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  1. not to say I totally did that but
  2. yes, but how does it feel to think that: This is it. i'm going to die choking on a piece of mozzarella with my cat beside me doing nothing.
  3. also these mozzarella sticks suck anyway, here's some questions I'd like to ask life: -Why do you always make me the one choking on stuff. So pathetic that I'll laugh so hard while eating rice I choke on it -Why do you always make ME THE ONE SICK. dude you purely made my sisters sick just to get me to take a graval and two advils -why is the Sims 4 Expansion packs (or stuff pack, but I'm pretty sure it's the expansion packs) on sale for half price? I mean, not like I don't enjoy having about 25 dollars left out of the 50 to buy stuff at chapters or Michael's -my cat's so nice at night and in the mornings. But in the middle of the day he wants to kill me. He's also hurt me recently. I mean, just, why? -did you purposely get me addicted to Last Week Tonight for a reason? If there is one I don't know it, and I don't want to because I don't have time for anything unimportant like your answers. (this is all directed to life itself)
  4. so if I choked to death on a long, thick string of mozzarella from a mozzarella stick wouldn't that just be the most pathetic death ever? I mean, not like I totally just did that but survived
  5. more Gimp + trackpad lovely Snake, also Night's brother
  6. wait no- sorry you were right thanks ^^
  7. I can't scroll down, there is no option for radius but it used to be there. Don't know what happened. (I think it was just called "size")
  8. then who would you think I am if I didn't tell you I was lesbian? It explains a lot of my personality, I think, and if you forgot I will remind you once more. And telling people that lets them know that "frick off if you don't like it" or like whatever I guess everyone just assumes white girls are "normal"
  9. so things like "Female Non-binary" and "Male Non-binary", exist right? I think Goggles was saying something about it
  10. so 1. how do you change the settings for the paint bucket? Which setting is best? and 2. How do you change the size of your brush? I did it when I made the Night drawing, but I can't do it again. Here's my screen if it helps (I know that I don't have a canvas up)
  11. how do you change the settings for fill again
  12. LOOK AT MY NICHELING (also somebody please come back)
  13. Cool, the last time I got noticed was when Jessimew replied to my tweet where I made fanart for her also it was featured in her video BUT IT SUCKSSSSS SO SHAME ON ME
  14. okay I think I made it a little less wobbly
  15. So instead of doing something useful at 2:00 am, like going to sleep, I INSTEAD OPENED UP GIMP AND DREW A NICHELING THAT WAS IN THE SAVE I WAS CURRENTLY PLAYING. I hate this. Not the drawing, the amount of time it took to make this with my trackpad. A N H O U R It's 3:07 am now. Please look at her. Also it's really wobbly. Here's the actual Nicheling (yes I know she doesn't have yellow eyes but I can dream)
  16. I don't care what you do, just don't take away my laptop or dog (Graystar or Star, both is "dog")
  17. Because I'm a jerk, clearly being the worst friend ever.
  18. If Silver ever sees this, now you know why I said "Jerk I be".
  19. Please stop getting me headphones Here I am, sadly thinking about the pair of "Bluetooth" headphones in my room, then looking at the headphones I am wearing right now that are supposed to have a "microphone". Neither things work. Stop getting me headphones
  20. Just thinking about Silver and Magic gives me a headache and stress, I- I just don't like it. I'm sorry.
  21. okay I'm done but my phone is being a jerk so sorry...
  22. reee lemme sketch ur Nichelings
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