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  1. I feel like a brat because I don't want something expensive
    I just don't
    headphones weren't that big of a deal
    I didn't want any
    when was the last time you heard me wanting headphones
    Oh yeah, that's right, before you cared
    and now you just pull some Bluetooth ones out?!
    like listen to me
    I just wanted a steam card
    and these Bluetooth headphones were like 100 dollars in AMERICAN MONEY
    Why do you do this
    does my member title make sense now

    Message: Preferred dead

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    2. Magicmoonss


      Physical abuse isn't the only kind of abuse. I'm talking more emotional. Anyways, abuse or not, I think we can all agree, you have crappy parents.

    3. Renio2490
    4. Renio2490


      I just want my mom to refund these headphones so I don't feel so bad

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