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  1. I follow a (lot) few people TwT
  2. I was away for like a month or so and oof I came back with a TON of notifications I think like 400+??
  3. I love ragdolls they are the best!!
  4. So Idk what happened but lets strat off with this! How do I even explain this... so what happened here.. lets ask the pic TwT So there was a carnivores plant in the shadows and it ate my bat child BUT my niche are not blind and can smell so why cant they see or smell anything and it.. (Ik I spelt rude wrong its supposed to be funny ;w;) So than I exited out and made a new Deep jungle thing, and THIS HAPPENED EE Than I learned they cant see in only some places as shown here so now I was just confused and passes the day a bit hopingit would go away than.. Everything went dark and I couldn't control my niching's so I tried passing the day and OOF So I hope this helps Idk Killer island, Deep Jungle Btw I didn't use console or anything just played it normally so I don't think I did anything wrong...
  5. Hello idk if you have addresses this but dose this effect already existing files and should I worry about the other files being corrupted?
  6. Got to say this is sooooooo cool your really good BUT the kid dose scare me a little and might, you know slightly makes me think of a derp snout before looking at the original image TwT but still its awesome ^^
  7. Idk here also I was messing with my editor and owch.. this happened spook XD
  8. idk here's my child Scourge (ik I spelt his name wrong in the game..)
  9. hey um is it too late to change the niche I put in because I kind of want Lily instead of pixel... owch.. here's her description sorry I'm lazy XD
  10. Soooooooooooooooooo….. How many days dose it take for the ice blocks to melt I've only been there for 47 days and the Ice hasn't melted am I doing something wrong I've heard that Adams quest has a few bugs in snowy lands the console has provided food because I've just sat here I really wanna go across and have nichlings with antenna so oof they are saying sunny -2 cold but no melted blocks dose all the snow on the ground need to melt cuz that hasn't happened...
  11. Do you mean the material I use but anyways Thanks ^^
  12. ikr I always get sickly nichlings TwT
  13. Suggest things but I may not make your drawing till tomorrow after noon
  14. Ello children im open for requests on art just like your character in niche nothing else and if you set a request and don't get it for a while don't freak out I have a life too and wont drop everything for a little drawing TwT but anyways if the Title as "Closed" in it don't ask for anything yah got it?, mk... also if you don't like how it comes out you can tell me how to improve the errors but don't freak out or want a redraw I will not do it twice and ONLY ONE nicheling please not multiple.. but like if its really needed I might not do yours so hastily. and don't hesitate to ask for gore I'm fine with that (I'm not weird you are!!) NOTE!!! When finished with the drawing image may not be at top quality due to the fact that I'm taking the photo with a computer and that's kind of hard.. TwTThis is the only example I have.. and by the warning you can see its a bit blurry (heck..)
  15. Oml this is so majestic I love it thank you soooooo much!!
  16. ooo, I found another one when I was little my dad took my to a carnival and there was a glass maze and ran strait into a glass wall nearly breaking my baby nose TwT
  17. I'm a super risky person but I like never get hurt but I have been hurt before yes and I'm tied between One time I was sitting atop my dads shed and drawing and a gust of wind attacked my paper and well my eye.. was open and oof… I GOT A PAPPER CUT ON MY EYE!! AHHHHHH ow.. but also (thankfully I'm wasn't blind..) One time I was out at night and closed the car door than it CRUSHED MY FINGER IN A CAR DOOR AND MY FINGER WAS NIMB SO WHEN I STARTED WALKING I DIDNT NOTIC MY FINGER WAS CAUGHT IN THE DOOR!!! ow.. (I still have a scar on that finger...also my finger wasn't broken it was just badly sprained)
  18. poof idk Sorry for poor camera quality I'm taking a pic with a computer so rip.. here's my lovely lily Poof (The kid in the nest was her first adopted son..)
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