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  1. NyssaDerp

    Gods And Godesses

    My only goddess is Anameme, the goddess of Well Being, who seems to always appear during times of peril to help and often save the tribes. She is always reincarnated with a red-ish or brown-ish fur colour. I have no pictures, but the original had a sniffer snout (thats what I call them lol), a claw, and a velvet paw. The first time she came was as a wanderer to save us from a bearyena, and the second was as a started nicheling. After that I can't remember, but she continues to appear every once and a while. Hopefully I can add more Gods and Goddesses soon, I'll just have to wait for some to appear!
  2. Post about your favourite pretty and/or weird nichelings here! Here are some of mine I found the other day in my personal tribe 😋
  3. NyssaDerp

    Niche Playthrough! (Community Based :D)

    I checked on a different file, whale island confirmed! ^-^
  4. NyssaDerp

    help me think of ideas for a desert biome!

    A more detailed version of the Sandstorm idea ! ^^ Every 8 - 15 days, a sandstorm would occur. The screen has an orangey-yellow tint, and small particles will fly across the screen resembling sand. Sandstorms can last 1-3 days and deal 1 damage to anyone who is not next to another Nicheling. To protect against sandstorms, the camel eye gene (face type) and a "no-sweat" body could be added. The camel eye/face will have long eyelashes and resemble a camel face. The no-sweat body can protect against heat and sandstorms, resembling a lean body with small spikes (see for reference thorny devil). It would only rain in the desert every 15-25 days and cannot occur in sync with a sandstorm. *other random ideas* I think Bunnel nests should still spawn in the desert, as bunnies do live in deserts sometimes. I think. I don't know. Whatever, they should still spawn there. Going back to my other idea about the desert snake, I was thinking instead of a snake, it could be a hybrid between a coyote and warthog of sorts. I'm not a good drawer, but heres a piece of concept art:This could be the replacement predator for the bearyena in the desert. Seeing as there won't be many berry bushes, why not add something like the walrus deer? My idea was to add an Ostrich hybrid. I'm not sure what it would be crossed with, I'll leave that up to you 😅
  5. The tribe is moving islands! If you want to vote, go to my Community Playthrough! :D

  6. NyssaDerp

    Niche Playthrough! (Community Based :D)

    Oo I like it! I'll do that now!!
  7. Heyooooo! I'm going to start a new Niche playthrough and I thought why not let other fans help? Any time something happens, a new baby with cool patterns is born, a dilemma such as food shortage, or when half the tribe gets wiped out because of a common cold. I suppose you could call this a log of my crazy Niche adventures! I'm going to let everyone choose names and which islands to go to next, whether I should banish that weird-looking red and yellow spotted derp snout over there, and sometimes even which genes I should try and mutate in when I can't decide. The starting island will be the Grass Adventure (easy island). i think thats what its called lol I really hope this turns out to be an epic saga of nichelings and lore, and something everyone can be included in! 🤗 Starter Nichelings: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE TIME HAS COME! The tribe is moving, and it's up to you to decide where they go! The peaceful flowering blossoms, a blazing savanna ridden with the thought of death and decay, or the mysterious blue tiles? Lilac and Ginger's first baby is SO CUTE! Any ideas on names? Two babies later and a wandering albino female comes into the tribe! Sadly she is sick and I did a dumb-dumb and now most of the tribe is half dead, as she infected them while on her deathbed. Oh, and then another beautiful wandering nicheling appears… What should I name her?
  8. NyssaDerp

    help me think of ideas for a desert biome!

    Thanks!! I'm glad you liked them 😋 I love the idea of a hairless Nicheling, I think that would add so much more to the game if it's added!! I think the whole desert biome thing is a neat idea, I hope that it ends up becoming a reality! I'll post any ideas if I have more on here
  9. I really wanna start my own Nicheling pantheon but I never seem to be able to keep track of them… Hmmmmmmm. Perhaps I will start a new save file and make that my main play-through.

  10. NyssaDerp

    Hey there! :D

    Thanks! ^.^
  11. NyssaDerp

    help me think of ideas for a desert biome!

    A desert sand snake would be an interesting predator as it could poison you after attacking. Coconut trees spawning in small oasis's in the middle of the islands could also be a feature. A new gene could perhaps be an armoured jaw, which can collect cactus berries without damage being taken, because what's a classic desert without its cactus? As well as that, a "camel eye" could be added, with long eyelashes to protect from sandstorms, which would occur occasionally and do small damage to baby or teenage nichelings that aren't next to an adult. Sunburn could also be added, when there is heat strokes that last for a few days. If you aren't in a body of water by the second day, you would get a "Dehydrated" effect which would do 1 damage every day until you go into a water source. Those are just some of my random ideas, hope they made sense and you liked them ^-^
  12. NyssaDerp

    Hey there! :D

    Thank-you! 😊
  13. NyssaDerp

    Hey there! :D

    Hello there! I'm new here! (Hopefully this is how I make a post because I've never done any of this before haha) My name is Nyssa, and I'm an avid Niche fan! I'm fairly new to the game, having only started early 2018, but I love the direction the game is heading in and the current build already. I hope that I can be a part of this awesome community with you all! ^^ I have a bunch of ideas that are mostly weird and probably not at all functional, but I'm still gonna post about them in the features section :b Ok, well, thats me, byeeeee!