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  1. also if anyone wants me to keep posting tons of sketches here say “I”
  2. if my art style is stylized g o o d . I like it, I am content and happy with my art
  3. I??? Physically can’t??? Make a straight couple?????? Help??????????
  4. did anyone ask for more gay yuli
  5. bonks, man, came back to like 700+ notifications
  6. well, yuli is gay, and yuli has a strange habit of falling in love with adults ”why are men hot now”
  7. Or I just remember my steam username, but whatever
  8. I hacked into my account again
  9. it's 2:00 pm and my mother gets home at 8:00 pm, and then I will get to open my stocking and a small present today is Christmas eve for me, and you've probably heard it maybe possibly, but I have Christmas on the 24th
  10. *silently chanting "six more hours six more hours six more hours"*
  11. he's the grandson of Adam : )
  12. I'm giving both of these away, together or not, they're sisters. I don't want them, but I don't know if they are old enough to be transferred(?) yet....
  13. oh yeah and I'll just post some random Nicheling screenshots to make this a little more "Niche-y" and here's a great warrior I generated
  14. trying did not succeed I will now try to go on Gimp without rage-quitting because my wrist is daed I also feel slightly better, or at least not like I doubled my weight and can't even carry myself but I no longer have that feeling, nor the feeling that I'll die if I eat anything but soup. My goal today is to pass time until 8 pm and the time waster goals will be: -finish Gimp art (maybe) -eat something slightly nice -keep drinking water without dying -try to find phone charger -try to find phone -play Lioden and Flight Rising -play Niche and any other game on Steam because I don't want to play the Sims 4 until I get the cats and dogs pack -don't ignore your cat. love him please, brain. or at least get him to like you -take a nap(?) -draw random cats you generated on Scratch you is to me, I guess but if you want to do any of this I guess go ahead my dude(tte)
  15. yeah it'll have a lot in it. I'll also probably be getting the "my first pet" pack, too
  16. no... I barely have a pack (other than the free holiday pack). I'm going to get the cats and dogs pack after Christmas, though (and by Christmas I mean "Christmas Eve" 'cause I have Christmas on the 24th)
  17. I should be drawing stuff on Gimp for my requests but I'll just go and try to use some cat base I found
  18. please use the actual form (I need the headshot/fullbody and background)
  19. I'll do them. Just a simple form: Name: Picture(s): Personality: Background? (if yes, please state what you would like it to be): Headshot or Full body?: Extras: An example is my profile picture. I'll take up to three people and I'll open it once I've done all three. (And the first ones are the ones to get their art done first, unless they are not responding to perhaps a question I ask them. If this happens, they will still remain on the slots, until they want to remove themselves they can tell me. But I highly doubt this will happen.) 1. @FawnCat 2. @wikipedia (angel) 3. @Japanese Melon Fawn
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