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  1. (and that probably fits her better)
  2. sometimes you just get the perfect character definitely keeping him this thing is very rare
  3. Blind kitty (His name is so perfect, but I don't know how he's a warrior. I guess Jayfeather described everything like he could see it, so why not him?) (Also his family is like perfect. He is an only child and having one kit is usually unlucky, plus getting killed by an eagle makes sense because he's blind)
  4. Of course you can! You don't need to give me credit.
  5. of course you didn't idiot but now I'm wasting my life on adding kits
  6. uh oh it's 2.1 now yOU BETTER GO LOOK AT WHAT I DID https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/324461428/
  7. "I've been here for how long my brain remembers, and as far as that's remembered anything, I've been here five minutes. Uh... no. Sorry."
  8. "Uhm… Yun. Nothing about you or this beach is familiar, person."
  9. "Uhaz… Nicheling. Firck. damned my speech."
  10. "Uhm… lack of social ability is my specialty, except when I'm lost and all I can hear is this ocean..."
  11. "Who who who… ugh, is there really no one here? I no hear or smell a single thing..."
  12. She stretched and got up, looking around herself. She'd been by the ocean. Yun, yes, Yun. Who else would be here? "Uhnngjjuuuhh. No, uhm, woord. Nov, god darn no."
  13. Ah. No, three. I mean, what do I remember? Huh? Oh yeah, it's just grass and the basics to live but I'm missing something. Um... out of all the things to forget, I have no name? I'm... um, Yun. Why- why I'm I by the ocean? What wha- yes, I'm forgetting lots of things. I just... don't know.
  14. Thanks, I'll have the "hibernate for like four months." Damnit.
  15. hmm... any good looking ones? I have Prince, but there's lots more.
  16. I can relate. (I also do such thing) so um what's your favourite Nicheling you've ever had that's yours?
  17. in my country it's 11:26 now
  18. I'm alone again why it's only 10:23 pm
  19. I require you to view this if you have not https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/324461428/fullscreen/
  20. no like can't I just do things normally like not watch the weirdest songs ever (The least worst of them is Lady in the woods by Flo and Joan which says something)
  21. or like everyone you like are straight I'm just so damn stupid why can't I be normal
  22. lesson 1 from Renio: don't trust anyone at all especially not yourself lesson 2: give up on relationships because everyone you like sucks in some way lesson 3: otherwise just don't do anything
  23. I feel like being creepy but no one likes me so I'll sit over here and think of Tunne and blood bloody monster
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