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  2. thoroughly lonely I'm pulling a that one artist of sailor moon I feel unprotected when I don't have my cat or dog damnit the only person I really loved is ace and moved away to like ontario I speak to her barely twice a month damn you Veronika, why did your mother have to do this you Russian kid I like
  3. DAY 1 @Illuminati Fawn You're eyes are still closed and you lay next to your big fuzzy mother, with your siblings moving next to you (one brother and one sister). You have three turns left. -Nurse -Poke at your siblings -Squeak -Squirm away @Sting-tail fawn You're eyes are slightly open, I guess your mother licked them thoroughly. You can see your big black mother, with your brown and black siblings (two brothers, one sister). You have three turns left. -Nurse -Poke at your siblings -Squeak -Squirm away
  4. um I'm going to draw Alli now, 'kay?

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    2. CatLoaf


      Wait i still dont know why everyone is a fawn ive been gone for only some week-

    3. Renio2490
    4. Renio2490


      I knew something was wrong
      the fruggin tail

  5. I will only take two. You are both in the same pack, your genders and looks are decided for you, the only thing you need to do is give them a name and be online. (The two packs are the Pine Pack and the Blossom Pack, you are in the Pine Pack) It will go: pup (four days), adolescent (6 days), adult (25 days) and elder (15 days). If we ever make it this far and you pass away, I will pick two of your children/descendants and two different people will go. First come first serve. I will not start until both are claimed. Slot 1: Blackfur, male. (Played by @Sting-tail fawn) Slot 2: Tas, female. (Played by @Illuminati Fawn)
  6. ok meringue, come down and face the soggy microwave cheese macaroni that has hot dog bits in it that came out of my stomach
  7. Tare, kind and motherly female. Strict, but nice.
  8. I've gotta restart my laptop so steam can update SO I CAN PLAY CATTAILS
  9. um... please draw Tare. She's from my story mode save and pretty much saved the toxic body in the tribe. And I love her. She lives on an archipelago (or lived since she's dead D:)
  10. I want to do something with these four wolves but
  11. hey @Magicmoonss, did you ever draw mothras and that other for Silver?
  12. all I've learned from this thread is a. steal an ipad and it'll eventinually be yours (happened with my chromebook, I've been here before) and b. Art is hard
  13. at first I was confused but I think I now know what you mean unless you're sarcastic. it's great that I'm feeling better
  14. hey I feel sick again but not as bad (actually it might be because all I can smell is puke 😧 )
  15. Renio2490

    Sickly Me

    I'll explain yesterday I went with a friend (she's an... adult. way older than me) to her house and we made cookies. After we ate some microwave macaroni and hot dogs. Like that same night but 4 hours later my stomach hurts. So I'm pretty much crying in my mother's bed with her, and finally at 12 am she says I should take some advil. I do. It doesn't help. So at 1 am I'm pretty much crying again in my room with my cat and my mother says she'll sleep on the couch by the stairs (I wouldn't be able to explain it), and she does. I turn on my Xbox 360 to watch Fresh Prince to distract myself from the fact I'm going puke. Later I've gotten used to this fact and I finally throw up.... macaroni with cheese and hot dogs. It looked like it hadn't been in my stomach for like 8 hours. You're welcome, I'm sick. That damn meal was the reason for this.
  16. Renio2490


    a few changes to Yulnai the alpha female
  17. Renio2490


    ok whatever I edited a print screen thingy hi Zindu the alpha male
  18. Renio2490


    screenshot uhuh how? do you mean Print Screen or is there a button I'm missing here?
  19. Renio2490


    nope how do you post the picture
  20. Not if you can't see behind them, I think.
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