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  1. Willow the fluffer

    Wolf head?

    Thanks for the suggestions ^^
  2. Willow the fluffer

    Allagator head and body parts

    I don't think anyone has come up with this correct me if I'm wrong but I wont take down the post if someone has.. Here…sorry idk how to draw gators Head stats~ Attack~ 3 Temp under water breathing (they still need air so after ten days and a nichling still hasn't come out the water they will drown) Swimming~ 1 Smelling~ 2 Distasteful appearance Leg Stats~ Attack~ 1 Swimming~ 3 Speed 1 Arm Stats~ Attack~ 2 Swimming~1 Speed 1 Tail Stats~ Swimming~ 3 Attack~ 1 (they can use there tail to smack things..?) Do you wanna suggest anything to effect this post in a positive way just tell me if I need to change anything
  3. Willow the fluffer

    Wolf head?

  4. Willow the fluffer

    Wolf head?

    I KNOW PEOPLE HAVE MADE THIS SUGGESTION BEFORE!!!!!! Now that that's over with here child... Wolf head Stats~ Attack~ 2 Smelling~ 3 or 2 Strong voice (Maybe make a new noise when calling out on stumps or trees like a deeper call than the high pitch chirps) Howl option (when on stumps you can howl which can scare off creatures from Carnivores to rogue males) Cold resistance~ 1 OK sooooo I was thinking we should add the wolf head because niche kind of remind me of a wolf if that makes sense, Anyway you know how people have suggested niche to breed with ram fox maybe this could be a head you get or just some random head. Places to find a nichling with this head or to unlock it, Live in the snow for 50 days? idk how long it takes to unlock big body...but that long. if you have more suggestions ill add them I guess...
  5. Willow the fluffer

    Cast call for Jojo's Hunger Games round 3

    I guess Hollow she seems more manly.. XD
  6. Willow the fluffer

    Niche Hunger Games EXTREME!

    Oml juniper looks like she is covered in blood splatters TwT
  7. Willow the fluffer

    Niche Hunger Games EXTREME!

    here they are District 5 Hollow All her info is in "Hunger games casting call three" made by jojo, I'm feeling lazy sorry Pixel Pixel is the god of Harvest, He spent his whole life collecting foods only nuts though he would Find the trees gathering niching's to have feasts with him. Personality~ Calm, Gluten, Mischievous, Trickster, Social, Fun loving, Carefree, Child like mindset, (you know..... um... he's kinds g a y....)…. He stays in groups and hates being alone, Hes not the one to fight but he will fight for is food and if you turn your back on him you may not have any food when you wake.
  8. Willow the fluffer

    Cast call for Jojo's Hunger Games round 3

    Idc 2 or 9 Here are my niche Lily She is the goddess of second chance, Personality~ Caring (To loved ones), (How I imagine her in this game) Sassy, Unpredictable, Forgiving, Wise, Calm minded. She keeps to herself but if her loved ones are in danger she wont hesitate to jump in and fight, She will help others who are not children only if they help her is some way. Hollow She is the goddess of War, Personality~ (How I imagine her in this game) Brave, Hotheaded, Vengeful, Vicious, Trickster, Protective. The will jump Into battle even if its not needed, She... Loves bloodshed but when she knows its time to stop she will respectfully disposing the body. She Will kill for her family and ones who are close, strangers have no chance being attack nonmatter what they look like. They are not related by blood but call each other sisters in the afterlife A mere Yin and Yang
  9. Willow the fluffer

    Jojo's Niche Hunger Games Round two is up now!

    OML I need to join this plz tell meh how TwT if I can still join.!!!! :))
  10. Willow the fluffer

    Cast call for Jojo's Hunger Games round 3

    what's this? OwO
  11. Willow the fluffer

    Balance bear hybrid (with refs)

    oof I should fix that and your right they should be pretty slow..
  12. Willow the fluffer

    Gods And Godesses

    I've had many gods but sadly forgot about them so I'm left with only one here she is.... Lily She is the goddess of second chance, She protects nests and the babies born in them in her life she adopted many babies due to there mothers passing, she guides the babies to a new life keeping them close and making sure they are protected by all who are near. to summon Lily is to have a nichling dedicate there life to protecting young, and to look albino but have grey spots. Her tribe had a goal of being albino so they would breed for white fur and orange eyes for than until they found someone with albinism. Lily was considered very beautiful but secluded herself from the tribe only keeping her adopted son near, Than one day A pink male came by and decided to be her mate she was reluctant but accepted and had a few of babies but was far more connected to her adopted children. but it wasn't all happy Lily sadly died protecting her family her first adopted son was shocked and there was a killer bearhena (idk how to spell this..) closing in and Lily on her final day with a pregnant belly stepped in saving her sons precious genes.Than sadly I deleted the save file I was very upset with myself but yeah.. Appearance~ All white fur, Grey spots, Orange eyes, (I wish she had poison fangs and antlers but I can only dream),Velvet paw and runner leg (Or bearhena claw), (I wish big body), and A flower crown WITH a large scar going across her eye.. imma make a new game and try to make Lily again but as I wish she could look like TwT
  13. Willow the fluffer

    Immortal Bostonlobstah - Pinkalicious Illegal Playthrough!

    oh what's that? sounds super interesting!!! 😮
  14. Willow the fluffer

    Immortal Bostonlobstah - Pinkalicious Illegal Playthrough!

    oh oof thanks for informing me