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  1. *when you realize the maker is older than yourself*
  2. *sips mug of sparkling water* Yes.
  3. Renio2490


    my activity is balderdash (my life is nonsense)
  4. ...I hate social studies. And science. Science is boring. So is math. And PE. And music. And French. And... art class. WHY WON'T YOU LET ME DIE?
  6. let me unleash the screenshots to r e l a x a t i o n (I just want to point out the context for the picture above this text, and here it is: And people are always complaining about digging paws being so rare.)
  7. totally not gonna listen to this playlist for... how many hours we got again?
  8. I'm super bored... so any suggestions of what I can do?
  9. I could totally rival you in the amount of fluffiness
  10. yeah, I don't know anybody who hates me, but I'm sure someone does.
  11. by that I meant some people like me, some people hate me. eh.
  12. I'm that one person that people hate/like It's both
  13. So.. yesterday’s been fun between you and me, but for personally myself I’ve been bored because my parents were away all day and there was nothing I could really do besides be on the forums and maybe play Niche, sooo yeah.. that’s why I’ve been sad and depressed, you and I could go back to our sim game though today :)

    1. Renio2490


      'kay, I'll pull up my generator and do some math for the food.

    2. SilverTheNicheling


      If I remember right it was 7 currently.. unless Grape and Gunter romantically ate together lol

    3. Renio2490


      at the end of each day I take away as much food as they have members

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