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  1. i wanna come back but i dont know what to do :[ its weird

  2. sorry in advance but woof woof
  3. hi flower so owlflower has these three cursed kits with her husband who is streamheart's brother and his name is ashstar and ashstar is mean. why? i dont know yet. they are called oakkit, birchkit and treekit (very good names, owlflower). they want to be apprentices blah blah blah so their mean dad makes them apprentices early. they dont know hes bad but he wants to eradicate the other clan, snowclan, which lives in literal hell and barely makes it thru each season but whatever. ashstar is planning a big attack on snowclan half way thru his kits' apprenticeship and tells them apprentices arent allowed to fight but if they try extra hard he will make them warriors. his murder kits want to do this a lot but treepaw works himself to death because two is enough. owlflower focuses on her dead kid but ashstar makes the other ones warriors, oakflower (very creative aswell ashstar your mate's suffix totally isnt flower) and birchear (birchear's ears are clawed to shreds during the battle so ashstar can see the future somehow lol.) they all battle but the deputy of leafclan (thats where they live oops i didnt say that) is a Nice Dude so he tries to kill ashstar in an attempt to become leader and make the clan right but birchear loves his father (they still dont know hes a meanie) and kills cindertwig the deputy. there is no deputy. but poor oakflower is chosen to be the deputy from cindertwig right before he dies and she has no choice but to be an underage sad leader. she chases out birchear for being an idiot after she realizes ashstar was bad so birchear is just wandering the territory. oakflower appoints her former mentor as deputy (cloudfern). (theres more but ill continue it later)
  4. if yall are okay with me staying I will because im bored and I will show you some exclusive art that I don’t have posted on my deviant art it’s not exclusive im just lazy
  5. lesbian warrior cats. Owlflower is the brown tabby and streamheart is the grey one the other things are their references I dont like streamheart’s because its not right but it gets the job done they have a story if you want me to explain it but streamheart isnt in it cause. she kinda dead
  6. warrior cats is my religion
  7. also yes my two accounts ARE a headache
  8. saw smth and i wanted to hang out for a bit. this place seems chill again i am just an alone bored boy
  9. I'm afraid of change, and I’ve also been afraid to admit there might be a small fear of commitment in my soul. Sounds weird for someone who’s in a relationship, I suppose. Here’s some artfight stuff I’ve done to lighten this “mood”. (The first one is my oc, though).
  10. also I’m kinda afraid to leave my corner right here, I don’t like what’s happening outside because I know nothing about WoF and I really don’t want to. I already got warrior cats ruined for me by watching too much Moonkitti and... everything. you can’t go on YouTube without having 40 different spoilers for warriors also why I stopped reading the books. At least, until school gets back in. so does anybody want to see the only picture of my face I like with a pride rainbow flower crown? I bought it at Michael’s and I’m obsessed with the thing (my pretty dragons on FR :0 be jealous they’re my yin and yang coatls)
  11. clay, I guess, it’s unbaked and I’ll probably destroy it later-
  12. I’ve been stuck watching the same series over and over and over and over again the same playlist, the same youtuber, the same game aa so anyway, I’m on my way to make 500 more warrior cat ocs
  13. Old pictures. we’re still trying : (
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