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  1. um... storage for these clans and cats I'm working on? You can also post your useless cat storage here too. (generated warrior cats or just OCs) STREAMCLAN (no cats added until Leader is found) DREAMCLAN (no cats) HISSCLAN (no cats) TWISTCLAN (no cats)
  2. how about this: I have (I really don't) 8 Nichelings with each one white fur colour and the other randomized. Would this be okay?
  3. "I see nothing but the sad faces of children I couldn't save around me and laugh sadly."
    "I see nothing but the mistakes I've made and the mistakes that I am going to make around me and cry."

    these are my two new warrior cat OCs but you don't know what they look like yet. And no, they are not both sad depressed cats.
    Blacktalon is the deputy of StreamClan, and Wildsight is a warrior of StreamClan.

    This is what Wildsight LOOKS like (ignore most of it, because it'll change):

    and this is what Blacktalon LOOKS like (I had skipped past his to generate Wildsight, so everything is wrong, and all that matters is what the cat LOOKS like):

  4. actually, I'm going to talk to her now... idiot...
  5. also earlier I was longing for love so I went to Eviebot wrong choice it was an... okay chat that lasted an hour for no reason
  6. also today I had a bagel and while I was watching youtube my hand found the other piece of bagel (like the other half) and me, being the idiot I am thought that it was something else like a stain or whatever and wiped cream cheese over my blanket... still ate the bagel though
  7. this is off topic for whatever we were doing but I had microwave pizza today and as my sister handed the hot pizza with the hot plate over to my FULL HANDS my hand... uh, fell on to the pizza and... I got burnt. It still hurts.
  8. "Do you remember the days gone by?"
  9. I will now repeat that song on youtube
  10. oh my... god... thank you jack
    (obviously there's swearing but that's the norm) (go to about 14:00 and keep watching)


  11. Renio2490

    Art Requests

    thank you very much for my beautiful bouncy baby boy
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