that I might need to look at more carefully later on) as well as involving the whole community in the improvement of the game. I have always been a highly theoretical player, so I like to see how the game works on the inside. I got a few questions by watching gameplays on Youtube, though. So I'm asking those below. How do mutations work exactly? The label says 50%, but at what point in the process is this factored in? I can see different ways of that working. Like it could replace the baby's genes at birth, or during the mating. And if the later, it becomes something like ABMM x AB? (Where M is the mutation, and A and B are whatever genes are originally on the parent). Or something different? And if there's two mutations in the same slot (vg two different tails), I can't figure that out. (Or potentially FOUR mutations, I guess). Speaking of mutations, what is the point of having things like Hemophilia or No Fertility in the mutation menu? I understand that some people may want to challenge themselves or something, but for "normal" gameplay (far from my intentions trying to tell everyone what is normal), it makes no sense at all. It's not even like Derp Snout, which some people may prefer because of looks... Patterns. How can a pattern be tiny and big, and thin and thick at the same time? Those things are co-dominant, but I can't figure it out. I saw a suggestion of including a nicheling generator, and I would use that to look at patterns and color combinations and the like. I think it's a great idea, but I'm not so sure about the ability of taking them into the game. On one hand you can make very powerful nichelings and kinda "break" the game, but on the other hand what would be the point? so, I thought of adding a suggestion of something like a "creative mode". I have to find the original suggestion again, hehe. And finally for now, crossing water. Watching Jessimew's Adam's Quest gameplay, I saw when crossing islands in the Archipelago, some Nichelings took one drowning damage where others took two, with no water genes involved, so my question is, when moving in the water and you don't have water breathing, what exactly triggers drowning? That's all for now. Thank you in advance.
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